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Second written work 7 th grade name____________________________

group I grade______________

I.Complete the sentences.Use the past continuous form IV.Complete the table
of the verbs in brackets.
Base form comparative superlative
1.I could see Dave.He______________________ a nice
baseball cap and asunglasses (wear). bigger
the best
2.When I got up Dad________________breakfast (make) happy
More important
3.I look out of the window.It was cloudy but it warm
_______________ (not rain). 6p/

4.The girls were upstairs but they __________________ V.Write sentences.Use the comparative form of the adjectives.
homework (not do)
1.Paul / good / Nathan
5._______________ you ______________________ the
internet five minutes ago. ________________________________________________
2.Busses / slow / trains

II.Make sentences using going to. _______________________________________________

1.They /travel /across Africa 3.English / easy / Chinese

2.Dina/stay / with her parents. 4.The beaches / polluted / the rivers

________________________________________________ _______________________________________________
3.We / not bring / any food.
VI.Rewrite the sentences in exercise 5 with the adjectives in
________________________________________________ the box.Use isnt/arent and

4.I /not read / this book .

Difficult bad fast clean
5p/ 1. __________________________________________
III.Complete the questions .Use going to _________________________________________
1._________________________________to Danny 2. __________________________________________
tonight?( you talk )
2.What _____________________________________after
school ? (Wayne do ) 3. __________________________________________
3.When _______________________________________? _________________________________________
( we leave )
4. __________________________________________
4.______________________________________ with us
tomorrow? (Lauren come ) ___________________________________________
IX. Choose the right word.
VII.Complete the sentences use the superlative forms of
the adjectives in boxes. 1.Dont worry.You can use _________

a your b mine c our

Sunny noisy dangerous good long
2.Does that dog belong to you. No,It isnt ______________
1.Jupiter is ______________________ planet in the solar
system. a your b my c ours

2.There are four accidents in Millton road last night.It is 3._______________ flat is at the top of the building.

________________________street in our town. a their b ours c yours

3.The Thames _________________________ river in 4._____________ books are here.

a mine b theirs c my
4.Please be quiet Jessie.You are ____________________
5.Dont take that money. It isnt ________________
person in the class.
a my b him c yours
5. Everyone loves Sunset Caf .It is __________________
6.I bought those flowers for Alice Theyre _____________
place in town.
a hers b her c shes
X.Translate the following sentences
VIII.Complete the sentences with the comparative or 1.I met him a couple of years ago.
superlative form of the adjectives. ________________________________________
2.Keyboards are cheaper than printers.
1.My brother is ___________________________ (lazy) ________________________________________
than me. 3.That car belongs to my uncle.
He never helps my parents. 4.She is going to spend two months in London
2.I hate Monday .Its the ______________________ (bad) 5.How long is its body.
day of the week. 6.Its the largest plane in the world.
3.I think Kirsten is the _____________________________

(beautiful ) actress in Hollywood.

4.Sally is the _______________________________ ( tall )

girl in class. points mark
0-14 1 Total________
15-24 2
5.Canada is _______________________________ ( big ) Mark______________________
25-34 3
35-44 4 Teacher____________________
than France. 45-50 5