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Systems & Operations | Business Enhancements 30 July 2013

Mainframe Software Patch for Edit Package, Release 4.0

AP, Canada, CEMEA, LAC, U.S. | Acquirers, Issuers, Processors

Visa issued a software update to Edit Package, Release 4.0, on Central Processing Date (CPD) 13 July 2013,
with a table effective date of 16 August 2013 (CPD 17 August 2013). This release will generate the following
error message in the EP-299 report when there are low values in the incoming transaction with a return code of

103373-E Transaction hash count error

To correct the hash total checking algorithm issue, mainframe endpoints must install a software patch that will be
issued CPD 31 July 2013. The patch must be installed with the CPD 13 July 2013 release.

The Edit Package, Release 4.0, mainframe software patch and associated release notes will be available 2
August 2013 on Visa Online. Note: Visa Europe members must download all Edit Package, Release 4.0,
software updates from Visa Online.

Mainframe endpoints that have delayed the installation of the CPD 13 July 2013 software update must install the
CPD 31 July 2013 patch in sequence, as follows:

CPD 1 June 2013

CPD 13 July 2013

CPD 31 July 2013

This patch is for mainframe Edit Package, Release 4.0, endpoints only. PC-based clients are not affected and will
not receive TC 54s.

Mainframe endpoints must also review and apply the JCL changes required for EP-745 report, as described in the
release notes from the CPD 13 July 2013 software update.

Note: Clients are reminded that all Edit Package, Release 4.0, software releases in support of VisaNet Business
Enhancements releases are mandatory. In addition, software updates issued between releases are required to be
installed prior to the release update.

Installing Edit Package Software Updates

Successful processing of TC 54 software updates during an incoming run will generate return code of 3 for the
EPTBLUPD program.

Mainframe endpoints that use the change management (CM) option need to transfer load modules to their
production environment after testing. In addition, EP4U132C (EPTBLSPT) must be executed to synchronize the
repository tables and load modules implemented in production. The return code of the EPTBLSPT must be 0,
which indicates that all value tables have been written to the repository value table.

For more information regarding Edit Package, Release 4.0, refer to the April 2013 VisaNet Business
Enhancements Global Technical Letter and Implementation Guide.
About Edit Package

Edit Package is software provided by Visa for processing transaction files sent to and received from VisaNet. It
prepares the processing centers outgoing interchange files for transmission to VisaNet, and receives and reports
on incoming interchange files from Visa in preparation for final processing by the endpoints systems.

April 2013 VisaNet Business Enhancements Global Technical Letter and Implementation Guide, Version 3.0

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