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MAYBE: Orchestra Tacet until VAMP at Measure 28 (I will Cue), Vocals start on the
last time of 28.

ANNIES ESCAPE: All repeats will be played twice (repeated once) instead of three
times as possibly indicated. We will probably cut off before we make it to the end.

HARD KNOCK LIFE: The first section with repeats will be flexible. (Once lines are
better learned, I will have a better idea.) VAMP at m. 72 is also unknown, but I will
cue the downbeat of 73 to help. We are also cutting measures 82 through 89. You
will play 80-81-90, etc.

HARD KNOCK LIFE REP.: First VAMP is unknown, but again, I will cue. We do repeat
measures 2-9. We will be adding a Gb major chord at the end instead of segueing
into TOMORROW. We will talk about this once we get there.

TOMORROW: While there is no cut, we have decided to transpose this number down
a half step. For the keyboards, this is nothing major, as I will just program the
keyboards to be down. However, trombones, I will have to transpose your music.
The VAMP at m. 50 is usually three times, but its not totally consistent. Also,
measures 69 and 70 will be double time (we will talk about how to do this without
killing everyone).

HOOVERVILLE: We will discuss the whole VAMP beginning on Sunday/Monday.

LITTLE GIRLS: We will hopefully have a cut made by Sunday, please remind me.
VAMP at m.30 is repeated, and the vocals enter on the last time we play it. This
applies to m.70, too.

LITTLE GIRLS REPRISE: We will repeat the first measure a ton. I will cue when to
move on.

I THINK IM GONNA LIKE IT HERE: We have cut a large portion of the intro. We will
probably use m.42-61 as scene change music. We will cut off for the start of this
scene. Then, in order to start the song, we will start at m. 62 and repeat that once.
Then, we will move on and play the rest of the song as written.

NYC: Pretty much the entire thing is as written, but we end the song at m. 178 and
get rid of that fermata in 177.


YOU WONT BE AN ORPHAN FOR LONG: Repeat m. 50 once, m.66 unknown, and m.
89 twice. Also, cut measure 123 and just play 122-124-125 instead.
NYC ENTRACTE: Cut m. 61-70. Annie vocals start at m. 88

TRAIN MUSIC: This is a scene change, so we will discuss it on Sunday/Monday.

CABINET TOMORROW: m.17 is played 3 times total, then we VAMP at m. 19. Before
moving on to m.20, we will play a concert Eb7 chord with a fermata. I will talk about
it, as its far easier to demonstrate than explain.

CABINET END: The opening section is currently being timed out, so I will have
further instruction on Sunday/Monday. Also, do not play what you have in the 2/4
measure at m.26. It is not cut, but we will enter at m. 27 instead.

cut m.81-88. (Play 79-80-89, etc.)

I DONT NEED ANYTHING BUT YOU: We are adding a repeat from m.1-m.16. We will
probably play this 3 times. At the repeat in m. 25-26, on the last time, I will cue us to
slow down into the new tempo at m.27. In order to cue the vocalists, it will not be
subtle. We also cut m.74-77. (Play 72-73-78, etc). I will do a glissando into measure
83 to help cue that, as well.


SAME EFFECT ON EVERYONE: We will most likely just take the second ending in the
repeat section.

NEW DEAL FOR CHRISTMAS: We will not repeat m.32-35, so play only once.

BOWS: Still unblocked, but I will discuss with you on Sunday/Monday.

EXIT MUSIC: We will most likely have no cuts in this.