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EC-C2 E-C60


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November 2015

24M Motor Grader

Electrical System

Volume 1 of 3 : Main Cab

Volume 2 of 3 : Additional Cab Components and Chassis
Volume 3 of 3 : Rear Chassis and Engine

2016 Caterpillar, All Rights Reserved Printed in U.S.A.

Volume 1 of 3 - MAIN CAB
Schematic Machine Schematic Machine
Component Component
Location Location Location Location
Alarm - Action Relay - Heated Mirror ATCH
Breaker - Condenser Fan Relay - Horn
Breaker - Fast Speed Blower Relay - Position LH
Cluster - Dash Relay - Position RH
Control - Implement #1 Relay - Power Air Cleaner
Control - Implement #2 Resistor - Accugrade CAN 1
Converter - Communications ATCH Resistor - Accugrade CAN 2 ATCH
Converter - Voltage Entertainment Radio Resistor - Blower
Diode - Rear Flood Interlock Resistor - Dash Cluster CAN 1
Fuse Base Resistor - Dash Cluster CAN 2
Indicator - Autoshift Enabled Resistor - Defrost Fan Front ATCH
Indicator - Auxiliary Lever 6 Float Resistor - Defrost Fan Rear ATCH
Indicator - Blade Variable Float Sensor - Blade Variable Float Left
Joystick - Left Hand Sensor - Blade Variable Float Right
Joystick - Right Hand Switch - A/C On
Lever - Auxiliary 6 Switch - Beacon
Lever - Auxiliary 7 Switch - Blade Variable Float
Messenger Switch - Brake Retract
Module - Flasher Switch - Cab Floodlamp
Motor - Air Cleaner Switch - Compression Brake
Motor - Blower Switch - Defrost Fan Front
Motor - Defrost Fan Front ATCH Switch - Defrost Fan Rear
Motor - Defroster Rear ATCH Switch - Differential Lock
Motor - Wiper (Front) Switch - Dimmer
Motor - Wiper (Rear) Switch - Floodlamps
Panel - HVAC Operator Switch - Hazard
Pedal Gp - Brake Switch - Head / Tail Lamps
Port - 12 Volt Auxiliary Switch - Heated Mirror
Radio - AM/FM Switch - Horn
Relay - Backlight Switch - Implement Lockout
Relay - Cab FloodLights Switch - Key
Relay - Condenser Fan Switch - Lamp Cab Access 2
Relay - Differential Lock Switch - Operator Present
Relay - Dimmer Switch - Park Brake Op
Relay - Fast Speed Switch - Secondary Steer Test
Relay - Flood Blade 1 ATCH Switch - Throttle Lock Mode
Relay - Flood Blade 2 ATCH Switch - Throttle Set
Relay - Flood Blade 3 ATCH Switch - Turn Signal
Relay - Flood Cab 2 Switch - Wiper Front
Relay - Flood Rear ATCH Switch - Wiper Rear
Relay - Headlamp
Volume 2 of 3 - ADDITIONAL CAB

Schematic Machine Schematic Machine

Component Component
Location Location Location Location
Alarm - Advisor A-11 82 Solenoid - Auxiliary Valve 1 B I-7 111
Block - Terminal H-16 83 Solenoid - Blade Lower L eft G-7 112
Coil - MSS Exciter ATCH F-15 84 Solenoid - Blade Pitch Backward D-4 113
Control - Accugrade C-11 85 Solenoid - Blade Pitch Forward D-4 114
Control - Product Link ATCH E-12 86 Solenoid - Blade Raise Left G-7 115
Fuse - Block I-16 87 Solenoid - Blade Right Lower F-4 116
Heater - Hydraulic Oil I-15 88 Solenoid - Blade Right Raise F-4 117
Heater - water Jacket I-15 89 Solenoid - Blade Side Shift L H-7 118
Horn - Forward (High) G-5 90 Solenoid - Blade Side Shift R H-7 119
Horn - Forward (Low) E-8 91 Solenoid - Bladedown Force Control L ATCH I-4 120
Key Reader - MSS ATCH G-15 92 Solenoid - Bladedown Force Control R ATCH I-4 121
Module - Steering Control Valve G-5 93 Solenoid - Bladedown Force L I-4 122
Motor - Autolube Pump E-6 94 Solenoid - Bladedown Force R I-4 123
Motor - Washer Front H-8 95 Solenoid - Circle L 2 E-4 124
Motor - Washer Rear H-8 96 Solenoid - Circle Left 1 H-7 125
Radio Gp - Product Link E-14 97 Solenoid - Circle R 2 E-4 126
Relay - Switched Power D-11 98 Solenoid - Circle Right 1 H-7 127
Resistor - Accugrade CAN 3 D-11 99 Solenoid - Circle Side Shift L D-4 128
Resistor - Can RX C-4 100 Solenoid - Circle Side Shift R D-4 129
Resistor - Steer Valve Pullup G-5 101 Solenoid - Secondary Steering L G-7 130
Sensor - Inclination Blade ATCH B-4 102 Solenoid - Secondary Steering R G-7 131
Sensor - Inclination Machine ATCH B-6 103 Solenoid - Wheel Lean L H-7 132
Sensor - Rotation Blade ATCH B-4 104 Solenoid - Wheel Lean R H-7 133
Sensor - Steer Cylinder Position L F-6 105 Switch - Auto / Manual LH ATCH G-12 134
Sensor - Steer Cylinder Position R E-6 106 Switch - Auto / Manual RH ATCH H-12 135
Sensor - Steering Oil Temperature E-7 107 Switch - Auto / Manual SS ATCH F-12 136
Solenoid - Articulate L E-4 108 Switch - Offset LH ATCH G-12 137
Solenoid - Articulate R E-4 109 Switch - Offset RH ATCH F-12 138
Solenoid - Auxiliary Valve 1 A I-7 110 Switch - Thermostat 3 I-15 139
Schematic Machine Schematic Machine
Component Component
Location Location Location Location
Actuator - Water Valve F-13 140 Sensor - Fuel Pressure D-3 181
Alarm - Backup I-9 141 Sensor - Fuel Temperature D-3 182
Alternator D-2 142 Sensor - Hyd. Oil Cooler Inlet Temp H-10 183
Batteries - (1- 2) H-4 143 Sensor - Hydraulic Pump Pressure F-2 184
Breaker - Alternator I-4 144 Sensor - Inlet Pressure E-3 185
Breaker - Battery I-4 145 Sensor - Intake Air Pressure B-3 186
Breaker - Load I-4 146 Sensor - Intake Manifold Air Temperature C-3 187
Breaker - Main I-4 147 Sensor - Oil Pressure B-3 188
Diode - Air Clutch E-3 148 Sensor - Service Brake Charge Pressure H-9 189
Diode - Differential Lock Solenoid F-10 149 Sensor - Torque Converter Temperature E-3 190
ECM - Engine G-6 150 Sensor - Transmission Input Speed J-16 191
ECM - XMSN and Chassis J-13 151 Sensor - Transmission Oil Temperature J-16 192
Fuse / Relay Block H-3 152 Sensor - Transmission Out Speed 1 J-16 193
Ground - Alternator D-2 153 Sensor - Transmission Out Speed 2 I-16 194
Ground - Brake Retract Motor G-8 154 Solenoid - Air Clutch E-3 195
Ground - Engine ECM B-6 155 Solenoid - Differential Lock F-10 196
Ground - Frame H-5 156 Solenoid - Fan Control F-10 197
Ground - Rear Frame 1 F-13 157 Solenoid - Implement Pilot Supply I-7 198
Ground - Rear Frame 2 F-13 158 Solenoid - Lockup Clutch F-3 199
Ground - Starter Engine D-2 159 Solenoid - Parking Brake F-15 200
Ground - Starter Motor Rear Frame D-2 160 Solenoid - Starting Aid (Ether) G-5 201
Injectors - 1 to 6 C-2 161 Solenoid - Transmission 1 (Reverse) I-16 202
Junction Block H-3 162 Solenoid - Transmission 2 (Fwd Low) I-16 203
Junction Block - Alternator J-5 163 Solenoid - Transmission 3 (Fwd Hi) I-16 204
Motor - Brake Retract H-8 164 Solenoid - Transmission 4 (3rd) I-16 205
Motor - Condenser Fan F-14 165 Solenoid - Transmission 5 (2nd) I-16 206
Motor - Fuel Priming Pump F-4 166 Solenoid - Transmission 6 (1st) I-16 207
Motor - Starter D-2 167 Switch - Air High/Low Pressure E-3 208
Relay - Brake Retract J-3 168 Switch - Air Low Pressure E-3 209
Relay - Main I-3 169 Switch - Battery Disconnect H-5 210
Relay - Starter Motor J-3 170 Switch - Cab Access Lamp F-16 211
Resistor - A/C Thermostat Pulldown G-10 171 Switch - Case Drain Filter Bypass G-15 212
Resistor - CAN F-10 172 Switch - Differential Lock Filter Bypass G-15 213
Sensor - Articulation Angle Position 1 F-14 173 Switch - Fuel Pressure D-3 214
Sensor - Articulation Angle Position 2 F-14 174 Switch - Ground Level Shut down F-16 215
Sensor - Atmospheric Pressure D-3 175 Switch - Implement Return Filter 1 G-15 216
Sensor - Autolube Pressure H-7 176 Switch - Implement Return Filter 2 F-15 217
Sensor - Cam Speed/Timing C-3 177 Switch - Parking Brake Pressure F-15 218
Sensor - Coolant Temperature D-3 178 Switch - Pilot Supply Filter G-15 219
Sensor - Crank Speed/Timing C-3 179 Switch - Transmission Filter Bypass G-15 220
Sensor - Fuel Level G-10 180 Thermostat - HVAC F-16 221
Volume 1 of 3 - MAIN CAB

Connector Number
CONN 1 F-16
CONN 2 C-15
CONN 3 C-15
CONN 4 C-15
CONN 5 D-15
CONN 6 D-15
CONN 7 F-15
CONN 8 H-14
CONN 9 F-14
CONN 10 E-14
CONN 11 D-14
CONN 12 D-14
CONN 13 I-8
CONN 14 H-8
CONN 15 H-8
CONN 16 C-5
CONN 17 C-5
CONN 18 C-5
CONN 19 D-5
CONN 20 J-4
CONN 21 I-4
The connectors shown in this chart are for harness to
harness connectors. Connectors that join a harness to
a component are generally located at or near the
component. See the Component Location Chart.
Volume 2 of 3 - ADDITIONAL CAB

Connector Number
CONN 2 I-13
CONN 3 J-13
CONN 4 I-13
CONN 5 C-14
CONN 13 G-13
CONN 14 F-13
CONN 15 H-13
CONN 16 A-11
CONN 19 G-16
CONN 20 J-10
CONN 21 I-10
CONN 22 I-9
CONN 23 F-8
CONN 24 E-8
CONN 25 B-8
CONN 26 I-7
CONN 27 B-6
CONN 28 B-5
CONN 29 B-5
CONN 30 I-5
The connectors shown in this chart are for harness to
harness connectors. Connectors that join a harness to
a component are generally located at or near the
component. See the Component Location Chart.

Connector Number
CONN 8 E-16
CONN 9 C-16
CONN 31 E-15
CONN 32 J-14
CONN 33 I-14
CONN 34 H-14
CONN 35 H-14
CONN 36 H-14
CONN 37 F-14
CONN 38 E-14
CONN 39 D-14
CONN 40 C-14
CONN 41 B-14
CONN 42 B-10
CONN 43 C-11, J-2
CONN 44 I-11
CONN 45 D-10
CONN 46 C-10
CONN 47 H-9
CONN 48 H-9
CONN 49 J-7
CONN 50 J-7
CONN 51 D-4
CONN 52 C-4
CONN 53 C-4
CONN 54 F-3
The connectors shown in this chart are for harness to
harness connectors. Connectors that join a harness to
a component are generally located at or near the
component. See the Component Location Chart.
Volume 1 of 3 - MAIN CAB
Page 1 of 2

Component Identifiers (CID) Component Identifiers (CID)

Module Identifier (MID) Module Identifier (MID)
Implement Control #1 (MID No. 082) Implement Control #1 (MID No. 082)
Implement Control #2 (MID No. 147) Implement Control #2 (MID No. 147)
CID Component CID Component
0041 8 VDC Sensor Power Supply 2201 Right Steering Cylinder Position Sensor
0168 Electrical System Voltage 2202 Steering Valve Control Module
0247 SAE J1939 Data Link 2203 Steering Valve Control Module Spool Position Sensor
0248 Cat Data Link 2204 Auxiliary Lever 1 Position Sensor
0262 5 Volt Sensor DC Power Supply 2205 Auxiliary Lever 2 Position Sensor
0296 Transmission / Chassis Control 2206 Auxiliary Lever 3 Position Sensor
0358 Implement Pilot Pressure Supply Solenoid 2207 Auxiliary Lever 4 Position Sensor
0490 Hydraulic Lockout Switch 2208 Auxiliary Lever 5 Position Sensor
0588 Monitoring System Display 2209 Auxiliary Lever 6 Position Sensor
0590 Engine Electronic Control Module 2210 Auxiliary Lever 7 Position Sensor
0597 Main Hydraulic Pump Discharge Pressure 2211 Auxiliary Valve 1 - Port B Solenoid
0600 Hydraulic Oil Temperature Sensor 2212 Auxiliary Valve 1 - Port A Solenoid
0615 Machine Articulation Angle Position Sensor 2213 Auxiliary Valve 2 - Port B Solenoid
0967 Machine Application 2214 Auxiliary Valve 2- Port A Solenoid
1326 Location Code 2215 Auxiliary Valve 3 - Port B Solenoid
1471 Steering Control Position Sensor 1 2216 Auxiliary Valve 3 - Port A Solenoid
1472 Steering Control Position Sensor 2 2217 Auxiliary Valve 4 - Port B Solenoid
1473 Steering Control Position Sensor 3 2218 Auxiliary Valve 4 - Port A Solenoid
1482 10 Volt Sensor DC Power Supply 2219 Auxiliary Valve 5 - Port B Solenoid
1558 Electrical Implement Control 2 2220 Auxiliary Valve 5 - Port A Solenoid
2113 Operator Present Switch 2221 Auxiliary Valve 6 - Port B Solenoid
2143 Electronic Implement Control 3 2222 Auxiliary Valve 6 - Port A Solenoid
2146 Articulation Lever Position Sensor 2223 Auxiliary Valve 7 - Port B Solenoid
2147 Automatic Neutral Articulation Switch 2224 Auxiliary Valve 7 - Port A Solenoid
2150 Blade Left Lift Lever Position Sensor 2252 Machine Articulation Angle Sensor 2
2151 Blade Right Lift Lever Position Sensor 2650 Steering Valve Control Module Power Sup
2152 Wheel Lean Control Position Sensor Product Link Control
2153 Blade Pitch Control Position Sensor (MID No. 122)
2154 Blade Sideshift Lever Position Sensor CID Component
2155 Circle Drive Lever Position Sensor 0168 Electrical System Voltage
2156 Circle Sideshift Control Position Sensor 0254 Electronic Control Module
2160 Blade Left Raise Solenoid Valve 0269 Sensor Power Supply
2161 Blade Right Raise Solenoid Valve 1250 Remote Communication Module
2162 Blade Left Lower Solenoid Valve 1251 Alternator R Terminal
2163 Blade Right Lower Solenoid Valve The CID is a diagnostic code that indicates which circuit is faulty.
2165 Blade Sideshift Left Solenoid Valve The MID is a diagnostic code that indicates which electronic control module
2166 Blade Sideshift Right Solenoid Valve
diagnosed the fault.
2167 Circle Left Solenoid Valve
2168 Circle Right Solenoid Valve
2169 Circle Sideshift Left Solenoid Valve
2170 Circle Sideshift Right Solenoid Valve
2171 Articulation Left Solenoid Valve
2172 Articulation Right Solenoid Valve
2173 Wheel Lean Left Solenoid Valve
2174 Wheel Lean Right Solenoid Valve
2181 Blade Pitch Forward Solenoid Valve
2182 Blade Pitch Backward Solenoid Valve
2200 Left Steering Cylinder Position Sensor
Volume 1 of 3 - MAIN CAB
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Failure Mode Identifiers (FMI)

FMI No. Failure Description
0 Data valid but above normal operational range.
1 Data valid but below normal operational range.
2 Data erratic, intermittent, or incorrect.
3 Voltage above normal or shorted high.
4 Voltage below normal or shorted low.
5 Current below normal or open circuit.
Event Codes
6 Current above normal or grounded circuit.
7 Mechanical system not responding properly.
Product Link Control
8 Abnormal frequency, pulse width, or period. Event Code Condition
9 Abnormal update. E0861 Synchronized clock notification of manual synch required
10 Abnormal rate of change. E2131 Inclusion Geo-Fencing boundary violated
11 Failure mode not identifiable. E2132 Exclusion Geo-Fencing boundary violated
12 Bad device or component. E2133 Time-Fencing boundary violated
13 Out of calibration.
E0630 Switched Sensor #1 trip condition is activated
14 Parameter failures.
E0631 Switched Sensor #2 trip condition is activated
15 Parameter failures.
E0632 Switched Sensor #3 trip condition is activated
16 Parameter not available.
17 Module not responding. E0633 Switched Sensor #4 trip condition is activated
18 Sensor supply fault.
19 Condition not met.
20 Parameter failures.
The FMI is a diagnostic code that indicates what type of failure has occurred.

Event Codes
Implement Control #1/#2
Event Code Condition
E0192 Steering System Malfunction
E0256 Steering Output Detected in the Wrong Direction
E0257 Steering Output Detected with No Command.
E0258 No Steering Detected with Command Given.
E0258 No Steering Detected with Command Given.
E0263 Low Main Pump Pressure
E0455 Hydraulic Pilot Supply Oil Filter Plugged
E0560 Secondary Steer Pump No Response
E0562 Steering Lever Has Not Been Aligned to Wheel Steering Angle
E0598 Steering Limited due to Cold Hydraulic Oil
E0599 Gear Too High for Steering with Cold Oil
E0795 Machine Speed Excessive for Machine Articulation Angle
E0796 Machine Articulation Angle Limited Due to Machine Speed
E0861 Clock Manual Alignment Required
E0878 High Hydraulic Oil Temperature
E2085 Invalid Articulation Response Detected
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Component Identifiers (CID) Component Identifiers (CID)
Module Identifier (MID) Module Identifier (MID)
Machine/XMSN Control Machine/XMSN Control
(MID No. 027) (MID No. 027)
CID Component 2199 Secondary Steering Request Signal Line From Implement ECM
0041 8V DC Sensor Power Supply 2200 Left Steering Cylinder Position Sensor
0070 Parking Brake Switch
2201 Right Steering Cylinder Position Sensor
0096 Fuel Level Sensor
2252 Machine Articulation Angle Sensor 2
0144 Backup Alarm Relay
0168 Electrical System Voltage
0177 Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor
0247 SAE J1939 Data Link Engine Control
0248 Cat Data Link (MID No. 036)
0262 5 Volt Sensor DC Power Supply CID Component
0368 Transmission Auto / Manual Switch 0001 Cylinder Injector #1
0420 Secondary Steering Relay 0002 Cylinder Injector #2
0444 Starter Motor Relay 0003 Cylinder Injector #3
0573 Inching Pedal Position Sensor 0004 Cylinder Injector #4
0585 Transmission Output Speed Sensor 1 0005 Cylinder Injector #5
0588 Monitoring System Display 0006 Cylinder Injector #6
0590 Engine ECM 0041 8 Volt DC Supply
0596 Implement ECM 0091 Throttle Position Sensor
0615 Machine Articulation Angle Position 0094 Fuel Delivery Pressure Sensor
0621 Downshift Switch 0100 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
0622 Upshift Switch 0110 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
0623 Directional Switch 0168 Electrical System Voltage
0627 Park Brake Pressure Switch 0172 Intake Manifold Air Temperature Sensor
0669 Transmission Input Speed Sensor 0174 Fuel Temperature Sensor
0673 Transmission Output Speed Sensor 3 0190 Engine Speed Sensor
0674 Transmission Intermediate Speed Sensor 1 0253 Personality Module
0675 Transmission Intermediate Speed Sensor 2 0261 Engine Timing
0681 Parking Brake Solenoid Valve 0262 5 Volt Sensor DC Power Supply
0967 Machine Application 0267 Remote Shutdown
1326 Location Code 0268 Programmed Parameter
1401 Transmission Clutch Solenoid 1 0269 Sensor Power Supply
1402 Transmission Clutch Solenoid 2 0274 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
1403 Transmission Clutch Solenoid 3 0291 Engine Cooling Fan
1404 Transmission Clutch Solenoid 4 0296 Transmission Control
1405 Transmission Clutch Solenoid 5 0297 All Wheel Drive Control
1406 Transmission Clutch Solenoid 6 0342 Secondary Engine Speed Sensor
1407 Transmission Clutch Solenoid 7 0549 Throttle Lock Switch
1408 Transmission Clutch Solenoid 8
0588 Monitoring System Display
1471 Steering Control Position Sensor 1
0596 Implement Control
1472 Steering Control Position Sensor 2
0791 Compression Brake Low/High Solenoid
1473 Steering Control Position Sensor 3
0792 Compression Brake Medium/High Solenoid
1482 10 Volt Sensor DC Power Supply
1551 Cooling Fan Calibrate
1484 Inching Pedal Switch
1589 Turbocharger Inlet Air Pressure Sensor
1674 Solenoid Return 1
1627 Fuel Pump Relay
1960 Ignition Key Reader
1639 Machine Security System Module
1961 Service Brake Accumulator Pressure
1785 Intake Manifold pressure Sensor
2113 Operator Present Switch
2417 Ether Injection Control Solenoid
2175 Secondary Steer Left Solenoid
2770 Throttle Lock Resume/Decel Switch
2176 Secondary Steer Right Solenoid
2771 Throttle Lock Set/Accel Switch
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Event Codes
Engine Control
Event Code Condition
E0096 Fuel Pressure Is High
E0172 Inlet Air Is Restricted
E0194 Exhaust Temperature Is High
E0198 Low Fuel Pressure
E0265 Shutdown (Ground Level)
E0360 Oil Pressure Is Low
E0361 Coolant Temperature Is High Failure Mode Identifiers (FMI)
E0362 Engine Overspeeds FMI No. Failure Description
E0363 Fuel Temperature Is High 0 Data valid but above normal operational range.
1 Data valid but below normal operational range.
E0390 Fuel Filter Is Restricted
2 Data erratic, intermittent, or incorrect.
E0441 Idle Speed Is High
3 Voltage above normal or shorted high.
E0539 Intake Manifold Air Temperature Is High
4 Voltage below normal or shorted low.
5 Current below normal or open circuit.
Event Codes 6 Current above normal or grounded circuit.
Transmission and Chassis Control 7 Mechanical system not responding properly.
Event Code Condition 8 Abnormal frequency, pulse width, or period.
E0077 Differential (axle) Filter Restriction 9 Abnormal update.
10 Abnormal rate of change.
E0155 High Torque Converter Oil Temperature
11 Failure mode not identifiable.
E0179 Alternator Not Charging
12 Bad device or component.
E0192 Steering System Malfunction
13 Out of calibration.
E0233 Low Engine Prelube Pressure 14 Parameter failures.
E0256 Steering Output Detected in Wrong Direction 15 Parameter failures.
E0257 Steering Output Detected With No Command Given 16 Parameter not available.
E0258 No Steering Detected With Command Given 17 Module not responding.

E0284 Low Brake Pressure 18 Sensor supply fault.

19 Condition not met.
E0329 Transmission Filter Plugged
20 Parameter failures.
E0334 Low Autolube Pressure
The FMI is a diagnostic code that indicates what type of failure has occurred.
E0490 Parking Brake ON
E0521 Autolube Pressure Not Decreasing After Cycle
E0562 Steering Lever Has Not Been aligned to Wheel Steering Angle
E0627 Parking Brake Abuse
E0735 Transmission Gear Limited Due to Cold Transmission Oil
E0791 Excessive Air Conditioning Refrigerant Monitoring Circuit Open Time
E0792 High Air Conditioning Clutch Cycle Rate
E0794 Steering Systems Not Synchronized
E0795 Machine Speed Excessive for Machine Articulation Angle
E0861 Clock Manual Alignment Required
E0877 High Transmission Oil Temperature
Volume 1 of 3 - MAIN CAB

Resistor, Sender and Solenoid Specifications

Part No. Component Description Resistance (Ohms)
7T-4003 Resistor: Defrost Fan 10 0.5
A-C = 2 0.1
125-9740 Resistor: Blower B-C = 1 0.05
C-D = .36 0.018
AccuGrade CAN
134-2540 Resistor: 120 12
Dash Cluster CAN
240-7193 Resistor: Steering Valve Pullup 500 25
278-1799 Solenoid: Auxiliary Vavle 1 A/B 8.7 0.4
At room temperature unless otherwise noted.

Related Electrical Service Manuals

Title Form Number
Implement Control: RENR9013
Product Link Control: RENR7911
Volume 2 of 3 - ADDITIONAL CAB

Resistor, Sender, and Solenoid Specifications

Part No. Component Description Resistance (Ohms)
134-2540 Resistor CAN 120 12
240-7193 Resistor Steering Valve Pullup 500 25
189-8898 Solenoid Implement Pilot Supply 8.7 0.4
254-3414 Solenoid Secondary Steering 2.2 0.2
At room temperature unless otherwise noted.

Component Identifiers (CID)

Module Identifier (MID)
Communication Gateway #1
(MID No. 161)
CID Component
0168 Electrical System Voltage
0254 ECM - Speciual Instruction
0800 VIMS Main Module - Failure Mode Not Identifiable
1250 Lack of Communication Between VIMS and the Telematic Components Within the Product Link
1888 Lack GPS Antenna - Special Instruction
3766 Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card - Special Instruction
The CID is a diagnostic code that indicates which circuit is faulty.
The MID is a diagnostic code that indicates which electronic control module
diagnosed the fault.

Related Electrical Service Manuals

Title Form Number
Cross Reference for Electrical Connectors: REHS0970

Off-Machine Switch Specification

Part No. Function Actuate Deactuate Contact Position
275 kPa 170 55 kPa
Low 1-3 Normally Open
114-5333 AC High / Low Pressure (40 psi) (25 8 psi)
2800 140 kPa 1750 200 kPa 2-3 Normally Closed
(406 20.3 psi) (254 29 psi)

103.4 13.8 kPa 34.5 7 kPa

149-6371 AC Low Pressure Normally Open
(15 2 psi) (5 1.01 psi)
2100 kPa MAX 1750 108 kPa A-C Normally Closed
229-1537 Parking Brake Pressure
(304.5 psi MIN) (253.8 15.6 psi) A-B Normally Closed
103.4 +20.7 / -13.6 kPa 69 kPa MIN
212-2768 Fuel Pressure Normally Closed
(14.9 +3 / -2 psi) (10 psi MIN)
With increasing pressure the closed condition can be maintained up to 2800 kPa (405 psi), with decreasing pressure the closed condition can be maintained down to
170 kPa (25psi).
Contact position at the contacts of the harness connector.

Resistor, Sender and Solenoid Specifications

Part No. Component Description Resistance (Ohms)
240-7193 Resistor: AC Thermostat Pull-down 500 25
3E-1906 Solenoid: Air Clutch 17.6 0.6
189-8627 Solenoid: Hydraulic Fan 5 0.3
201-0950 Solenoid: Implement Pilot Supply 41.9 2.1
226-9622 Solenoid: Lockup Clutch 8.7 0.4
244-3114 Solenoid: Transmission 1 - 8 8.7 0.4
248-5525 Solenoid: Parking Brake 30 1.5
252-2237 Solenoid: Differential Lock 30 1.5
3E-6333 Solenoid: Ether Aid 6

At room temperature unless otherwise noted.

Related Electrical Service Manuals

Title Form Number
Alternator: 249-0313 SENR4130
Electric Starting Motor: 207-1556 SENR3581
Engine Control: RENR9333
Transmission and Chassis Control: RENR9029
Electrical Schematic Symbols

Pressure Temperature Level Flow Circuit Breaker

Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol

Symbols and Definitions

Fuse: A component in an electrical circuit that will open the circuit if too much current flows through it.

Switch (Normally Open): A switch that will close at a specified point (temp, press, etc.). The circle indicates that the component has
screw terminals and a wire can be disconnected from it.

Switch (Normally Closed): A switch that will open at a specified point (temp, press, etc.). No circle indicates that the wire cannot be
disconnected from the component.

Ground (Wired): This indicates that the component is connected to a grounded wire. The grounded wire is fastened to the machine.

Ground (Case): This indicates that the component does not have a wire connected to ground. It is grounded by being fastened to the

Reed Switch: A switch whose contacts are controlled by a magnet. A magnet closes the contacts of a normally open reed switch; it
opens the contacts of a normally closed reed switch.

Sender: A component that is used with a temperature or pressure gauge. The sender measures the temperature or pressure. Its
resistance changes to give an indication to the gauge of the temperature or pressure.

Relay (Magnetic Switch): A relay is an electrical component that is activated by electricity. It has a coil that makes an electromagnet
when current flows through it. The electromagnet can open or close the switch part of the relay.

Solenoid: A solenoid is an electrical component that is activated by electricity. It has a coil that makes an electromagnet when current
flows through it. The electromagnet can open or close a valve or move a piece of metal that can do work.

Magnetic Latch Solenoid: A magnetic latch solenoid is an electrical component that is activated by electricity and held latched by a
permanent magnet. It has two coils (latch and unlatch) that make electromagnet when current flows through them. It also has an
internal switch that places the latch coil circuit open at the time the coil latches.

Harness and Wire Symbols

Wire, Cable, or Harness Assembly Identification: Harness Identification Letter(s): (A, B, C, ..., AA, AB, AC, ...)
Includes Harness Identification Letters and Harness
Connector Serialization Codes (see sample).
Harness Connector Serialization Code: The "C" stands for
"Connector" and the number indicates which connector in the
harness (C1, C2, C3, ...).
AG-C4 L-C12
111-7898 3E-5179 L-C12
Part Number: for 1 Part Number: for
Connector Plug
Connector Receptacle

Plug Receptacle
Pin or Socket Number

1 Deutsch connector: Typical representation
of a Deutsch connector. The plug contains all Fuse (5 Amps) 9X-1123 Part Number
2 sockets and the receptacle contains all pins.
325-AG135 PK-14
1 Sure-Seal connector: Typical representation Harness identification code:
of a Sure-Seal connector. The plug and receptacle This example indicates wire group 325, Wire Gauge
2 contain both pins and sockets. wire 135 in harness "AG". Wire Color
16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
1552252 J1
R800-P446 OR-16-GXL 1 +8V1
H2 U739-P95 BR-18-GXL 2 STRG SENSOR #1
124-P677 GN-18-GXL A847-P673 YL-18-GXL 998-P189 BR-18-GXL L731-P94 BR-18-GXL 3 GROUND 1
H1 515-P508 GY-12-GXL H2 A849-P674 OR-18-GXL F781-P225 BR-18-GXL X800-P419 OR-18-GXL 4 GROUND 2
516-P507 GN-14-GXL 180-P200 RD-18-GXL H3 P-C30 (8) VOLTAGE CONVERTER RADIO H803-P672 BU-18-GXL F783-P111 GN-18-GXL 5
103-P137 RD-14-GXL 517-P475 BU-14-GXL 180-P303 RD-18-GXL 1552273 209-0381 H808-P669 WH-18-GXL F784-P128 YL-18-GXL 6
103-P376 RD-14-GXL 567-P683 WH-18-GXL 180-P311 RD-14-GXL 180-P200 RD-18-GXL 103-P116 RD-18-GXL 179-P394 RD-14-GXL 1 +24V UNSWITCHED K831-P670 GY-18-GXL F785-P110 WH-18-GXL U740-P97 BU-18-GXL 7 STRG SENSOR #2
108-P244 RD-18-GXL 567-P684 WH-18-GXL 180-P303 RD-18-GXL 103-P117 RD-14-GXL 308-P395 YL-14-GXL 2 +24V SWITCHED H3 K832-P671 OR-18-GXL G750-P124 BU-18-GXL P967-P96 PU-18-GXL 8 GROUND 3
(58) BLADE VARIABLE FLOAT SWITCH 120-P235 YL-14-GXL 593-P675 GN-12-GXL (6) IMPLEMENT CONTROL #2 (5) IMPLEMENT CONTROL #1 180-P399 RD-14-GXL 709-P90 OR-18-GXL 103-P308 RD-16-GXL 200-P393 BK-14-GXL 3 GROUND K927-P9 BU-18-GXL G755-P113 GY-18-GXL 9
124-P309 GN-12-GXL A524-P509 BR-18-GXL P-C45 262-1408 262-1408 P-C41 709-P246 OR-18-GXL 103-P137 RD-14-GXL A513-P401 PK-14-GXL 4 +12V UNSWITCHED K952-P10 BR-18-GXL G763-P172 PU-18-GXL K750-P405 PU-18-GXL 10 BLADE LIFT SNSR
P-C122 124-P677 GN-18-GXL C568-P476 WH-14-GXL 1471445 J1 J1 1471445 709-P247 OR-18-GXL 592-P512 BU-14-GXL 5 +12V SWITCHED K750-P405 PU-18-GXL 11
2234778 130-P103 GN-18-GXL 308-P11 YL-18-GXL 1 KEY SWITCH - RUN KEY SWITCH - RUN 1 308-P22 YL-18-GXL 180-P29 RD-14-GXL 998-P189 BR-18-GXL 103-P376 RD-14-GXL 210-P386 BK-14-GXL 6 GROUND M720-P6 BU-18-GXL K758-P75 PU-18-GXL 12
103-P593 RD-18-GXL N936-P534 YL-18-GXL 1 ON 140-P452 BU-12-GXL 2 2 180-P52 RD-14-GXL 998-P541 BR-18-GXL M722-P5 OR-18-GXL L731-P94 BR-18-GXL

103-P594 RD-18-GXL A295-P532 BK-18-GXL 2 147-P83 PU-18-GXL 124-P677 GN-18-GXL 3 3 180-P88 RD-14-GXL A295-P91 BK-16-GXL 104-P114 RD-14-GXL P-C25 P-C26 (19) FLASHER MODULE U700-P3 WH-18-GXL P967-P96 PU-18-GXL
N935-P519 OR-18-GXL 3 OFF 147-P101 PU-18-GXL 515-P508 GY-12-GXL 4 4 A295-P266 BK-18-GXL 104-P115 RD-18-GXL 1552272 3E3376 252-5224 U701-P4 GN-18-GXL R800-P446 OR-16-GXL P-C52
103-P137 RD-14-GXL 4 170-P388 RD-18-GXL 516-P507 GN-14-GXL 5 5 A295-P292 BK-18-GXL 104-P285 RD-14-GXL 105-P369 RD-16-GXL 142-P264 BU-18-GXL 1 +24V SWITCHED U702-P1 GY-18-GXL T998-P449 BR-18-GXL 1552253 J2
103-P376 RD-14-GXL 5 176-P387 RD-12-GXL 517-P475 BU-14-GXL 6 6 180-P31 RD-14-GXL G766-P198 GN-18-GXL 104-P307 RD-14-GXL 106-P112 WH-14-GXL 200-P267 BK-18-GXL 2 GROUND U703-P2 YL-18-GXL U739-P95 BR-18-GXL K758-P75 PU-18-GXL 1 ARTICULATION SNSR
6 200-P254 BK-18-GXL 567-P683 WH-18-GXL 7 7 180-P48 RD-14-GXL G767-P197 WH-18-GXL 110-P67 GN-14-GXL 538-P275 BR-18-GXL 3 DASH HAZZARD OUT U704-P7 PK-18-GXL U740-P97 BU-18-GXL U743-P73 GY-18-GXL 2 WHL LEAN SNSR
108-P663 RD-18-GXL 7 200-P352 BK-18-GXL 567-P684 WH-18-GXL 8 8 180-P51 RD-14-GXL H764-P212 GY-18-GXL 123-P238 WH-14-GXL 4 U705-P8 PU-18-GXL U741-P98 OR-18-GXL U744-P72 OR-18-GXL 3 NEUT ART SW (N/O)
108-P663 RD-18-GXL 8 200-P379 BK-14-GXL 593-P675 GN-12-GXL 9 9 H765-P335 WH-18-GXL P-C24 P-C88
U711-P321 GN-18-GXL U743-P73 GY-18-GXL U745-P76 PK-18-GXL 4 NEUT ART SW (N/C)
108-P664 RD-18-GXL 668-P645 BU-18-GXL 9 200-P393 BK-14-GXL A524-P509 BR-18-GXL 893-P12 GN-18-GXL 10 CAT DATA LINK (+) CAT DATA LINK (+) 10 893-P23 GN-18-GXL 308-P22 YL-18-GXL H807-P333 YL-18-GXL 104-P80 RD-14-GXL 1552252 3E5179
U712-P414 YL-18-GXL U744-P72 OR-18-GXL F785-P110 WH-18-GXL 5 UPSHIFT SW (N/O)
108-P244 RD-18-GXL 10 200-P444 BK-16-GXL C568-P476 WH-14-GXL 11 +5v SUPPLY 11 997-P192 OR-18-GXL H861-P377 PU-18-GXL 104-P153 RD-18-GXL U745-P76 PK-18-GXL F783-P111 GN-18-GXL 6 UPSHIFT SW (N/C)
108-P177 RD-18-GXL 200-P445 BK-18-GXL 12 STEER VALVE CONT MOD POWER 12 M906-P318 BU-18-GXL 709-P90 OR-18-GXL H862-P182 GY-18-GXL 104-P160 RD-18-GXL 695-P252 OR-18-GXL 1 LEFT TURN INPUT X800-P419 OR-18-GXL F781-P225 BR-18-GXL 7 DOWNSHIFT SW (N/O)
200-P618 BK-18-GXL A296-P13 BK-14-GXL 13 - UNSWITCHED BATTERY - UNSWITCHED BATTERY 13 A295-P24 BK-14-GXL 709-P35 OR-18-GXL 709-P246 OR-18-GXL H863-P183 PU-18-GXL 125-P251 RD-18-GXL 696-P253 GN-18-GXL 2 RIGHT TURN INPUT F784-P128 YL-18-GXL 8 DOWNSHIFT SW (N/C)
108-P711 RD-18-GXL 200-P620 BK-16-GXL 103-P137 RD-14-GXL 14 IMPLEMENT LOCKOUT SW (NC) 14 G767-P197 WH-18-GXL 709-P247 OR-18-GXL K749-P79 WH-18-GXL 125-P269 RD-18-GXL 540-P270 WH-18-GXL 3 LEFT TURN DASH OUT 180-P200 RD-18-GXL 1642336 G750-P124 BU-18-GXL 9 FNR FORWARD
108-P627 RD-18-GXL 200-P629 BK-12-GXL 103-P308 RD-16-GXL 15 15 K750-P405 PU-18-GXL 125-P279 RD-18-GXL 4 180-P303 RD-18-GXL G763-P172 PU-18-GXL 10 FNR NEUTRAL
108-P650 RD-18-GXL P-C3 P-C5 200-P636 BK-14-GXL 103-P376 RD-14-GXL 16 16 727-P196 GN-18-GXL K758-P75 PU-18-GXL 125-P281 RD-18-GXL 518-P273 OR-14-GXL 5 +24V HAZZARD INPUT 709-P90 OR-18-GXL 799-P496 WH-18-GXL 1
G755-P113 GY-18-GXL 11 FNR REVERSE
108-P617 RD-18-GXL 1552269 3E3364 200-P639 BK-14-GXL 104-P307 RD-14-GXL 17 17 892-P25 BR-18-GXL K788-P56 GY-18-GXL 105-P369 RD-16-GXL 539-P271 BU-18-GXL 6 RIGHT TURN DASH OUT 709-P246 OR-18-GXL A202-P567 BK-18-GXL 2 12
108-P664 RD-18-GXL 1 RD (13) BLADE VARIABLE FLOAT INDICATOR 200-P658 BK-18-GXL 105-P369 RD-16-GXL 18 18 893-P23 GN-18-GXL H3 125-P287 RD-18-GXL 605-P223 YL-18-GXL 7 LEFT FRNT TURN OUT 709-P247 OR-18-GXL X754-P385 GN-18-GXL 3
X755-P384 WH-18-GXL
120-P235 YL-14-GXL
J710-P371 BR-18-GXL 2 BK 250-2299 308-P283 YL-16-GXL
308-P351 YL-18-GXL
RD-14-GXL 892-P14 BR-18-GXL
20 892-P25 BR-18-GXL
997-P192 OR-18-GXL K789-P55 YL-18-GXL
M719-P78 GN-18-GXL
106-P436 WH-14-GXL
106-P108 WH-18-GXL
125-P313 RD-18-GXL 606-P224
998-P189 BR-18-GXL
998-P541 BR-18-GXL 925-P383 YL-18-GXL
CONN 20 P-C32
120-P612 YL-14-GXL 308-P395 YL-14-GXL 21 5v RETURN 21 998-P26 BR-16-GXL 998-P26 BR-16-GXL 998-P188 BR-18-GXL M906-P318 BU-18-GXL 106-P112 WH-14-GXL 125-P370 RD-18-GXL 582-P250 PK-18-GXL 10 RIGHT REAR TURN OUT A295-P91 BK-16-GXL H764-P212 GY-18-GXL 6 TO U HARNESS 1552272 J3
403-P288 GN-18-GXL 171-P33 RD-14-GXL 22 HYD OIL INLET TEMP 22 R732-P142 BR-18-GXL 998-P189 BR-18-GXL P967-P96 PU-18-GXL 11 GROUND A295-P266 BK-18-GXL 7 U-C7 U741-P98 OR-18-GXL 1 STRG SENSOR #3
120-P606 YL-14-GXL 506-P231 PU-14-GXL 171-P34 RD-14-GXL A296-P15 BK-14-GXL 23 - UNSWITCHED BATTERY - UNSWITCHED BATTERY 23 A295-P27 BK-14-GXL 998-P541 BR-18-GXL P967-P495 PU-18-GXL 110-P67 GN-14-GXL 12 GROUND A295-P292 BK-18-GXL 8 VOL2 LOC: J-10 T998-P449 BR-18-GXL 2 +V2
120-P642 YL-14-GXL 120-P605 YL-14-GXL 507-P233 WH-14-GXL 171-P310 RD-14-GXL 24 24 R800-P92 OR-18-GXL 111-P41 RD-16-GXL G766-P198 GN-18-GXL 9
998-P189 BR-18-GXL 3 GROUND 4
120-P611 YL-14-GXL 515-P508 GY-12-GXL 25 25 R800-P446 OR-16-GXL 126-P39 RD-18-GXL G767-P197 WH-18-GXL 10 4
120-P581 YL-14-GXL 516-P507 GN-14-GXL 171-P45 RD-14-GXL A296-P16 BK-18-GXL 26 ECM LOCATION 0 (GND) 26 R900-P59 BU-18-GXL 114-P176 RD-18-GXL 126-P40 RD-18-GXL H764-P212 GY-18-GXL 11

120-P582 YL-14-GXL 517-P475 BU-14-GXL A296-P17 BK-18-GXL ECM LOCATION 1 (GND) ECM LOCATION 1 (GND) A295-P28 BK-18-GXL R901-P61 GY-18-GXL 114-P146 RD-18-GXL 127-P242 RD-18-GXL 278-8040 H765-P335 WH-18-GXL 12
27 27 P-C72
171-P32 RD-14-GXL 28 28 A295-P266 BK-18-GXL R902-P60 GN-18-GXL 114-P147 RD-18-GXL 127-P424 RD-18-GXL 2234778 H807-P333 YL-18-GXL
124-P309 GN-12-GXL 124-P652 GN-14-GXL 567-P683 WH-18-GXL 171-P37 RD-14-GXL 29 29 A295-P292 BK-18-GXL R903-P62 OR-18-GXL 131-P164 BR-14-GXL E717-P354 GN-18-GXL 1 OFF H861-P377 PU-18-GXL 1030213
124-P677 GN-18-GXL P-C117 P-C119 (54) BLADE VARIABLE FLOAT SENSOR LEFT 567-P684 WH-18-GXL 171-P38 RD-14-GXL 30 30 A295-P216 BK-14-GXL A295-P499 BK-18-GXL U736-P211 YL-18-GXL 116-P396 BR-18-GXL 142-P264 BU-18-GXL A202-P295 BK-18-GXL 2 H862-P182 GY-18-GXL
1552267 3E3370 219-2392 592-P595 BU-18-GXL 171-P32 RD-14-GXL 31 + UNSWITCHED BATTERY + UNSWITCHED BATTERY 31 180-P29 RD-14-GXL A295-P532 BK-18-GXL U739-P95 BR-18-GXL 123-P238 WH-14-GXL 142-P265 BU-18-GXL E716-P294 GY-18-GXL 3 ON H863-P183 PU-18-GXL 1

130-P103 GN-18-GXL 147-P83 PU-18-GXL A OR-18 + BATT 592-P596 BU-16-GXL 200-P209 BK-18-GXL A296-P18 BK-18-GXL 32 ECM LOCATION ENABLE (GND) ECM LOCATION ENABLE (GND) 32 A295-P30 BK-18-GXL U740-P97 BU-18-GXL 143-P132 BR-18-GXL 4 K749-P79 WH-18-GXL 2

140-P452 BU-12-GXL P967-P538 PU-18-GXL B BK-18 GROUND 603-P243 PK-18-GXL 33 33 A295-P91 BK-16-GXL U741-P98 OR-18-GXL 125-P569 RD-18-GXL 143-P162 BR-14-GXL 125-P456 RD-18-GXL 5 K750-P405 PU-18-GXL 3

147-P83 PU-18-GXL H786-P539 YL-18-GXL C WH-18 SIGNAL 200-P352 BK-18-GXL 34 HYD PLT SUP FLTR BYP SW 34 N787-P193 BU-18-GXL A295-P367 BK-18-GXL U742-P207 WH-18-GXL 125-P279 RD-18-GXL 143-P163 BR-18-GXL C981-P397 GN-18-GXL 6 K758-P75 PU-18-GXL 4

147-P101 PU-18-GXL H1 200-P379 BK-14-GXL 35 SEC STEERING TEST SW 35 727-P196 GN-18-GXL U743-P73 GY-18-GXL 125-P281 RD-18-GXL 143-P282 BR-18-GXL 125-P363 RD-18-GXL 7 K788-P56 GY-18-GXL U702-P1 GY-18-GXL 5

170-P388 RD-18-GXL 200-P393 BK-14-GXL 36 HYDRAULIC PUMP PRESS SNSR 36 N931-P194 GY-18-GXL A295-P27 BK-14-GXL U744-P72 OR-18-GXL 125-P357 RD-18-GXL 144-P439 GN-14-GXL A202-P389 BK-18-GXL 8 U703-P2 YL-18-GXL 6

176-P387 RD-12-GXL 200-P444 BK-16-GXL 37 STEERING VALVE SIG 37 U736-P211 YL-18-GXL A295-P28 BK-18-GXL U745-P76 PK-18-GXL 152-P358 RD-14-GXL 668-P435 BU-18-GXL 9 K789-P55 YL-18-GXL U700-P3 WH-18-GXL 7

668-P454 BU-18-GXL 200-P445 BK-18-GXL 171-P33 RD-14-GXL 38 + UNSWITCHED BATTERY + UNSWITCHED BATTERY 38 180-P31 RD-14-GXL A295-P68 BK-14-GXL U747-P65 OR-18-GXL 160-P156 PU-18-GXL C981-P397 GN-18-GXL 10 M719-P78 GN-18-GXL U701-P4 GN-18-GXL 8

668-P645 BU-18-GXL 171-P34 RD-14-GXL 39 + UNSWITCHED BATTERY + UNSWITCHED BATTERY 39 180-P48 RD-14-GXL A295-P229 BK-14-GXL U748-P66 GY-18-GXL 125-P127 RD-18-GXL 179-P394 RD-14-GXL M906-P318 BU-18-GXL U747-P65 OR-18-GXL 9
P-C131 P-C132 (55) BLADE VARIABLE FLOAT SENSOR RIGHT 200-P510 BK-12-GXL U742-P207 WH-18-GXL U749-P64 BR-18-GXL U748-P66 GY-18-GXL
668-P712 BU-18-GXL 40 STEER VALVE ERROR SIGNAL 40 125-P406 RD-18-GXL M975-P542 BU-18-GXL 10
1552267 3E3370 219-2392 P-C36 U749-P64 BR-18-GXL
200-P620 BK-16-GXL 680-P490 GN-14-GXL 200-P618 BK-18-GXL 41 41 A295-P349 BK-14-GXL U750-P63 PK-18-GXL 200-P70 BK-18-GXL P967-P96 PU-18-GXL 11

200-P636 BK-14-GXL 147-P101 PU-18-GXL A OR-18 + BATT 686-P488 OR-14-GXL 200-P620 BK-16-GXL 42 42 U751-P53 WH-18-GXL 125-P221 RD-18-GXL 200-P123 BK-18-GXL 1552269 P967-P495 PU-18-GXL U750-P63 PK-18-GXL 12

200-P639 BK-14-GXL P967-P537 PU-18-GXL B BK-18 GROUND 892-P514 BR-18-GXL 200-P629 BK-12-GXL 43 43 A295-P24 BK-14-GXL U752-P54 PU-18-GXL 125-P287 RD-18-GXL 200-P134 BK-18-GXL H414-P169 YL-18-GXL 1 BK-18 (1) ACTION ALARM H3 R800-P92 OR-18-GXL M722-P5 OR-18-GXL 13

H787-P563 GN-18-GXL C WH-18 SIGNAL 893-P513 GN-18-GXL 200-P636 BK-14-GXL 44 +8v SUPPLY 44 R800-P49 OR-16-GXL A295-P30 BK-18-GXL U762-P293 BR-18-GXL 125-P313 RD-18-GXL 200-P135 BK-18-GXL A210-P342 BK-18-GXL 2 PK-18 3E-6328 R800-P446 OR-16-GXL M720-P6 BU-18-GXL 14

308-P351 YL-18-GXL A295-P499 BK-18-GXL 200-P639 BK-14-GXL A847-P673 YL-18-GXL 45 8v RETURN 45 P967-P50 PU-16-GXL A295-P57 BK-14-GXL U763-P77 BU-18-GXL 125-P105 RD-18-GXL 200-P267 BK-18-GXL R900-P59 BU-18-GXL U752-P54 PU-18-GXL 15

308-P395 YL-14-GXL 308-P597 YL-18-GXL A295-P532 BK-18-GXL 200-P688 BK-18-GXL A849-P674 OR-18-GXL 171-P37 RD-14-GXL 46 + UNSWITCHED BATTERY + UNSWITCHED BATTERY 46 180-P51 RD-14-GXL A295-P58 BK-14-GXL U764-P74 GY-18-GXL 200-P366 BK-18-GXL P-C13 P-C57 R901-P61 GY-18-GXL U751-P53 WH-18-GXL 16

308-P283 YL-16-GXL 308-P598 YL-16-GXL A503-P100 PK-16-GXL 229-P382 BK-18-GXL H803-P672 BU-18-GXL 171-P38 RD-14-GXL 47 + UNSWITCHED BATTERY + UNSWITCHED BATTERY 47 180-P52 RD-14-GXL U765-P81 WH-18-GXL 200-P393 BK-14-GXL 1552269 3E3364 R902-P60 GN-18-GXL R903-P62 OR-18-GXL 17

A504-P234 GN-16-GXL 307-P315 OR-16-GXL H808-P669 WH-18-GXL M720-P6 BU-18-GXL 48 CIRCLE SIDESHIFT LEFT SOL BLADE PITCH FORWARD SOL 48 U751-P53 WH-18-GXL X725-P187 GY-18-GXL 200-P425 BK-16-GXL 126-P39 RD-18-GXL 1 RD (11) AUTOSHIFT ENABLED R902-P60 GN-18-GXL 18

A506-P145 OR-16-GXL 308-P351 YL-18-GXL K831-P670 GY-18-GXL M722-P5 OR-18-GXL 49 CIRCLE SIDESHIFT RIGHT SOL BLADE PITCH BACKWARD SOL 49 U752-P54 PU-18-GXL A295-P89 BK-14-GXL M975-P542 BU-18-GXL 125-P370 RD-18-GXL 200-P440 BK-14-GXL M998-P459 OR-18-GXL 2 BK 250-2299 R903-P62 OR-18-GXL R901-P61 GY-18-GXL 19

508-P577 PU-18-GXL + RADIO SPEAKER LH A507-P237 YL-16-GXL 308-P395 YL-14-GXL K832-P671 OR-18-GXL K952-P10 BR-18-GXL 50 PWM DR RETURN 1-4 PWM DR RETURN 1-4 50 H861-P377 PU-18-GXL A295-P191 BK-14-GXL 125-P251 RD-18-GXL 210-P386 BK-14-GXL U736-P211 YL-18-GXL R900-P59 BU-18-GXL 20

509-P578 WH-18-GXL - 6T-7695 A513-P398 PK-18-GXL K927-P9 BU-18-GXL U701-P4 GN-18-GXL 51 CIRCLE LEFT SOLENOID ARTICULATE LEFT SOLENOID 51 K789-P55 YL-18-GXL A295-P204 BK-14-GXL P-C28 P-C42 125-P269 RD-18-GXL 307-P315 OR-16-GXL U739-P95 BR-18-GXL K789-P55 YL-18-GXL 21

A524-P509 BR-18-GXL 308-P301 YL-18-GXL K952-P10 BR-18-GXL U700-P3 WH-18-GXL 52 CIRCLE RIGHT SOLENOID ARTICULATE RIGHT SOLENOID 52 K788-P56 GY-18-GXL 1552272 3E3376 308-P190 YL-18-GXL P-C15 P-C76 U740-P97 BU-18-GXL K788-P56 GY-18-GXL 22

403-P288 GN-18-GXL A557-P681 WH-18-GXL 308-P355 YL-16-GXL 308-P338 YL-16-GXL M720-P6 BU-18-GXL M975-P542 BU-18-GXL C495-P291 OR-18-GXL Y934-P698 WH-18-GXL 126-P39 RD-18-GXL 308-P373 YL-16-GXL 1552269 3E3364 U741-P98 OR-18-GXL U704-P7 PK-18-GXL
1 2

H2 53 53 1 23

506-P231 PU-14-GXL C542-P660 GN-18-GXL M722-P5 OR-18-GXL 54 PWM DR RETURN 11-12 54 E454-P412 GN-18-GXL H745-P697 BR-18-GXL 2 126-P299 RD-18-GXL 126-P40 RD-18-GXL 308-P395 YL-14-GXL 126-P40 RD-18-GXL 1 RD TORQUE CONV ENGAGE IND U742-P207 WH-18-GXL U705-P8 PU-18-GXL 24
507-P233 WH-14-GXL 511-P579 BR-18-GXL + RADIO SPEAKER RH C568-P476 WH-14-GXL U700-P3 WH-18-GXL H803-P672 BU-18-GXL 55 PWM DR RETURN 9-12
55 H862-P182 GY-18-GXL E744-P704 YL-18-GXL Y936-P699 PK-18-GXL 3
RF-C3 VOL2 LOC: G-13
308-P481 YL-18-GXL 452-P46 PU-18-GXL 2 BK 250-2299 U743-P73 GY-18-GXL M906-P318 BU-18-GXL
H807-P333 YL-18-GXL
515-P508 GY-12-GXL 512-P580 GN-18-GXL - 6T-7695 E529-P685 YL-18-GXL U701-P4 GN-18-GXL A296-P20 BK-14-GXL 56 - UNSWITCHED BATTERY 56 A295-P57 BK-14-GXL E745-P703 BU-18-GXL Y933-P700 YL-18-GXL 4 127-P280 RD-18-GXL 127-P242 RD-18-GXL 308-P482 YL-18-GXL U744-P72 OR-18-GXL 26
516-P507 GN-14-GXL H786-P539 YL-18-GXL 308-P283 YL-16-GXL U702-P1 GY-18-GXL A296-P19 BK-14-GXL 57 - UNSWITCHED BATTERY - UNSWITCHED BATTERY 57 A295-P58 BK-14-GXL E929-P195 GY-18-GXL 127-P330 RD-18-GXL 308-P485 YL-18-GXL U745-P76 PK-18-GXL 682-P42 BU-14-GXL 27 (64) AUTO DIFF LOCK SWITCH
1 2

BLADE LEFT RAISE SOL R800-P92 OR-18-GXL P-C123 293-9136

517-P475 BU-14-GXL H787-P563 GN-18-GXL 308-P11 YL-18-GXL U703-P2 YL-18-GXL U702-P1 GY-18-GXL 58 AUX VALVE #1 SOL #1 58 R900-P59 BU-18-GXL G766-P198 GN-18-GXL 127-P424 RD-18-GXL 320-P148 OR-18-GXL (75) PARK BRAKE OP SWITCH U747-P65 OR-18-GXL 28
VOL2 LOC: I-10
J710-P371 BR-18-GXL 308-P22 YL-18-GXL U704-P7 PK-18-GXL U703-P2 YL-18-GXL 59 AUX VALVE #1 SOL #2 59 R902-P60 GN-18-GXL G767-P197 WH-18-GXL 452-P46 PU-18-GXL P-C77 222-7890 U748-P66 GY-18-GXL 29

(81) REAR WIPER SWITCH K900-P646 YL-18-GXL 308-P190 YL-18-GXL U705-P8 PU-18-GXL K927-P9 BU-18-GXL 60 PWM DR RETURN 5-8 PWM DR RETURN 5-8 60 H863-P183 PU-18-GXL G953-P186 BU-18-GXL 129-P353 RD-18-GXL 518-P273 OR-14-GXL 2234778 U749-P64 BR-18-GXL H808-P669 WH-18-GXL 30 1
567-P682 WH-18-GXL P-C73 P-C99 3E-0155 K990-P648 GN-18-GXL U711-P321 GN-18-GXL U704-P7 PK-18-GXL 61 CIRCLE LEFT #2 SOLENOID BLADE LEFT LOWER SOL 61 R901-P61 GY-18-GXL G965-P185 PU-18-GXL 131-P164 BR-14-GXL 538-P275 BR-18-GXL U734-P380 GN-18-GXL 1 OFF U750-P63 PK-18-GXL 998-P541 BR-18-GXL 31 A202-P360 BK-18-GXL 2
567-P683 WH-18-GXL 1552264 3E3388 N935-P519 OR-18-GXL 403-P288 GN-18-GXL U712-P414 YL-18-GXL U705-P8 PU-18-GXL 62 CIRCLE RIGHT #2 SOLENOID BLADE RIGHT LOWER SOL 62 R903-P62 OR-18-GXL H458-P437 BU-18-GXL P-C29 P-C19 141-P268 PK-16-GXL 556-P167 WH-18-GXL A202-P368 BK-16-GXL 2 U751-P53 WH-18-GXL M975-P542 BU-18-GXL 32 L914-P359 BU-18-GXL 3
567-P684 WH-18-GXL 120-P581 YL-14-GXL 1 RD-14 WIPER B+ N936-P534 YL-18-GXL 403-P302 GN-18-GXL 63 OPERATOR SEAT SW (NC) 63 U766-P474 BR-18-GXL 1552254 1907613 581-P249 GY-18-GXL U735-P381 GY-18-GXL 3 ON U752-P54 PU-18-GXL K831-P670 GY-18-GXL 33 4
120-P582 YL-14-GXL 2 RD-18 WASHER B+ P967-P537 PU-18-GXL 403-P312 GN-18-GXL 64 OPERATOR SEAT SW (NO) 64 U767-P471 BU-18-GXL H745-P710 BR-18-GXL E745-P703 BU-18-GXL 1 142-P264 BU-18-GXL 582-P250 PK-18-GXL 4 U762-P293 BR-18-GXL K832-P671 OR-18-GXL 34 106-P199 WH-18-GXL 5
592-P595 BU-18-GXL 200-P583 BK-14-GXL 3 BK-18 GROUND P967-P538 PU-18-GXL 452-P46 PU-18-GXL A847-P673 YL-18-GXL 65 LEFT BLADE DOWNFORCE PROPORTIONAL BLADE SIDESHIFT LEFT SOL 65 U750-P63 PK-18-GXL H745-P402 BR-18-GXL H745-P694 BR-18-GXL E744-P704 YL-18-GXL 2 142-P263 BU-18-GXL 142-P265 BU-18-GXL 592-P512 BU-14-GXL 5 U763-P77 BU-18-GXL K927-P9 BU-18-GXL 35 498-P151 WH-18-GXL 6
592-P596 BU-16-GXL 505-P584 BU-14-GXL 4 WH-14 HIGH 556-P166 WH-18-GXL A849-P674 OR-18-GXL 66 RGHT BLADE DOWNFORCE PROPORTIONAL BLADE SIDESHIFT RIGHT SOL 66 U749-P64 BR-18-GXL H745-P695 BR-18-GXL 3 6 U764-P74 GY-18-GXL K952-P10 BR-18-GXL 36 125-P93 RD-18-GXL 7
603-P243 PK-18-GXL 504-P585 YL-14-GXL 5 YL-14 LOW 581-P249 GY-18-GXL 67 WHEEL LEAN LEFT SOL
67 U747-P65 OR-18-GXL K723-P707 PU-18-GXL 4 CONN 14 143-P132 BR-18-GXL 605-P223 YL-18-GXL 125-P269 RD-18-GXL 7 U765-P81 WH-18-GXL H862-P182 GY-18-GXL 37 200-P102 BK-18-GXL
668-P150 BU-18-GXL
503-P586 BR-14-GXL 6 BU-14 PARK 582-P250 PK-18-GXL 68 68 U748-P66 GY-18-GXL H745-P693 BR-18-GXL 5
TO RF-HARNESS 143-P179 BR-12-GXL 143-P162 BR-14-GXL 606-P224 GY-18-GXL 668-P655 BU-18-GXL 8 X725-P187 GY-18-GXL 38 9
668-P454 BU-18-GXL 507-P233 WH-14-GXL 7 BR-18 WASH 592-P511 BU-18-GXL 69 +10v SUPPLY 69 709-P35 OR-18-GXL H745-P693 BR-18-GXL Y935-P708 OR-18-GXL 6 143-P163 BR-18-GXL 611-P339 PU-18-GXL 668-P527 BU-18-GXL 9 H863-P183 PU-18-GXL 39 498-P151 WH-18-GXL 10
RF-C4 VOL2 LOC: F-13
8 UNUSED 592-P595 BU-18-GXL 171-P32 RD-14-GXL A296-P21 BK-14-GXL 70 - UNSWITCHED BATTERY - UNSWITCHED BATTERY 70 A295-P68 BK-14-GXL H745-P695 BR-18-GXL K722-P709 YL-18-GXL 7 143-P282 BR-18-GXL 614-P178 PU-18-GXL 125-P251 RD-18-GXL 10 H861-P377 PU-18-GXL 40
592-P596 BU-16-GXL 171-P33 RD-14-GXL H745-P696 BR-18-GXL J771-P701 PU-18-GXL 8 646-P126 OR-18-GXL 41
668-P622 BU-18-GXL 200-P159 BK-14-GXL 617-P420 BR-14-GXL 171-P34 RD-14-GXL 1 IMPLEMENT LOCKOUT SW (NO) 1 G766-P198 GN-18-GXL H745-P697 BR-18-GXL Y937-P702 PU-18-GXL 9 144-P439 GN-14-GXL 646-P129 OR-18-GXL 42 2234778
668-P624 BU-18-GXL P-C69 618-P422 YL-14-GXL 171-P37 RD-14-GXL 2 2 H745-P696 BR-18-GXL 10 152-P358 RD-14-GXL 647-P47 GN-18-GXL P-C79
606-P224 GY-18-GXL 43 646-P140 OR-18-GXL 1 REAR/BLADE
668-P625 BU-18-GXL 1030213 668-P454 BU-18-GXL 171-P38 RD-14-GXL 3 3 H764-P218 GY-18-GXL H764-P212 GY-18-GXL 11 155-P69 PK-18-GXL 647-P125 GN-18-GXL 7X6222 611-P336 PU-14-GXL 44 106-P199 WH-18-GXL 200-P356 BK-18-GXL 2 OFF
668-P649 BU-18-GXL 200-P633 BK-14-GXL 1 128-P458 PK-18-GXL 668-P645 BU-18-GXL 308-P11 YL-18-GXL H808-P669 WH-18-GXL 4 LOAD RETURN #01 LOAD RETURN #01 4 H807-P333 YL-18-GXL H764-P415 GY-18-GXL 12 647-P130 GN-18-GXL 127-P242 RD-18-GXL 1 + BATTERY (24V) 619-P170 GN-14-GXL 45 106-P108 WH-18-GXL 106-P210 WH-18-GXL 647-P141 GN-18-GXL 3 BLADE
2 121-P245 YL-18-GXL 668-P712 BU-18-GXL 892-P14 BR-18-GXL K831-P670 GY-18-GXL 5 LEFT BLADE DOWNFORCE ON 5 160-P175 PU-16-GXL 160-P156 PU-18-GXL 647-P284 GN-18-GXL A210-P340 BK-18-GXL 2 - BATTERY 46 614-P364 PU-18-GXL 4
668-P645 BU-18-GXL 3 M998-P459 OR-18-GXL 893-P12 GN-18-GXL K832-P671 OR-18-GXL 6 RGHT BLADE DOWNFORCE ON 6 H765-P213 WH-18-GXL 160-P174 PU-16-GXL 651-P230 PK-14-GXL 3 47 103-P376 RD-14-GXL 125-P390 RD-18-GXL 5
4 A524-P509 BR-18-GXL A296-P13 BK-14-GXL 7 IMPLEMENT PLT SUPPLY SOL 7 G953-P186 BU-18-GXL H765-P217 WH-18-GXL H765-P335 WH-18-GXL P-C18 P-C31 651-P451 PK-18-GXL 556-P167 WH-18-GXL 4 DIFFERENTIAL LOCK 690-P300 GN-14-GXL 48 104-P153 RD-18-GXL 614-P391 PU-18-GXL 6
5 592-P511 BU-18-GXL A296-P15 BK-14-GXL 8 LOAD RETURN #2 8 G965-P185 PU-18-GXL 1552272 3E3376 179-P394 RD-14-GXL 668-P272 BU-18-GXL 125-P279 RD-18-GXL 5 322-P149 GY-18-GXL 49 125-P407 RD-18-GXL 7
K845-P570 OR-18-GXL A296-P16 BK-18-GXL H786-P539 YL-18-GXL J769-P705 YL-18-GXL 200-P352 BK-18-GXL 668-P343 BU-18-GXL 125-P281 RD-18-GXL 116-P396 BR-18-GXL 668-P408 BU-18-GXL
6 9 9 1 6 50 8
7 F785-P110 WH-18-GXL A296-P17 BK-18-GXL 10 10 H787-P563 GN-18-GXL Y938-P706 YL-18-GXL 2 200-P393 BK-14-GXL 668-P372 BU-18-GXL 125-P287 RD-18-GXL 7 51 668-P416 BU-18-GXL 9
TO RM-HARNESS 125-P390 RD-18-GXL 125-P441 RD-18-GXL
8 K990-P298 GN-18-GXL 680-P490 GN-14-GXL A296-P18 BK-18-GXL 11 OPT LEVER #6 FLOAT IND 11 U762-P293 BR-18-GXL H807-P333 YL-18-GXL H745-P694 BR-18-GXL 3
RM-C4 VOL2 LOC: B-13 200-P444 BK-16-GXL 668-P527 BU-18-GXL 125-P313 RD-18-GXL 8 52 10

9 K900-P297 YL-18-GXL 683-P161 PU-14-GXL A296-P19 BK-14-GXL 12 12 H861-P377 PU-18-GXL 4 200-P445 BK-18-GXL 668-P562 BU-18-GXL 125-P363 RD-18-GXL 9 H765-P335 WH-18-GXL 53 125-P407 RD-18-GXL
(80) FR0NT WIPER SWITCH 10 556-P166 WH-18-GXL 686-P488 OR-14-GXL A296-P20 BK-14-GXL 13 BLADEFORCE IND 13 J710-P371 BR-18-GXL H862-P182 GY-18-GXL 668-P655 BU-18-GXL 125-P456 RD-18-GXL 540-P270 WH-18-GXL 10 LEFT HAND TURN 54 125-P441 RD-18-GXL (60) CAB FLOODLAMP SWITCH
P-C102 3E-0155 11 126-P299 RD-18-GXL 799-P489 WH-18-GXL A296-P21 BK-14-GXL 14 14 H863-P183 PU-18-GXL 200-P379 BK-14-GXL 680-P490 GN-14-GXL 539-P271 BU-18-GXL 11 RIGHT HAND TURN U736-P211 YL-18-GXL 55 125-P641 RD-18-GXL 249-5480
1552264 H803-P672 BU-18-GXL P-C58
12 U753-P215 BR-18-GXL 15 LEFT STEER CYL POSITION SENS 15 H764-P218 GY-18-GXL J710-P371 BR-18-GXL 200-P618 BK-18-GXL 682-P42 BU-14-GXL 12 56
680-P277 GN-14-GXL 680-P173 GN-14-GXL 120-P605 YL-14-GXL 1 RD-14 WIPER B+ 13 X754-P385 GN-18-GXL 892-P514 BR-18-GXL 16 RIGHT STEER CYL POSITION SENS 16 H765-P217 WH-18-GXL J769-P705 YL-18-GXL 200-P620 BK-16-GXL 683-P161 PU-14-GXL 13 685-P109 BR-14-GXL 57 125-P457 RD-18-GXL 1 OFF
680-P491 GN-14-GXL 120-P606 YL-14-GXL 2 RD-18 WASHER B+ 14 X755-P384 WH-18-GXL 892-P305 BR-18-GXL 892-P331 BR-18-GXL 17 ART ANGLE SENSE #2 17 U768-P434 BU-18-GXL J771-P701 PU-18-GXL 180-P311 RD-14-GXL 180-P311 RD-14-GXL 200-P629 BK-12-GXL 127-P242 RD-18-GXL 14 A847-P673 YL-18-GXL 58 106-P210 WH-18-GXL 2 -
200-P607 BK-14-GXL 3 BK-18 GROUND 15 308-P301 YL-18-GXL 892-P460 BR-18-GXL 892-P465 BR-18-GXL K900-P344 YL-18-GXL 18 STEER LEVER SNSR #1 18 U739-P203 BR-18-GXL K722-P709 YL-18-GXL 200-P636 BK-14-GXL 684-P71 OR-18-GXL 142-P265 BU-18-GXL 611-P339 PU-18-GXL 15 HIGH BEAM A849-P674 OR-18-GXL 59 684-P36 OR-18-GXL 3 ON
502-P608 OR-14-GXL 4 WH-14 HIGH 16 U767-P470 BU-18-GXL K990-P345 GN-18-GXL 19 SEC STEER REQUEST SIGNAL 19 U753-P215 BR-18-GXL K723-P707 PU-18-GXL 727-P196 GN-18-GXL 727-P196 GN-18-GXL 200-P639 BK-14-GXL 684-P171 OR-18-GXL 200-P134 BK-18-GXL 614-P178 PU-18-GXL 16 DIMMER X725-P187 GY-18-GXL 60 125-P550 RD-18-GXL 4
501-P609 GN-14-GXL 5 YL-14 LOW 17 403-P302 GN-18-GXL 892-P14 BR-18-GXL 20 STEERING CONTROL SIGNAL 20 X725-P187 GY-18-GXL K749-P79 WH-18-GXL A295-P367 BK-18-GXL A295-P367 BK-18-GXL 684-P139 OR-18-GXL 308-P481 YL-18-GXL 17 61 125-P547 RD-18-GXL 125-P143 RD-18-GXL 5
680-P492 GN-14-GXL 500-P610 BR-14-GXL 6 BU-14 PARK 18 925-P383 YL-18-GXL 892-P25 BR-18-GXL 21 21 K750-P405 PU-18-GXL K900-P427 YL-18-GXL K900-P427 YL-18-GXL 200-P131 BK-14-GXL 200-P440 BK-14-GXL 320-P148 OR-18-GXL 18 U742-P207 WH-18-GXL 62 125-P548 RD-18-GXL 614-P206 PU-18-GXL 6
680-P490 GN-14-GXL 506-P231 PU-14-GXL 7 BR-18 WASH 19 N787-P193 BU-18-GXL 892-P428 BR-18-GXL K900-P344 YL-18-GXL 22 DIGITAL RETURN 22 H745-P710 BR-18-GXL K900-P483 YL-18-GXL K900-P483 YL-18-GXL 200-P205 BK-14-GXL 200-P123 BK-18-GXL 539-P271 BU-18-GXL F711-P479 YL-18-GXL 19 J1939 HIGH 63 125-P378 RD-18-GXL 7
8 UNUSED 20 K846-P572 PK-18-GXL K990-P345 GN-18-GXL 23 AUTO NEUTRAL ART SW (NO) 23 U744-P72 OR-18-GXL K758-P75 PU-18-GXL K990-P426 GN-18-GXL K990-P426 GN-18-GXL 200-P687 BK-18-GXL 200-P135 BK-18-GXL 685-P109 BR-14-GXL 540-P270 WH-18-GXL F712-P480 GN-18-GXL 20 J1939 LOW 801-P497 PK-14-GXL 64 125-P143 RD-18-GXL 200-P410 BK-18-GXL 8
21 997-P192 OR-18-GXL 893-P513 GN-18-GXL 24 WHEEL LEAN INPUT SNSR 24 U743-P73 GY-18-GXL K788-P56 GY-18-GXL 200-P134 BK-18-GXL 686-P488 OR-14-GXL 556-P167 WH-18-GXL 21 65 125-P325 RD-18-GXL 668-P413 BU-18-GXL 9
P-C103 22 998-P188 BR-18-GXL 893-P304 GN-18-GXL U711-P321 GN-18-GXL 25 AUX LEVER #6 SNSR BLADE PITCH INPUT SNSR 25 U764-P74 GY-18-GXL K789-P55 YL-18-GXL 690-P300 GN-14-GXL 611-P339 PU-18-GXL 22 507-P233 WH-14-GXL 66 125-P378 RD-18-GXL 684-P438 OR-18-GXL 10
1552273 23 N931-P194 GY-18-GXL 893-P464 GN-18-GXL 893-P332 GN-18-GXL 308-P22 YL-18-GXL U712-P414 YL-18-GXL 26 AUX LEVER #7 SNSR ART LEVER SNSR 26 K758-P75 PU-18-GXL K990-P484 GN-18-GXL K990-P484 GN-18-GXL 200-P443 BK-12-GXL 727-P196 GN-18-GXL 614-P178 PU-18-GXL H414-P169 YL-18-GXL 23 ACTION ALARM 506-P231 PU-14-GXL 67 125-P552 RD-18-GXL
1 24 R908-P453 YL-18-GXL 893-P466 GN-18-GXL 892-P25 BR-18-GXL 27 27 K900-P297 YL-18-GXL L854-P963 YL-16-GXL L854-P963 YL-16-GXL 200-P510 BK-12-GXL 799-P489 WH-18-GXL 668-P272 BU-18-GXL 308-P481 YL-18-GXL 24 KEY SWITCH 68 125-P656 RD-18-GXL (57) BEACON SWITCH
308-P598 YL-16-GXL 2 24V SWITCHED IN 25 A295-P191 BK-14-GXL 893-P23 GN-18-GXL 28 AUTO NEUTRAL ART SW (NC) 28 U745-P76 PK-18-GXL K900-P483 YL-18-GXL L855-P964 GN-16-GXL L855-P964 GN-16-GXL 200-P540 BK-12-GXL 892-P428 BR-18-GXL 668-P343 BU-18-GXL 69 237-9736
125-P278 RD-18-GXL 2234778
686-P493 OR-14-GXL 3 26 E929-P195 GY-18-GXL 893-P12 GN-18-GXL 997-P192 OR-18-GXL 29 BLADE DOWNFORCE SW(NO) 29 N935-P519 OR-18-GXL 892-P465 BR-18-GXL 668-P435 BU-18-GXL 70

686-P180 OR-14-GXL 4 12V MEMORY OUTPUT 27 A202-P184 BK-14-GXL 893-P23 GN-18-GXL 998-P188 BR-18-GXL 30 BLADE DOWNFORCE SW(NC) 30 N936-P534 YL-18-GXL K900-P427 YL-18-GXL 893-P429 GN-18-GXL 125-P279 RD-18-GXL 125-P337 RD-18-GXL 1 OFF
686-P488 OR-14-GXL 686-P504 OR-14-GXL 5 28 L731-P94 BR-18-GXL 893-P429 GN-18-GXL A295-P89 BK-14-GXL 31 31 308-P22 YL-18-GXL 200-P107 BK-18-GXL 893-P466 GN-18-GXL 668-P562 BU-18-GXL 125-P281 RD-18-GXL 103-P376 RD-14-GXL 125-P357 RD-18-GXL 116-P396 BR-18-GXL 2 -
6 29 200-P248 BK-14-GXL A295-P191 BK-14-GXL 32 CIRC DRIVE LEVER SNSR 32 U763-P77 BU-18-GXL K900-P392 YL-18-GXL 892-P25 BR-18-GXL 200-P133 BK-18-GXL A202-P184 BK-14-GXL 104-P153 RD-18-GXL 125-P375 RD-18-GXL 603-P243 PK-18-GXL 3 ON
668-P712 BU-18-GXL 30 307-P315 OR-16-GXL 997-P192 OR-18-GXL A295-P204 BK-14-GXL 33 BLADE SIDESHIFT LEVER SNSR 33 M719-P78 GN-18-GXL 893-P23 GN-18-GXL 200-P136 BK-18-GXL A202-P295 BK-18-GXL 695-P252 OR-18-GXL 106-P108 WH-18-GXL 125-P421 RD-18-GXL 4
892-P514 BR-18-GXL 31 G953-P186 BU-18-GXL 998-P188 BR-18-GXL A295-P499 BK-18-GXL 34 STEER LEVER SNSR #3 34 U741-P201 OR-18-GXL K900-P84 YL-18-GXL 997-P192 OR-18-GXL 200-P70 BK-18-GXL A202-P368 BK-16-GXL 696-P253 GN-18-GXL 125-P287 RD-18-GXL 116-P396 BR-18-GXL 125-P93 RD-18-GXL 5
893-P513 GN-18-GXL 32 G965-P185 PU-18-GXL A202-P184 BK-14-GXL A295-P532 BK-18-GXL 35 BLADE RIGHT LIFT LEVER POS 35 K749-P79 WH-18-GXL 998-P188 BR-18-GXL 200-P688 BK-18-GXL 200-P366 BK-18-GXL A202-P389 BK-18-GXL 799-P489 WH-18-GXL 125-P313 RD-18-GXL 125-P143 RD-18-GXL 125-P545 RD-18-GXL 6
A295-P499 BK-18-GXL P-C104 33 776-P165 YL-18-GXL A202-P526 BK-18-GXL C495-P291 OR-18-GXL 36 36 K900-P486 YL-18-GXL A295-P89 BK-14-GXL 200-P87 BK-14-GXL A202-P526 BK-18-GXL A202-P526 BK-18-GXL 125-P278 RD-18-GXL 125-P546 RD-18-GXL 125-P325 RD-18-GXL 7
A295-P532 BK-18-GXL 1779654 34 F783-P111 GN-18-GXL A295-P89 BK-14-GXL E454-P412 GN-18-GXL 37 37 E454-P412 GN-18-GXL K900-P528 YL-18-GXL A295-P191 BK-14-GXL A202-P535 BK-18-GXL A202-P535 BK-18-GXL 142-P265 BU-18-GXL 125-P325 RD-18-GXL 125-P549 RD-18-GXL 8
A503-P100 PK-16-GXL 176-P387 RD-12-GXL 1 24V POWER CONN 8 35 146-P468 GY-18-GXL A295-P191 BK-14-GXL E929-P195 GY-18-GXL 38 38 H458-P437 BU-18-GXL K900-P365 YL-18-GXL A295-P204 BK-14-GXL 200-P144 BK-14-GXL 200-P267 BK-18-GXL A202-P571 BK-18-GXL A210-P340 BK-18-GXL 200-P134 BK-18-GXL 125-P337 RD-18-GXL 668-P442 BU-18-GXL 9
A504-P234 GN-16-GXL 200-P615 BK-12-GXL 2 GROUND TO F-HARNESS 36 618-P422 YL-14-GXL A295-P204 BK-14-GXL G953-P186 BU-18-GXL 39 39 C495-P291 OR-18-GXL A295-P499 BK-18-GXL 200-P209 BK-18-GXL 200-P425 BK-16-GXL A210-P340 BK-18-GXL F711-P347 YL-18-GXL 320-P148 OR-18-GXL 125-P357 RD-18-GXL 127-P330 RD-18-GXL 10
A506-P145 OR-16-GXL A572-P616 PK-12-GXL 3 12V OUTPUT FP-C1 37 582-P250 PK-18-GXL A295-P499 BK-18-GXL G965-P185 PU-18-GXL 40 40 K900-P344 YL-18-GXL A295-P532 BK-18-GXL 200-P120 BK-18-GXL A210-P342 BK-18-GXL F711-P479 YL-18-GXL 125-P375 RD-18-GXL 180-P200 RD-18-GXL (68) HEAD/TAIL LAMPS SWITCH
A507-P237 YL-16-GXL 4 VOL3 LOC: C-8 38 617-P420 BR-14-GXL A295-P532 BK-18-GXL H458-P437 BU-18-GXL 41 ART ANGLE POS SNSR 41 E929-P195 GY-18-GXL C495-P291 OR-18-GXL 200-P121 BK-18-GXL A274-P467 BK-14-GXL F712-P348 GN-18-GXL 668-P272 BU-18-GXL 125-P378 RD-18-GXL 200-P352 BK-18-GXL 249-5486
125-P421 RD-18-GXL P-C7
A513-P398 PK-18-GXL (7) COMMUNICATION CONVERTER 39 581-P249 GY-18-GXL H764-P415 GY-18-GXL 42 LEFT BLADE DOWNFORCE DIAL 42 H786-P539 YL-18-GXL H6 A274-P690 BK-14-GXL F712-P480 GN-18-GXL 668-P343 BU-18-GXL 2234778
A524-P509 BR-18-GXL 184-3579 40 U768-P434 BU-18-GXL A296-P15 BK-14-GXL H765-P213 WH-18-GXL 43 RIGHT BLADE DOWNFORCE DIAL 43 H787-P563 GN-18-GXL K900-P498 YL-18-GXL E454-P412 GN-18-GXL 210-P386 BK-14-GXL A295-P367 BK-18-GXL H414-P169 YL-18-GXL 125-P457 RD-18-GXL 200-P102 BK-18-GXL 1 TAIL
A557-P681 WH-18-GXL 41 G755-P113 GY-18-GXL A296-P16 BK-18-GXL H786-P539 YL-18-GXL 44 44 K900-P646 YL-18-GXL E929-P195 GY-18-GXL 229-P382 BK-18-GXL A513-P401 PK-14-GXL T998-P449 BR-18-GXL 668-P435 BU-18-GXL 125-P552 RD-18-GXL 200-P254 BK-18-GXL 200-P356 BK-18-GXL 104-P153 RD-18-GXL 2 OFF
P-C105 42 A975-P503 BU-18-GXL A296-P17 BK-18-GXL H787-P563 GN-18-GXL 45 RIGHT INC/DEC SW (NEUTRAL) 45 Y935-P708 OR-18-GXL G953-P186 BU-18-GXL 307-P315 OR-16-GXL A514-P157 YL-18-GXL X800-P419 OR-18-GXL 668-P562 BU-18-GXL 125-P656 RD-18-GXL 200-P410 BK-18-GXL 645-P154 PK-18-GXL 3 HEAD/TAIL
C542-P487 GN-18-GXL 1552267 43 U766-P472 BR-18-GXL A296-P181 BK-14-GXL J710-P371 BR-18-GXL 46 RIGHT INC/DEC SW (INC) 46 K723-P707 PU-18-GXL K990-P648 GN-18-GXL G965-P185 PU-18-GXL 308-P190 YL-18-GXL C542-P158 GN-18-GXL 200-P654 BK-18-GXL 614-P544 PU-18-GXL 4
C542-P505 GN-18-GXL A RD-18 DOME LAMP 44 L914-P359 BU-18-GXL K900-P297 YL-18-GXL 47 RIGHT INC/DEC SW (DEC) 47 K722-P709 YL-18-GXL K990-P501 GN-18-GXL H458-P437 BU-18-GXL 308-P351 YL-18-GXL 695-P252 OR-18-GXL 127-P330 RD-18-GXL 125-P546 RD-18-GXL 5
C542-P660 GN-18-GXL 108-P617 RD-18-GXL B WH-18 3E-6389 45 X800-P462 OR-18-GXL K900-P646 YL-18-GXL 48 STEER LEVER SNSR #2 48 U740-P202 BU-18-GXL H764-P415 GY-18-GXL 308-P395 YL-14-GXL E716-P294 GY-18-GXL 696-P253 GN-18-GXL 180-P200 RD-18-GXL 229-P296 BK-18-GXL 614-P543 PU-18-GXL 6
200-P618 BK-18-GXL C BK-18 46 F846-P236 PU-18-GXL K990-P298 GN-18-GXL 49 BLADE LEFT LEVER SNSR 49 K750-P405 PU-18-GXL H765-P213 WH-18-GXL E717-P354 GN-18-GXL A202-P184 BK-14-GXL 200-P254 BK-18-GXL 229-P382 BK-18-GXL 229-P306 BK-18-GXL 125-P549 RD-18-GXL 7
C568-P476 WH-14-GXL 47 H764-P415 GY-18-GXL A296-P13 BK-14-GXL K990-P648 GN-18-GXL 50 50 K990-P345 GN-18-GXL H786-P539 YL-18-GXL 308-P338 YL-16-GXL 308-P373 YL-16-GXL F711-P347 YL-18-GXL A202-P571 BK-18-GXL 200-P352 BK-18-GXL 229-P314 BK-18-GXL 668-P556 BU-18-GXL 8
L 48 H765-P213 WH-18-GXL A296-P18 BK-18-GXL N787-P193 BU-18-GXL 51 CIRCLE SIDESHIFT POSITION SNSR 51 U765-P81 WH-18-GXL K990-P529 GN-18-GXL H787-P563 GN-18-GXL 308-P262 YL-16-GXL 308-P481 YL-18-GXL F711-P477 YL-18-GXL 799-P489 WH-18-GXL 799-P494 WH-18-GXL 229-P382 BK-18-GXL 668-P560 BU-18-GXL 9

G 308-P351 YL-18-GXL 308-P351 YL-18-GXL 125-P545 RD-18-GXL

E529-P680 YL-18-GXL 1552273 49 U739-P214 BR-18-GXL N931-P194 GY-18-GXL 52 RIGHT AUTO/MANUAL SW (NO) 52 Y938-P706 YL-18-GXL K990-P517 GN-18-GXL J710-P371 BR-18-GXL F711-P479 YL-18-GXL 799-P496 WH-18-GXL 10
E529-P686 YL-18-GXL 501-P609 GN-14-GXL 2 BK-16 H 50 G750-P124 BU-18-GXL A296-P86 BK-14-GXL N935-P519 OR-18-GXL H6 53 RIGHT AUTO/MANUAL SW (NC) 53 J769-P705 YL-18-GXL K990-P85 GN-18-GXL K900-P297 YL-18-GXL 308-P482 YL-18-GXL F712-P348 GN-18-GXL A202-P184 BK-14-GXL 518-P273 OR-14-GXL 518-P273 OR-14-GXL
502-P608 OR-14-GXL 1 51 U741-P219 OR-18-GXL N936-P534 YL-18-GXL 54 LEFT INC/DEC SW (NEUTRAL) 54 Y936-P699 PK-18-GXL K900-P344 YL-18-GXL 308-P485 YL-18-GXL F712-P478 GN-18-GXL A202-P526 BK-18-GXL 538-P275 BR-18-GXL (67) HAZZARD SWITCH
603-P243 PK-18-GXL 538-P275 BR-18-GXL P-C54
E529-P685 YL-18-GXL 200-P621 BK-14-GXL 4 GN-16 T 52 F784-P128 YL-18-GXL A296-P19 BK-14-GXL P967-P537 PU-18-GXL 55 LEFT INC/DEC SW (INC) 55 Y934-P698 WH-18-GXL K900-P646 YL-18-GXL F712-P480 GN-18-GXL A202-P535 BK-18-GXL A202-P567 BK-18-GXL 236-4616
614-P222 PU-18-GXL 603-P243 PK-18-GXL 2234778
120-P612 YL-14-GXL 6 GY-16
B+ P 53 U734-P380 GN-18-GXL A296-P20 BK-14-GXL P967-P538 PU-18-GXL 56 56 K990-P515 GN-18-GXL K990-P298 GN-18-GXL A202-P184 BK-14-GXL F846-P236 PU-18-GXL A202-P575 BK-18-GXL
H786-P539 YL-18-GXL 3 BR-16 54 452-P46 PU-18-GXL A296-P21 BK-14-GXL R732-P142 BR-18-GXL 57 57 K990-P345 GN-18-GXL 320-P148 OR-18-GXL X800-P419 OR-18-GXL 614-P455 PU-18-GXL 1 OFF
H787-P563 GN-18-GXL 500-P610 BR-14-GXL 5 OR-16 55 C495-P291 OR-18-GXL 58 LEFT INC/DEC SW (DEC) 58 Y933-P700 YL-18-GXL K990-P426 GN-18-GXL K990-P648 GN-18-GXL 322-P149 GY-18-GXL K900-P427 YL-18-GXL A202-P571 BK-18-GXL 645-P154 PK-18-GXL 614-P544 PU-18-GXL 103-P376 RD-14-GXL 2 -
J710-P371 BR-18-GXL (24) FRONT WIPER MOTOR 56 U740-P220 BU-18-GXL A296-P104 BK-14-GXL 59 LEFT AUTO/MANUAL SW (NO) 59 Y937-P702 PU-18-GXL K900-P483 YL-18-GXL F711-P347 YL-18-GXL 646-P140 OR-18-GXL 614-P543 PU-18-GXL 518-P273 OR-14-GXL 3 ON
K900-P646 YL-18-GXL 248-2625 57 G763-P172 PU-18-GXL 60 LEFT AUTO/MANUAL SW (NC) 60 J771-P701 PU-18-GXL N787-P193 BU-18-GXL 403-P288 GN-18-GXL K990-P426 GN-18-GXL F712-P348 GN-18-GXL 647-P141 GN-18-GXL 4
K990-P648 GN-18-GXL 58 F781-P225 BR-18-GXL A513-P398 PK-18-GXL U739-P214 BR-18-GXL 61 SIDESHIFT AUTO/MANUAL SW (NO) 61 E744-P704 YL-18-GXL K990-P502 GN-18-GXL N931-P194 GY-18-GXL 403-P302 GN-18-GXL K990-P484 GN-18-GXL T998-P449 BR-18-GXL 668-P240 BU-18-GXL 614-P455 PU-18-GXL 5
(53) REAR DEFROST FAN RESISTOR 668-P257 BU-18-GXL 614-P364 PU-18-GXL
N935-P519 OR-18-GXL 7T-4003
59 U735-P381 GY-18-GXL A975-P503 BU-18-GXL U740-P220 BU-18-GXL 62 SIDESHIFT AUTO/MANUAL SW (NC) 62 E745-P703 BU-18-GXL K990-P298 GN-18-GXL N935-P519 OR-18-GXL 403-P312 GN-18-GXL L854-P963 YL-16-GXL X800-P419 OR-18-GXL 6
N936-P534 YL-18-GXL 60 E454-P412 GN-18-GXL C495-P291 OR-18-GXL U741-P219 OR-18-GXL 63 63 K990-P484 GN-18-GXL N936-P534 YL-18-GXL 452-P46 PU-18-GXL L855-P964 GN-16-GXL 668-P258 BU-18-GXL 614-P391 PU-18-GXL 538-P275 BR-18-GXL 7
P967-P537 PU-18-GXL A504-P234 GN-16-GXL 61 F787-P324 GN-18-GXL C542-P660 GN-18-GXL U753-P215 BR-18-GXL 64 CTCT CAN HIGH 64 L854-P692 YL-16-GXL P967-P537 PU-18-GXL M998-P459 OR-18-GXL P-C38 668-P259 BU-18-GXL 614-P206 PU-18-GXL 8
P967-P538 PU-18-GXL 62 U766-P474 BR-18-GXL 65 CTCT CAN LOW 65 L855-P691 GN-16-GXL P967-P538 PU-18-GXL 556-P166 WH-18-GXL T998-P449 BR-18-GXL 7T5957 668-P260 BU-18-GXL 200-P352 BK-18-GXL 9
10 63 E454-P412 GN-18-GXL U767-P471 BU-18-GXL 66 66 L854-P692 YL-16-GXL R732-P142 BR-18-GXL 556-P261 WH-18-GXL 556-P167 WH-18-GXL U734-P380 GN-18-GXL A513-P400 PK-16-GXL 1 668-P323 BU-18-GXL 614-P222 PU-18-GXL 10
A507-P237 YL-16-GXL 64 893-P304 GN-18-GXL E716-P294 GY-18-GXL U768-P434 BU-18-GXL K900-P344 YL-18-GXL 67 J1939 HIGH J1939 HIGH 67 K900-P84 YL-18-GXL L854-P966 YL-16-GXL L854-P963 YL-16-GXL U739-P214 BR-18-GXL U735-P381 GY-18-GXL 200-P444 BK-16-GXL 2 668-P334 BU-18-GXL (77) THROTTLE LOCK MODE SWITCH
J1939 LOW 668-P361 BU-18-GXL 645-P154 PK-18-GXL P-C60
65 892-P305 BR-18-GXL E717-P354 GN-18-GXL K990-P345 GN-18-GXL 68 J1939 LOW 68 K990-P85 GN-18-GXL U740-P220 BU-18-GXL 581-P249 GY-18-GXL 125-P363 RD-18-GXL 249-5493
668-P374 BU-18-GXL 646-P140 OR-18-GXL 2234778
500-P610 BR-14-GXL (23) REAR DEFROSTER FAN 66 E929-P195 GY-18-GXL 69 69 L855-P691 GN-16-GXL U741-P219 OR-18-GXL 582-P250 PK-18-GXL (28) 12V AUX PORT
501-P609 GN-14-GXL 170-5334 67 A295-P204 BK-14-GXL F846-P236 PU-18-GXL 70 70 L855-P965 GN-16-GXL L855-P964 GN-16-GXL U753-P215 BR-18-GXL 117-2311 668-P408 BU-18-GXL 647-P141 GN-18-GXL A758-P328 BR-18-GXL 1 MAN
502-P608 OR-14-GXL P-C106 P-C107 68 A295-P89 BK-14-GXL G953-P186 BU-18-GXL P-C27 J2 J2 P-C39 U766-P474 BR-18-GXL 592-P511 BU-18-GXL 539-P271 BU-18-GXL 668-P413 BU-18-GXL 229-P306 BK-18-GXL 2 OFF
1552269 3E3364 CIGAR LIGHTER 668-P416 BU-18-GXL 668-P150 BU-18-GXL A757-P411 GY-18-GXL AUTO
503-P586 BR-14-GXL 69 683-P161 PU-14-GXL 1471446 1471446 U767-P471 BU-18-GXL 592-P595 BU-18-GXL 540-P270 WH-18-GXL 9W-0335
504-P585 YL-14-GXL A507-P619 YL-16-GXL 1 WH/RD-14 MOTOR 70 147-P82 PU-18-GXL G965-P185 PU-18-GXL M719-P78 GN-18-GXL U768-P434 BU-18-GXL 592-P596 BU-16-GXL 668-P435 BU-18-GXL 668-P260 BU-18-GXL 1

668-P556 BU-18-GXL 4
505-P584 BU-14-GXL 200-P620 BK-16-GXL 2 BK-14 H458-P437 BU-18-GXL K900-P498 YL-18-GXL M906-P318 BU-18-GXL 592-P512 BU-14-GXL 668-P435 BU-18-GXL 129-P353 RD-18-GXL 668-P562 BU-18-GXL 668-P259 BU-18-GXL 668-P560 BU-18-GXL 229-P296 BK-18-GXL 5
508-P577 PU-18-GXL H764-P415 GY-18-GXL K990-P501 GN-18-GXL M975-P542 BU-18-GXL 200-P445 BK-18-GXL 668-P568 BU-18-GXL 668-P226 BU-18-GXL A756-P329 BU-18-GXL 6
509-P578 WH-18-GXL H765-P213 WH-18-GXL L854-P966 YL-16-GXL N787-P193 BU-18-GXL 611-P341 PU-14-GXL 611-P336 PU-14-GXL 668-P573 BU-18-GXL 668-P573 BU-18-GXL 125-P547 RD-18-GXL 7
(52) FRONT DEFROST FAN RESISTOR H786-P539 YL-18-GXL 684-P139 OR-18-GXL 668-P323 BU-18-GXL 668-P350 BU-18-GXL 668-P558 BU-18-GXL
511-P579 BR-18-GXL 103-P137 RD-14-GXL L855-P965 GN-16-GXL N931-P194 GY-18-GXL 611-P339 PU-18-GXL 695-P252 OR-18-GXL 8
7T-4003 P-C71 892-P331 BR-18-GXL 668-P257 BU-18-GXL 668-P557 BU-18-GXL
512-P580 GN-18-GXL H787-P563 GN-18-GXL 103-P308 RD-16-GXL N935-P519 OR-18-GXL 696-P253 GN-18-GXL 103-P376 RD-14-GXL 9
C546-P632 WH-16-GXL A503-P100 PK-16-GXL 9X0145 J710-P371 BR-18-GXL 103-P376 RD-14-GXL K900-P498 YL-18-GXL N936-P534 YL-18-GXL 614-P152 PU-18-GXL 614-P178 PU-18-GXL H414-P169 YL-18-GXL 104-P153 RD-18-GXL 893-P332 GN-18-GXL 668-P258 BU-18-GXL 125-P550 RD-18-GXL 10
1 799-P489 WH-18-GXL K900-P297 YL-18-GXL 104-P307 RD-14-GXL K990-P501 GN-18-GXL (37) BLADE FLOOD RELAY 2 104-P160 RD-18-GXL
10 2 A202-P526 BK-18-GXL K900-P646 YL-18-GXL 105-P369 RD-16-GXL L854-P966 YL-16-GXL H6 614-P525 PU-18-GXL P-C40 3E-5239 106-P108 WH-18-GXL 668-P240 BU-18-GXL
9X1054 A202-P360 BK-18-GXL 668-P361 BU-18-GXL P-C90 (78) THROTTLE SET SWITCH
A506-P145 OR-16-GXL 3 R732-P142 BR-18-GXL K990-P298 GN-18-GXL 126-P299 RD-18-GXL L855-P965 GN-16-GXL 125-P363 RD-18-GXL 30 111-P41 RD-16-GXL 2234778 229-2580
4 K990-P648 GN-18-GXL 152-P358 RD-14-GXL H6 H6 614-P455 PU-18-GXL 110-P67 GN-14-GXL 1 116-P396 BR-18-GXL A756-P329 BU-18-GXL 668-P374 BU-18-GXL
86 668-P536 BU-18-GXL C978-P327 BR-18-GXL SET/ACCEL
500-P610 BR-14-GXL 5 171-P310 RD-14-GXL P967-P96 PU-18-GXL 614-P222 PU-18-GXL 539-P271 BU-18-GXL 143-P132 BR-18-GXL 5 1
501-P609 GN-14-GXL 6 T998-P463 BR-18-GXL M998-P459 OR-18-GXL 200-P209 BK-18-GXL P967-P50 PU-16-GXL P967-P495 PU-18-GXL 540-P270 WH-18-GXL 647-P47 GN-18-GXL 2 A757-P411 GY-18-GXL 229-P314 BK-18-GXL 2 -
502-P608 OR-14-GXL A296-P86 BK-14-GXL N787-P193 BU-18-GXL H7 H7 P967-P403 PU-16-GXL 619-P170 GN-14-GXL 682-P42 BU-14-GXL A758-P328 BR-18-GXL 3 NO CHANGE
7 4
P-C67 P-C68 170-5334 87
503-P586 BR-14-GXL 8 F702-P409 GN-18-GXL N931-P194 GY-18-GXL 200-P352 BK-18-GXL 645-P154 PK-18-GXL 695-P252 OR-18-GXL 3
504-P585 YL-14-GXL 1552269 3E3364 TO F-HARNESS 9 G946-P326 OR-18-GXL N935-P519 OR-18-GXL 200-P379 BK-14-GXL 103-P116 RD-18-GXL 696-P253 GN-18-GXL C978-P327 BR-18-GXL 5
505-P584 BU-14-GXL A506-P255 OR-16-GXL 1 WH/RD-14 MOTOR FP-C2 10 C978-P327 BR-18-GXL N936-P534 YL-18-GXL 200-P393 BK-14-GXL (43) HORN RELAY (30) BACKLIGHT RELAY 103-P117 RD-14-GXL 646-P126 OR-18-GXL 668-P435 BU-18-GXL 668-P562 BU-18-GXL 6
508-P577 PU-18-GXL 200-P256 BK-16-GXL 2 BK-14 VOL3 LOC: B-8 11 A755-P430 PK-18-GXL P967-P537 PU-18-GXL 200-P444 BK-16-GXL 1613128 1613128 104-P114 RD-14-GXL P967-P537 PU-18-GXL 646-P140 OR-18-GXL (38) BLADE FLOOD RELAY 3 F711-P347 YL-18-GXL 125-P548 RD-18-GXL 7
509-P578 WH-18-GXL 12 E716-P294 GY-18-GXL P967-P538 PU-18-GXL 200-P445 BK-18-GXL 104-P115 RD-18-GXL P967-P538 PU-18-GXL 646-P129 OR-18-GXL P-C91 3E-5239 F712-P348 GN-18-GXL 668-P408 BU-18-GXL 8

F 511-P579 BR-18-GXL
512-P580 GN-18-GXL
C546-P632 WH-16-GXL
200-P254 BK-18-GXL
C979-P431 OR-18-GXL
A758-P328 BR-18-GXL
E717-P354 GN-18-GXL
R732-P142 BR-18-GXL 200-P510
114-P147 RD-18-GXL
320-P148 OR-18-GXL

1 1

614-P152 PU-18-GXL
200-P121 BK-18-GXL
104-P285 RD-14-GXL
106-P436 WH-14-GXL
110-P67 GN-14-GXL
647-P125 GN-18-GXL
647-P141 GN-18-GXL
H414-P169 YL-18-GXL
143-P282 BR-18-GXL
BR-14-GXL 1
5 125-P357 RD-18-GXL
G766-P198 GN-18-GXL
G767-P197 WH-18-GXL
668-P413 BU-18-GXL
668-P416 BU-18-GXL
668-P555 BU-18-GXL 9
10 F
200-5729 AM/FM CASSETTE 2 2
172-8037 16 A756-P329 BU-18-GXL 200-P620 BK-16-GXL 114-P146 RD-18-GXL P-T27 P-T86
200-P120 BK-18-GXL 111-P41 RD-16-GXL R732-P142 BR-18-GXL 103-P137 RD-14-GXL 647-P47 GN-18-GXL 647-P284 GN-18-GXL 2 G946-P326 OR-18-GXL
3 3 85 P-C92
CONN 7 1 NOT USED 17 A296-P104 BK-14-GXL T998-P463 BR-18-GXL 200-P629 BK-12-GXL 4
114-P146 RD-18-GXL 103-P308 RD-16-GXL 647-P130 GN-18-GXL 690-P300 GN-14-GXL 4
125-P143 RD-18-GXL
4 L914-P359 BU-18-GXL 668-P442 BU-18-GXL 1552267
2 NOT USED 18 801-P497 PK-14-GXL U734-P380 GN-18-GXL 200-P636 BK-14-GXL 322-P149 GY-18-GXL P-T28
668-P122 BU-18-GXL 114-P147 RD-18-GXL R800-P49 OR-16-GXL 103-P376 RD-14-GXL 647-P284 GN-18-GXL 3
87a 125-P378 RD-18-GXL
P-C109 P-C110 A-C1 5 668-P435 BU-18-GXL 668-P433 BU-18-GXL F711-P319 YL-18-GXL
3 PARK LIGHTS 19 U735-P381 GY-18-GXL 200-P639 BK-14-GXL 114-P176 RD-18-GXL R800-P92 OR-18-GXL 104-P307 RD-14-GXL 125-P552 RD-18-GXL (59) BRAKE RETRACT SWITCH
CONN 1 1552264 3E3388 3E-3388 RD-18 4 KEY SWITCH ON 20 229-P382 BK-18-GXL 200-P688 BK-18-GXL 116-P396 BR-18-GXL R800-P446 OR-16-GXL 105-P369 RD-16-GXL 651-P316 PK-14-GXL 651-P230 PK-14-GXL 125-P656 RD-18-GXL 284-3620
668-P568 BU-18-GXL F712-P518 GN-18-GXL B
509-P578 WH-18-GXL 1 1 WH/BK-18 5 POWER ANTENNA 21 H458-P437 BU-18-GXL U739-P214 BR-18-GXL 123-P238 WH-14-GXL 126-P299 RD-18-GXL 651-P451 PK-18-GXL 125-P325 RD-18-GXL 2234778
P-C111 P-C112 508-P577 PU-18-GXL WH-18 6 DIM 622-P43 PU-16-GXL U740-P220 BU-18-GXL 229-P382 BK-18-GXL 125-P127 RD-18-GXL R900-P59 BU-18-GXL 152-P358 RD-14-GXL (36) BLADE FLOOD RELAY 1 125-P363 RD-18-GXL 1 668-P334 BU-18-GXL 668-P423 BU-18-GXL
1779641 1779646 P-C35 3E-5239 155-P69 PK-18-GXL OFF
200-P628 BK-18-GXL 3 3 BK-18 YL-18 7 BATTERY 23 A757-P411 GY-18-GXL U741-P219 OR-18-GXL 307-P315 OR-16-GXL 1613128 1613128 R901-P61 GY-18-GXL 171-P310 RD-14-GXL 668-P372 BU-18-GXL 125-P456 RD-18-GXL 2
9X1054 776-P165 YL-18-GXL - 668-P555 BU-18-GXL P-C93
COMM RADIO 1 A572-P616 PK-12-GXL 4 4 BK-18 8 GROUND 24 623-P44 BU-16-GXL U753-P215 BR-18-GXL 308-P190 YL-18-GXL 127-P280 RD-18-GXL R902-P60 GN-18-GXL 200-P209 BK-18-GXL 668-P655 BU-18-GXL 30 125-P417 RD-18-GXL 3
K846-P572 PK-18-GXL ON 668-P557 BU-18-GXL 1552264
CONNECTION 2 200-P629 BK-12-GXL A513-P398 PK-18-GXL 5 5 YL-18 9 RR SPEAKER (+) 308-P338 YL-16-GXL 129-P353 RD-18-GXL R903-P62 OR-18-GXL 668-P527 BU-18-GXL 143-P162 BR-14-GXL 1
592-P595 BU-18-GXL 6 6 RD-18 10 RR SPEAKER (-) U766-P472 BR-18-GXL 308-P351 YL-18-GXL A608-P168 GY-18-GXL P-T71 P-T88
645-P154 PK-18-GXL 131-P164 BR-14-GXL U736-P211 YL-18-GXL 143-P163 BR-18-GXL 5 125-P574 RD-18-GXL A202-P571 BK-18-GXL 5 668-P558 BU-18-GXL 127-P330 RD-18-GXL 1 WH-18 + BATTERY
1 1 K845-P570 OR-18-GXL 668-P559 BU-18-GXL 200-P654 BK-18-GXL - BATTERY
512-P580 GN-18-GXL 7 7 GY/BK-18 GY-18 11 RF SPEAKER (+) P-C70 U766-P473 BR-18-GXL 308-P395 YL-14-GXL 200-P133 BK-18-GXL P-T72
200-P136 BK-18-GXL 141-P268 PK-16-GXL H7 200-P352 BK-18-GXL 668-P346 BU-18-GXL 647-P130 GN-18-GXL 2
85 125-P457 RD-18-GXL 6 2 BK-18
2 125-P278 RD-18-GXL 668-P450 BU-18-GXL 668-P657 BU-18-GXL 308-P351 YL-18-GXL KEY SWITCH
511-P579 BR-18-GXL 8 8 GY-18 GY/BK-18 12 RF SPEAKER (-) 8N1517 U766-P474 BR-18-GXL 403-P288 GN-18-GXL H7 619-P155 GN-14-GXL P-T73
104-P285 RD-14-GXL 142-P263 BU-18-GXL U739-P203 BR-18-GXL U739-P95 BR-18-GXL 200-P379 BK-14-GXL 668-P272 BU-18-GXL 685-P109 BR-14-GXL 4
7 3 BU-18
200-P615 BK-12-GXL WH-18 13 LF SPEAKER (+) 1 403-P302 GN-18-GXL 4
143-P179 BR-12-GXL U739-P214 BR-18-GXL 200-P393 BK-14-GXL 668-P227 BU-18-GXL 668-P343 BU-18-GXL 3
87a 125-P221 RD-18-GXL 8 4 BR-18
4 668-P240 BU-18-GXL 892-P331 BR-18-GXL CAT DATA LINK LOW
200-P628 BK-18-GXL WH/BK-18 14 LF SPEAKER (-) 2 124-P677 GN-18-GXL U767-P470 BU-18-GXL 403-P312 GN-18-GXL 611-P341 PU-14-GXL P-T75
619-P239 GN-14-GXL 144-P439 GN-14-GXL U740-P97 BU-18-GXL 200-P444 BK-16-GXL 125-P569 RD-18-GXL 9 5 GY-18
P-C113 P-C114 5 893-P332 GN-18-GXL CAT DATA LINK HIGH
200-P633 BK-14-GXL L
15 LR SPEAKER (+) 3 U767-P208 BU-18-GXL 452-P46 PU-18-GXL 155-P69 PK-18-GXL U740-P220 BU-18-GXL 200-P445 BK-18-GXL 668-P118 BU-18-GXL (31) CAB FLOODLIGHTS RLY 10 6 PU-18
1552273 3E3382 16 LR SPEAKER (-) 4 J844-P289 GY-18-GXL U767-P471 BU-18-GXL 556-P166 WH-18-GXL 160-P175 PU-16-GXL U740-P202 BU-18-GXL 200-P510 BK-12-GXL 668-P119 BU-18-GXL P-C66 3E-5239 684-P139 OR-18-GXL 684-P36 OR-18-GXL F711-P320 YL-18-GXL 7 PK-18 J1939 HIGH
200-P393 BK-14-GXL 200-P639 BK-14-GXL 2 BK-16 H 5 403-P312 GN-18-GXL 581-P249 GY-18-GXL 171-P310 RD-14-GXL 200-P618 BK-18-GXL 668-P122 BU-18-GXL 9X1054 684-P438 OR-18-GXL F712-P362 GN-18-GXL 8 PK-18 J1939 LOW
MOTOR 30 P-C23
200-P461 BK-12-GXL 1 6 J766-P290 PU-18-GXL U768-P434 BU-18-GXL 582-P250 PK-18-GXL (33) DIFFERENTIAL LOCK UNUSED 179-P394 RD-14-GXL H8 U741-P201 OR-18-GXL U741-P98 OR-18-GXL 200-P620 BK-16-GXL 668-P404 BU-18-GXL 106-P112 WH-14-GXL 1
504-P585 YL-14-GXL 4 GN-16 T 7 593-P675 GN-12-GXL X800-P462 OR-18-GXL 592-P511 BU-18-GXL 1613128 1613128 U741-P219 OR-18-GXL 200-P629 BK-12-GXL 684-P71 OR-18-GXL 5 1552267 266-1467 892-P331 BR-18-GXL
200-P630 BK-14-GXL 120-P611 YL-14-GXL 103-P308 RD-16-GXL 592-P595 BU-18-GXL 180-P311 RD-14-GXL 200-P636 BK-14-GXL 668-P645 BU-18-GXL 200-P123 BK-18-GXL 127-P330 RD-18-GXL 893-P332 GN-18-GXL
503-P586 BR-14-GXL
B+ P CONN 10 8
9 104-P307 RD-14-GXL 592-P596 BU-16-GXL 200-P87 BK-14-GXL 200-P639 BK-14-GXL 668-P454 BU-18-GXL 680-P490 GN-14-GXL
85 J844-P289 GY-18-GXL
J766-P290 PU-18-GXL
+ 5V
GROUND A202-P360 BK-18-GXL
200-P445 BK-18-GXL 505-P584 BU-14-GXL 5 OR-16 10 567-P684 WH-18-GXL 617-P420 BR-14-GXL A975-P503 BU-18-GXL P-T76

1 1
200-P107 BK-18-GXL U742-P207 WH-18-GXL 200-P688 BK-18-GXL 668-P712 BU-18-GXL 668-P562 BU-18-GXL 3
87a 141-P99 PK-16-GXL F702-P409 GN-18-GXL C WH-18 SIGNAL (27) PEDAL GP
200-P379 BK-14-GXL FP-C10 152-P358 RD-14-GXL 618-P422 YL-14-GXL 200-P107 BK-18-GXL 200-P120 BK-18-GXL U743-P73 GY-18-GXL 229-P382 BK-18-GXL 141-P268 PK-16-GXL 141-P228 PK-16-GXL A757-P411 GY-18-GXL 251-1197

2 2
1 2

VOL3 LOC: A-8 668-P454 BU-18-GXL 165-P138 YL-18-GXL 200-P121 BK-18-GXL U744-P72 OR-18-GXL 307-P315 OR-16-GXL 680-P490 GN-14-GXL P-C78 P-C55 BRAKE PEDAL SENSOR A758-P328 BR-18-GXL P-C94
250-5529 (26) HVAC OPERATOR PANEL 12 P-T78

3 3
13 668-P645 BU-18-GXL 200-P131 BK-14-GXL U745-P76 PK-18-GXL 683-P161 PU-14-GXL 1552267 2304013 269-1981 C978-P327 BR-18-GXL 2234778 1
P-C120 14 668-P712 BU-18-GXL 556-P261 WH-18-GXL P-T79
200-P133 BK-18-GXL U747-P65 OR-18-GXL 308-P190 YL-18-GXL 686-P488 OR-14-GXL F711-P477 YL-18-GXL A 155-P69 PK-18-GXL T998-P448 BR-18-GXL 1 OR-18 + V 2
5 5 (51) DC CAN RESISTOR 2
200-P254 BK-18-GXL 1552269 250-8335 15 680-P490 GN-14-GXL 200-P136 BK-18-GXL U748-P66 GY-18-GXL 308-P338 YL-16-GXL 727-P196 GN-18-GXL F712-P478 GN-18-GXL B 160-P174 PU-16-GXL X800-P418 OR-18-GXL 2 BK-18 GROUND F711-P319 YL-18-GXL 3 UNLOCK
200-P618 BK-18-GXL 103-P593 RD-18-GXL 1 RD 16 683-P161 PU-14-GXL 200-P144 BK-14-GXL U749-P64 BR-18-GXL 308-P351 YL-18-GXL 799-P489 WH-18-GXL C F787-P324 GN-18-GXL 3 WH-18 SIGNAL F711-P347 YL-18-GXL F711-P320 YL-18-GXL G766-P198 GN-18-GXL 4 -
668-P622 BU-18-GXL 2 BK 17 686-P488 OR-14-GXL 200-P205 BK-14-GXL U750-P63 PK-18-GXL 308-P395 YL-14-GXL 892-P331 BR-18-GXL 200-P352 BK-18-GXL 180-P200 RD-18-GXL 5 LOCK
18 799-P489 WH-18-GXL UNUSED (46) POWER CLEANER RELAY 200-P443 BK-12-GXL U751-P53 WH-18-GXL 403-P288 GN-18-GXL 892-P428 BR-18-GXL (39) CAB FLOOD RELAY 2 F712-P348 GN-18-GXL F712-P362 GN-18-GXL G767-P197 WH-18-GXL 6
H1 P-C121 LH JOYSTICK ILLUM LAMP 19 112-P530 PU-4 892-P331 BR-18-GXL 1613128 200-P687 BK-18-GXL U752-P54 PU-18-GXL 403-P302 GN-18-GXL 892-P465 BR-18-GXL P-C17 229-P382 BK-18-GXL F712-P518 GN-18-GXL 125-P552 RD-18-GXL 7
1613128 3E-5239
200-P447 BK-18-GXL 1552269 250-8335 20 115-P531 RD-4 892-P428 BR-18-GXL 210-P386 BK-14-GXL U753-P215 BR-18-GXL 403-P312 GN-18-GXL 893-P332 GN-18-GXL 9X1054 308-P351 YL-18-GXL P-C100 P-C101 668-P657 BU-18-GXL 8
30 2304011 2304012 G766-P198 GN-18-GXL 668-P559 BU-18-GXL
200-P644 BK-16-GXL 103-P594 RD-18-GXL 1 RD 21 105-P369 RD-16-GXL 892-P465 BR-18-GXL U762-P293 BR-18-GXL 452-P46 PU-18-GXL 893-P429 GN-18-GXL 123-P238 WH-14-GXL 1
322-P149 GY-18-GXL 9
200-P159 BK-14-GXL 668-P625 BU-18-GXL 2 BK HIGH 22 893-P332 GN-18-GXL P-T92
E529-P685 YL-18-GXL 320-P148 OR-18-GXL U763-P77 BU-18-GXL 556-P166 WH-18-GXL 893-P466 GN-18-GXL 684-P171 OR-18-GXL 5 518-P273 OR-14-GXL 180-P303 RD-18-GXL 1 RD (12) AUX LEVER #6 FLOAT IND G767-P197 WH-18-GXL 125-P656 RD-18-GXL 10
1 1
P-C20 23 893-P429 GN-18-GXL P-T93
200-P687 BK-18-GXL 322-P149 GY-18-GXL U764-P74 GY-18-GXL 581-P249 GY-18-GXL A202-P526 BK-18-GXL 200-P70 BK-18-GXL 2 538-P275 BR-18-GXL U762-P293 BR-18-GXL 2 BK 279-5308 G946-P326 OR-18-GXL
2 2 85
200-P352 BK-18-GXL 1552252 24 893-P466 GN-18-GXL 134-P689 RD-18-GXL 556-P261 WH-18-GXL U765-P81 WH-18-GXL 582-P250 PK-18-GXL 686-P488 OR-14-GXL 4 605-P223 YL-18-GXL L914-P359 BU-18-GXL
3 3 87 P-C98 P-C133
200-P444 BK-16-GXL 200-P651 BK-18-GXL 124-P652 GN-14-GXL 1 25
4 4
611-P341 PU-14-GXL U766-P474 BR-18-GXL 592-P511 BU-18-GXL A202-P274 BK-18-GXL 3
87a 606-P224 GY-18-GXL (17) AUX LEVER #7
200-P658 BK-18-GXL C546-P632 WH-16-GXL 2 A202-P184 BK-14-GXL P-T95
A557-P681 WH-18-GXL 614-P152 PU-18-GXL U767-P471 BU-18-GXL 592-P595 BU-18-GXL A202-P571 BK-18-GXL H10 611-P336 PU-14-GXL 2305010 2305011 247-0740
200-P631 BK-14-GXL C568-P476 WH-14-GXL 3 A202-P526 BK-18-GXL 617-P420 BR-14-GXL U768-P434 BU-18-GXL 592-P596 BU-16-GXL A202-P368 BK-16-GXL 614-P222 PU-18-GXL 709-P246 OR-18-GXL 1 1 OR-18 PWR +
516-P507 GN-14-GXL 4 MED-HIGH A513-P398 PK-18-GXL 618-P422 YL-14-GXL X725-P187 GY-18-GXL 617-P420 BR-14-GXL A202-P360 BK-18-GXL P-C9 614-P455 PU-18-GXL A295-P266 BK-18-GXL 2 2 BR-18 GROUND
200-P317 BK-18-GXL 517-P475 BU-14-GXL 5 A975-P503 BU-18-GXL Y933-P700 YL-18-GXL 618-P422 YL-14-GXL 1552269 619-P170 GN-14-GXL U712-P414 YL-18-GXL 3 3 YL-18 AUX LEVER #7 ID PART # CHG ATCH VOL LOC DESCRIPTION
200-P621 BK-14-GXL E529-P680 YL-18-GXL 6 C542-P660 GN-18-GXL (45) RH POSITION RELAY 619-P170 GN-14-GXL Y934-P698 WH-18-GXL 668-P454 BU-18-GXL A202-P535 BK-18-GXL 646-P126 OR-18-GXL 1 645-P154 PK-18-GXL 4 4 BK-18 AC 270-4321 00 STD 1 G-6 Backup Alarm
200-P523 BK-14-GXL 200-P651 BK-18-GXL 7
RELAY Y935-P708 OR-18-GXL 668-P645 BU-18-GXL A202-P295 BK-18-GXL 647-P125 GN-18-GXL 2 189-3158 646-P140 OR-18-GXL 5 5 BK-18
1613128 1613128 AF 308-3541 01 STD 1 F-6 Rear Frame
108-P650 RD-18-GXL 8 E716-P294 GY-18-GXL 619-P239 GN-14-GXL Y936-P699 PK-18-GXL 668-P712 BU-18-GXL A202-P389 BK-18-GXL 647-P141 GN-18-GXL 6 6 BK-18
668-P649 BU-18-GXL 9 E717-P354 GN-18-GXL 619-P155 GN-14-GXL Y937-P702 PU-18-GXL 680-P490 GN-14-GXL AG 307-6368 00 STD 1 G-10 Radiator Grill
200-P634 BK-14-GXL 592-P596 BU-16-GXL 10 MED F846-P236 PU-18-GXL 103-P116 RD-18-GXL P-T80 P-T96
104-P115 RD-18-GXL Y938-P706 YL-18-GXL 683-P161 PU-14-GXL A210-P106 BK-16-GXL A210-P340 BK-18-GXL (40) REAR FLOOD RELAY 682-P42 BU-14-GXL P-C84 P-C85 (16) AUX LEVER #6
1 1 P-C34 2397352 2397353 AH 274-8115 00 ATCH 1 G-4 Cab Access Lamp
200-P524 BK-14-GXL A524-P509 BR-18-GXL 11 M998-P459 OR-18-GXL 668-P118 BU-18-GXL P-T81
2 2
668-P119 BU-18-GXL 645-P154 PK-18-GXL 686-P488 OR-14-GXL A210-P342 BK-18-GXL 3E-5239 684-P139 OR-18-GXL 279-9675
200-P630 BK-14-GXL 12 103-P117 RD-14-GXL 104-P114 RD-14-GXL 651-P316 PK-14-GXL 799-P489 WH-18-GXL 9X1054 685-P109 BR-14-GXL 709-P247 OR-18-GXL 1 1 OR-18 PWR + AK 274-8115 00 ATCH 1 G-4 Cab Access Lamp
P-T82 P-T98
3 3 30
T998-P463 BR-18-GXL 4 4 668-P118 BU-18-GXL P-C87 892-P331 BR-18-GXL A274-P467 BK-14-GXL 651-P230 PK-14-GXL 1
690-P300 GN-14-GXL A295-P292 BK-18-GXL 2 2 BR-18 GROUND
200-P583 BK-14-GXL P-C89 U734-P380 GN-18-GXL 617-P420 BR-14-GXL 618-P422 YL-14-GXL 668-P119 BU-18-GXL 892-P428 BR-18-GXL A274-P690 BK-14-GXL 651-P451 PK-18-GXL 5 892-P331 BR-18-GXL U711-P321 GN-18-GXL 3 3 YL-18 AUX LEVER #6 AL 307-1611 00 STD 1 B-4 Fuel Injectors
5 5
1552267 (15) RH JOYSTICK
200-P607 BK-14-GXL 1552269 321-3374 U735-P381 GY-18-GXL 668-P122 BU-18-GXL 892-P465 BR-18-GXL A295-P367 BK-18-GXL 646-P129 OR-18-GXL 2 893-P332 GN-18-GXL 4 4 BK-18
L854-P966 YL-16-GXL A 85 233-3118 C 274-7498 01 STD 1 F-10 Filter Harness
LO 108-P244 RD-18-GXL X800-P462 OR-18-GXL A210-P106 BK-16-GXL (47) CAN RESISTOR 1 893-P332 GN-18-GXL 683-P161 PU-14-GXL 4 A202-P360 BK-18-GXL 5 5 BK-18 P-C11
200-P551 BK-14-GXL A557-P681 WH-18-GXL 1 112-P530 PU-4 A274-P467 BK-14-GXL L855-P965 GN-16-GXL B
134-2540 893-P429 GN-18-GXL A513-P398 PK-18-GXL 3
A514-P157 YL-18-GXL 6 6 BK-18 CE 308-2737 00 STD 1 C-7 Engine
C 87a 1552252 J1
200-P553 BK-14-GXL 200-P447 BK-18-GXL 2 MOTOR 115-P531 RD-4 LEFT RIGHT A274-P690 BK-14-GXL A513-P401 PK-14-GXL A608-P168 GY-18-GXL
200-P522 BK-14-GXL 120-P235 YL-14-GXL A608-P168 GY-18-GXL 893-P466 GN-18-GXL A513-P400 PK-16-GXL (72) KEY SWITCH C542-P659 GN-18-GXL 709-P90 OR-18-GXL 1 +V1 CG 200-5728 00 ATCH 2 E-15 Radio Adapter
121-P245 YL-18-GXL XX 1 1 15A 120-P235 YL-14-GXL A975-P503 BU-18-GXL A202-P184 BK-14-GXL 110-7887 T998-P448 BR-18-GXL P-C74 (62) FRONT DEFROST FAN SWITCH K749-P79 WH-18-GXL 2 BLADE LIFT SNSR

236-4611 A295-P91 BK-16-GXL 3 GROUND 1 CM 281-1665 00 STD 2 D-14 HVAC Unit Harness
200-P506 BK-14-GXL 124-P309 GN-12-GXL 129-P353 RD-18-GXL 10A 2 2 10A 160-P175 PU-16-GXL P-C53 A202-P526 BK-18-GXL A608-P168 GY-18-GXL P-C48 X800-P418 OR-18-GXL 2234778
200-P500 BK-14-GXL P-C137 128-P458 PK-18-GXL xx 3 3 10A 146-P468 GY-18-GXL 1552267 A513-P398 PK-18-GXL 1552272 A503-P100 PK-16-GXL 1 FAST
4 CT 238-8813 01 ATCH 2 B-7 MSS

9X1054 5
130-P103 GN-18-GXL 179-P394 RD-14-GXL P-T54
15A 4 4 10A P-T34
128-P458 PK-18-GXL K900-P498 YL-18-GXL A A975-P503 BU-18-GXL C542-P660 GN-18-GXL 308-P373 YL-16-GXL 1 YL-16 125-P421 RD-18-GXL 154-P232 WH-16-GXL 2 OFF CY 274-7509 02 ATCH 2 J-3 Blade Down Force Solenoids
200-P520 BK-14-GXL 140-P452 BU-12-GXL 1
132-P676 RD-12-GXL 171-P310 RD-14-GXL P-T55
15A 5 5 10A P-T35
142-P263 BU-18-GXL K990-P501 GN-18-GXL B
C542-P660 GN-18-GXL 2 PU-16
668-P240 BU-18-GXL 3 SLOW
799-P494 WH-18-GXL 6 +V2
200-P521 BK-14-GXL C546-P632 WH-16-GXL 5
140-P452 BU-12-GXL 176-P387 RD-12-GXL P-T56
30A 6 6 20A P-T36
131-P164 BR-14-GXL C
H6 C542-P158 GN-18-GXL 307-P315 OR-16-GXL 3 OR-16
668-P257 BU-18-GXL 4
E 239-5929 04 STD 1 E-5 Engine
200-P533 BK-14-GXL 200-P644 BK-16-GXL 2 146-P468 GY-18-GXL 114-P176 RD-18-GXL P-T57
10A 7 7 20A P-T37
143-P179 BR-12-GXL E716-P294 GY-18-GXL C542-P659 GN-18-GXL 105-P369 RD-16-GXL 4 BR-16
668-P258 BU-18-GXL 141-P99 PK-16-GXL 5
A202-P575 BK-18-GXL 8 GROUND 2
85 U763-P77 BU-18-GXL 9 CIRCLE DRIVE SNSR EG 308-9222 00 STD 2 G-2 Autolube
515-P508 GY-12-GXL 4 170-P388 RD-18-GXL P-T58
10A 8 8 10A P-T38
121-P245 YL-18-GXL H7 E717-P354 GN-18-GXL 668-P259 BU-18-GXL A506-P145 OR-16-GXL 6
200-P256 BK-16-GXL 3
147-P82 PU-18-GXL 125-P127 RD-18-GXL P-T59
10A 9 9 10A P-T39
130-P103 GN-18-GXL 134-P689 RD-18-GXL F846-P236 PU-18-GXL 668-P260 BU-18-GXL 125-P281 RD-18-GXL 7
F 307-6366 01 STD 1 H-10 Rear Main Frame
87a P-C2 11
200-P554 BK-14-GXL 147-P83 PU-18-GXL 108-P244 RD-18-GXL P-T60
10A 10 10 15A P-T40
106-P436 WH-14-GXL M998-P459 OR-18-GXL E716-P294 GY-18-GXL 668-P323 BU-18-GXL 668-P257 BU-18-GXL 8
200-P516 BK-14-GXL 200-P561 BK-14-GXL 1552267 147-P101 PU-18-GXL 127-P280 RD-18-GXL P-T61
10A 11 11 20A P-T41
124-P309 GN-12-GXL 165-P138 YL-18-GXL U734-P380 GN-18-GXL E717-P354 GN-18-GXL 668-P334 BU-18-GXL 668-P258 BU-18-GXL 9
U765-P81 WH-18-GXL 12 CIRCLE SIDESHFT SNSR FG 241-7691 02 STD 1 D-10 Water Valve
200-P564 BK-14-GXL RD-18 A 200-P209 BK-18-GXL H9 180-P311 RD-14-GXL P-T62
15A 12 12 20A P-T42
110-P67 GN-14-GXL U735-P381 GY-18-GXL F711-P347 YL-18-GXL (42) HEATED MIRROR RELAY 668-P361 BU-18-GXL 125-P279 RD-18-GXL 10 FH 289-0783 00 ATCH 1 D-10 Thermostat
P-C118 (56) AC ON SWITCH 216-0814
BK-18 B U766-P473 BR-18-GXL 147-P469 PU-18-GXL H4 xx 13 13 10A 116-P396 BR-18-GXL H8 T998-P463 BR-18-GXL F711-P477 YL-18-GXL 297-0760 668-P374 BU-18-GXL
P-C33 P-C12
1 2

2234778 WH-18 C U767-P208 BU-18-GXL 10A 14 14 20A 123-P238 WH-14-GXL 108-P244 RD-18-GXL X800-P462 OR-18-GXL F711-P479 YL-18-GXL 668-P408 BU-18-GXL (63) REAR DEFROST FAN SWITCH FP 307-6367 01 STD 1 D-10 Hitch Crossing
1918332 1552253 J2
200-P159 BK-14-GXL 1 OFF 111-P41 RD-16-GXL 15A 15 15 10A 141-P268 PK-16-GXL 112-P530 PU-4 1 668-P413 BU-18-GXL P-C8
G 276-3091 01 STD 1 C-4 Engine Fuel
P-T65 P-T45

86 2234778 236-4611 1
200-P254 BK-18-GXL E529-P686 YL-18-GXL 2 - 170-P388 RD-18-GXL xx 16 16 15A P-T46
144-P439 GN-14-GXL 115-P531 RD-4 F712-P348 GN-18-GXL A514-P157 YL-18-GXL 5 668-P416 BU-18-GXL
200-P633 BK-14-GXL 567-P682 WH-18-GXL 3 AC 132-P676 RD-12-GXL 176-P387 RD-12-GXL xx 17 17 10A P-T47
147-P469 PU-18-GXL 120-P235 YL-14-GXL F712-P478 GN-18-GXL 200-P135 BK-18-GXL 2
668-P568 BU-18-GXL A504-P234 GN-16-GXL 1 FAST
C979-P431 OR-18-GXL 2 THROTTLE RES (N/O) JA 284-6972 00 STD 2 B-15 Lighting - LH Cab
1 2

87 3
4 200-P248 BK-14-GXL 134-P689 RD-18-GXL P-T68
10A 18 18 10A P-T48
165-P138 YL-18-GXL 121-P245 YL-18-GXL F712-P480 GN-18-GXL C542-P158 GN-18-GXL 4 668-P573 BU-18-GXL 145-P643 BU-16-GXL 2 OFF JC 282-3784 00 STD 2 B-15 Rear Cab Floods
5 P-C86 A557-P681 WH-18-GXL xx 19 19 15A P-T49
651-P316 PK-14-GXL 124-P309 GN-12-GXL 103-P116 RD-18-GXL 3 799-P494 WH-18-GXL 3 SLOW
R908-P453 YL-18-GXL 4 DIFF LOCK SW (N/O)
1552269 30 5
6 E529-P685 YL-18-GXL (10) FUSE BASE
XX 20 20 10A P-T50
155-P69 PK-18-GXL 128-P458 PK-18-GXL 103-P117 RD-14-GXL F846-P236 PU-18-GXL 160-P156 PU-18-GXL 6 A202-P575 BK-18-GXL 4
JE 282-3783 00 STD 2 A-15 Lighting - RH Cab
CAB ROOF GND 108-P627 RD-18-GXL 567-P683 WH-18-GXL 130-P103 GN-18-GXL H4 104-P114 RD-14-GXL K900-P427 YL-18-GXL 141-P228 PK-16-GXL
7 BK-18 1 5
668-P712 BU-18-GXL 200-P688 BK-18-GXL 238-2319
132-P676 RD-12-GXL 104-P115 RD-18-GXL K900-P483 YL-18-GXL 103-P376 RD-14-GXL 125-P421 RD-18-GXL
7 P 281-1658 02 STD 2 H-14 Main Cab
GND 8 BK-18 2 A507-P237 YL-16-GXL 6
668-P624 BU-18-GXL 9 200-P254 BK-18-GXL 140-P452 BU-12-GXL 104-P285 RD-14-GXL K990-P426 GN-18-GXL 104-P153 RD-18-GXL P-C4 668-P240 BU-18-GXL 125-P375 RD-18-GXL 7
PA 307-9737 01 STD 2 J-7 LH Joystick
108-P711 RD-18-GXL 10 200-P658 BK-18-GXL 115-P531 RD-4 112-P530 PU-4 146-P468 GY-18-GXL 106-P436 WH-14-GXL K990-P484 GN-18-GXL 104-P160 RD-18-GXL 2234778 668-P257 BU-18-GXL 668-P374 BU-18-GXL 8
P-C128 P-C129 593-P675 GN-12-GXL 506-P231 PU-14-GXL 115-P286 RD-12-GXL 147-P469 PU-18-GXL 110-P67 GN-14-GXL L854-P963 YL-16-GXL 106-P108 WH-18-GXL 1 OFF 668-P258 BU-18-GXL 668-P361 BU-18-GXL 9
10 PC 307-9738 00 STD 2 D-5 RH Joystick
1552273 3E3382 11
507-P233 WH-14-GXL 20
140-P452 BU-12-GXL 170-P388 RD-18-GXL 111-P41 RD-16-GXL L855-P964 GN-16-GXL 111-P41 RD-16-GXL 727-P196 GN-18-GXL 2 - 668-P259 BU-18-GXL 125-P337 RD-18-GXL 10
12 R 270-4329 02 STD 1 F-2 Power
130-P103 GN-18-GXL 1 (32) CONDENSER FAN RELAY 603-P243 PK-18-GXL 112-P640 PU-12-GXL 176-P387 RD-12-GXL 114-P146 RD-18-GXL M998-P459 OR-18-GXL 116-P396 BR-18-GXL A295-P367 BK-18-GXL 3 TEST 668-P260 BU-18-GXL
200-P317 BK-18-GXL 2 CONN 6 209-5582 622-P43 PU-16-GXL (3) FAST SPEED BLOWER 200-P248 BK-14-GXL 114-P147 RD-18-GXL 125-P221 RD-18-GXL 4 (76) SECONDARY STEER 668-P323 BU-18-GXL 125-P287 RD-18-GXL RA 236-2356 03 ATCH 2 A-5 Accugrade Blade Inclination Sensor
CONNECTOR FOR CONN 11 623-P44 BU-16-GXL 6T-3644 A557-P681 WH-18-GXL 114-P176 RD-18-GXL T998-P463 BR-18-GXL 1 2

T998-P448 BR-18-GXL 125-P357 RD-18-GXL 5 TEST SWITCH 668-P334 BU-18-GXL 125-P313 RD-18-GXL RC 243-3250 03 ATCH 2 A-5 Accugrade Blade Rotation Sensor
P-C126 4 776-P165 YL-18-GXL 132-P676 RD-12-GXL E529-P685 YL-18-GXL 116-P396 BR-18-GXL T998-P449 BR-18-GXL 125-P569 RD-18-GXL 6 236-4615 668-P361 BU-18-GXL 142-P265 BU-18-GXL
1552252 3E5179 WAVES SYSTEM 20 (70) HORN SWITCH
5 CM-C3 P-C138 801-P497 PK-14-GXL 103-P116 RD-18-GXL 123-P238 WH-14-GXL 125-P370 RD-18-GXL 7 668-P374 BU-18-GXL 200-P134 BK-18-GXL RE 276-8827 01 ATCH 2 A-7 Accugrade Sensors
P-C46 P-C44 170-1821
170-P388 RD-18-GXL 1 6 1779641 1779646 925-P383 YL-18-GXL LEFT RIGHT (2) CONDENSER FAN 103-P117 RD-14-GXL 125-P127 RD-18-GXL U734-P380 GN-18-GXL H10 8 668-P408 BU-18-GXL 320-P148 OR-18-GXL 1552269 3E3364 RF 311-4910 00 ATCH 2 J-8 Accugrade LH Switch Module
A295-P499 BK-18-GXL 2 515-CM4 GY-12-GXL 1 515-P508 GY-12-GXL A503-P100 PK-16-GXL 1 SPARE 1 FR/RR WIPER 6T-3644 108-P244 RD-18-GXL 127-P280 RD-18-GXL U735-P381 GY-18-GXL 668-P372 BU-18-GXL 9 668-P416 BU-18-GXL 668-P272 BU-18-GXL 320-P148 OR-18-GXL 1 BK-18
308-P597 YL-18-GXL 3 200-CM1 BK-12-GXL 2 200-P510 BK-12-GXL A504-P234 GN-16-GXL H5 2 CIGAR LIGHTER 2 HEATED MIRROR 111-P41 RD-16-GXL 129-P353 RD-18-GXL 127-P330 RD-18-GXL 10 668-P413 BU-18-GXL 668-P343 BU-18-GXL 200-P134 BK-18-GXL 2 BK-18 RG 307-9734 00 ATCH 2 H-9 Accugrade Switch Modules
403-P288 GN-18-GXL 4 A506-P145 OR-16-GXL 114-P146 RD-18-GXL 131-P164 BR-14-GXL X800-P462 OR-18-GXL 1 2

X800-P418 OR-18-GXL 129-P353 RD-18-GXL 668-P568 BU-18-GXL 695-P252 OR-18-GXL

3 SPARE 3 ART SNSR RM 311-4911 00 ATCH 2 I-8 Accugrade RH Switch Module
893-P513 GN-18-GXL 5 CONN 5 CM-C1
A507-P237 YL-16-GXL 114-P147 RD-18-GXL 141-P268 PK-16-GXL X800-P419 OR-18-GXL 141-P268 PK-16-GXL
668-P573 BU-18-GXL 696-P253 GN-18-GXL
892-P514 BR-18-GXL 6
TO WA HARNESS A755-P430 PK-18-GXL 4 ENT RADIO CONV 4 AUTO LUBE 114-P176 RD-18-GXL 142-P263 BU-18-GXL 155-P69 PK-18-GXL P-C81 799-P494 WH-18-GXL 709-P90 OR-18-GXL RV 281-1663 01 STD 2 B-7 Accugrade Main
1552273 P-C47
K900-P646 YL-18-GXL 7
WA-C1 516-CM7 GN-14-GXL 1 516-P507 GN-14-GXL A756-P329 BU-18-GXL 5 IMPLEMENT SLAVE1 5 FLASHER 115-P531 RD-4 143-P179 BR-12-GXL 160-P174 PU-16-GXL 3E3382 A202-P575 BK-18-GXL 799-P494 WH-18-GXL 249-5482
2234778 RX 272-3261 00 2 A-6 Accugrade Blade Sensors
K990-P648 GN-18-GXL 8 VOL2 LOC: C-14 C568-CM10 WH-14-GXL 2 C568-P476 WH-14-GXL A757-P411 GY-18-GXL 6 COMM RADIO CON 6 FRONT FLOOD3
125-P127 RD-18-GXL 144-P439 GN-14-GXL 518-P273 OR-14-GXL 308-P482 YL-18-GXL 1
CONN 19 200-P254 BK-18-GXL A202-P575 BK-18-GXL 695-P252 OR-18-GXL 1 LEFT
9 3 A758-P328 BR-18-GXL 127-P280 RD-18-GXL 155-P69 PK-18-GXL 538-P275 BR-18-GXL 200-P352 BK-18-GXL 200-P366 BK-18-GXL 2 200-P658 BK-18-GXL A295-P91 BK-16-GXL 142-P265 BU-18-GXL 2 OFF T 277-4264 01 STD 1 H-10 Transmission Solenoid
10 517-CM8 BU-14-GXL 4 517-P475 BU-14-GXL C978-P327 BR-18-GXL 129-P353 RD-18-GXL 160-P175 PU-16-GXL 605-P223 YL-18-GXL 200-P444 BK-16-GXL K900-P483 YL-18-GXL 3 506-P231 PU-14-GXL A755-P430 PK-18-GXL 696-P253 GN-18-GXL RIGHT
U 307-6582 00 STD 2 I-6 Front Right Frame
CONN 12 8 PROD LINK 8 BACKUP ALARM 134-P689 RD-18-GXL 171-P310 RD-14-GXL 606-P224 GY-18-GXL 200-P445 BK-18-GXL K990-P484 GN-18-GXL 4 507-P233 WH-14-GXL C979-P431 OR-18-GXL
12 C979-P431 OR-18-GXL 9 BACKLIGHT 9 WAVES 165-P138 YL-18-GXL 179-P394 RD-14-GXL 668-P272 BU-18-GXL 308-P485 YL-18-GXL 5
VOL 2 LOC: G-16
603-P243 PK-18-GXL K749-P79 WH-18-GXL 5 UA 307-6583 00 STD 2 I-4 Front Left Frame
F702-P409 GN-18-GXL 170-P388 RD-18-GXL H8 180-P311 RD-14-GXL 229-P382 BK-18-GXL F846-P236 PU-18-GXL 6 622-P43 PU-16-GXL M719-P78 GN-18-GXL 6
F781-P225 BR-18-GXL 10 DOMELAMP 10 CAB WORKLAMPS 171-P310 RD-14-GXL 200-P87 BK-14-GXL 682-P42 BU-14-GXL 308-P351 YL-18-GXL 623-P44 BU-16-GXL R908-P453 YL-18-GXL UC 284-8869 00 STD 2 G-2 Right Steering Cylinder Sensor
P-C124 P-C22 125-P313 RD-18-GXL 7
P-C125 F783-P111 GN-18-GXL 11 MONITORING 11 HVAC 176-P387 RD-12-GXL 200-P107 BK-18-GXL 684-P139 OR-18-GXL 322-P149 GY-18-GXL P-C10 776-P165 YL-18-GXL U763-P77 BU-18-GXL 668-P272 BU-18-GXL
1552269 3E3364 F784-P128 YL-18-GXL 179-P394 RD-14-GXL 200-P120 BK-18-GXL 685-P109 BR-14-GXL 518-P273 OR-14-GXL 1552269 3E3364 801-P497 PK-14-GXL U764-P74 GY-18-GXL 104-P160 RD-18-GXL
8 UE 284-8868 00 STD 2 G-2 Left Steering Cylinder Sensor
603-P243 PK-18-GXL 1 F785-P110 WH-18-GXL
180-P311 RD-14-GXL 200-P121 BK-18-GXL 690-P300 GN-14-GXL 538-P275 BR-18-GXL 144-P439 GN-14-GXL 1 CONN 18 925-P383 YL-18-GXL U765-P81 WH-18-GXL 111-P41 RD-16-GXL
668-P343 BU-18-GXL 9
UF 274-7505 00 ATCH 2 I-2 LH Heel Flood
13 SPARE 13 BEACON 125-P287 RD-18-GXL 10
200-P636 BK-14-GXL 2 F787-P324 GN-18-GXL 200-P107 BK-18-GXL 200-P131 BK-14-GXL A514-P157 YL-18-GXL 605-P223 YL-18-GXL 200-P440 BK-14-GXL 2 AIR & HEATED SEAT A503-P100 PK-16-GXL 125-P241 RD-18-GXL
G750-P124 BU-18-GXL 14 SPARE 14 CAB FLOODS 200-P133 BK-18-GXL 200-P133 BK-18-GXL 606-P224 GY-18-GXL CONNECTOR A504-P234 GN-16-GXL UG 274-7505 00 ATCH 2 F-2 RH Heel Flood
G755-P113 GY-18-GXL 15 IMPLEMENT SLAVE2 15 DEFROST FANS 320-P148 OR-18-GXL 200-P136 BK-18-GXL 518-P273 OR-14-GXL 611-P336 PU-14-GXL 9W1951 A506-P145 OR-16-GXL 125-P276 RD-18-GXL P-C96
(69) HEATED MIRROR SWITCH WA 261-9391 02 ATCH 2 C-15 Product Link
P-C59 515-CM5 GY-12-GXL G763-P172 PU-18-GXL 322-P149 GY-18-GXL 200-P144 BK-14-GXL 538-P275 BR-18-GXL 614-P222 PU-18-GXL A507-P237 YL-16-GXL 125-P322 RD-18-GXL 236-4630
1950534 16 SPARE 16 SEAT 2234778
556-P261 WH-18-GXL 200-P205 BK-14-GXL 605-P223 YL-18-GXL 614-P455 PU-18-GXL 127-P424 RD-18-GXL A H5 A755-P430 PK-18-GXL 104-P160 RD-18-GXL 1 OFF
C542-P487 GN-18-GXL (21) BLOWER MOTOR G946-P326 OR-18-GXL 17 SPARE 17 ART SNSR 611-P341 PU-14-GXL 200-P443 BK-12-GXL 606-P224 GY-18-GXL 200-P425 BK-16-GXL A756-P329 BU-18-GXL 111-P41 RD-16-GXL
200-P533 BK-14-GXL
2 CONN 4 263-6443
J766-P290 PU-18-GXL 18 PRECLEANER 18 DIFF LOCK H9 617-P420 BR-14-GXL 200-P687 BK-18-GXL 668-P272 BU-18-GXL
C CONN 17 A757-P411 GY-18-GXL
160-P174 PU-16-GXL 2 - AA 236-2340 01 STD 1 G-3 Batt 1 Pos to Batt 2 Neg
A514-P157 YL-18-GXL 3 ON
680-P173 GN-14-GXL 3 200-CM1 BK-12-GXL J844-P289 GY-18-GXL 19 SPARE 19 REAR WORKLIGHT 210-P386 BK-14-GXL 619-P170 GN-14-GXL 893-P429 GN-18-GXL D SERVICE TOOL A758-P328 BR-18-GXL 125-P421 RD-18-GXL 4 CC 274-7486 01 STD 1 G-1 Junction Block B+ to Pass through B+
200-P520 BK-14-GXL 4 TO CONNECTOR K845-P570 OR-18-GXL 619-P155 GN-14-GXL 320-P148 OR-18-GXL 682-P42 BU-14-GXL 645-P154 PK-18-GXL 892-P428 BR-18-GXL E CONNECTOR C978-P327 BR-18-GXL 125-P421 RD-18-GXL
680-P491 GN-14-GXL 5 JA-C1 K846-P572 PK-18-GXL 668-P118 BU-18-GXL 322-P149 GY-18-GXL 684-P139 OR-18-GXL 646-P140 OR-18-GXL K990-P426 GN-18-GXL F C979-P431 OR-18-GXL 125-P574 RD-18-GXL 125-P576 RD-18-GXL FF 269-3383 00 STD 1 G-3 Batt 1 Neg to Junction Blk Neg
200-P521 BK-14-GXL 6 VOL2 LOC: C-14 L731-P94 BR-18-GXL A608-P168 GY-18-GXL 556-P261 WH-18-GXL 685-P109 BR-14-GXL 647-P141 GN-18-GXL K900-P427 YL-18-GXL G F702-P409 GN-18-GXL 160-P174 PU-16-GXL 125-P574 RD-18-GXL 125-P574 RD-18-GXL 7 GG 263-6890 02 STD 1 G-3 Disc Sw to Jump Start Receptacle
7 L914-P359 BU-18-GXL A975-P503 BU-18-GXL 611-P341 PU-14-GXL 690-P300 GN-14-GXL H F781-P225 BR-18-GXL 668-P413 BU-18-GXL 160-P174 PU-16-GXL 200-P658 BK-18-GXL 8
R908-P453 YL-18-GXL 614-P152 PU-18-GXL A514-P157 YL-18-GXL 682-P42 BU-14-GXL F783-P111 GN-18-GXL 200-P658 BK-18-GXL HH 269-3381 01 STD 1 C-2 Starter B+ to Junction Block B+
8 J
P-C95 668-P568 BU-18-GXL 9
X754-P385 GN-18-GXL 210-P386 BK-14-GXL 617-P420 BR-14-GXL 684-P139 OR-18-GXL F784-P128 YL-18-GXL 200-P658 BK-18-GXL 622-P43 PU-16-GXL C542-P659 GN-18-GXL P-C49
1965330 X755-P384 WH-18-GXL 200-P248 BK-14-GXL 618-P422 YL-14-GXL 171-P310 RD-14-GXL 685-P109 BR-14-GXL P-C64 P-C65 F785-P110 WH-18-GXL 622-P43 PU-16-GXL 623-P44 BU-16-GXL
10 MM 270-4333 00 STD 1 G-3 Batt 2 Pos to Junction Blk Pos
680-P492 GN-14-GXL 1 CONN 3 200-P443 BK-12-GXL 180-P311 RD-14-GXL 690-P300 GN-14-GXL 1552264 3E3388 F787-P324 GN-18-GXL 623-P44 BU-16-GXL 668-P259 BU-18-GXL 622-P43 PU-16-GXL 1 NN 269-3379 01 STD 1 H-4 Batt Breaker to Junction Block B+
200-P551 BK-14-GXL 2
TO CONNECTOR JC-C1 200-P131 BK-14-GXL 619-P170 GN-14-GXL 617-P420 BR-14-GXL 892-P331 BR-18-GXL A274-P467 BK-14-GXL 1 G750-P124 BU-18-GXL 668-P259 BU-18-GXL 668-P260 BU-18-GXL 111-P41 RD-16-GXL 2
686-P493 OR-14-GXL 515-CM6 GY-12-GXL 200-P87 BK-14-GXL 645-P154 PK-18-GXL 618-P422 YL-14-GXL 893-P332 GN-18-GXL 152-P358 RD-14-GXL G755-P113 GY-18-GXL 668-P260 BU-18-GXL 668-P323 BU-18-GXL PP 270-4326 01 STD 1 H-3 Start Rly to Buss Bar
200-P553 BK-14-GXL
VOL2 LOC: C-14
516-CM7 GN-14-GXL 200-CM1 BK-12-GXL 200-P205 BK-14-GXL 651-P316 PK-14-GXL A975-P503 BU-18-GXL A202-P360 BK-18-GXL A274-P690 BK-14-GXL
CONN 16 G763-P172 PU-18-GXL 668-P323 BU-18-GXL 668-P573 BU-18-GXL
623-P44 BU-16-GXL 3
TO RV - HARNESS 4 (73) CAB ACCESS LAMP SWITCH 2 TT 274-7508 01 STD 1 B-2 Starter Gnd to Rear Frame Ground
P-C130 517-CM8 BU-14-GXL 200-P144 BK-14-GXL 668-P118 BU-18-GXL A513-P400 PK-16-GXL 892-P465 BR-18-GXL 4 G946-P326 OR-18-GXL 668-P334 BU-18-GXL 668-P334 BU-18-GXL
RV-C16 5 243-0774
1950534 C568-CM10 WH-14-GXL 515-CM4 GY-12-GXL A210-P106 BK-16-GXL 668-P119 BU-18-GXL 171-P310 RD-14-GXL A514-P157 YL-18-GXL 893-P466 GN-18-GXL 5 J766-P290 PU-18-GXL 668-P408 BU-18-GXL 668-P408 BU-18-GXL UU 307-7629 00 STD 1 G-2 Junction Block B+ to Battery Box Lug
VOL2 LOC: A-11 6
C542-P505 GN-18-GXL 1 668-P122 BU-18-GXL 180-P311 RD-14-GXL A608-P168 GY-18-GXL L855-P964 GN-16-GXL 6 J844-P289 GY-18-GXL 668-P416 BU-18-GXL 668-P413 BU-18-GXL 125-P241 RD-18-GXL 7 VV 270-4327 00 STD 1 F-3 Relay/fuse Block to Junction Block
200-P561 BK-14-GXL 2 515-CM5 GY-12-GXL A274-P467 BK-14-GXL A210-P106 BK-16-GXL 617-P420 BR-14-GXL C542-P659 GN-18-GXL L854-P963 YL-16-GXL 7 K845-P570 OR-18-GXL 668-P568 BU-18-GXL 668-P416 BU-18-GXL 668-P259 BU-18-GXL 8
686-P504 OR-14-GXL 3 TO CONNECTOR JE-C1 515-CM6 GY-12-GXL A274-P690 BK-14-GXL A274-P467 BK-14-GXL 618-P422 YL-14-GXL T998-P448 BR-18-GXL 308-P190 YL-18-GXL 8 K846-P572 PK-18-GXL 668-P573 BU-18-GXL XX 293-6463 00 STD 1 G-3 Disc Sw to Frame Ground
VOL2 LOC: B-14 (49) BLOWER RESISTOR 668-P260 BU-18-GXL 9
200-P554 BK-14-GXL 4 A274-P690 BK-14-GXL A975-P503 BU-18-GXL X800-P418 OR-18-GXL L731-P94 BR-18-GXL A514-P157 YL-18-GXL 125-P276 RD-18-GXL YA 307-6369 00 STD 1 G-3 Disc Sw to Junction Block Neg
CONN 2 125-9740 10
686-P180 OR-14-GXL 5 516-CM7 GN-14-GXL CAB GROUND 4 CAB GROUND 2 CAB GROUND 3 H4 A608-P168 GY-18-GXL L914-P359 BU-18-GXL A608-P168 GY-18-GXL 668-P568 BU-18-GXL
200-P564 BK-14-GXL 6 517-CM8 BU-14-GXL H4 GND GND GND A975-P503 BU-18-GXL R908-P453 YL-18-GXL C542-P659 GN-18-GXL A514-P157 YL-18-GXL P-C6 (65) DIMMER SWITCH YH 269-3380 01 STD 1 H-4 Alt Breaker to Junction Block
7 C568-CM10 WH-14-GXL H5 H5 X754-P385 GN-18-GXL A608-P168 GY-18-GXL 2234778 284-3649
8 X755-P384 WH-18-GXL C542-P659 GN-18-GXL YJ 274-7488 00 STD 1 C-2 Alternator to Alternator Pass-thru
104-P160 RD-18-GXL 2 - YK 274-7489 01 STD 1 C-2 Alternator Ground to Frame Ground
A608-P168 GY-18-GXL 3 ON HM 273-2606 00 ATCH VOL B-9 Box Gp to Main Power Receptacle
5 HG 273-2610 00 ATCH 2 B-9 Box Gp to Thermostat
HC 273-2608 00 ATCH 2 B-9 Box Gp to Jacket Water Heater
125-P322 RD-18-GXL 7
668-P573 RD-18-GXL 8 HJ 273-2612 00 ATCH 2 B-9 Box Gp to Hyd Oil Heater
668-P323 RD-18-GXL 9
125-P576 RD-18-GXL 10







Callout Number (52) VALVE GP - CONTROL Component

(Machine Location from Name
Component Locations Table) 138-1234 Part Number



SPLICE Components are shown installed on a fully operable machine with the key and engine off, transmission shifter
BLADE, SPADE, RING OR SCREW in neutral and with parking brake set.
TERMINAL BU BLUE Refer to the appropriate Service Manual for Troubleshooting, Specifications and Systems Operations.
Refer to the Parts Manual using a specific serial number prefix in SIS before ordering parts from this schematic.

16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

JC-C2 JC-C3 U-C7

1552269 3E3364 1552252

680-JC1 GN-14
200-JC2 BK-14
799-U4 WH-18
A202-U25 BK-18 J
CONN 3 1 680-JC1 GN-14 3 X754-U31 GN-18
CONNECTS P-C95 2 200-JC2 BK-14 JC-C4 JC-C5 CONN 20 4 X755-U32 WH-18
VOL1 LOC: D-15 3 686-JC3 OR-14 1552269 3E3364 TO P HARNESS 5 925-U38 YL-18
4 200-JC4 BK-14 686-JC3 OR-14 1 RH REAR CAB FLOOD VOL1 LOC: J-4
6 H764-U82 GY-18
200-JC4 BK-14 2 212-3924 7