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Group discussion in school.

Carica papaya was collected from Jalan Hua Yi, Bintangor while Artemisia argyi were collected
from Jalan Pilit, Bintangor.
Plant materials were ground well into fine powder and put into beaker separately.
Five types of plants powder.

Maceration of plants powder by adding ethanol for 72 hours and properly covered with
aluminium foil and labeled.
The filtrate was evaporated to dryness in the water bath.

Each plants extract was separately stirred with hydrochloric acid on a water bath for 5 minutes
and filtered.
Prepare the TLC developing container.

The alkaloid-rich extract was dissolved in trichloromethane and spotted to about 1.50 cm apart
on a silica gel recoated TLC plate using needles until the spot point was visibly clear.
The TLC plate was introduced into the TLC developing chamber.

The chamber was covered and the system was left to stand until the solvent ascended to the point
10.00 cm above the initial spots.
The TLC plate was then viewed under UV light.