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Standard Technical Features of BTG System for Supercritical 660/800 MW Thermal Units

5.4.6 Electrostatic precipitator

i) The ESP air in leakage shall not be more than 1% of total gas flow at
ESP inlet at the guarantee point condition and shall be demonstrated.

ii) The maximum pressure drop through the ESP at the guarantee point flow
condition shall not exceed 25 mmwc and shall be demonstrated.

iii) Uniformity of the gas distribution in the various streams and inside the
casing shall be demonstrated as per specified/ quoted value.

5.4.7 No fuel oil support above 40% BMCR load

It shall be demonstrated that oil support for flame stabilization shall not be
required beyond 40% of BMCR load when firing the coals from the range
identified. It shall also be demonstrated that with any combination of mills/
adjacent mills in service, the steam generator shall not require any oil firing
for stable and efficient boiler operation at and above 40% BMCR load.

5.4.8 Performance characteristics of fans

Satisfactory operation of FD, ID and PA fans without undue noise and

vibration while operating in isolation or in parallel with other fans shall be
demonstrated at site.

5.4.9 Steam temperature imbalance

It shall be demonstrated at SH and RH outlets (in case of more than one outlet)
that the temperature imbalance between the outlets does not exceed 100 C
under all load conditions.

5.4.10 SH and RH tube metal temperature

It shall be demonstrated that superheater and reheater tube metal temperature

at critical locations remain within maximum tube metal temperature limits as
per design of the OEM under various load conditions (i.e. 100%, 80%, 60% &

5.4.11 Superheater and reheater attemperation system

It shall be demonstrate that the spray water flow of SH attemperation system

does not exceed 8% of main steam flow, at superheater outlet, while firing any
coal from within the range specified with HP heaters in service while
maintaining the rated SH outlet steam temperature at all loads upto and
including BMCR. It shall also be demonstrate that the RH temperature is
maintained at the rated value without any spray water requirement under
normal operating conditions.