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Date: August 8th, 2017

Course: Pre-independent 4 Number of students: 15 Unit 10: Travel and Vacations

Lesson 10 a: Vacations stories 10b: Adventure vacations
Goal: Share traveling stories and anecdotes, describe vacation packages.
Set up: Rules, recommendations, Rubrics, receipts and clubs
Warm up: students in pairs will ask each other with some questions about their last vacation where did you
How did people greet each other when they met for the first time?
How often did they go on a cruise? Have you ever taken a vacation in some place cold?
What certain items did you take when you travelled?
Did you travel on your own or with any other people?
Did you plan where you were going to stay?
What did you think about your last trip, was it an exploration or a discovery? that teacher will give them, then
teacher will tell students to organize some images about itinerary at airport. They must ask to their partners
yes or no questions to find out what partners think is the first images.
Transition: Teacher will ask if they have ever wondered about how it would be a backpacker or other kind of
traveler and how different travelers would take decisions, then teacher will explain some wh-words questions
such as (what, where, when, who, why & how) to know how much students know about when to use them.
Activity 1: Students will take with their smartphones some pictures about their last vacation to represent their
mornings, their afternoons, their evenings and nights; then they will use them to describe their vacation story
using the example of page 118, but before they will do exercises 2 to 4.
Transition: Teacher will explain grammar about past perfect using the reading and underlining of tense in the
story and grammar chart, and then teacher will explain them how to create questions (yes or no) and
information questions.
Activity 2: students will have to ask to their partners using their own questions about what happened first in
their vacation stories to organize their vacation itinerary and organize some sentences in order according with
Transition: Teacher will tell students they are going to listen to track 44 on page 119 about two anecdotes on
vacations and teacher will explain how to differentiate subject an d object questions.
Activity 3: Students will listen to track 44 and match the questions with the answers in exercise 8 and 7, after
they will check them orally with the teacher. Finally, they will organize the questions in exercise 8 and check
them using their listening skills with track.
Transition: teacher will tell students, they will receive a sheet of paper to do exercise 10, and teacher will
remember them how to create subject and object questions and ask them how to create questions.
Activity 4: They will complete the questions about vacations or trip under the headings of exercise 11.
Transition: teacher will ask students to read about adventure vacation and give then some adjectives they will
use them to describe their adventures in a trip after teacher had explained how to use adjectives with ed and
Activity 5: (wrap up) students will listen to track 45 and then they will do exercise 5 and 6, then they will
describe their adventure using headings of exercise 11.
Homework: they will complete Unit 7 in their workbooks.
Materials: Book, Cd, multimedia room, worksheets and markers.