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Multiple Choice 50 x 2 = 100 marks
1. Which of the following items do not have 5. Which of the following is not computer
unique on a network? language?
a. IP Address a. High level language
b. Computer Name b. Low level language
c. Workgroup name c. Medium level language
d. All of the above d. All of the above
Correct answer Workgroup name Correct answer Medium Level Language

2. The mouse, joystick and light pen are 6. An IP address contains four sets of number
examples of . ranging from
a. Input devices a. 1 to 100
b. Output devices b. 1 to 1000
c. Storage devices c. 1 to 255
d. None of the above d. None of the above
Correct answer Input Devices Correct answer None of the above

3. Which generation of the computer was made 7. Which American Computer Company is
of transistor? called big blue?
a. First a. Microsoft
b. Second b. Compaq Corp
c. Third c. IBM
d. Fourth d. Tandy Sevenson
Correct answer Second Correct answer IBM

4. The output quality of a printer is measured 8. Which of the following is a term related with
by scanners?
a. Dot per inch a. Laser
b. Dot per sq. inch b. TWAIN
c. Dots printed per unit time c. Cartridge
d. All of the above d. Media
Correct answer Dot per sq. inch Correct answer TWAIN

9. In a supermarket, which of the following will

be used in its computerized system?
This PDF file is distributed through a. Pen Please visit Downloads menu b. Pencil
for other old questions. c. Bar code reader
d. None of the above 16. The major functions of operating system:
Correct answer Bar Code Reader a. Memory management
b. Files management
10. The first computer introduced in Nepal c. Process management
was.. d. All of the above
a. IBM 1400 Correct answer All of the above
b. IBM 1401
c. ICT 1401 17. Spooling technique is associated with:
d. ICT 1402 a. Operating system and scanner
Correct answer IBM 1401 b. Operating system and printer
c. Operating system and hard disk
11. Charles Babbage invented : d. Operating system and keyboard
a. ENIAC Correct answer Operating System and Printer
b. Difference engine
c. Electronic computer 18. GUI stands for:
d. Punched card a. Graphical Universal Interconnection
Correct answer Difference Engine b. Graphical User Information
c. Graphical User Internet
12. Who designed the first electronics computer d. Graphical User Interface
ENIAC? Correct answer Graphical User Interface
a. Van-neumann
b. Joseph M. Jacquard 19. FAT stands for:
c. J. Presper Eckert a. File for all type
d. All of the above b. Format all tab setting
Correct answer J.Presper Eckert c. File allocation table
d. File attributes type
13. All of the following are examples of storage Correct answer File Allocation Table
devices EXCEPT:
a. Hard disk 20. To move to the bottom of a document
b. Printers press.
c. Floppy disk a. End key
d. CD b. Home key
Correct answer Printers c. Alt+end key
d. Ctrl+end key
14. Demodulation is a process of : Correct answer Ctrl+End key
a. Converting analog to digital signal
b. Converting digital signals 21. By default your document print in ..
c. Multiplexing various solutions into one high mode.
speed line signals a. Landscape
d. Performing data description b. Portrait
Correct answer Converting analog to digital c. Page setup
signal d. Print view
Correct answer Portrait
15. Which is not an operating system?
a. Linux 22. MS-word is a .. software.
b. MS-DOS a. System
c. MS-Word b. Application
d. Unix c. Utility
Correct answer MS-Word d. Game
Correct answer Application
23. Which one of following is not found in MS- Visit for other downloads!
a. Table 29. Which is true with save as command?
b. Formula bar a. Save a document in new location
c. Font b. Save a document with new name
d. Bullet c. Cancel saving
Correct answer Formula bar d. Both A and B
Correct answer Both A and B
24. Borders can be applied to:
a. Image 30. MS-word is a . program.
b. Paragraph a. Graphics
c. Text box b. Word processing
d. All of the above c. Spread sheet
Correct answer All of the above d. None of the above
Correct answer Word Processing
25. Which of the following is not a type of page
margin? 31. Table is a ..
a. Left a. Collection of rows only
b. Right b. Collection of rows and columns
c. Center c. Collection of columns only
d. Top d. Computers memory
Correct answer Center Correct answer Collection of rows and columns

26. What is the default left margin in word 32. Short cut key for find and replace dialog
document? box is :
a. 1 a. Shift+F
b. 1.25 b. Ctrl+F
c. 1.5 c. Alt+R
d. 2 d. Shift+FR
Correct answer 1.25 Correct answer Ctrl + F

27. What is a gutter margin? 33. Which of the following is not the feature of
a. Margin that is added to the left margin when MS-word?
printing? a. Provides tools such as data consolidation, goal
b. Margin that is added to right margin when seek, scenario etc.
printing? b. Margins and page length can be adjusted as
c. Margin that is added to the binding side of page desired
when printing c. Spelling can be checked and modified through
d. None of the above the spell check facility
Correct answer Margin that is added to the d. Multiple document/files can be merged
binding side of page when printing Correct answer Provides tools such as data
consolidation, goal seek, scenario etc.
28. Which of the following is not a font style?
a. Bold 34. We can show the record of table graphically
b. Italics through
c. Regular a. Chart
d. Superscript b. Table
Correct answer Superscript c. Formula
d. None of the above helps you to prepare your Correct answer Chart
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35. Intersectional part of rows and columns are has reading section. Read the
known as.. chapters there before you attempt quizzes.
a. Column
b. Table Use the search box in the site to find what youre
c. Row looking for!
d. Cell
Correct answer Cell 41. MS Excel is . Program.
a. Database
36. We use operator to multiply in MS b. Spread sheed
excel. c. Graphics
a. * d. None of the above
b. Correct answer Spread sheet
c. /
d. <= 42. Which of the following is not a valid data
Correct answer * type in excel?
a. Label
37. Types of chart are: b. Number
a. Bar chart c. Character
b. Pie chart d. Date/time
c. Column chart Correct answer Character
d. All of the above
Correct answer All of above 43. Select the correct formula for addition:
a. =sum(A2:A5)
38. Which one is an example of absolute cell b. =add(A2+A3+A4+A5)
reference? c. =max(A2:A5)
a. $D$7 d. None of the above
b. A5:h5 Correct answer =sum(a2:a5)
c. C5
d. None of the above 44. < is . Operator.
Correct answer $D$7 a. Logical
b. Arithmetic
39. What is the extension of Microsoft excel c. Comparison
file? d. My operator
a. .html Correct answer Comparison
b. .xls
c. .pmt 45. In excel a numeric value can be treated as a
d. .xml label value if it precedes with:
Correct answer .xls a. Apostrophe ( )
b. Exclamation ( ! )
40. In MS Excel a formula always start with c. Hash ( # )
sign. d. Ampersand ( & )
a. = Correct answer Apostrophe
b. <>
c. >= 46. Which of the following key uniquely
d. < identify table?
Correct answer = a. Foreign key
b. Key record
You can attempt online quiz in c. Primary key Visit the site! d. Unique key
Correct answer Primary key
47. What is the columns in MS-access table 49. The Power Point view that displays only
called? text (title & text) is .
a. Rows a. Slide show
b. Records b. Slide sorter view
c. Field c. Outline view
d. Columns d. Note page view
Correct answer Field Correct answer Outline View

48. Which of the following control is known as 50. We can run power point slide in another
drop down list? computer program:
a. List a. Pack and go
b. Combo list b. Save and go
c. Text box c. Export
d. None of the above d. None of the above
Correct answer Combo list Correct answer Pack and go

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