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Name of the student: Deepshikha Sharma

Enrollment No: 09BS0000674 Mobile No: +919711256440


Management Research Project

Project Proposal

Project Proposed: Women perception towards smoking and drinking, their motives
and impact on there future Generation.

Description of the project: The project is basically concentrated on women who

shift towards consuming alcohol and smoking. The reason for women inclination towards
smoking and drinking is basically to maintain there social status, due to tension or
depression, peer acceptance, western culture, work culture.

How many children smoke and drink before they are born could also be analyzed from
this research project. The project will also study the impact of mothers drinking and
smoking on there teenage children.

The study will be divided into various stages. The first and foremost stage would be
collecting and deciding upon the women to interview. After a sufficient sample size has
been collected the study will further proceed on to conducting interview and creating
groups for focus group discussion. The responses will be then analyzed and interpretation
will thus be made.

Demographics also has an impact of women drinking and smoking habits.

This study will also include there consumption pattern and effects on there immune
system i.e physical body.
This study will also include the money spend on my women on these activities and how
much revenue is generated by women alone towards alcoholic and smoking industries.

Objective of the project: The objective of this study was an investigation of

personality predictors of drinking and smoking behavior in women. Caste, education and
standard of living independently influence alcohol and cigarette use in India. The main
focus of this project is on the main reason why do women prefer to drink and smoke.
What are the reasons which lead them to these habits? .The objective is to also cover in
the studies about pregnant women consuming alcohol and cigarette The children develop
these habits or it is because of some other reason.

Methodology : Methodology may refer to description of a process or may be

expanded to include a philosophically coherent collection of theories , concepts or ideas
as they relate to a particular discipline or field of enquiry. Some important factors in
research methodology include validity of research data, Ethics and the reliability of
measures most of your work is finished by the time you finish the analysis of your data.

The research that can be applied in this case is Primary research and secondary research.

Primary research (also called field research) involves the collection of data that does
not already exist, which is research to collect original data. Primary Research is often
undertaken after the researcher has gained some insight into the issue by collecting
secondary data. This can be through numerous forms, including questionnaires, direct
observation and telephone interviews amongst others. This information may be collected
in things like questionnaires and interviews .

There are basic approaches to data collections using primary methods:

Qualitative research includes interviews, focus groups and participant observations.

Quantitative research includes controlled laboratory experiments, field work,

questionnaires and surveys and ethnographies.
In this research basically qualitative research would be carried out consisting

• Individual In-depth Interview: They are conducted face to face with the
respondents to which the subject matter of the intervies is explained in detail.

• Focus Group Discussions: It is the process of obtaining possible ideas or solutions

to a problem from a group of respondents by discussing it. The emphasis in this
method is on the results of group interactions when focused on topic i.e women
habits of smoking and drinking. What effect will it have on there future

Observational methods which provide information on current behavior could also be

used. The following observational methods could be used:

• Direct Observation: It is frequently used to obtain insights into research behavior

and related issues. And observer is assigned in this case who will judge the
attitudes and behavior of women who are inclined towards drinking.

Secondary research (also known as desk research) involves the summary, collation
and/or synthesis of existing research rather than primary research, where data is collected
from, for example, research subjects or experiments.

The methods of secondary data collection are as follows :-

1) Internet search, using online resources to gather data for research purposes. This
method is not usually very reliable and requires appropriate citation and critical analysis
for findings.
2) Library search and indexing, this technique requires to go through written texts that
have already done similar work and utilizing their researches for your dissertations.
3) News Papers and Magazines, journals and other similar periodicals.

I will submit the following reports as per the schedule given below:

Evaluation Component: Date Planned:

Project Proposal 9th August 2010
Project Interim Report 6th – 10th December 2010
Project Final Report 7th – 11th March 2011

Limitations of the study:

1. People don’t tend to reveal there personal identity and don’t tell about there
attitudes towards drinking and smoking.

2. The area where this research could be carried out is disc and pubs which is
difficult to visit on frequent basis.
3. Difficult to take out emotions from women as they would not be willing to reveal
there identity.


• Market research book by David A.AAKER
Faculty Guide Name: Prof V.shekhar

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