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Penetration Tester Resume Sample

Gary Webb

5297 Roxbury Road Gulfport, MS 23217 (000) 474-7874 garywebb @ email . com


SUMMARY: Exceptionally analytic individual with vast experience in determining possible

network exploits by delving deep into different computer software and systems. Adept at
running tests aimed at deciphering system weaknesses and providing suggestions to overcome

Documented success in running both pre-determined and self-designed tests by employing

creativity and imagination

Deep insight into conducting formal tests on web-based applications and networks, using deep
assessment parameters

Hands-on experience in reviewing and defining requirements for information security solutions

Proficient in ensuring continuous enhancement of existing methodologies and supporting



IT Security Security Assessments Logic Flaws Determination

Social Engineering Security Strategies Policies Development

Service Improvement Continuous Enhancement Security Issues Analysis

Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Tests Source Code Review


L-3 CORPORATION, Gulfport, MS (6/2010 to Present)

Penetration Tester

Perform attack simulations on company systems and web applications to determine and
exploit security flaws

Handle flows from black box to grey box to white box testing according to clients needs

Test form factors and technologies based on scopes of work

Perform application and infrastructure penetration tests along with physical security reviews

Define requirements for information security solutions and perform reviews of application
designs and source code

Design, develop and implement penetration tools and tests and also use existing ones to
handle penetration testing activities

Document and discuss security findings with information technology teams

Work on improvements for security services and provide feedback and verification about
existing security issues

Key Accomplishments

Developed and implemented a key password policy which made it impossible for hackers to
break user passwords

Improved the workings of company systems by effectively analyzing security issues and
creating and implementing security strategies

Designed a series of penetration tests as a basis for more advanced testing, resulting in ease of
strategic tests development

Trained 52 new hires in reviewing source codes to determine system flaws, resulting in reduced
induction time
BLACKBIRD TECHNOLOGIES, Gulfport, MS (1/2010 to 5/2010)

Intern Penetration Testing

Determined system and application flaws by indulging in approved hacks

Conducted vulnerability tests and analyzed problems in a methodical manner

Analyzed and reversed engineer codes to discern weaknesses and provided feedback to
penetration testing teams

Assisted in developing appropriate security measures for system flaws

Maintained activities log for each penetration test administered and its outcomes



Bachelors Degree in Computer Science

Major: Cyber Security