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Middle School Action Plan

GOAL 1: Teach New Century Learner Skills in order to process Common Core content and rigorous academic standards that emphasize deep
understanding of important concepts, development of essential skills and the ability to apply learning to real world situations.
Strategy Measures of Success Person Responsible Resources Timeline

#1 New Century
Learner Skills to
process Common
Core Instruction

Action Steps

Critical Thinking, -Evidence of: Teachers, Teacher Leaders/ Revised Blooms Taxonomy,
Problem Solving, - effective instructional strategies, Experts, Instructional Growth Socratic Seminar, iPal, Galileo,
and Decision Guiding Pupil Success Teachers, Administrators and Content Specialist
Making -Deductive and inductive reasoning Technology Trainers
Odyssey of the Mind, Biz Town,
-Creative thinking STEM, Whole New Mind- Pink,
-Persistence and tenacity New Century Learner - Critical
-Agility and adaptability Thinking and Problem Solving in
-Project management the Dysart Classroom (iSchool
-Improved scores on the New Class)
Century Learner Assessment

Technology -Innovative ideas/ authentic Teachers, Teacher Leaders/ Biz Town, STEM, New Century
Operations and products Experts, Instructional Learner -Technology Operations
Concepts -Business skills: target markets, Growth Teachers, and Concepts in the Dysart
advertising, presenting, data Administrators,Technology Classroom (iSchool Class)
analysis, planning strategies, Trainers
market need, etc.
-Higher level questioning
-Persuasive writing
-Improved scores on the New
Century Skills Learner Assessment
Communication -Increase in effective Teachers, Teacher Leaders/ Problem Based Learning, STEM,
and Collaboration presentations, debates, and Experts, Instructional Student Council, Extra Curricular
discussions Growth Teachers, Activities, AVID, Kagan Strategies,
- Increase in use of rubrics Administrators,Technology Online Collaboration ToolsDysart
- Increase in higher order thinking/ Trainers Submissions to (website),
questioning Document Based Questions,
-Academic conversation Socratic Seminars, Reciprocal
-Student participation in the Teaching, New Century Learner
creation and presentation of - Communicating & Collaborating
projects in the Dysart Classroom (iSchool),
-Student participation in Google Docs: Create, Collaborate,
extracurricular activities Share or Individual Google Docs
-Teacher planning of relevant courses.
and purposeful interactions for all
-Improved scores on the New
Century Learner Assessment

Research and -Assessing and Analyzing Teachers, Teacher Leaders/ iPal, Galileo, Common Formative
Information Information fluently: Experts, Instructional Growth Assessments, Content Specialists,
Fluency Evidence of effective instructional Teachers, Administrators, E3 Exemplars of Authentic Products,
Leads, Technology Trainers
strategies (time lines, brainstorms, Revised Blooms Taxonomy, New
rubrics, exemplars etc...) to foster Century Learner- Research and
deep understanding of content, Information Fluency in the Dysart
process and authentic product Classroom (iSchool)
using Guiding Pupil Success
-Improved scores on the New
Century Skills Learner Assessment

Creativity and Evidence of: Teachers, Teacher Leaders/ Whole New Mind- Pink,Biz Town,
Innovation -Differentiated Learning Experts, Instructional Growth STEM, Problem Based Learning,
-Inquiry Based Learning Teachers, Administrators, Socratic Seminar, FOSS,
-Improved scores on the New Technology Trainers Independent Study, Odyssey of
Century Skills Learner Assessment the Mind, New Century Learner-
Creativity & Innovation in the
Dysart Classroom (iSchool)
Digital Citizenship -Guiding Pupil Success Teachers, Teacher Leaders/ Professional Development, iPal,
-Increased student achievement on Experts, Instructional Growth Galileo, Content Specialist,
benchmarks and AIMS -Evidence Teachers, Administrators, New Century Learner- Digital
of lesson planning Librarian Media Specialist, Citizenship in the Dysart
-Increased in safe and ethical use Teachers, Technology Classroom (iSchool)
of technology Trainers
-Improved scores on the New
Century Skills Learner Assessment

Strategy Measures of Success Person Responsible Resources Timeline

#2 Relevant

Action Steps

Relevant to -Increased student engagement Teachers, AVID site Learning style inventories, Polls/
Middle school -Increase in AP, IB and honors coordinators, Administrators questionnaires, AVID, Writing
characteristics- enrollment Inquiry Collaboration in Reading,
feel success, tech -Increase in use of available Cambridge Academy
savvy, malleable, technology
diverse and mature -Evidence of middle school
strategies in lesson plans

Career/college path -Increase in communication of High School Counselors AVID, Writing Inquiry Collaboration
ECAP with parents in Reading, ECAP
-80% participation of ECAP

Real world (prior -Student work showcase/fair E3 Lead Teachers, Common Core Standards, PBL,
knowledge, beyond -Each semester students will Technology Training Team, plans, iPlan, Intel tools, IIT plan
the classroom, engage in authentic learning Administrators
global ideas, experiences
application and
authentic audience)
GOAL 2: Use instructional methods based on the unique needs of the middle level learner.
Strategy Measures of Success Person Responsible Resources Timeline

#1 Using research
based, best practice
strategies to plan,
deliver, and assess

Action Steps

Professional - Walkthrough data Instructional Growth Teachers, Guiding Pupil Success, iPal 2011 -
development -Shared/Published lesson plans Teacher Experts, Content (iLearn, iAssess, iPlan), Webinars 2012 school
-Infusion of interactive reading Specialists, Professional and online courses year
Development Committee
members, E3 teachers,
-Model lesson Administrators
-Break-up PD into smaller

ELAS: -Increased level of text complexity Teachers, Administrators, Teaching Reading in the Content
Reading, Writing, -Increase in reading test scores Instructional Growth Teachers, Areas for Elementary Teachers
Speaking and -Rigorous writing experiences Teacher Experts, Content by Margot Kinberg, Librarians,
Listening Across inclusive of all genres Specialists, Professional Common Core
the Curriculum -Students collaborating using Development Committee
content specific vocabulary members

Direct Instruction Evidence of I do in lesson plan Teachers, Teacher Experts, Lesson Plan Template, EEI
(modeling) Instructional Growth Teachers, Lesson Plan from Madeline
Administrators Hunter, West Ed Template
Small Group -Classroom arrangement Teachers, Teacher Experts, -Videos showing this in action (8th
Differentiated -Walkthrough data Instructional Growth Teachers, grade ASCD teaching Voice by
Learning -Planning for small groups based Administrators Rick Wormlei), Common Core,
on data NETS-S,T
-Planned co-teaching

SPED/Gifted -Walkthrough data Teachers, SPED Team, Gifted Co-Teaching lesson plan template,
Cluster Model -Evidence of planning Specialists, Instructional Independent projects,
-Increased test scores Growth Teachers, Teacher
Experts, Curriculum Specialist,

Planning (Lesson -Walkthrough Teachers, Instructional Videos of lesson in action. Sample

Design): Inquiry, I -Completed lesson plans Growth Teachers, Teacher lesson plans aligned to iPal
Do, We Do, You do, Experts, Curriculum Specialist, activities, Common Core, NETS-
Essential Elements Administrators S,T
of Instruction,

Integrated Studies -Incremental PD beginning with Teachers, Teacher Experts, Common Core Standards,
reading Instructional Growth International Technology
-Authentic student products Teachers, Content Specialist, Standards, NET-S,T
Professional Development
Committee members, E3
teachers, Technology Training
Team, Administrators

Teacher Reflection -Ticket out the door Teacher, Instructional Growth iPal, Standards Assessment
-iLearn survey Teachers, Teacher Experts, Inventory results
-Discussion Administrators
-Feedback conference
Assessment/Data -Pre-assessment Teacher, Instructional Intel assessment, library,
Analysis -OYG Growth Teachers, Teacher KWL, Student work, grades,
-Point in Time data Experts, Content Specialist, benchmarks, discipline,
-Formative and summative Professional Development attendance, Galileo
assessment Committee members,

GOAL 3: Participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
Strategy Measures of Success Person Responsible Resources Timeline

# 1 Design and 2011-2012


Action Steps

Collaboratively -Collaborative Planning Teachers, Teacher Experts, IPAL

agree upon -Integration of content Instructional Growth Teachers, Planning templates: I Do , We
curriculum. -Identified essential common Administrators Do, You Do
What is it we expect outcomes (Endurance, Leverage, Adopted Textbooks and Materials
students to know Readiness for next level of
and be able to do? learning)
-Collaborative Assessment
-SMART goals

Collaboratively -Results Focused Teachers, Teacher Experts, Student work, AIMS data,
analyze data -Learning monitored on a timely Instructional Growth Teachers, formative assessments, discipline
How will we know basis Administrators data, attendance data, anecdotal
when they know it? -Identified Skill Gaps data
-Reflection: Identified strategies
to improve upon our individual
and collective ability to teach each
essential skill and concept
Collaboratively -Systems in place to provide Teachers, Teacher Experts, Planning Template: I Do, We Do,
respond students with additional time and Instructional Growth Teachers, You Do (Instructional Scaffolding)
with Student support Gifted Specialists, Special Adopted materials/resources
Interventions -Systems in place to challenge and Education team, Curriculum
How will we extend the learning for students Specialists, Administrators
respond when showing early mastery of essential
students dont skills and concepts
learn? How will -Decrease in failure rate
we respond when -Increase in student achievement
students already on common assessments
know the content?

Shared leadership Improved scores on Standards Teachers, Teacher Experts, PLC Toolkit Materials
Assessment Inventory survey Instructional Growth Teachers,
Peer Observations Administrators
Vertical and horizontal articulation

GOAL 4: Organize relationships for learning
Strategy Measures of Success Person Responsible Resources Timeline

#1 Collaboration

Action Steps

AVID AVID certification AVID district and site AVID

Advisory/Career -Plan for career/college path Teachers, Regional High Advisory Curriciculum, The
and college path - ECAP School Counselors, Advisory Guide, Tribes Learning
- e- Portfoio Administrators Communities
- Individual goal setting Communiversity, Presentations/
Speakers from business and local

Strategies -Decrease in Bullying Teachers, Administrators, Kagan, Tribes, AVID,Cambridge

-Decrease in office referrals Elementary Counselors Academy

Academic -Guiding Pupil Success Teachers, Administration AVID, Cambridge Academy

conversations -Goal setting

Strategy Measures of Success Person Responsible Resources Timeline

#2 Collaboration

Action Steps

Relationship -Evidence of participation in Teachers, Technology Training Blogs, Wikis, email,

building (local and collaborative relationships Team, E3 Lead Teachers Skype, Social
global) -Decrease in referrals and bullying Networking, etc. ,
National Jr. Honor
Society, Student Council,
Key Club

Character Evidence of a Character program Counselors, Teachers National Jr. Honor

development Society, Student Council,
Key club

Academic Guiding Pupil Success Teachers, Instructional Growth iPal, Lesson plans with
conversations Teachers, Administrators intentional questions
that lead to academic
conversation, Socratic
GOAL 5: Provide safe and supportive environment conducive to learning
Strategy Results Indicator Person Responsible Resources Timeline

#1 Creating Safe 2011-2013

and Supportive

Action Steps

Classroom -Decrease in discipline referrals Teachers, Teacher Experts, Professional

management -Increase in positive feeling tone Instructional Growth Teachers, Development:
programs PD Committee Members, Fred Jones, Harry Wong,

Bullying -Increased awareness of Bullying Teachers, Assistant Principals, Public Relations

Hotline Student Services Director,
-Decrease in bullying Campus Counselors,
Social Workers, Prevention

Expectations Teacher evaluations reflect Administrators Teacher Evaluation Tool

evidence of positive learning

Digital Citizenship -Increased scores on Digital Librarians, Classroom E3 Teachers, Technology 2011-
Citizenship 21st Century Teachers, Administrators Training Specialist, 2013
Assessment for Student and Instructional Growth
Teachers Teachers, Technology
-100% of 8th graders will be Training Supervisor
proficient in digital citizenship by

Diversity Establish work group to determine Director of Curriculum AHAA program is being
options used at high schools

Character -Increase in positive referrals/ Administrators, Director of Ignite, Character Counts

Programs communication Curriculum
-Modification of program for Middle
Level learners

Strategy Results Indicator Person Responsible Resources Timeline

#2 Respect and 2011-2013


Action Steps

Positive -Increase in positive referrals/ Classroom Teachers, Assistant Example: Positive

Interactions communication Principal, Principal referrals (Cimarron),
-Frequent observations of positive Golden Hawk (Sonoran)
learning culture
-Increased evidence as defined by
Domain 2 of teacher evaluation

Administrative -Increased documentation of Administrators Guiding Pupil Success,

Presence classroom visits iObservation, Building
-Increased visibility and Teachers Capacity for
accessibility of administrators Success, Pete Hall &
throughout the day Alisa Simeral

Relationships Established program to build Teachers, Counselors Mentors, AVID, Advisory,

(teacher with relationships Kids at HOPE, Ignite,
students and Peer Mediation, ECAPS
students with

GOAL 6: Engage families and communities as partners in students education
Strategy Measures of Success Person Responsible Resources Timeline
#1 Communication

Action Steps

Websites -Increase in parent portal visits E3 Lead Teachers, Website rubric, Online
-Increase in visits to school and Technology Training Team, tutorials for teacher
teacher pages Programmers, Counselors website creation, website
-Increased subscription to teacher, (parent portal) subscription, hits,
school and district webpages gradebook access and
-Increase in comments from comment reports
community on teacher websites
-Increase in stories focused on
Middle level learners in the Around
Dysart updates.

Email Increased communication between Technology Training Team, Ed Tech Page, Reports
teachers, students, and parents. Programmers on email the teacher

Visits to feeder - Increase in community Bus Tour Ed Services, Fine Arts Money for Bus/driver
schools participation Coordinator, Counselors
-Special area teacher visits
-Counselor pre-registration visits

Visits to High Attendance of 7th and 8th graders Special Area Teachers, Event Calendar, School
Schools Events at high school events Sports coaches, Fine Arts Websites
Coordinator, Instructional
Growth Teachers,
College and Career -All students have ECAPS that are Teachers, CTE Career fair, College
Readiness shared with parents Administration,Counselors and fair, AzCIS, ECAP
-Increase in parental awareness Director of CTE
and attendance: CTE, College fair

Social networking Increased participation in Twitter Administrators Technology Training

and Facebook from Team, Facebook, Twitter,
page Groups

Telephone Increase in auto dialer Office Manager Autodialer

Communication communication with parents

Parent-teacher -Hybrid model with some student Teachers, Instructional Growth Student-led conference
Conferences led and traditional Teachers, Teacher Leaders, materials and PD
-Include at 9th grade as well Professional Development
Team, Administrators

GOAL 7: Staff middle level classrooms with caring teachers who have a thorough understanding of their subject(s) and the students whom they
Strategy Measures of Success Person Responsible Resources Timeline

#1 Creating Kathy Hill and Jim Dean Review 2011 -2014

opportunities to
become highly
qualified in hard to
fill positions

Action Steps
Identify people from -Establish cohorts Teachers, Administrators, Principal
within Dysart -Create Cohort Instructional Growth Teachers, recommendations, IGT
-Provide tutoring Ed Services recommendations,
-Financial support Teacher interest
Reimbursement for
assessment, Percentage
of tuition reimbursement
Rio Salado College

Identify Processes ? Ed Services, Director of ADE certification

to become highly Federal Projects requirements, HQ
qualified Certification Flow Chart

Advertising or -Scheduled peer observations with Administration, Ed Services, Public Relations

promoting targeted classrooms Internal Public Relation,
-PR campaign Instructional Growth Teachers

Strategy Measures of Success Person Responsible Resources Timeline

#2 Recruiting: All
positions filled with
highly qualified staff

Action Steps

Video -Increased exposure of Public Relations Human Resources, Public

recruitment video Relations
-Post video on HR site where
openings are listed
College -Visits to college classrooms Ed Services, Public Relations, Human Resources,
connections -Establishing a network for new Human Resources, Campus College Connections
teachers Administration Team
-Networking between colleges and
-Establish a college connections

Student teachers -Increased placement of student Public Relations, Ed Services Human Resources,
teachers in 6-10th grade Administration,
classrooms Instructional Growth
-Increased communication Teacher, College
between college placement liaison Connections Team
-Build stronger relationship with
Teach for America

Build positive Schools solutions media coverage Public Relations, Human College Connections
perceptions Resources Team, Public Relations