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Assignment 1

Computational Methods for compressible flow

January 17, 2017

1 Part A
Solve 1-D heat equation in the domain 0 to 1 unit over the period of 0 to 1 second
G.D.E is
u 2u
= 2 (1)
t t
Boundary condition :
a) u(x, 0) = 20; u(0, t) = 0 ; u(L, t) = 0; = 1
Analytical solution for this is:

40(1 (1)n )  nx  n 2
e( L ) t
u(x, t) = sin
n L
please refer for more
b) u(x, 0) = 6sin x expect at boundary du

dx x=L = 1 ; u(0, t) = 0; = 1. Analytical

solution is optional. Numerical solution is enough.
1. Solve it by explicit and implicit method. Use second order central difference in space and
Forward Euler in time. Justify the time step and space step you considered.
2. Use Thomas algorithm for implicit method.
3. Compare numerical solution with the analytical solution (Series solution ) at t = 0.01s for
problem (a). Also justify that truncated series you have considered in analytical solution is
accurate, also give the tolerance value you considered.
4. For a given x and t, how much time does explicit method and implicit method take to reach
steady state. Condition required for steady state is RM S [u(x, t) u(x, t + t)] nt.
Take  = 103 . RMS is root mean square. n is number of grids used.
5. Study the effect of t, x and diffusion number in accuracy of solution at a flow time of your
interest (please dont take steady state result) with analytical solution. please use surface
plot, else contour plots.
a) Plot error in z-axis, for a given Diffusion number of your choice.
b) Plot error in z-axis, for a given t of your choice.
c) Plot error in z-axis, for a given x of your choice.
6. Show that space discretization is second order accurate by comparing it with analytical solu-
tion at transient stage at a flow time of your interest by grid convergence study.

2 Note
Please submit code and report. Report should contain explanations, observation, plots or
tables etc. (if required). Because observation is more important than whether we can solve
it or not. Please dont copy others assignment.

All are requested to submit individually through your mail id to

and Group submission and hard copy are not accepted unless asked
for it.

You can join in FB group made for assignment discussion. Group name :IIST CFD assign-
ment. Where you can post your doubts and other useful liks, that will be useful to others.

Always submit assignment before due date. Late submissions are not accepted. Last date for
submission is 23-1-17, 10:00 pm.