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IND MPSOP01 Consent



Contacting primary caregiver and gaining consent

Note: Children aged 12-24 months will be recruited via their established community health
centre/Posyandu links.
Parents will be invited to enrol their children in the study.

1. Check that the child is eligible by completing the eligibility questionnaire.

2. If not eligible indicate the reason on the questionnaire and stop here.

3. If child must be excluded because of mild illness which can be treated, tell mother we
will contact her in a few days when her child is better.

4. If the child is eligible and mother is willing, give her the information about the study and
ask her to sign on the consent form. The information may need to be given verbally and
the mother asked to put her thumb print on the consent form if unable to read.

5. Keep the consent form on file and give her the information sheet to take home, if she