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Welding and

Hot Metal Hazards

Welding can be a hazardous Be aware of hot metal. Remember that
molten metal will be propelled into the air
occupation unless the if it comes into contact with moisture.
operator takes due care.
Hazards may include Wear flash goggles with side shields
electrocution, eye damage, under your helmet to protect your eyes
burns, toxic inhalants and from slag fragments and other flying
fire. If you are welding or particles.
working around welding Wear clothing that will protect your body
operations, be aware of from hot sparks such as flame resistant
these hazards. overalls, welding gloves, flame resistant
leggings and leather high top boots.
The biggest hazard from welding is the
potential for electrocution. Be sure to Choose clothes that dont have pockets
insulate yourself from the work, the or cuffs in the legs or sleeves.
electrode and the electrode holder.
Avoid becoming the easiest path Make sure your work area is well
to ground. ventilated to protect you from inhalation
hazards. If your work area cant be
To protect your eyes from ultraviolet and properly ventilated, you may need
infrared burns, put on proper eye respiratory protection. Check with your
protection before looking at an arc even supervisor before proceeding.
for an instant. Different shades of filter
plates can be attached to the welding Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
helmets. The shade needed depends on
the type of welding, size of the electrode Stop welding at least hour before
and the amount of electrical current. leaving the site and check the welding
Check with the electrode supplier for the area for smouldering materials.
appropriate shade needed.