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US$6000 ( Rs.

4 lacs ) Prize for Techno NJR Students

3rd Year EC students Ritwik Dave, Roshni Mehta and Himmat Khatik won second prize of US$
5000 and Best Student project of US$ 1000 in Intel Hacks 2017 for their entry - Smart Well
Monitoring System . This system has been installed by the students at Fatehsagar lake in
Udaipur . Thousands of entries were received for this worldwide event which was organised by
Intel Corporation , USA.
As a highly gracious and commendable gesture, students have offered to use Prize money of Rs.4 lacs
to make 6 more systems like these and install them in other six lakes of Udaipur so that Government
authorities and general public can see water quality of all 7 lakes through one App on their mobile.
Computer Science students Ritwik Joshi and Vansh Soni designed the dashboard and the App based on
IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson platform. You can see the system at :
Project was mentored by Dr. Jonathan Joshi, Mr. Ganesh Gore and Prof. Pradeep C. on IoT side and
Aaditya Maheshwari for creating dashboard based on IBM technology.
Many Congratulations. You all make Techno NJR proud.
A win of this level is certainly a matter of great pride and joy for all the faculty members and students Electronics
Department of Techno NJR. I well remember those long days and nights when Ritvik, Himmat and Roshni worked without
looking at clock orcalendar. It filled all of us with great emotion when we watched this trio and other 4 groups of ECE
students working whole night, on holidays for this hackathon. Their joy on crossing the first level and getting in reward
Arduino 101 and sensors was one of the most touchy moments in my academic life. I am so thankful to ECE Faculty
members Yogendra Solanki and Vivek Jain who were present all the time to motivate and morally support the students. I can
not forget to mention the names of Chandrashekhar and Rajendra the excellent technical staff of Techno NJR who gave their
valuable suggestions whenever these students needed while building the system waterproof. Thanks also go to faculty
Saurabh Chaturvedi also who often took care to drop the students home safe when they worked till late. I have truly enjoyed
the joy, support and motivation extended by students of EE and EEE also. I am glad to see the ECE 1st year 2017 also
working on similar projects and their dedication which they demonstarated within 10 days of joining the instituteby working
morning 8 to evening 8 and on holidays..I am sure all the first year of Techno NJR will bring laurels to the institute in near