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Customer : Excuse me, where is my

1. . sun rises in the east. umbrella?
A. A B. An Attendant : Oh! Im sorry old lady
C. The D. has taken . umbrella by
(1987 No.21) mistake.
A. a .. an B. an .. an
2. . elephant there has . very C. an .. the D. the .. an
long trunk, said Aziz. (1994 No. 21)
A. A, an B. A, the
C. The, a D. The, an 15. Ali had some nasi lemak, . glass of
(1988 No.21) milk and . orange for breakfast this
3. My father bought . new car after he A. a .. a B. a .. an
has sold . old one. C. the .. an D. the .. the
A. a, a B. an, an (1995 No. 21)
C. the, a D. a, the
(1988 No. 22) PRONOUNS
1. Teacher : Stop biting . fingernails.
4. There is . kite flying in . sky. Its unhealthy to do that.
A. a, a B. a, the A. mine B. hers
C. the, a D. an, the C. he D. your
(1988 No. 23) (1987 No. 24)

5. Maimons mother wrote down . list 2. Mike : Lets help . to carry the
of things she wanted to buy from . bags inside.
mini market. A. they B. their
A. an, a B. an, the C. them D. theirs
C. the, an D. a, the (1987 No. 25)
( 1989 No. 21)
3. Kim San : Raju! Kamal! Lets hurry up.
6. Can you show Azman . way to . are late.
. Chandras house? A. We B. Our
A. an, a B. the, - C. They D. Them
C. -, the D. an, the (1987 No. 26)
(1989 No. 22)
4. You must learn to do things by .,
7. Halimah has . aunt and . said Mrs. Lim.
brother in Sumatra. A. yourself B. herself
A. a, a B. an, a C. oneself D. myself
C. the, a D. an, the (1988 No. 24)
( 1989 No. 23)
5. Haslin asked Zurina, May I share your book?
8. Masri : Oh! Im late. . bus left I have left . at home.
. hour ago. A. I B. my
A. The, the B. A, the C. me D. mine
C. The, a D. The, an (1988 No. 25)
(1990 No. 32)
6. I love the watch . my father gave me.
9. There was . fire at . shops A. who B. whom
in front of my house. C. that D. whose
A. a, a B. a, the (1988 No. 26)
C. the, an D. an, the
(1991 No. 21) 7. The farmers always water . plants in
the evening.
10. Can you lend me . umbrella? A. theirs B. their
I need to go to . shop now. C. they D. them
A. a, the B. a, a (1989 No. 24)
C. an, the D. the, an
(1991 No.22) 8. Please remind . to clean his room.
A. him B. his
11. I can see . owl and . crow C. she D. hers
on that big tree. (1989 No. 39)
A. a, a B. an, a
C. a, an D. the, a
(1992 No. 21) 9. Pupil : Teacher, what time do you want
. to come tomorrow?
12. Teacher : Take your time, children. A. us B. we
. library will be closed C. our D. ours
in . hours time. (1989 No. 40)
A. A, a B. An, the
C. The, an D. The, the 10. To . must I send this parcel?
(1992 No. 22) A. what B. whom
C. which D. whose
13. Buyer : What is .. price for this type (1989 No. 41)
of fruit?
Seller : It is RM 4.00 . kilogramme. 11. Oops! I forgot to bring . English
A. a .. a B. a .. the textbook, exclaimed Ahmad.
C. the.. a D. the.. the A. I B. me
C. my D. mine
(1993 No. 21) (1990 No.22)
12. Encik Ali watched proudly when . 25. The teacher helped those pupils .
son received the prize from the headmaster. could not do their work.
A. he B. its A. who B. which
C. him D. his C. whose D. whom
(1991 No. 24) (1994 No.39)

13. The hockey players left . hockey 26. The girls neighbour has invited
sticks on the field and ran to the canteen and her brother to dinner at 7.30 p.m.
to buy drinks. A. she B. her
A. they B. their C. him D. himself
C. theirs D. them (1995 No. 24)
(1991 No. 25)
27. The teacher said to her pupils, All of
14. The neighbours helped the woman . you must do your work .. .
house was burnt down. A. herself B. yourself
A. who B. that C. themselves D. yourselves
C. whose D. which (1995 No. 25)
(1991 No.26)

15. The policemen could not find the place 28. Ali and Baba said to Mr. Chin, Sir, let
. the thieves had hidden the treasure. . help you carry the exercise books.
A. where B. what A. we B. us
C. why D. how C. they D. them
(1991 No.27) (1995 No. 26)

16. The students met Encik Hassan 29. This is the letter . was returned
they had not seen since 1985. last week.
A. who B. whom A. who B. whom
C. whose D. which C. whose D. which
(1991 No.41) (1995 No. 34)

17. We like the boy . is very kind and ADVERBS

helpful to his friends.
A. who B. whom 1. The soldiers fought . in the war.
C. whose D. which That was why they won.
(1992 No.23) A. tidily B. bravely
C. slowly D. usually
18. She has a bicycle, but . is not of the (1987 No. 34)
same brand as . .
A. her, my B. hers, my 2. The crowd cheered . when their
C. hers, mine D. her, mine favourite team scored a goal.
(1992 No.35) A. coolly B. sadly
C. loudly D. slowly
19. The man . you met this morning (1988 No.38)
is our new headmaster.
A. who B. whom 3. Mother : Peel the potatoes .
C. whose D. which or you will cut your fingers.
(1993 No.33) A. early B. sweetly
C. bravely D. carefully
20. I told . to bring .. (1989 No.36)
dictionary tomorrow.
A. he .. his B. him .. his 4. The thief crept . into the room.
C. she .. her D. her .. hers A. soundly B. quietly
(1993 No. 36) C. peacefully D. politely
(1990 No. 23)
21. Ahmad and Aminah spend . free
time reading books rather than watching 5. Mrs Lim cried when she heard
television. the sad news.
A. his B. her A. loudly B. soundly
C. our D. their C. seriously D. carefully
(1993 No. 37) (1991 No. 35)

22. She has bought a new dictionary but 6. It rained , so Ramu and his
. is not as thick as . . friends did not go to the football match.
A. it .. my B. it .. mine A. quietly B. swiftly
C. she .. me D. hers .. my C. heavily D. quickly
(1994 No. 22) (1992 No. 25)

23. Mary has lost the key .. that 7. Munira is hardworking. She studies
was given to her this morning. everyday and she has .
A. who B. whom failed in her tests.
C. whose D. which A. usually B. never
(1994 No. 33) C. often D. again
(1993 No. 37)
24. We took out . books and put
.. on the teachers desk. 8. If you are , everyone will
A. theirs .. ours B. their .. our like you.
C. ours .. them D. our ... them A. kindly B. sweetly
(1994 No. 35) C. friendly D. carefully
(1994 No.41)
9. Rashid . goes to school very early.
However, he is . late on rainy days. 13. Swee Lee is not . clever as her
A. always .. never brother, .. she has to study harder.
B. often .. seldom A. so .. but
C. usually .. sometimes B. as .. but
D. normally .. rarely C. as .. so
(1995 No. 35) D. so .. as
(1993 No. 40)
14. You will succeed . you try again.
1. Aminah lost the race . she was A. if B. until
not sad. C. unless D. although
A. so B. if (1994 No. 31)
C. but D. because
(1987 No. 22) 15. Yesterday, . I was coming out of
the house, it started to rain.
2. The road was flooded . it rained A. as B. if
yesterday. C. then D. since
A. and B. but (1995 No. 37)
C. so D. because
(1987 No. 23) 16. Bring along an umbrella . you will
get wet in the rain.
3. Lena does not cook well, she A. or B. so
goes for cooking lessons. C. if D. but
A. so B. if (1995 No.38)
C. or D. since
(1988 No. 31) 17. She did not know the meaning of a word.
., she looked it up in a dictionary.
4. it rains today, the hockey match A. Yet B. Instead
will be cancelled. C. Besides D. Therefore
A. If B. So (1995 No. 39)
C. But D. Then
(1988 No. 32) ADJECTIVES
1. Soon Li and her mother went to the shop.
5. I did not go to school yesterday . There they saw many toys.
it was a public holiday. A. tidy B. fresh
A. if B. so C. tasty D. interesting
C. but D. because ( 1987 No.33)
(1988 No. 33)
2. Neighbours must be to one
another at all times.
6. Either Aziz . Ranjit will lead the A. hopeful B. helpful
Scouts during the camping trip. C. beautiful D. colourful
A. but B. nor (1987 No. 35)
C. if D. or
(1989 No. 31) 3. Mayang lives in a flat. She lives on the
second floor of a ten- building.
7. There was no electricity last night, .. A. row B. block
we had to light some candles. C. storey D. terrace
A. so B. but (1987 No. 31)
C. because D. although
(1989 No. 32) 4. Aminahs cooking is but Sarahs
cooking is . .
8. It was raining all day, .. we A. best, better
played chess at home. B. good, better
A. so B. or C. better, best
C. but D. because D. better, good
(1991 No. 32) (1988 No. 34)

9. My little sister can talk . cannot 5. Harris and Kamal took part in their school
read. sports.
A. or B. so Harris ran . but Kamal ran .... .
C. but D. and A. fast, faster
(1991 No. 33) B. faster, fast
C. fast, fastest
10. The school bus had a puncture, . D. fastest, fastest
all the children in it were late for school. (1988 No. 35)
A. because B. so
C. but D. as 6. Pn. Ramlah says Aliza is a very .girl.
(1992 No. 34) She helps her to do a lot of work at home.
11. We will not be able to come to support A. tall B. slow
our team it rains this afternoon. C. soft D. hardworking
A. if B. so (1988 No. 39)
C. but D. and
(1993 No. 29) 7. The . you study, the . your
results will be.
12. She could finish her work on time . A. hard, good
she was slow. B. hard, better
A. as B. so C. herder, best
C. because D. although D. harder, better
(1993 No. 32) (1989 No. 33)
19. You should go to the dentist now. The
8. Azlan is . but she was the . . you wait, the . your
runner in the 100-metre race. toothache will be.
A. small, fast A. long .. worst
B. small, fastest B. longer .. worst
C. smaller, fast C. longer .. worse
D. smallest, faster D. longest .. worse
(1989 No. 33) (1995 No. 36)

9. Although he was sick, he was very .

when his friends visited him. PREPOSITIONS
A. rude B. lazy 1. The dog entered the garden . the
C. honest D. cheerful hole in the fence.
(1989 No. 37) A. over B. along
C. across D. through
(1987 No.27)
10. The ballet dancer is like a swan.
A. careful B. graceful 2. The durian dropped . the ground.
C. playful D. wonderful A. at B. by
( 1990 No.24) C. into D. onto
(1987 No.28)
11. I bought these eggs from the farmer
because they are . . 3. Fauziah is sitting . Samy and Peter.
A. sweet B. fresh A. at B. along
C. white D. clean C. between D. through
(1990 No.26) (1987 No.29)

12. I cant read what you have written. Your 4. Liza and Swee Fun are both drinking
writing is . than your brothers. . the canteen.
A. bad B. worst A. on B. at
C. worse D. more bad C. for D. off
(1991 No. 36) ( 1988 No. 28)

13. Headmaster : All the food stalls are very 5. Rosli : Are you afraid . spiders?
noisy. Nora : No, Im not.
Teacher : You are right. The one A. at B. by
nearest the school is the C. of D. for
. . (1988 No. 29)
A. noisier B. noisiest
C. more noisy D. most noisy 6. Sharif heard a loud knock on his bedroom
(1991 No.37) door . two-thirty this morning.
A. on B. at
14. The elephant is . of all the animals C. in D. of
in the National Zoo. (1988 No. 30)
A. large B. larger
C. largest D. the largest 7. Ramli fell . the drain and hurt
(1992 No. 26) himself.
A. into B. among
15. Jane : Look at these three . flowers. C. through D. between
Isnt the rose ..? (1989 No. 27)
A. pretty, prettier
B. prettier, prettiest 8. The car hit the cow as it was running
C. pretty, the prettiest . the road.
D. prettier, the prettiest A. in B. at
(1992 No. 28) C. for D. across
(1989 No. 28)
Mr. And Mrs. Tan have three lovely children.
The eldest Mary, is fifteen years old. Peter 9. Jeya : How far is it . here to the
is ..(16).. Ruby but younger than Mary. market?
The .(17). Ruby, is five. Din : About two kilometers.
A. to B. by
16. A. old C. from D. over
B. older (1989 No. 29)
C. oldest
D. older than 10. The coconut fell . the roof and
made a hole in it.
17. A. young A. by B. to
B. younger C. on D. for
C. youngest (1989 No. 30)
D. younger than
(1990 No. 35 & 36) 11. My mother bought this handbag .
the emporium . five ringgit only.
18. The room is so . that I have to A. at, by B. at, for
switch on the light to look for my books. C. for, in D. near, by
A. warm B. dark (1991 No. 28)
C. dirty D. noisy
(1994 No. 28) 12. They were told not to lean . the
freshly painted wall.
A. in B. for
C. forward D. against
(1991 No. 29)
13. Mr. Jeya : Be careful, children. Dont 4. Ali bought two of bread from
walk . the flowerbed. the supermarket.
A. up B. across A. blocks B. loaves
C. off D. for C. bunches D. bundles
(1992 No. 29) (1992 No. 31)

14. There is a lamp post . my house. 5. Every day our mother buys a .. of
A. among B. along bread for our breakfast.
C. between D. opposite A. bar B. loaf
(1993 No. 27) C. bunch D. packet
(1993 No. 24)
15. The students have been staying in that
hostel . last year. 6. Sivam has collected a of sticks
A. at B. by from the jungle.
C. for D. since A. bunch B. bundle
(1993 No. 30) C. packet D. bouquet
(1993 No. 25)
16. Azman has to enter his house .
the window because he has lost his house 7. The loud noise came from that
key. of goats.
A. to B. into A. flock B. team
C. across D. through C. swarm D. school
(1993 No. 31) (1995 No. 22)

17. Mother : Hamidah, dont waste water. NOUNS

Please . the tap after 1. Mr. Loke wanted to clean the ceiling
watering the plants. fan in his house. It was too high, so he
A. turn on B. turn off borrowed a . from his neighbour.
C. switch on D. switch off A. ladder B. stick
(1993 No. 35) C. chair D. broom
(1988 No. 27)
18. Haliza : Where is your house, Aminah?
Aminah : Oh, its just . the corner. 2. My mother uses . to open the
A. among B. around tin of jam.
C. between D. through A. a pair of pliers
(1994 No. 24) B. a pair of scissors
C. a can-opener
D. a screwdriver
19. Ahmad : Whats the time now, David? (1990 No. 27)
David : Its a quarter .. six.
A. of B. at 3. I saw a small black bird flying out from
C. to D. for its . to look for food.
(1994 No.26) A. hole B. nest
C. hive D. shell
20. My friend and I . going to Penang (1992 No. 24)
.. August.
A. am .. in 4. Mr. Singam has a dog. He built a
B. is .. on for the dog behind his house.
C. are .. in A. den B. nest
D. will .. at C. stable D. kennel
(1994 No.23) (1992 No. 24)

21. My car broke . on the way to the 5. The hero in the film fought bravely. He was
airport, and I had to get a taxi. as brave as .. .
A. up B. out A. a wolf
C. down D. through B. a lion
(1995 No. 29) C. an ox
D. an elephant

1. Chong Beng was walking in the garden 6. The labourers carried the sacks of rice and
when he was chased by a . of bees. stored them in the .. .
A. nest B. team A. warehouse B. orchard
C. pack D. swarm C. hangar D. field
(1990 No. 31) (1992 No. 36)

2. Alis grandfather has a . of COUNTABLE AND UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS

A. herd B. team 1. Leong : I want to buy some durians.
C. troop D. group Majid : How many do you want ?
(1991 No. 31) Leong : I want only .
A. much B. a lot
3. A . of dolphins were swimming in C. a few D. a little
front of the sailing boat. (1988 No. 36)
A. school B. flock
C. swarm D. herd 2. Mother : Rajen, can you go to the shop
(1992 No. 30) to buy . sugar?
A. many B. much
C. some D. a few
(1988 No. 37)
3. The dogs were barking last night. QUESTION WORDS
I could not get sleep.
A. few B. any 1. Mr. Lim : is your car, the red one
C. less D. many or the blue one?
(1989 No. 35) Roslan : Its the red one.
A. Which B. Whose
4. Teacher : Hurry up, children. There isnt C. What D. Who
time left. (1989 No. 25)
A. much B. many
C. some D. few 2. Rashid : are we going to Pulau
(1990 No. 28) Langkawi?
Father : By speedboat, son.
5. There arent biscuits in the tin. A. Where B. When
A. any B. some C. How D. Why
C. few D. little (1992 No. 38)
(1990 No. 29)
3. Teacher : David, did you sweep
6. There isnt . syrup left in the jug. the floor?
A. much B. many David : This morning, teacher.
C. a few D. a little A. why B. how
(1991 No. 38) C. when D. where
(19993 No. 34)
7. Salmah said to her sister, You can take
ice-cream that you like. 4. Visitor : May I know your
Ill pay for it. manager is coming back?
A. any B. much Secretary : Certainly. Hell be back in a
C. a few D. a lot of short while, that is after his
(1991 No. 39) lunch at the canteen.
A. how B. why
8. The stadium was packed. . people C. when D. where
want to see the badminton match this year. (1995 No. 40)
A. Few B. Less
C. Much D. More
(1991 No. 40)

9. There isnt traffic on the road

today as it is a public holiday.
A. much B. many
C. some D. little
(1992 No. 32)

10. I bought only pineapples.

There werent many good ones in the
A. any B. many
C. a few D. a little
(1992 No. 33)

11. The worker used . sticks

to build a fire.
A. much B. plenty
C. a little D. a few
(1993 No. 22)

12. Mei Lin said to her brother, There isnt

ink in my pen. May I borrow
your pen?
A. some B. more
C. much D. many
(1993 No. 23)

13. Mother, please dont put too .

milk in my coffee.
A. more B. many
C. some D. much
(1994 No. 29)

14. There isnt ink in my pen.

A. few B. any
C. many D. more
(1994 No. 37)

15. There isnt rice in the bowl.

Please get from the kitchen.
A. much ... any
B. much .. some
C. some .. any
D. any .. many
(1995 No. 33)