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Volume 125, Issue 14 Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Baity Hill killing leaves community reeling

A domestic dispute dent Lauren Talmor would
have left a note with those
I just started shaking,
Talmor said. As a parent, I
The bleeding was severe,
and he told the dispatcher, I
ment, officers learned Ebony
Olowu had gone into a bath-
person, said he could not
comment on Ebony Olowus
resulted in the death words for Victor Olowu when
she saw him a few days after
cant imagine something like
think Im about to pass out.
When officers from
room and injured herself,
according a search warrant.
current condition, but no for-
mal charges have been filed.
of a 5-year-old. his 5-year-old son was killed. Around midnight on Aug. University police arrived at Victor Olowu, 32, and While searching the apart-
Talmor saw Olowu, an MBA 20, Victor Olowu called 911. Olowus home apartment Ebony Olowu, 34, were taken ment, officers found medi-
By Blake Richardson student at UNCs Kenan- Victor was sleeping when his 111 of the Baity Hill complex, to the hospital for treatment. cation prescribed to Ebony
Senior Writer Flagler Business school, as he wife, Ebony Olowu, stabbed a graduate and family housing According to the incident Olowu for depression and
was walking into the apart- him in the face, he said to a community at UNC Olowu report, Ebony Olowu could seizures, according to the
There is light in the darkest ments management office, 911 dispatcher over the phone. told officers that his wife had face charges of murder and warrant. They also found a
of places. If shed had a pen, his arm in a sling with a cast She cut me, he said. Help injured or killed their son. non-negligent manslaughter.
28-year-old Baity Hill resi- stretching up to his shoulder. me. After going into the apart- Randy Young, a DPS spokes- SEE BAITY HILL, PAGE 5

Team reacts to Charlottesville residents
request a
new name
A petition wants to
change Carrboro to
By Gregory Hall
Staff Writer

A petition surfaced on Care2

Petitions to rename the town of
Carrboro to Unicornboro and had
26 signatures as of Monday night.
The petitions creator, Ralph G.,
stated on the petition website that
he wanted to change the town
name because of its namesake
Julian Shakespeare Carr and his
racist past.
The petition motions for the
change to Unicornboro because
Julian Carr was an outspoken
white supremacist and every-
one knows that Unicorns are a lot
Cooler than Carr ever was!
Board of Aldermen member
Damon Seils said he acknowl-
edged the name change as some-
thing to look toward in the future,
but said the work the Town of
Carrboro has done has created a
larger impact.
I think its really important
for us to know our history and I
DTH FILE/ALEX KORMANN think a lot of people in Carrboro
UNC football players watch their teammates from the sideline during team practice on Aug. 21. are interested in understanding
that history better, he said. We,

UNC football players discuss the recent violent protests on the board, have really taken
on, I think, the task of trying to do
some really hard work around the
By Chapel Fowler that already, and there will be more. as men. night. We talk about that, and we let issue of racial equity.
Sports Editor Instead, head coach Larry Fedora and So, Larry, did you and the guys everyone express their feelings. That hard work was out-
his players sit and just talk. talk about Charlottesville? For defensive tackle Aaron lined in the Board of Aldermens
On every night of its fall camp, the They talk about life. They talk Yeah, we talked about Crawford, all of it hit close to home. Resolution Against White
North Carolina football team holds a about the country. They touch on Charlottesville, Fedora said at a The redshirt sophomore played high- Supremacy Aug. 16. Seils is proud
meeting. There is little discussion of plenty of topics in Fedoras words, practice last week. We talked about of what Carrboro has developed
the sport itself. Theres been plenty of the things that they need to know the rally that happened the other SEE CHARLOTTESVILLE, PAGE 5

Chapel Hill residents Coopers vetoes continue to fall through in NCGA

can sponsor a racist
#DonateAgainstHate I believe there will
campaign turns comments always be hate and there
into contributions. will always be a struggle
to fight that hate.
By Chantal Shine
Staff Writer
T.M. Garret
coordinator for hateXchange
Chapel Hill town council member
Jessica Anderson took to Facebook Every year, local Wunsiedel resi-
to express her disdain for Silent dents and businesses donate 10
Sam after last weeks protests at the euros for every mile neo-Nazis
monument. walk for the event, according to
A Facebook comment was left The New York Times. The money is
on Andersons post in disagree- donated to a program called EXIT
ment with her views and said Deutschland which helps people
Anderson was a liberal parasite, leave right-wing extremist groups.
who perpetuate(s) lies and hate. So I thought, What a great way
Anderson replied with a photo of a to fight back against something
donation to the Southern Poverty thats really antiquated and really
Law Center. shouldnt be happening in our soci-
She ended the photo caption with ety today, but is, Anderson said.
#DonateAgainstHate. I like how (this event) said, Lets
Do I want to engage in a battle make light of it and not give people
of words with someone who is a self- more power than they are due for DTH FILE/ROB GOURLEY
described Klan member or do I want their problematic ideas. Gov. Roy Cooper crosses the stage to deliver his victory speech on Dec. 6, 2016, in Raleigh, N.C.
to turn it into something positive? Anderson said she and hateX-
Anderson told us.
She said she decided to make it
change, an official partner with
Rechts Gegen Rechts, are work-
Gov. Cooper and the The North Carolina General
Assembly has voted to override five
ate and Senate Bill 16, the Business
Regulatory Reform Act of 2017.
into a viral campaign, after a few ing on a potential partnership. legislature keep out of Coopers 11 vetoes, and the
House has voted to override two
Rep. Verla Insko, D-Orange,
said she doesnt think Republicans
friends of hers found it interest- Coordinator for hateXchange T.M.
ing. Since then, the SPLC and oth- Garret said the organization is ready disagreeing on bills. more. Four more vetoes are waiting will override the remaining vetoes
ers have gotten involved with the to work with Andersons campaign to be voted on. because they dont have enough votes.
#DonateAgainstHate campaign. as well as others. By Bailey Aldridge These include House Bill 205 If they had the votes to override
The inspiration for Andersons I believe there will always be hate Assistant State & National Editor about workers compensation the vetoes they would do it, she said.
#DonateAgainstHate campaign and there will always be a struggle to changes, House Bill 511 which would Insko said the difference is that
came from an event called Rechts fight that hate, Garret said. But if Gov. Roy Cooper has vetoed 11 allow nonprofits to sponsor gaming the bills waiting to be voted on are
Gegen Rechts (the Right Against bills this year but none of those events as fundraisers, House Bill 576
the Right) in Wunsiedel, Germany. SEE SPONSOR, PAGE 5 vetoes have succeeded yet. allowing the aerosolization of leach- SEE VETO, PAGE 5

I might act like a rhinoceros, but Im a unicorn.

2 Wednesday, August 30, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel
Faculty focuses in on Silent Sam
Established 1893
By Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez
Staff Writer
124 years of editorial freedom
Silent Sam dominated
TYLER FLEMING the conversation at the
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Faculty Executive Committee
EDITOR@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Meeting Monday afternoon,
JESSICA SWANSON with some members calling
MANAGING EDITOR on Chancellor Carol Folt to
MANAGING.EDITOR@DAILYTARHEEL.COM make a stronger statement
and condemn the Universitys
controversial past.
Folt said she is the first
chancellor to publicly call for
COREY RISINGER Silent Sam to be taken down
DIRECTOR OF ENTERPRISE for safety reasons. She also said
ENTERPRISE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM she has an obligation to refrain
KIANA COLE from biased and political
DIRECTOR OF PROJECTS AND speech that could shut down
INVESTIGATIONS public discourse on the subject.
I do think right now its a
public safety issue, and I feel
LEAH ASMELASH like I am saying that in a very
UNIVERSITY EDITOR clear way, Folt said. I think
UNIVERSITY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM that I can make a real state-
REBECCA AYERS ment there, and quite frankly
CITY EDITOR I dont think that we have
CITY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM had the conversation as a
University about the value of
ANA IRIZARRY historical monuments.
STATE & NATIONAL EDITOR Folt said many people in the
STATE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM University community believe
KARYN HLADIK-BROWN the power to remove the statue
said the Board of Governors The UNC Faculty Executive Committee discussed the conflict surrounding Silent Sam and possible resolutions on Monday.
and the Board of Trustees
play a significant role in the
decision-making process.
in the process of removing the
Cary Levine, professor in
the art and art history depart-
Right now its a public safety issue, and I
SPORTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM UNC School of Law The chancellor also ment, said he thought the feel like I am saying that in a very clear way.
COLE DEL CHARCO professor Eric Muller directly spoke about the Silent Sam statement sent out prior to
the protest was an abomina-
Carol Folt
AUDIO EDITOR addressed Folt and said he protest that took place last
week. She acknowledged the tion because Folt told stu- UNC Chancellor
AUDIO@DAILYTARHEEL.COM wants her to condemn the
hate the statue represents. criticism she faced for not dents to stay home.
ZSOFIA VOROS leagues I find are looking sion in the meeting.
Folt said that in the next showing up at the protest The fact of the matter is
DESIGN & GRAPHICS EDITOR few weeks, the University will and said that law enforce- that our children are much for is some sense of where Theyre going to continue
be releasing a frequently asked ment advisers told her not more in danger driving in a the administration of this to have to put up guardrails
NATHAN KLIMA questions document that will to attend because she could car from here to wherever University stands on really around the statue, Folt said.
PHOTO EDITOR have answers to many of the easily get hurt. She also said theyre going on Saturday the more important question: If you dont, people are
PHOTO@DAILYTARHEEL.COM commonly asked questions they told her that her pres- night than they were even the moral, ethical issue. going to climb the statue,
about Silent Sam. She said she ence would have made it in Charlottesville to be per- The guardrails that were fall down, get hurt.
SARAH LUNDGREN, harder for police to do their fectly frank, Levine said. placed around the statue @marcoquiroz10
hopes this will help to clear up
KAREN STAHL misconceptions about her role jobs. I think what a lot of col- were also a topic of discus-

Virus infecting, killing local shelter cats


The Daily Tar Heel reports any inac-
curate information published as Kittens are more their immune systems arent
equipped to handle the dis-
policies, vaccination protocols
and disinfectant effective-
soon as the error is discovered.
Editorial corrections will be printed
likely to contract the ease, she said. If more cats
in the community were fully
Strong said the Wake
on this page. Errors committed virus than adult cats. vaccinated, the kittens would County Animal Center has
on the Opinion Page have cor- have better immunity from a robust foster program
rections printed on that page. By Emma Boggess their mothers. with up to 300 kittens being
Corrections also are noted in the Strong said the most cases placed in foster homes each
Staff Writer
online versions of our stories. are recorded from March to month.
Contact Managing Editor Jessica A contagious sometimes September, the season when We try to get new kittens
Swanson at managing.editor@ fatal virus affecting cats shelters take in the most kit- into foster homes as soon as with issues is spreading around North tens. possible, which limits disease
about this policy. Carolina animal shelters. Dr. Patricia Norris, the exposure from the shelter,
The virus, feline panleuko- director of the Animal she said.
penia, affects North Carolina Welfare Section of the N.C. Tenille Fox, a spokesperson
Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St. animal shelters each sum- Department of Agriculture for Orange County Animal
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Tyler Fleming, Editor-in-chief, 962-4086 mer. & Consumer Services, said Services Department, said DTH/EMMA BOGGESS
Advertising & Business, 962-1163 The virus is an intestinal there is no hard data for the they saw two positive cases Paula Greeno, a volunteer at the Orange County Animal Shelter,
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 disease that can cause fever, number of recorded cases this summer, but after care- entertains a kitten on Tuesday afternoon.
One copy per person; vomiting and diarrhea. Its each year. ful isolation and extensive
additional copies may be purchased
at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each.
not treatable and often ends Many North Carolina shel- disinfection, there was no outbreak. tion about the disease and
Please report suspicious activity at in death. ters have protocols in place outbreak. Strong said getting all cats how to prevent it.
our distribution racks by emailing Dr. Sandra Strong, chief to limit the spread of the dis- We had a full department fully vaccinated and spayed or We ask adopters to look veterinarian at the Wake ease. Specific methods differ meeting on what symptoms neutered is the best way for out for any symptoms and be
2012 DTH Media Corp. County Animal Center, said depending on the capabilities to look out for, which helped cat owners to keep them from aware of whats happening,
All rights reserved
kittens are more susceptible of each shelter, Norris said. us detect the virus early, she contracting the virus. Fox said. But because we got
Like: to the disease than adult There are about 210 shel- said. Its extremely hard to The Orange County animal all the cats isolated quickly,
cats. ters in the state and none of recognize sometimes, so luck- shelter has a notice about there is a very low risk of
Follow: @dailytarheel on Twitter They come in either them are exactly the same, ily we got a heads up from the virus posted in all adop- infection on the adoption
incubating the virus or are Norris said. They look at one of our veterinarians and tion rooms and is giving each floor.
Follow: dailytarheel on Instagram
already exposed because intake policies, isolation were able to get ahead of an adopter a flyer with informa-

Come wondering...
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Durham: 5400 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd administrators, staff and coaches
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September 5th from 12:30-1:30
The Clean Machine Fifth Floor Loudermilk
Carrboro: 104 W. Main St of the Blue Zone at Kenan Stadium
919-967-5104 Lunch will be provided

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The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3

New developments in Blue Hill District

The district will offer ment of traffic flow and the
areas lack of development.
Parker said its too early to
know residents reactions to the
housing, food and The town contributed $10
million to the project for
areas new development, but
there have been some concerns
entertainment. roads and infrastructure to about the Berkshire Chapel
help incentivize developers to Hill, one of the larger develop-
By Alexandra Gailey get involved, Bassett said. ments in Blue Hill District,
Staff Writer In 2014, commercial devel- because of walkability issues.
opers and investors became But on the other hand,
The northeastern edge of more involved in the districts there are people glad to see the
Chapel Hill, formerly known development after a form- area invested and are starting
as Fordham-Ephesus District, based code was adopted. A to see some new retail, Parker
is rebranding itself as Blue form-based code is a develop- said. In terms of what the built
Hill District. ment regulation that stream- environment looks like, its
The area covers around 180 lines development proposals to really kind of too soon to tell
acres between South Elliott the town manager for approval. how its all going to shake out.
Road, East Franklin Street, More than $125 million Tom Henkel, founding
Fordham Boulevard and has been invested in the area member of the Chapel Hill
Ephesus Church Road. Around through commercial develop- Alliance for a Livable Town,
$24,000 was allocated out of ers including Avison Young, believes the form-based code
Chapel Hills economic devel- Village Plazas Regency was contrary to what the
opment budget to market and Centers, Eastgate Crossings community wanted in 2014.
brand Blue Hill District, said Federal Realty, Quality Inns CHALT is a grassroots organi-
Dwight Bassett, Chapel Hills Atma Hotel Group and Elliott zation that opposes new devel-
economic development officer. Square Rams Development. opments in that they believe DTH FILE/NATHAN KLIMA
Bassett said the project Parker said the Blue Hill put small businesses and Workers prepare salads at Chopt, a new restaurant in the Blue Hill District.
was first proposed to Chapel District rebranding will take affordable housing at risk.
Hill town council in 2011 and time for citizens to get used to. Henkel said the original it is what the developers want- much autonomy because of what is being provided in Blue
there had been little invest- If those folks who are plan proposed in 2011 was a ed but I cant say for sure. the form-based code, Henkel Hill District.
ment in the area in decades. essentially the owners in the small area plan that called for Henkel said hes concerned said. He believes this is prob- I hope that in 10 to 20
Michael Parker, a Chapel area feel that this will help two to three story buildings with the proposed buildings, lematic because the town will years, well look back at this
Hill council member, said there their businesses and give with ample green space. which he believes will exac- have inadequate stormwater district and say, That was
were two reasons for pushing them something that they They just went ahead and erbate flooding. The town measures. a really great addition to
development in what is now can create an identity around, introduced this new code, has stormwater regulation in Bassett said residents are Chapel Hill, Bassett said.
Blue Hill District improve- then Im all for it, he said. Henkel said. My guess is that place but developers have too excited about the quality of

Podcast sheds light on internment life

By Eva Ellenburg them in a podcast with the ences inspired his interest camps, the Japanese-American Holning Lau, the law ment memorial organization
Staff Writer goal of inspiring compassion in the racial persecution of internees experienced isolation, schools associate dean for called Densho, said he hopes
for immigrants or other vul- Japanese-Americans. the harsh climate of western faculty development, said listeners will draw connec-
An elderly man goes miss- nerable groups. That story of the persecu- and southwestern states and a Mullers podcast is accessible tions between the prejudice
ing in the desert. A top-notch I realized that I have all of tion of an internal enemy ... is penal environment with armed and inclusive of groups other against Japanese-Americans
college student is prevented these little unknown vignettes a story thats very personal for guards and barbed wire. than just scholars. during World War II and
from graduating this is life that Ive uncovered in my me and very powerful, Muller Daily hardships are exactly I think Eric really has a the prejudice against other
under World War II Japanese- research that could really be said. I think I came to see what Muller wants to portray gift for taking this research groups in America today.
American internment, and very touching, to really help connections between the way in his podcast. Differing from that is very rigorous from My hope is that listen-
these are some of the stories people understand not the in which Japanese-Americans his scholarly articles, Mullers an academic standpoint and ers of the podcast will be
Professor Eric Muller plans legality of what happened I were scapegoated and the way podcast strays from the legal presenting it in a way that is able to see the similarities to
to tell through his podcast take as a premise that what in which my own family had issues related to Japanese- engaging to audiences beyond immigrants and American-
series, Scapegoat Cities, to be happened to them was a gross been scapegoated in Germany. American internment and academia, Lau said. Muslims today, Ikeda said.
released this fall. injustice but what does After the 1941 Japanese delves into everyday stories. Since the spring, Muller has Muller said the best way to
Muller said he grew injustice actually feel like? attack on Pearl Harbor, the What I want to do is produced eight podcast epi- prevent history from happen-
concerned with the increas- Muller said. U.S. government labeled all take you beneath those big sodes. He released the intro- ing again is to understand it.
ingly hostile rhetoric toward A Dan K. Moore Japanese-Americans as a ideas, down to the windswept ductory episode in July and If you want something to
immigrants after the 2016 Distinguished Professor of threat to the state. Forced to grounds of the camps where will release the first two sto- not happen again, you have to
presidential election. Inspired Law, Muller has researched give up their homes and busi- 115,000 different people lived rytelling episodes on Sept. 6. know what happened, Muller
by Nate DiMeos storytell- war-era Japanese-American nesses, about 115,000 people their 115,000 different lives The rest of the episodes will be said. You have to not just
ing podcast, The Memory incarceration for over 20 with Japanese heritage, mostly under common conditions of released bi-weekly, and Muller know what happened, but you
Palace, Muller decided to take years. Mullers paternal living on the west coast, were racial confinement, Muller plans to eventually produce a have to know why it was so
the obscure yet moving stories Jewish family suffered perse- transported to ten concentra- said in his introductory epi- total of 10 episodes. devastating to the people it
of Japanese-Americans held in cution under Nazi Germany. tion camps around the country. sode, available now on the Tom Ikeda, founder of a touched.
internment camps and narrate He said his familys experi- At these concentration Scapegoat Cities website. Japanese-American intern-

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tv. Generous fee. Contact: alisworthy@
Tutoring Wanted music on and go for it. your mind and meditate. Rely on your
and safe driving record. 919-619-4937 afternoon play, activities, homework. partners strength. Organize for effec-
Easygoing, fun, creative, missing her col-
SAT/ACT TUTOR $30/HR Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) tive coordination.
lege age sisters and ready for fun. $15/hr Tutor wanted for high school senior boy Today is an 8 -- Nows the time to
Autistic 13-year old girl. We are look- 919-219-8180 screenwriter, artist, and producer in Dur- to prep for SATs and ACTs. Once or twice make your move. Someone looks
ing for energetic and compassionate ham/Chapel Hill area. Must be computer Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
candidates with an interest in special
a week. This position is ideal for an un- especially fine. Show off what Today is a 9 -- Participate with your
AFTER SCHOOL CARE Looking for af- savvy on current apple software, refer- dergraduate who has recently prepared youve been practicing. Include the
education and autism. Experience pre- ter school care 3-6pm M-Th to help ences required, journalism and editing community. Public events, parties and
for these tests themselves! Please email unexpected. Weave your magic. meetings provide powerful results.
ferred but not required. Email Tricia at our elementary and middle school experience preferred. Will be transcrib- for details. people with snacks/homework/ ing documents and text. Can contact at Keep practicing together. Disciplined
chores/some driving. Near University 919-381-6884 HOMEWORK HELP/TUTOR Wanted for Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) teamwork pays off in a big way.
Mall. Clean driving record required. gregarious fifth grade girl. 2 or 3 times Today is an 8 -- Domestic duties
QUESTIONS? 962-0252 Car available to move the kids. sean. HIRING NOW: CATERING. Server, bar- per week, 2:45 - 3:45 M/W or for a hour require action. Throw yourself into Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) tender and supervisor positions for between 2:45 and 4:30 T/Th. $20/hr. a project and the results are better
all home UNC football and basketball Today is a 9 -- The spotlight is on,
Help others lead an Southern Village. sarahshapard@gmail. than expected. Power on for home and its your turn to shine. Perform
games. Catering experience NOT neces- com
independent and fulfilling life! CHILD CARE Seeking fun, reliable sary. Please email resume to rockyto- and family. the moves youve been practicing,
Full-time and Part-time positions sitter to drive and assist 12 yo w- if interested. Perfect TUTORING: LOOKING for a tutor for my and smile. A professional goal is
available helping individuals with homework. 3:15-4:30/5pm, M, W & job for students! junior high school son for US History and within reach.
intellectual and developmental
Th, $15/hr. Close to campus. Send Physical Sciences for a total of about 3
resume and 2 references to ray- ARE YOU PATIENT, reliable, and hrs/wk on week nights and week end. (c) 2016 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.
disabilities. This opportunity is caring? Seeking committed people Please send your resume to snr_19063@
GREAT if youre interested in to work with a 27 year old young
gaining experience related to man with autism. Help in participat-
your major/degree in nursing,
psychology, sociology, OT/PT, or NEED A PLACE
ing in activities in the community,
developing leisure skills, assisting Volunteering
other human service fields. individual in living in his own home, RESEARCH PARTICIPANTS NEEDED!
On the job training is provided. meal preparation, grocery shopping, Duke University Medical Center is con-
Various shifts available!
Entry-level pay starting
TO LIVE? household tasks and personal care.
Flexible hours, 25-40 hrs/week.
ducting a research study to help develop
new interventions for people who have
up to $11 per hour. difficulty managing emotions. To learn
To apply visit us at
more or to see if you qualify, visit www.
RECYCLE ME PLEASE! Pro000663 919-684-6714
4 Wednesday, August 30, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

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The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, August 30, 2017 5
BAITY HILL sentatives from the business
school and the dean of stu-
support meetings for residents,
after receiving an email from
recalled reporting a concern
to the University and the issue
become better as a community
and to help each other out,
vide support for members of
the UNC community.
FROM PAGE 1 dents office also attended. several community members. was resolved safely. In his two- Balasubramanian said. And Talmor said she used to see
notebook with entries about To preserve the fam- Blattner said students can and-a-half years as housing thats partly also because at Olowu with his son walking
depression and death. ilys privacy, the University report issues to any housing director, Blattner said he has UNC Kenan-Flagler, we are by around the Baity Hill com-
Victor Olowu told police revealed little information office during business hours never seen a case like this. nature a very tight community. munity, and though she never
his wife had struggled with about the details of Aug. 20. or to UNC police at all hours. Sridhar Balasubramanian, According to a student knew them personally, it is
mental health issues in the But at the meeting, the school When a reported incident senior associate dean of MBA in the MBA program, the painful to imagine what sort of
past, according to warrants. shared resources for psycho- is related to domestic violence, programs, said when a crisis University sent out several distress led to this action.
Several Baity Hill residents logical support and advised Blattner said the University happens that affects the MBA emails to its MBA students This kid has friends,
saw police cars, but it was an that residents report inci- typically involves UNCs Title community, they work with explaining some of the details Talmor said. This family has
Alert Carolina notification that dents of domestic violence. IX office or the Carolina UNC to provide students with of Aug. 20 and offering neighbors. And obviously it
morning that alerted them to UNC Housing Director Womens Center and refers the psychological resources and information on resources for affects all of us.
the issue. Later that day, the Allan Blattner said UNC people involved to a counsel- other support. He did not com- support. Blattner said UNC It hit us like a ton of
University held a meeting for Housing is working with ing service on or off campus. ment on Olowus specific case. Housing, the business school bricks, she said.
Baity Hill residents on campus members of the Baity Hill com- At the meeting, Blattner We are always think- and the dean of students have @rblakerich_
at the McColl building; repre- munity to organize additional said an audience member ing about what we can do to been working together to pro-

CHARLOTTESVILLE in the country.

Speaking of last weeks
attention it could bring to the
team. Still, Fedora ultimately
ed as the protests continued.
Clarke admitted hes stayed
should know a lot about it.
A third defensive lineman,
Different responses among
three players highlight the
FROM PAGE 1 Silent Sam rally, Fedora gave them the choice. apart from anything political, Jalen Dalton, had his own decisions college athletes must
school football in Ashburn, had made his stance on that Im always trying to sup- focusing more on preparing strategy. make in these situations
Virginia, about two hours from clear. As long as his play- port the people that are trying for North Carolinas home His phone was broken dur- whether to speak out or to stay
Charlottesville, where a rally to ers communicated with him to be more progressive in the opener against California on ing the Charlottesville protests, neutral.
keep a statue of Robert E. Lee beforehand, they were free to country in terms of equality, Saturday. He also said he sup- and he decided to stay off social For Crawford, the answer to
standing turned into two days attend. The same logic holds especially with the anti-rally, ports athletes speaking out media as much as he could. that question is a no-brainer.
of protests and violence earlier for any event of the sort. Crawford said of attending just as long as they know Crawford noted the team was He was visibly emotional while
this month. It is up to them, Fedora the protest. Of course I had what theyre talking about. shielded off from everything answering questions about
Its been difficult to said. All I ask is that they thoughts about it. Our platforms can form a during camp, so it wasnt too Charlottesville, taking a num-
assess, Crawford said. Ive dont surprise me. Jeremiah Clarke, one of lot of other peoples opinions, hard for Dalton to do. ber of pauses and long sighs as
got a lot of old teammates, Fedora said no one on his Crawfords teammates on the he said. I think we should I didnt really want to see he addressed the topic.
friends and family out in team ended up attending the defensive line, also grew up use it in a positive way and much on it, Dalton said. Just Its a tough spot in our
Charlottesville And even protest. Crawford said the about two hours away from bring light to certain situa- because I know, personally, it country right now, he said.
down here, my friends that coach advised his players to Charlottesville in Alexandria, tions. But it also takes knowl- wouldve affected me in a cer- Ill never deny that.
went out to the rally by Silent maybe not put (themselves) Virginia. He has family in the edge of the situation. So, if tain way. I didnt even need to @chapelfowler
Sam. Were at a difficult spot out there, citing the extra area who he promptly contact- were going to speak on it, we bother reading into it.

UNICORNBORO opposed to a name change,

but doesnt want that to over-
else about (the) town, and isnt
that what were trying to do if
he might take a great issue
with the way in which his
ence are so important to
shine a light on the institu-
building the community.
I think you could defi-
FROM PAGE 1 shadow potential systemic we are really seeking to be an namesake town has evolved, tional racism that this country nitely say that the progressive
and will continue to create. improvements. anti-racist society. she said. was built on. Its so woven into reputation and commu-
Im really proud of the way I think that (understand- Chaney said she also Pittsboro resident Jane the fabric of America that we nity identity the people of
Carrboro has continued to step ing Carrboros history), thats believes Carrboro today is the Stolper was in favor of the dont see it anymore. Carrboro have worked hard
out on issues statewide and important, she said. And opposite of what Julian Carr name change and said it brings Anything that brings that to build is a way of sticking it
(of) national importance, he more important to do before stood for. light to a much larger issue. stuff to peoples awareness I to the legacy of Julian Carr,
said. we entertain changing the I believe that Carrboro I love it. Heres the thing, think is great. he said.
Aldermen member Bethany name because changing the would be unrecognizable to Stolper said. It seems like More important than a @gregoryhall_
Chaney said she was not name doesnt change anything Julian Carr today, and in fact these acts of civil disobedi- name change, Seils said, is

VETO Why override a veto? much wrong with our state.

Rep. William Brawley, SPONSOR way to feel like theyre
doing well in the face of
within three months.
Being able to publicize
FROM PAGE 1 Rep. Larry Yarborough, R-Mecklenburg, said the FROM PAGE 1 upsetting and disturbing the work thats being done by
more controversial than the R-Granville, said there has to legislature voted to override people team up, bundle their behavior, Anderson said. I people that are spreading this
other vetoed bills. be a good reason to override Coopers vetoes because they forces against white suprema- hope people use it however hate and causing the harm
Jacob Greenblatt, president a veto and all of them dont think their policies were right cists, hate, bigotry and Nazis, they feel comfortable to they do online is a useful tac-
of UNC Young Democrats, come up for votes. and disagreed with the gov- we have a better chance to be whatever charities they want tic, Barrett said. Its a great
said the number of vetoes is If your bill is vetoed and ernors reasons for vetoing effective and be heard. as a response to a given opportunity to get involved
concerning. its overridden you have to them. Garret said a partnership comment. and do what I can to publicize
I mean of course the leg- convince a lot of people to Somebodys whipping in the future could be effec- Chairman of Chapel donate against hate.
islature has the constitutional support you, he said. votes and when theyve got tive to work against hate Hill and Carrboro City Anderson said above
power to override the gover- Yarborough said it the votes theyll ask for it to groups. Schools James Barrett all else, she wants people,
nors vetoes, he said. But I shouldnt be easy to pass laws come up or if they get the Anderson said she didnt said he saw Andersons including the University com-
think this really speaks to a or make changes with the way votes, he said. So well just expect the campaign to grow #DonateAgainstHate cam- munity, to get engaged.
larger problem of the fact that our government was designed. see what happens. But theyre the way it did and hopes paign on Facebook, which The point is to have a
the legislature doesnt rep- One of the things I believe on the calendar, so they could people will get involved. inspired him to get involved. productive outlet for speaking
resent what the people of here in Raleigh is that we prob- be overridden any day were Im excited because its He began his own fundraiser out against hate, Anderson
ably need to do as little as pos-
North Carolina want. in session. not about me, its about for the SPLC on Monday with said.
sible, he said. Theres not that people having a productive the goal of reaching $200

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Designers. Raleigh hosts annual
festival Honey Buzztival,
Join the staff of games featuring honey galore.
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Level: 1 2 3 4 Cats in the cradle

Applications due Friday at 4 p.m. A fatal virus swept across North Carolina animal
Complete the grid shelters targeting felines.
so each row, column
See pg. 2 for story.
and 3-by-3 box (in
bold borders) contains
every digit 1 to 9. Leaders decry violence
Solution to Want to drink at a
last puzzle younger age? Our editorial
board does. Check out the
opinion page.

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season are starting. Go
Heels! Visit @dthsports for our full coverage.

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Across 60 Bygone U.K. record 15 [Bo-ring!] 38 Listen up!

1 Brigantines pair label 18 Rank between marquis 40 Body part with a bridge
6 Necklace globule 61 Cars impact-absorbing and viscount 41 Its just over a foot
10 Touch gently structural feature 23 __ fringe: fanatical 46 __-baked potatoes
13 Sneezing sound 64 Suitable extremists 47 Film critic Pauline
14 Grade for exceptional 65 Comic/writer/activist 25 Colombian city 48 Third-stringers
work Izzard 26 __ cheese 49 Escapades
16 Gross! 66 Solitary sort 28 Make emphatically, as a 50 Passes over
17 Students all-nighter 67 Ed.s acquisitions point 51 Praises highly
19 Links figure 68 Italian wine region 30 Angel dust, for short 52 Maximum
20 Trek on a trail 69 Latin clarifier 31 Significant stretch 53 Macao Science Center
21 Lots 32 Sketchbook, e.g. designer
22 Martini garnish Down 33 __ Navy: discount 55 Sharpens
24 Keats __ on 1 Virile retailer 56 Like noble gases
Indolence 2 Bitterly pungent 34 Comfy lounging wear 59 Polo maker thats a Polo
25 Dessert with a 3 Seal the deal 36 Like aggressive rival

Reason #893 -
caramelized top 4 Heavy reading? investments 62 Nutritional abbr.
27 Verbal 5 Signal of distress 37 IV units 63 Philanthropist Broad
29 Former Inside the 6 Moisten while roasting
NFL host Dawson 7 __ salts

30 Correctional 8 Dress named for a letter
32 Issuer of bulls 9 Electronic musics Daft
35 Bridge support Punk, e.g.
39 Course of study that 10 Dilation target
may include forensics 11 Tequila source

Students can list

42 Trail 12 Red billiard ball
43 Sports figures
44 __ fit: tantrum
45 Tie-ending qtrs.
47 Boot

your subleases 48 Like a mid-17th

century English
54 Letter after

for FREE
57 Spider-Man:
actress Marisa
58 Je t__: French
I love you
59 Cookware
6 Wednesday, August 30, 2017 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel

Established 1893, 124 years of editorial freedom

Theyre going to continue to have to put up
climb the statue, fall down, get hurt.
Carol Folt, at the Faculty Executive Committee meeting on Silent Sam
Social justice is pretty much a euphemism
for left to far left political activism.
Kirk Kovach
Moderately Annoyed
Senior political science and com-
truthinnumbers, on UNCs increase in teaching program enrollment
munications major from Salisbury.

Email: LETTERS TO our No. 2 nationally rated

School of Public Health


Fluoridation article
theyll remind you that
billions around the world
would love the access to

are was incomplete

safe water we enjoy.

Prof. Mark Peifer

not my
After reading your article Biology
on local opposition to fluo-
ridation, I am concerned What it means to

about its incompleteness. return to campus
Of course, the article
could have mentioned that TO THE EDITOR:
there are no proven risks 2015 was perhaps the

hen most Americans associated with the con- worst year of my life: I
had their introduc- EDITORIAL sumption of small quanti- spiraled into a smothering

Tailgate for ftbol

tion to antifa, or ties of fluorine, that in fact depression, I dipped into
anti-fascist, groups, it was a all sources of water have the grip of alcoholism, and
peaceful collection of dispa- trace amounts whether it twice in the year, once in
rate peoples who opposed the was added or not, and that May and again in October,
white supremacists rallying in perhaps the unbalanced I checked into the UNC
Charlottesville. In that setting, Show up to soccer dont waste your time.
We should be cheer-
season no. 6 spot.
But this ranking will
reporting of this kind of Psychiatric Hospital over
they appeared docile. rhetoric is the reason poli- suicidal ideations.
This past weekend, though, games and reward ing on the teams who likely lead the womens ticians continue to be so When I had to make the
represent us well both squad to be a target, as
groups waving the same ban-
ners in Berkeley wreaked excellence. in the classroom and on they are ranked highest
hostile toward scientific
research and funding.
decision to pause my colle-
giate career, I was stricken

havoc on the streets. Their he soccer program the pitch. After the 2016 of the 6 ACC teams in the Maybe it could have sug- with so many conflicting
violence was unwarranted at UNC deserves season, the mens team preseason top 25. gested that a major differ- thoughts.
and largely against peaceful named 14 (40 percent) of With competition this ence between a developed I knew that I needed
way more hype
protesters, or in some cases, and less developed nation is help, and that help couldnt
than we give it. their players to the ACC stiff, conference play
random people in their path. the governments ability to be obtained while I was
In many ways, these are people For the extremely suc- Academic Honor Roll this season could eas- provide infrastructure for a student; however, the
who simply crave violence, and cessful teams that they and the womens team ily be decided by home even its poorest citizens. thought that leaving UNC
inject it into the ideology du are, we dont throw our bolstered an impressive 16 field advantage for both But that is not why I am would be the end for me
jour. All political violence is support behind them (53 percent) to the list. squads. writing. and any hopes for a life
dangerous and unnecessary. like we do our aggres- The ACC Honor Roll is Due to construction I am writing because I beyond my little town in the
Sure, certain antifa groups sively average football reserved for varsity ath- at Fetzer Field, home am concerned that people middle of nowhere battled
have been romanticized as team. This fall, we should letes with a 3.0 GPA or matches will be played at will walk away from the with these good intentions.
opponents of the so-called fas- dedicate our time, spirit higher for the academic alternate sites this year, article unaware of the true Throughout these two
cists of the far right. This cer- and tailgates to the teams year. (The football team mostly the WakeMed evil at OWASA: its single- years, that negative thought
tainly does not legitimize mili- with a legitimate shot at a only had 24 out of 115 complex. minded campaign against crept time and again,
tias from the left appearing on make the list, a meager 21 Both squads will need feces. Even as we speak, reminding me of every little
national championship.
the streets to meet them. Our workers are removing it thing that could happen.
In 2016, the mens percent). to lean heavily on fans
taxes already fund those who from our drinking water. But, I defied it.
should protect us: the police. and womens teams both Both teams are well- support during this tough, Why? Eating excrement It has been one year, 10
Another troubling aspect advanced to the NCAA equipped for two more awkward transition sea- makes our gut bacteria months and 13 days since
of antifa is their politics or Final Four, and just fantastic seasons in son. Carolina Fever is stronger and builds inner I left UNC, but as of this
lack thereof. Just as plenty missed a shot at a national 2017. The mens program offering a free shuttle for peace. If someone is wor- week, I am astoundingly
of upstanding conservatives championship. In the proved their right to a all students and double ried about health effects, proud to announce that I
loathe any association with history of UNC soccer, no. 4 pre-season ranking thats right, double they can simply go and get am a Tar Heel once more.
the alt-right, so should liberals the men have clinched with a decisive 6-1 win fever points for every a prescription for antibiot- These two years have
shed affiliations with the mili- two national champion- over Rutgers on Sunday. match. ics I know I can afford it. been important for me, and
tancy on the left. ships, while the womens But the competition is So grab your friends, The government should much has changed for the
Moderates should seek only going to get tougher some cornhole boards, a not be medicating us with good that I couldnt even
team has brought home
to remove themselves from so-called clean water. begin to touch on.
22. The womens class of from here with 6 of the cold drink and tailgate for
any association with these Whats important is
groups and their ilk. Violence 2016 was the first since Tar Heels ACC oppos- some ftbol games this Jacob Larson that many people at UNC
begets violence, and to sup- the programs establish- ing teams ranked in the fall because we all know Junior believed in me. Namely, Dr.
port antifa is to endorse their ment to graduate without national top 10. youre going to leave the Linguistics and French Maureen Windle, the direc-
radical worldview. The answer a national title, and theyre Similarly the womens football games at halftime tor of CAPS. Were it not for
to radicals is to elect officials back this season with a team won 4-2 in their anyway. the undying support she
who are responsible and call vengeance. Sunday match, ending Tailgates are best when Fake science should and others give, I wouldnt
out violence regardless of its If youre waiting for us USFs unbeaten streak. followed by Ws, and the not decide our water be here.
origin. That is what democracy to tell you about the last This left no doubt that real football teams will What makes UNC great
looks like; not propping up they deserve their pre- undoubtedly serve em up. TO THE EDITOR: is its people, without a
football national title,
leftists that would make Bernie In an era where science doubt.
Sanders blush. is more and more impor-
The chaos in Charlottesville tant to public policy and Solomon Stewart
resulted in a death. Violence EDITORIAL fake science is driving
bad outcomes, I was disap-
and murder are separate,

Beers for our peers

but the former can forewarn pointed by the recent cov- DTH does not censor
the latter. We should seek to erage by the DTH on water
distance ourselves from radi- fluoridation in Chapel online commenters
cal and potentially dangerous Hill. This subject is settled TO THE EDITOR:
groups on either side of the science, with a strong sci- It might please you to
spectrum. N.C. should limit, comparisons can muddy
the issue, though, because
wed like to point out that
lowering the drinking age
entific and public health know that your comments
Unfortunately, the perpetu-
ation of these fringe groups
not ban, alcohol for an all-or-nothing drinking doesnt mean legalizing
Despite this, the article
policy is more open than
the extremely restrictive
age statute is just one pub- reckless behavior.
gaining credence in our
national politics will have the
young adults. lic health tool to reduce Zero tolerance laws,
was largely devoted to the
opinions of few misguided
policy of The Cavalier
Daily (UVA). Lux Libertas.

opposite effect. Too often our eer and wine, alcohol-related tragedy which prohibit under-21 activists. In my mind, they Example of rejected com-
politics devolve into tribalism, served one drink (and its a particularly year olds from driving undercut their own argu- ments that dont please
and the last few years have blunt one). A better imple- with any measurable alco- ment. Barazandeh said, Its their anonymous screener:
at a time: thats not sufficient for OWASA
only compounded the issue. ment would be a statute hol in their bodies, have Hold on, this is wait-
how the North Carolina to only use the Center
As a nation, we lack the restricting alcohol pur- proven their effectiveness ing to be approved by The
desire for complexity in our General Assembly should for Disease Control and
chase for under-21 adults, in reducing highway fatal- Cavalier Daily.
disagreements. Instead of hon- let 18 to 20-year-olds Prevention and U.S. Public Sounds like The Daily
enjoy alcohol. rather than outright pro- ities, while not infringing
est debate, we erect straw men Health Service as referenc- Progress, which, inter alia,
While its something hibiting it a legislative on any adults reasonable es for making safe water.
and attack the worst parts of refuses to print letters criti-
of a youthful tradition to guardrail rather than a freedoms. They (OWASA) dont
our opposition to score cheap cal of CPB (NPR and PBS)
political points. But now, as malign the loftiness of our brick wall. N.C. already has such a want to look into any sci- funding.
concerning groups take to current minimum legal Such a law would ban law, and it should stay on ence or do any homework; Farmer Don
the streets with weapons, our drinking age, we take 18-to-20 year-olds from the books. In this case, we they just want to go by Removed
worst fears about each other this proposal to lower it buying alcohol in bulk agree with the principle whatevers being endorsed, Why does The Cavalier
and ourselves are materialized. (i.e., any more than one behind proponents of the she said. Daily delay and censor
seriously. After all, abuse
We should not magnify their drink at a time) while let- 21 minimum: prohibit I think the CDC and posts?
of alcohol exacts a huge PHS have done their
limited appeal by minimiz- ting them purchase beer immature brains from The Daily Tar Heel throws
ing the danger they present.
social cost on North homework. Perhaps these
and wine by the glass in mixing alcohol and cars, them up when submitted.
Suppressing any speech is a Carolinian society. activists would also like More freedom of expression
The most recent avail- restaurants and bars. and you prevent some
bad idea, and attacking white us to stop chlorinating the at Chapel Hill than at UVA?
able chunk of Center for The rationale behind tragedies on the roads.
supremacists validates their water as well Id prefer
Disease Control data on this reform is simple, Beneath our argument safe water, not typhoid
desire to march and spew Don Dotson
more hatred. The corners of the topic covering the but well-supported by for lowering the drink- and cholera. Ask people at Class of 60
society should not dictate how period of 2006 to 2010 research: the more expen- ing age lie two central
the rest of us live. shows that 2,767 deaths in sive alcohol is, the less assumptions. One is
Just because some of our
leaders seem averse to criticiz-
North Carolina stemmed people drink. A crucial
secondary advantage
that the state legislature
might forgo some federal
from excessive alcohol con- WRITING GUIDELINES
ing the fringe within their party, sumption. Furthermore, would be the pre-preemp- highway funds (8 percent
Please type. Handwritten letters will not be accepted.
principled conservatives and tion of a trickle-down of them) in the name of
many studies have con- Sign and date. No more than two people should sign letters.
liberals alike should condemn in effect (a feared conse- federalism and the com-
no uncertain terms the violence nected a minimum legal Students: Include your year, major and phone number.
drinking age of 21 (as quence of lowering the mon good. And two is that Faculty/staff: Include your department and phone number.
that is now so prevalent. drinking age wherein legal, guided, alcohol con-
compared to lower legal Edit: The DTH edits for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity. Limit
Millennials garbed in cos- voting-age high school sumption by 18-20 year letters to 250 words.
tumes with sticks and shields drinking ages popular in
should LARP in Central Park, states during the 1970s) to students buy alcohol for olds has some benefit for SUBMISSION
not terrorize the streets of concrete benefits. their younger classmates). that common good. Were Drop off or mail to our office at 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill,
Berkeley. These include decreased This type of legislation more confident in the lat- NC 27514
would still leave the stron- ter, but wed love to be Email:
alcohol-related traffic
fatalities among young gest argument for a hard- proven wrong.

9/1: MISTRESS OF QUIRK line 21-or-none approach, Not convinced? Lets EDITORS NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily rep-
people and reductions resent the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the
Evana Bodiker writes about the its effect on traffic fatali- meet someplace and talk.
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