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Begerow Product Line

Technical Information

Pre-coat Filtration

Support Sheet for Sterilization with Hot Water or Saturated

BECO ENDURA from Eatons Begerow Product
Line is a new type of washable, reusable support
sheet for pre-coat filtration in diatomaceous earth
frame filters that you can use to achieve
particularly high performance. Due to its improved
wet strength and optimized surface, a service life
of up to 30 pre-coating cycles is possible
irrespective of the liquid to be filtered and the filter
aids used.

Insertion of the Support Sheet

The outlet side of the BECO support sheet is smooth
and is marked by the pattern impression of the
production screen with the BECO filter sheet type and
batch number. The outlet side of the support sheet
should show against the filter plate outlet side for the
filtered liquid. The rough surface of the inlet side is
pointing into the direction of the diatomaceous earth
BECO support sheets must be well moistened after
insertion and before closing the diatomaceous earth-
frame-filter. Support sheets have a sensitive structure
that requires extremely careful handling during Sterilization
transportation, storage and insertion in the BECO ENDURA support sheets can be sterilized with
diatomaceous earth-frame-filter. Their structure can be saturated steam up to 250 F (121 C) or hot water at
destroyed by jarring, bending or scraping. Thus, the 185 F (85 C). For the purpose of energy
sheets should always be inspected for possible conservation during hot water sterilization, the filter
damage before final use in the diatomaceous earth- should be switched to circulation as soon as clear
frame-filter. sterilization water emerges. Final pressing of the plate
packet should be delayed until the filter has cooled
Filter Preparation
Prior to the first filtration, it is recommended to pre-
rinse the closed filter with 13.2 gal (50 l) of water per Performance of Pre-coat Filtration
square meter at 1.25 times the flow rate. As a rule, this Body feed with approx. 0.08 0.13 lb/ft
equals a rinsing time of 10 to 20 minutes, depending (400 600 g/m) coarse diatomaceous earth, e.g.,
on the application. Test the entire filter for leakage at TM
BECOGUR 3500 or BECOGUR 4500, alternatively
maximum operating pressure. TM
perlite, e.g., BECOLITE 4000.
High-proof alcohol solutions and products that cannot Uniform pre-coating of diatomaceous earth or perlite
be used with water for pre-rinsing should be circulated on the support sheet must be ensured through
for 10 to 20 minutes. Dispose of the solution after sufficiently high flow velocity. The optimum approach
rinsing. 2 2
velocity is 0.20 0.29 gal/ft /h (5 7 hl/m /h).
To ensure complete venting, a counter-pressure of
approx. 7.2 psi (50 kPa, 0.5 bar) should be set at the
outlet valve. During pre-coating of the filter complete
venting must be ensured.
Pre-coating with approx. 0.10 0.16 lb/ft Waste Disposal
(500 800 g/m) of filter aids or a mixture
corresponding to the current dosage. Here too, the BECO ENDURA support sheets can be disposed of
optimum approach velocity is 0.20 0.29 gal/ft /h with domestic waste or organic waste. Regional
(5 7 hl/m /h). regulations may apply. Certain ingredients of the
filtered liquids may lead to disposal restrictions.
The dirt holding capacity of the cake frames should be
considered during filtration. Set the mixing ratio of the
filter aids and dosage for optimum filtration results in Storage
terms of haze reduction and total throughput. Eatons
Begerow Product Line application engineers will be BECO ENDURA support sheets are intended for
happy to assist with this task. immediate use and should be used within 24 months
after delivery.
BECO ENDURA support sheets consist of adsorptive
Regeneration in Beverage or Food Applications materials. The product must be handled carefully
After completion of filtration and/or filling of the during transport and storage. It should be stored in a
diatomaceous earth frames, the used filter aids and dry, odor-free, and well ventilated place, under no
sediments are removed by washing this support sheets circumstances together with, or in the vicinity of
with a gentle water jet, or by careful use of evaporating chemicals, oils, fuels, etc.
compressed air, or by careful scraping off from the Do not expose support sheets to direct sunlight.
BECO ENDURA support sheet. Care must be taken
that the support sheets are not damaged.
The filter can be regenerated by rinsing with cold, Forms of Supply
warm or hot water. The optimum regeneration effect is The article number for BECO ENDURA support sheets
achieved with hot water at 176 F (80 C). The water is 29.200.
should be of suitable quality and biologically sound,
and it should be free from other forms of They can be supplied for all common types of
contamination. diatomaceous earth (DE) frame filters. Special formats
are available at request.
The filter should be rinsed in filtration direction. The
approach velocity should be at least 1.25 times the HS Customs Tariff: 4812 00 00
filtration velocity, but no higher than twice that value.
Rinsing is complete once clear water emerges at the
filter outlet. The diatomaceous earth frame filter can be Quality Assurance According to DIN EN ISO 9001
sterilized again.
The comprehensive Quality-Management-System of
Eatons Begerow Product Line has been certified
Product Characteristics according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Chemical and technical data: The certification confirms the functioning of the total
system of Quality Assurance from product
Dry material: > 96% development through contract controls, choice of
Residue on ignition: < 1% suppliers as well as acceptance controls, production
Thickness: 0.13 in (3.4 mm) and final examination all in the way to storage and
Bursting strength wet: > 101.53 psi dispatch.
(> 700 kPa, 7 bar) Extensive quality assurance measures comprise the
Water flow rate, adherence to technical criteria regarding the function
p = 14.5 psi: 105.3 gpm/ft as well as the confirmation of chemical purity and
( p = 100 kPa: 4290 l/m /min) quality recognized as safe under the German law
governing the production of foodstuffs and beverages.

Chemical Resistance All information is given to the best of our knowledge.

BECO depth filter sheets meet the requirements of
Impervious to organic, aqueous liquids in a ph value recommendation XXXVI/1 regarding the LFGB
range between 2 and 10 not impervious to cellulose (German Food, Commodity and Feed Act) by the BfR
dissolving liquids. (Federal Institute of Risk Assessment), and the test
criteria of FDA directive CFR 21 177.2260.

When used and handled correctly, there are no known
unfavorable effects associated with this product.
Further safety information can be found in the relevant
Material Safety Data Sheet, which can be downloaded
from our website.
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