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Correspondence with shareholders and debenture holders relating to dividends and interest,

transfer and transmission

Letter of allotment of debentures

A company collects short or medium term borrowed capital through public issue of debentures.
Debentures are issued according to the terms laid down in the trust deed and according to the
provisions of Articles of Association. These debentures are issued to the public by issuing
prospectus. Applications for debentures are received and its allotment is made by passing a
resolution in board meeting. After allotment, this decision is communicated to the allottees by
issuing letters of allotment of debentures.

1. Letter of Allotment of Debentures


50/A Bandra-Kurla Complex

Bandra(East), Mumbai-400051

Web: http://www disha

Tele. No.: 24761524

Ref.: Disha/72/2012-13 Date : 14th May, 2012.

Mr. Mukesh Naik

C/23, LIC Colony,

L.J. Road, Mahim, Mumbai-400096 '

Sub : Public Issue of 10,00,000 @ 12.5 % Non convertible Debentures of ? 100 each at par

Dear Sir,

In response to your application No. AES-1774 dated 19thApril 2012, I am directed by the Board of
Directors to inform you that you have been allotted 100 non-convertible debentures of T 100 each.
These debentures are allotted to you as per resolution passed at the Board meeting held on 8th
May, 2012 and as per the, terms and conditions of Debenture Trust Deed and Articles of
Association of the company.

Details of allotment are as follows

Foli Number of Distinctiv Amoun Due Adjuste Type Rate Tenure/

o Debentures e Nos. t Amt d of Maturity
Receive . amount Interes Date
d t

Applie Allotte Fro To Rs.

d d m

B- 100 100 201 30 10,000 Nil Nil Non 12.5% 7 years

674 0 Convertibl 08/05/201
e 9

Duly signed and executed debenture certificate will be sent to you on or before 30th May, 2012.

Thanking You. Yours faithfully,

For Disha Industies Ltd.



Payment of Interest

Debenture capital is borrowed capital. Return on investment in debentures is known as interest.

Company periodically pays interest through interest warrants sent alongwith letters for payment
of interest. This letter informs the debentue holders that interest on their debentures has become
due. It contains the details of interest payable to them.

2. Letter for Payment of Interest


50/A Bandra-Kurla Complex

Bandra East Mumbai-400051

Web: http://www disha

Tele No.: 24761524

Ref.: Disha/96/2011-12 Date : 24th Jan, 2012.

Mr. Ramchandra Bohare

H-4, Anil Housing Society,

Bhadkamkar Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400001.

Sub : Payment of interest on debentures

Dear Sir,

I am directed to inform you that the interest on your 100, 10% non convertible debentures of Rs.
100 each is due for payment.

The details of amount of interest payable to you are as follows :

folio no. Number of Distinctive Gross Amount T.D.S. Net Amount Interest
Debentures Nos. of Interest Rs. of Interest warrant
Rs. No.
From To

B-344 100 501 600 1000 Nil 1000 IW4888

The interest warrant is enclosed herewith.

Please acknowledge the receipt and oblige.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

For Disha Industries Ltd.


Encl : Interest warrant Secretary

Interest Warrant

Disha Industries Ltd

Interest Warrant 50/A, Bandra Kurla Complex, G

No. 4888 Bandra (East), Mumbai-400051.

Date : 17th Jan, 2012.

Pay Mr. R. Bohare a sum of Z One Thousand only.

Rs. 1000/

Bank of India

Shivaji Park branch

Mahim, Mumbai - 96.

For Disha Industries Ltd.,

1. _______________ Managing Director

2. _______________ Secretary