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August 13, 2010 • Volume 8, Issue 43

Published for those serving in the Republic of Korea

Mountain Bike Challenge

Zach Brainard (top left), 4th Chemical Company at Camp Hovey, Patrick Noble (bottom left), 19th Expeditionary Support Command at Camp Walker and Pak Sin-ae, Defense Distribution
Depot-Korea at Camp Carroll, participate in the Warrior Country 10-Kilometer Mountain Bike Invitational Challenge run on Casey Garrison and Camp Hovey Aug. 7. Brainard finished first
in the men’s open division in 33:30 and Pak finished second in the women’s division in 38:18. — U.S. Army photos by Kevin Jackson and courtesy photo by Jeffrey Rivers


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The Morning Calm

Published by
Installation Management Command Korea

Commander/Publisher: Col. David G. Fox

Public Affairs Officer/Editor: R. Slade Walters

Ulchi Freedom Guardian

Senior Editor: Dave Palmer

Commander: Col. Hank Dodge
Public Affairs Officer: Margaret Banish-Donaldson
CI Officer: Kevin Jackson
Staff Writers: Pfc. Mardicio Barrot, Pfc. Jin Choe and UFG 10 is another opportunity for us to 4. I am totally committed to achieving
USAG-YONGSAN work together and demonstrate our resolve to our training objectives for UFG 10 and I am
Commander: Col. William P. Huber ensure regional stability. equally insistent that we execute all training
Public Affairs Officer: Dan Thompson
CI Officer: Jane Lee 2. UFG 10 is the first exercise since safely. Leaders at all levels must implement
Staff Writers: Cpl. Kim Hyung-joon, President Lee and President Obama announced comprehensive risk management to identify
Pfc. Choe Yong-joon, Pvt. Hong Moo-sun
the decision to delay the transition of wartime hazards, enable controls, and reduce the overall
USAG-HUMPHREYS operational control until late 2015. UFG 10 risks to our personnel and equipment.
Commander: Col. Joseph P. Moore
Public Affairs Officer: Lori Yerdon represents an excellent opportunity to develop 5. Each of you has an important part in this
Writer–Editor: Steven Hoover
Designer: Cpl. Baek Joon-woo
the tenets of our Strategic Alliance 2015 plans exercise and I expect you to achieve victory
as we improve ROK/U.S. combat readiness and through discipline, dedication and teamwork.
Commander: Col. Terry Hodges
joint/combined interoperability. As we demonstrate our ability to successfully
Public Affairs Officer: Philip Molter 3. With units participating in Korea, defend the Republic of Korea (ROK), we
CI Officer: Mary Grimes
Staff Writers: PV2 Jang Bong-seok, PV2 Kim Min-jae
throughout Pacific Command (PACOM), ensure regional stability across northwest
Interns: Kim Seeun, Kim Min-yeong and at multiple locations across the United Asia and show the world that we remain an
This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for States, UFG 10 is one of the largest Joint agile, adaptive force capable of taking on any
members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Staff directed theater exercises in the world. challenge.
Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views Gen. Walter L. Sharp — U.S. Army photo
of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department Like our combined exercises in the past, Ulchi 6. We Go Together!
of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial 1. Ulchi Freedom Guardian 2010 (UFG Freedom Guardian affords the combined
content of this weekly publication is the responsibility
of the IMCOM-Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP 96205. 10) is about to begin and each of you has an team an opportunity to continue to develop
Circulation: 9,500 important role to ensure our success. The organizational structures and collaborate on WALTER L. SHARP
Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way ROK - U.S. Alliance has successfully deterred command and control relationships between General, US Army
connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive aggression on the Korean Peninsula for 57 years our militaries and our governments. Commander
written contract with the Contracting Command-Korea.
The civilian printer is responsible for commercial

Efficiencies initiative
advertising. The appearance of advertising in this
publication, including inserts or supplements, does not
constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental
Press of the products or services advertised. Everything
advertised in this publication shall be made available
By Jim Garamone
for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, American Forces Press Service
religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status,
physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other
non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary
violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by
an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to Robert M. Gates is putting meat on the bones
print advertising from that source until the violation of of his initiative to reform the way the Pentagon
the equal opportunity policy is corrected.
does business and to eliminate duplicative,
unnecessary overhead costs.
Oriental Press President: Charles Chong
Commercial Advertising During a Pentagon news conference today,
Telephone: 738-5005 Gates said the steps he is taking will help the
Fax: (02) 790-5795
E-mail: U.S. military fight the wars it faces now, and
Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758
Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post
help ready the force for the wars it may face
in the future. With these moves, the secretary
Phone: DSN 738-4068
said, he wants to instill a culture of saving in the
E-mail: department.
Money saved with these efficiencies will go
back into funding needed military capabilities.
CULTURE OF SAVING - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates conducts a press
“To be clear, the task before us is not to reduce
Visit us online the department’s top-line budget,” Gates said.
conference at the Pentagon, Aug. 9, 2010. Gates said he is taking steps to help the U.S.
military fight the wars it faces now, and help ready the force for the wars it may face in
The Morning Calm “Rather, it is to significantly reduce its excess the future. With these moves, the secretary said, he wants to instill a culture of saving overhead costs and apply the savings to force in the department. – DoD photo by Cherie Cullen
structure and modernization.”
President Barack Obama has programmed in The secretary also announced a number of scale – especially in the information technology
real growth of between 1 and 2 percent into future of immediate steps he will take. Gates said he arena.
years’ defense budgets, but that is not enough to will reduce the funding for support contractor “All of our bases, operational headquarters
maintain today’s warfighting capabilities and personnel by 10 percent a year for the next and defense agencies have their own IT
modernize, which requires roughly 2 to 3 percent three years. infrastructures, processes and application-ware,”
real growth. The savings in overhead are crucial Gates is freezing the number of office of Gates said. “This decentralized approach results
to making up that difference, Gates said. the secretary of defense, defense agency and in large cumulative costs, and a patchwork of
Earlier this year, the secretary tasked the combatant command manpower positions at the capabilities that create cyber vulnerabilities and
services to find $100 billion in overhead savings fiscal 2010 levels for the next three years. He said limit our ability to capitalize on the promise of
over the next five years. “This exercise is well this is just a first step to studying these leadership information technology.” The secretary directed
under way, as the services are evaluating their organizations. the department to increase the use of common
programs and activities to identify what remains a “We will conduct a ‘clean-sheet review’ to information technology functions.
Submitting to critical priority and what is no longer affordable,” determine what our people should be doing, The Pentagon is awash in reports; the secretary
The Morning Calm Weekly
Send Letters to the Editor, guest commentaries,
he said. “They are all planning to eliminate where, at what level of rank in keeping with the is freezing the overall number of required
story submissions and other items: headquarters that are no longer needed and department’s most critical priorities,” he said. oversight reports, and he will immediately cut by reduce the size of the staffs that remain.” He is also freezing the number of senior a quarter the money allocated to the effort.
Gates also authorized the services to consider Defense Department leaders at fiscal 2010 levels. The department similarly has a number of
For all submitted items include a point of con-
tact name and telephone number. All items are
consolidation or closure of excess bases and other He will appoint a senior task force to assess the boards and commissions that have outlived their
subject to editing for content and to insure they facilities. It is a measure of Gates’ determination number of positions for general and flag officers, usefulness. He directed that the department
conform with DoD guidelines. to save money that he has proposed this, he senior executive service employees and political eliminate those boards no longer needed and
noted, since Congress has made it almost appointees. “At a minimum, I expect this effort an overall funding cut of 25 percent for these
IMCOM-K Public Affairs
and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located
impossible to close bases. “But hard is not to cut at least 50 general and flag officer positions boards.
at IMCOM-K, Yongsan Garrison. impossible, and I hope Congress will work with and 150 senior civilian executive positions over
For information, call 738-4068. us to reduce unnecessary costs in this part of the the next two years,” he said.
defense enterprise,” he said. Gates also pushed the potential for economies — See GATES, Page 4 —

MP Blotter
The following entries were excerpted
from the military police blotters. These
entries may be incomplete and do not
imply guilt or innocence.

USAG Red Cloud:

Simple Assault; Failure to Pay Just
Debt; Subject #1 and Subject #2
attempted to leave without rendering
proper payment at Hong-ga Restaurant.
When Victim #1 attempted to stop
Subject #1 and Subject #2, Subject
#1 grabbed Victim #1 from behind by
the neck and threw Victim #1 to the
ground. Subject #1 was apprehended
by Korean National Police and was
transported to the Korean National
Police Station. Subject #1 was
processed and released into Military
Police custody. Subject #1 was
administered a Portable Breath Test
with a result of 0.183% Breath Alcohol
Content. Due to Subject #1’s level
of intoxication, Subject #1 was not
advised of Subject #1’s legal rights and
was processed and released to Subject
#1’s unit with instructions to report to
the PMO at a later time. Subject #1 later
reported to the PMO where Subject #1
was advised of Subject #1’s legal
rights, which Subject #1 waived and
rendering a written sworn statement
denying the offenses. Investigation
continues by Korean National Police
and Military Police.

USAG Yongsan:
Unlawful Possession of Weapon;
Subject #1 was observed holding a
set of brass knuckles in Subject #1’s
hands. Subject #1 was apprehended
and transported to the PMO where
Military Police detected an odor of
an alcoholic beverage emitting from
Subject #1’s person. Subject #1
was administered a Portable Breath
Test, with a result of 0.119% Breath
Alcohol Content. Due to Subject
#1’s level of intoxication, Subject #1
was processed and released to their
unit with instructions to return to the
PMO at a later time. Subject #1 later
reported to the PMO where Subject
#1 was advised of their legal rights, Opened in 1994, the largely museum-like War Memorial of Korea in Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea offers visitors an educational,
which Subject #1 waived rendering a yet emotional experience of the many wars in which Korea was involved. — Courtesy photo Dave Palmer
written sworn statement admitting to
the offense. Subject #1 was processed
and released to Subject #1’s unit. This SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Off–post events and activities
is a final report.

USAG Humphreys:
Failure to Obey Policy Memorandum; Gangneung Danoje Festival slides with a thrill factor on par with roller hangover brought upon it by half a century
Subject #1 left three children unattended The Gangneung Danoje Festival is an coasters; and a wide selection of swimming of breakneck urbanization and industrial
inside a vehicle. A search for Subject international celebration that has been pools await visitors. But something special development, and becoming a place to
#1 by Military Police met with positive designated as an ‘Intangible Cultural about Korea’s water parks is that many of enjoy clean water and fresh air.
results. Subject #1 and the children Asset’ by UNESCO. During the festival, them also have hot spring spas including
were escorted to the PMO where
visitors may enjoy traditional folk games Jjimjilbang (Korean style sauna), allowing Temple Stay
Subject #1 was advised of Subject
#1’s legal rights, which Subject #1 played on Dano while sampling traditional you to relax and recharge after a fun-packed Temple stays are a unique opportunity
waived rendering a verbal statement Dano cuisine. Two of the main festival day. for foreigners to live in a Buddhist temple
admitting to the offense. Subject #1 events are the cultural performances: and learn about and experience Korean
was processed and released to Subject ‘Danogut,’ a ritual performed to ask Ttukseom Buddhist culture. It is a great experience
#1’s sponsor. This is a final report. spirits for the good health and happiness Once a sandy spit on the Hangang River that will recharge you.
USAG Daegu: of people; and the ‘Gwanno’ masked where Korea’s kings went to fire off
Assault Consummated by a Battery; dance, a traditional masked dance where arrows. Now, the peninsula is home to Take a walk down ‘Seoul-gil’
Victim #1 and Subject #1 were involved the ‘nobles’ and ‘commoners’ of society the sprawling greenness of Seoul Forest, Known as ‘Bukchon’ since the Joseon
in a verbal altercation which turned mingle together. one of the city’s most important natural Dynasty (1392-1910), 600 year of
physical when Subject #1 tripped spaces, which, unbelievably, was designed Seoul’s history are proudly reflected in
Victim #1 and struck Victim #1 in the
Korea’s Water Parks in 2003 and opened only in mid- 2005. Its this quaint little area filled with hanok.
facial area with Subject #1’s hand.
Upon arrival of Military Police Victim The sweltering heat creeps up on us southern, western and northern shores are One of the unique characteristics of this
#1 and Subject #2 were transported quickly here in Korea and there is always lined with cycle paths, while the southern particular town is that it is a “living hanok
to the PMO. Subject #1 was advised a need to keep cool. Going to a water shore doubles as the bank of the Hangang neighborhood,” where people still live
of Subject #1’s legal rights, which park in Korea is one of the most fun River and forms one of the key sect ions and carry out business in these beautiful
Subject #1 waived rendering a written things to do to cool off in the summer. of the Hangang River Park. Once beloved traditional houses. Chock full of museums,
sworn statement denying the offense.
Of course, things like wave pools that by Seoulites as a place to relax and play, craft studios and art galleries, this area is
Subject #1 was processed and released
to Subject #1’s unit. Investigation replicate an ocean of rolling waves; Ttukseom is now breaking through the the perfect place to take a leisurely walk.
continues by Military Police.
Source:,,, — No endorsement implied.

By Col. Hank Dodge

Commander, U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud

You – each and every one of you – are our first line
of defense against terrorism!
Our Army has designated August as Antiterrorism
Awareness Month. Not just this month, but every
single day throughout the year, I need you to be
vigilant. Specifically, I need your help to identify
and report any potential threats to the security of our
installations in Warrior Country and the safety of our
Soldiers, civilian employees and family members who
work, live and play on them.
As your garrison commander, I want you to
know that antiterrorism is my utmost concern. But Col. Hank Dodge — U.S. Army photo
I’m realistic enough to know that my staff and I can’t any suspicious activities you may see, I also want
do it alone. We need each of you to be smart about you to know that my team and I will be leading the
antiterrorism. Be vigilant and report any kind of charge against antiterrorism on installations in Warrior
unusual or suspicious activity. I can’t say that enough. Country.
You truly are our first line of defense. During Ulchi Focus Guardian, one of the largest
So, what is unusual or suspicious behavior? It could joint staff theater directed exercises in the world, my
be something as seemingly harmless as people drawing staff and I will be exercising our force protection
or measuring buildings; strangers asking questions measures and our counter-terrorism techniques.
related to buildings or installation security; briefcases, This is another opportunity for us to look for our
suitcases, backpacks or packages left unattended; a vulnerabilities and make improvements to our force
person wearing clothing that is too big or hot for the protection plan.
weather; chemical smells or fumes; people purchasing Under the mantra “See something, say something”
uniforms without the proper credentials or even people the Army’s iWatch program will prepare you to be
who are isolated, emotionally withdrawn or who have our first line of defense by raising your awareness and
grievances against someone or any organization. helping you identify potential threats. If you haven’t
The mistake we cannot afford to make is to think already done so, I strongly encourage you to visit the
that the face of terrorism is different from our own. It USAG Red Cloud Web site and watch the four short
may not be. You may recall Timothy McVeigh, the anti-terrorism videos.
Army veteran who was awarded the Bronze Star for his I’ll also be doing my share to get even smarter about
service in the first Gulf War. antiterrorism by attending the Army Management
On April 19, 1995, McVeigh along with two co- Staff College course – Army Installation Anti-
conspirators blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Terrorism/Force Protection Level 4 Course – at Fort
Building in downtown Oklahoma City, Okla., killing Belvoir later this month.
168 people, including 19 children under the age of 6. With your help, I know that together we’ll raise
My point is simple: Terrorists are not of one race, color, awareness levels and make our installations even
creed or religion. safer for Soldiers, civilian employees and their family
While I’m urging you to get involved and report members. We are the Army’s home.

GATES from Page 2

The secretary also is looking for efficiencies Gates also will eliminate the Business
in the department’s intelligence apparatus. Transformation Agency. The agency – with
He has directed an immediate 10 percent 360 people and a budget of $340 million – will
reduction in funding for intelligence advisory transfer responsibilities to other offices.
and assistance contracts and a freeze in the The secretary is recommending eliminating
number of senior executive service positions. U.S. Joint Forces Command. The command
He also is moving to end needless duplication is the arbiter and proponent for joint training,
in the intel business. doctrine and operations in the military, he said,
“I have directed a zero-based review but it means an extra layer in the bureaucracy. It
of the department’s intelligence missions, is one of five four-star commands that need to
organizations, relationships and contracts be involved in sending a military working dog
to be completed by Nov. 1,” Gates said. team to Afghanistan, Gates said during a speech
James Clapper, the new director of national in Abilene, Kan., earlier this year.
intelligence, has expressed interest in doing the But driven by joint experience in Afghanistan,
same for civilian intelligence organizations, the Iraq and around the world, the secretary noted,
secretary said. the need for such a joint advocate has lessened.
Finally, the secretary is closing two defense Training and generating joint forces still is
offices and recommending the closure of important, as is developing and testing joint
a combatant command. The secretary is doctrine. But it does not “require a separate
eliminating the offices of the assistant secretary four-star combatant command, which, in the
of defense for network integration and the case of [Joint Forces Command] entails about
Joint Staff’s section for command, control, 2,800 military and civilian positions and
communications, and computer systems. “Their roughly 3,000 contractors of all kinds at an
operational functions will be assigned to other annual cost of at least $240 million to operate,”
organizations, and most of their acquisition Gates said.
functions will transfer to acquisition, technology The secretary said the department will help
and logistics,” Gates said. employees affected by these closings.

Strategic planning takes aim at services, delivery

By Franz Philippe
USAG Red Cloud Plans, Analysis and
Integration Office

CASEY GARRISON – U.S. Army Garrison

Red Cloud command and staff members
gathered at Casey Garrison’s Warrior’s Club
July 26-27 for a strategic planning session
to improve, align and fully deploy the newly
released Installation Management Campaign
Plan in Warrior Country.
Directorate and special staff business
and action plan development was one of the
conference’s primary goals. Garrison staff
evaluated every IMCP performance objective
and metric to ensure garrison resources and
efforts focus on achieving the desired objective-
fully supporting Soldiers, civilian employees
and family members.
The Installation Management Campaign
Plan released March 5 represents IMCOM’s
overall strategy for achieving its objective. That
objective, according to the IMCP, states that
Army installations are the Defense Department
standard for infrastructure quality and are the U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud commander Col. Hank Dodge addresses his staff during a strategic planning conference
provider of consistent, quality services that are July 27 at Casey Garrion’s Warrior’s Club. — U.S. Army photo by Rob Haynes
a force multiplier in supported organizations’
mission accomplishment, and materially in the delivery of services and capabilities to emerging community needs, or redesign or introduced in Warrior Country. The IMCP
enhance Soldier and Family well-being and all Red Cloud Garrison and Casey Garrison improve current service delivery. Simply put, enables garrison planners to focus on key areas
readiness. community members. The performance of relevant community feedback helps the garrison to ensure a tour in Warrior Country is not only
In essence, the IMCP provides the these services and capabilities is measured in make the community a better place to live, work the best in Korea but the best in the Defense
foundation and a road map for each Soldier, many ways. and play for everyone. Department.
civilian employee and family member to One of the key measurements of the plan’s “The Strategic Planning Conference was a USAG Red Cloud will face some challenges
understand their role in supporting the success is the voice of the customer. Community committed effort that will be extremely valuable in the coming six years, but the commander is
community. Through the IMCP, USAG members provide valuable customer feedback in stimulating improvements in the quality confident his team is on the right track.
Red Cloud delivers sustainable installation through systems such as the Interactive of garrison services to the warfighter and our “I am happy to report the USAG Red Cloud
communities that enable strong Soldiers and Customer Evaluation, known as ICE, or customer base,” said Scott Louoverture, USAG team is well on its way, having successfully
resilient families for a mission-ready division during face-to-face focus group sessions and Red Cloud’s director of logistics. mapped out a solid, achievable plan to ensure
and Army. community town hall meetings. Transformation within the garrison is fluid the best possible service for our customers,”
The campaign plan focuses garrison resources This customer feedback is important and dynamic and has become increasingly said Col. Hank Dodge, Red Cloud Garrison
along six “lines of effort” to achieve excellence because it enables the garrison to respond to family-centric since tour normalization was commander.

Dream English Camp brings students inside Casey Garrison

By Pfc. Jin Choi In between serving the students a western-
USAG Red Cloud Public Affairs style lunch at the terrace outside the USO,
the Soldiers were busy answering the student’s
CASEY GARRISON – “Do Dream” is the never-ending barrage of questions. ”What is that
Dongducheon slogan and that may have been building for?” ”What are they doing?” ”Where
how students from the city were feeling when are we going after lunch?”
arrived inside the installation here for the one- While the students received an inside look
day Dream English Camp July 23. at the U.S. Army others couldn’t attend because
Many Koreans throughout the peninsula of the limited space.
are curious about what is behind the mammoth “More students wanted to join this program
perimeter walls that surround U.S. Army but there’s a limit to come in here so I would
installations in South Korea. Forty-two like to bring more students later,” said Kang
Dongducheon students from 8 to 15 years of Mi-ja, vice principal of Dongduchon Middle
age who were selected for the tour based on School. “Our students are interested in meeting
their academic standing awoke on this day at the western people and want to practice English. I
Dream English Camp to receive a tour inside think the students who are attending today are
the installation. enjoying the tour.”
Aside from getting to look around behind K i m Yo o n - j u , a 7 t h g r a d e r f ro m
the walls, many students were eager to test Dongducheon Girl’s Middle School, made
Students from Dongducheon participating in Dream English Camp are served
their English and many more wanted to attend good use of the opportunity. “I always want
a western style lunch by 1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment Soldiers
but could not because of the limited number to practice my English but there’s no place to
from Camp Hovey during the Dream English Camp July 23 at Casey Garrison.
of spaces. practice,” she said. “Me and my friends are
– U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Jin Choi
“Many friends of mine would like to interested in meeting western people to talk.”
participate in this English Camp to improve culture. American currency ranging from one dollar to After lunch, the Soldiers escorted the
their English ability” said Kim Yoon-joo, a Lt. Col Richard Fromm, Casey Garrison one hundred dollar bills. students to Dragon Valley training area on
7th grader from Dongducheon Girl’s Middle commander, welcomed the students to the “Is there somebody who knows the first Camp Hovey where they posed for individual
School. “Luckily, I was chosen to join this installation and even fielded a few questions secretary of state in America and also the and group photographs in front of an old
program.” about the U.S. Army and 2nd Infantry Division third president of the United States are?” she tank.
The United Services Organization at Casey before sending the students out with their hosts asked the curious students. Following a short “It was good time to show them how we live
Garrison has supported Dongducheon’s twice- – 21 Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 15th Field silence, Kwon Ka-kyeong, a 6th grader from on base as Soldiers in Korea,” said Pvt. Vicky
a-year English camp program for four years. Artillery Regiment at Camp Hovey. Dongducheon Sangyeon Primary School, Alexander, a petroleum supply specialist for
The program gives middle and high school At first stop on the tour, Community confidently answered “Thomas Jefferson.” She the 1-15th Field Artillery Rgmt. “They can see
students from the city an opportunity to practice Bank employee Yi Hye-won talked about the was delighted to collect a one dollar bill for our culture. I’m glad to let them know about
speaking English and experience American financial institution and showed the students answering the second part of the question. our culture.”

News & Notes Soldiers gorge on tacos for AAFES gift cards
School Positions
Casey Elementary School is looking for a
speech pathologist, elementary gifted and
tech instructor, middle school classroom
teacher, lunch room monitors, teacher’s
aides and substitute teachers. For more
information, call 730-6444 or 011-383-

Free and Reduced Price School Lunch

Parents of students who may be eligible
for free or reduced price school lunches
should visit the Financial Readiness
Program Office in Casey Garrison’s Army
Community Service, bldg. S-2306, to
complete and submit an application. The
FRP Office is open Monday through Friday
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Applicants should
bring copies of the following documents:
sponsor’s orders, most recent leave
and earnings statement, an LES for any
working spouse and a military identification
card. Applications for free and reduced
price meals will be accepted throughout
the year. For more information, contact the
FRP Office at 730-3142/3107.

Pet Clinics
The 106th Medical Detachment (VS) will
conduct pet clinics from 9 a.m. to noon,
Monday, and from 1 to 7 p.m., Tuesday,
in a Veterinary Hospital Tent set up across
the street from Casey Garrison Community
Activities Center, bldg. 2236. The clinic
will include routine preventative medicine Soldiers from Casey Garrison participate in a taco eating contest sponsored by the Army and Air Force Exchange
such as vaccines, microchips, heartworm Service at the installation July 23. The winner, Pfc. Samuel Manit from Headquarters and Headquarters Battery,
testing, FeLV/FIV testing, pet registration 1st Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment, ate 15 mini tacos in 5 minutes and 20 seconds and received a $50
and health certificates for dogs and cats. AAFES gift card. The runner-up, Pfc. Michael Long from the 55th Military Police Company, received a $25 AAFES
Owners should bring their pet’s records gift card. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Mardicio Barrot
and a stool sample. For more information,
call 732-7434.

Town Hall Meeting

There will be a town hall meeting for
Red Cloud Garrison leaders urge safety
members of the Warrior Country community
from 3:30 to 5 p.m., Aug. 26 in the Casey Pedestrians, drivers told to remember situational awareness, speed limits
Garrison Community Activities Center.
Topics include back-to-school information,
By Margaret Banish-Donaldson
a Casey Elementary School tour, newcomer
information and information about important
USAG Red Cloud Public Affairs
upcoming community events and service
support programs. RED CLOUD GARRISON — Warrior
Country officials used a recent safety council
Labor Day Festival advisory meeting to urge Soldiers and family
USAG Red Cloud will host a Labor Day members pushing baby strollers on Red Cloud
“Open Post” Festival from 3 p.m. to 1 Garrison installations to watch out for vehicular
a.m., Sept. 3 at Casey Garrison. For more traffic by practicing good road safety habits and
information, pick up the August edition of In
situational awareness.
the Zone magazine.
“I received a number of complaints from
Employment Opportunity people that drive vehicles,” said Richard
The Choctaw Archiving Enterprise is Davis, USAG Red Cloud deputy to the
looking for a full-time administrative commander. “There was an observation that
assistant to work in its Casey Garrison Soldiers and family members are not aware of
office. Applicants should have a high their surroundings when walking in the streets,”
school diploma or equivalent, secretarial he said.
or business office experience or education, Davis explained that walking in the streets
experience in a health-related field, good
creates a safety hazard, especially during hours
computer skills and type 40-60 words per
minute. Applicants must be a U.S. citizen.
of darkness. The deputy to the commander
To apply, send a resume and cover letter encouraged pedestrians to stay on the sidewalks
to For more where they exist. Spouses who visit the Pear Blossom Cottage on Red Cloud Garrison push
information, call (210) 525-1398. “We are constructing new sidewalks to help their children in strollers up the street on the back side of the installation
resolve this problem,” Davis said. “But in the where sidewalks don’t exist. The lack of sidewalks on some Warrior Country
Patriot Express Route mean time, Soldiers and family members need installations concern garrison leaders who are urging pedestrians and drivers to
Effective Oct. 1 the Patriot Express route to be aware of their soundings and watch out exercise good good situational awareness and safety procedures. — Courtesy
back to the United States will change. A for vehicular traffic while walking along the side
Thursday flight will depart Osan Air Base
photo by Priscilla Stolpe
of the street. Where no sidewalks are available,
and head directly to Seattle, which will
permit more passengers from South Korea
people need to stay close to the shoulder of the vigilant. “My top concern is the safety and security of
to get seats. The Tuesday route will fly road on the left side, facing traffic.” Drivers of military and privately-owned our workforce and their families,” he said. “Since
from Osan Air Base to Yokota Air Base to With more families getting command vehicles must also be vigilant. Davis said it is we are now a command sponsored area, we have
Misawa Air Base before arriving in Seattle. sponsorships in Warrior Country – an area imperative for drivers to obey the posted speed more vehicles on our roads. Our goal is not to
Fewer passengers from South Korea will that previously had a very limited number of limit or drive even slower depending on the lose or injure a single servicemember, civilian or
get seats on this route. families – the population on the installations is road conditions. family member due to an accident.”
growing and pedestrians need to be increasingly

Gash rides away with mountain bike title

By Kevin Jackson
USAG Red Cloud Public Affairs

CASEY GARRISON – It didn’t involve the

jostling of NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson and Kurt
Busch rivalry. But the renewed competition
between top-notch athletes – Warrior Country’s
Richard Gash and Humphrey Garrison’s
Nathan Stahl in the Warrior Country 10-km
Mountain Bike Invitational Challenge Aug.
7 – didn’t lack any of the intensity.
Gash, assigned to Headquarters and
Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade Special
Troops Battalion at Camp Hovey, beat his
competitor from Headquarters and Services
Company, 602nd Aviation Support Battalion,
to the finish line by 57 seconds. Nathan Stahl, Headquarters and Services Company, 602nd Aviation Support
It was a second time for Gash, who three Battalion, Humphreys Garrison, leads a pack of riders up the initial off-road hill
weeks earlier beat Stahl by only 19 seconds behind the 2nd Infantry Division’s land navigation course. Stahl finished second
for first place in the men’s senior division of in the men’s senior division in 27:31. — Courtesy photo by Jeffrey Rivers
the 8th Army Triathlon. While they have a
habit of competing for first place, Gash was before proceeding to building 27 and back to “She had me on the [off-road] but I caught
more focused on how the weather affected the finish line at Carey gym. her on the road.”
the course. For the third time in four weeks, the During his pre-race safety brief Randy Behr,
“The rain did make it more challenging, weather played a prominent role in a sports Warrior Country sports director, repeatedly
especially since you couldn’t go as fast down event here. Beginning the previous evening urged the participants to put safety before
the hills. You had to be careful and also up and throughout race day, Dongducheon was competition. But these were thrill-seeking
hills, it made it more challenging with the loose pelted with 4 inches of rain, according to the participants, who accept the risks of bumps
rocks and the dirt made the tires spin,” said the Korea Meteorological Administration. While and bruises – rain or shine – as part of the
36-year-old, Bay Village, Ohio native. the temperate was a modest 77 degrees the competition and they enjoyed the course.
The 10-km course took the riders from the riders endured 92 percent humidity. “The course was interesting enough,” said
Carey Physical Fitness Center past the Warrior’s “It was my first time trying [a mountain Bob Maurio from the Defense Distribution
Club and back to Schoonover Bowl where bike event] and it was kind of hard to get used Depot-Korea at Camp Carroll, who finished
they began the off-road ride through the land to the wet conditions,” said Zach Brainard, first in the men’s master division (40 years
navigation course that included several hills. the 29-year-old Boston native from the 4th and over) in 30:18. “It would have been nice
“It was hard not having any spatial indication Chemical Company at Camp Hovey, who if there were just a little bit more trail, but
how long the hills were,” said Jason Alvis, Army finished first in the men’s open division (29 it was a pretty good mix of trail and road.
Special Operations Forces Liaison Element- years and under) in 33:30. It was just the right level of difficulty for a
Korea at Camp Coiner, who finished third in Sarah Stahl from HCS, 602nd Avn. Bn., bunch of people who probably hadn’t ridden
the men’s senior division. “I was trying to keep who along with her husband, Nathan, has much trail.”
up with the first place guy and couldn’t do it.” participated in several recent endurance The 8th Army doesn’t have a mountain bike
The first large incline forced all participants events here. While the 29-year-old, Merrill, championship event. Behr said he is organizing
Richard Gash runs in the front of – regardless of skill level – to walk at least part Neb. native’s only similar experience was an extreme sports competition billed as the
the pack during the Warrior Country of the way to the summit before riding downhill from two Xterra triathlons in Ruston, La., 2nd Annual Ultra Fitness Challenge for March
10-Kilometer Mountain Bike Invitational to exit Papa Gate and ride to the Camp Hovey and the weather posed a challenge, her focus 27, 2011. It features a 5-km bike race, tire flips,
Challenge on Casey Garrison Aug. 7. theater and gym. The riders then entered trail was elsewhere. an obstacle course while carrying a 35-pound
— Courtesy photo by Jeffrey Rivers gate three and followed it through trail gate one “I wanted to beat [Pak Sin-ae],” she said. rucksack and a series of sprints.

Lady Warriors softball stars

vie for All-Army roster spots
USAG Red Cloud Public Affairs plays several infield positions for the Lady
RED CLOUD GARRISON – Four Trina McGee, who is assigned to the
Soldiers from Warrior Country were 25th Transportation Bn. in Daegu will
among the five players from South Korea also participate in the tryout.
invited to participate in the All-Army The five players from South Korea will
women’s softball tryouts from Aug. 25 to compete against 20 others for spots on
Sept. 17 at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. the All-Army team, which will play in the
Repeat outfielders Veronica Bangi, All-Armed Forces Softball Tournament at
629th Medical Company Area Support, Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla., Sept.
Red Cloud Garrison, and Shannika Taylor, 18-24.
Company C, 304th Signal Battalion, Those players from the All-Army team
Camp Stanley, are vying for spots on the that are selected to play for the All-Armed
roster again. Forces team will play in the Amateur
Bangi played on the All-Army team in Softball Association tournament in
2008 and Taylor is a three-time All Armed Oklahoma City Sept. 30 to Oct. 4.
Forces player.
Newcomers Lisa Marie Harris, Co. Right, Lady Warrior Shaqina Smith
C, 304th Signal Bn., Camp Stanley, and prepares to swing during the U.S.
Shaqina Smith, an outfielder 55th Military Forces Korea Softball Championship
Police Co., Casey Garrison, will also be Aug. 1 at Yongsan Garrison. Smith
trying to earn a spot on the team. was one of four Lady Warriors invited
Harris was a pitcher on the women’s to tryout for a roster spot on the the
softball team at Elizabeth State University All-Army women’s softball team. —
in Elizabeth City, N.C. She pitches and Courtesy photo by Jeffrey Rivers
Shop, Save and thrive

COMMISSARY BENEFITS are part of the Army

Family Covenant’s commitment to provide a strong,
supportive environment where Soldiers and
Families can thrive.

• Through the ‘Bringing the Benefit to You’ campaign,
Guard and Reserve Soldiers and their Families
have shopped on-site at more than 100 remote
locations and purchased $14 million worth
of commissary products.

• An average of 30% SAVINGS OR MORE on

purchases compared to commercial prices.

• Within the next three years, more than

$200 million will be spent on building
new commissaries and enhancing
existing commissaries to
better serve customers.

Visit to learn more

about the Army Family Covenant.

Yongsan honors volunteers of the quarter

USAG Yongsan April-June quarter volunteers and Army Community Services staff members pose for a photo after an award ceremony at the ACS building July 29. — U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Hong Moo-sun

By Pvt. Hong Moo-sun School was his alma mater. Sgt. Yun Jung-hyun – ROKA SG
USAG Yongsan Public Affairs “Because it is my old school, I know that most
students are poor and belong to single parent families. Adult
YONGSAN GARRISON — U.S. Army Garrison I think I not only taught them math and English but Lilliam Acevedo – ACS
Yongsan honored its volunteers and named the top also helped cure their pain and overcome difficulties,” Diana Adcox Moreno – ACS
volunteers for the April-June quarter in a ceremony at he said. Chief Warrant Officer Joseph Balajadia – Youth Sports
the Army Community Services building July 29. Walters, the adult volunteer, volunteered an average Monique Barrow – AFCS
A panel selected Cpl. Jeong Jae-yeong and Jenny of 20 hours a week on activities, events and planning Corey Blackshear – ACS
Walters as the top Korean Augmentation to the for the Seoul American Home School Network. She Alida Deshields – ACS
United States Army and adult volunteers, respectively. performed tasks at a variety of locations - on post at John Francis – CYS
They were selected from 14 KATUSAs and 22 adult the School Age Services Building, the Arts and Crafts Precy Gonzon – Catholic Chapel
volunteer nominees. Center, the Dragon Hill Lodge Playground and
“Volunteers give their time so freely and are numerous facilities off post in the community. — See VOLUNTEER, Page 12 —
responsible for so many special things in the Garrison. “It is part of our culture that we volunteer our time
They are still needed by the Garrison because we are not and our service to everybody,” said USAG Yongsan
able to hire people to field,” said USAG Yongsan ACS Deputy Commander Paul Cramer. “For that, in turn,
Director Diane Foster. “From the bottom of my heart you should be grateful.”
as well as from the rest of the Garrison and everyone The garrison is always seeking volunteers. For
else you support, you are magnificent and we could more information, contact Army Volunteer Corps
not do this without you.” Coordinator Regenia Grubbs at 738-7510.
“I was very busy but I enjoyed teaching and chatting
with children,” said Jeong, assigned to the United Vo l u n t e e r o f t h e Q u a r t e r n o m i n e e s a n d
States Forces Korea CJ35 Plans Division. “I want to organizations:
say though you may feel tired; helping others is a very
rewarding job.” KATUSA
Jeong volunteered two hours every Wednesday, Sgt. Choi Won-woo – ROKA SG
counseling and teaching math and English to Pfc. Choi Young-won – ROKA SG
Kyunghee Middle School students. This particular Pfc. Jang Heung-kyu – ROKA SG
volunteer program is aimed at instructing children Cpl. Jeong Jae-yeong – ROKA SG
from low income families, free of charge. Cpl. Kim Bong-hwan – ROKA SG
Without volunteers like Jeong, it would be difficult Sgt. Kim Bong-jin – ROKA SG
for the children’s parents to provide extracurricular Sgt. Kim Hui-jung – ROKA SG
instruction, besides the standard education their Cpl. Kim Jung-hyun – ROKA SG
children get the school. The students get the added Cpl. Lee Han-ki – ROKA SG
benefit of receiving instruction from KATUSA soldiers, Pfc. Lee Seung-do – ROKA SG
most of whom major in science or English literature Pfc. Lim Jung-soo – ROKA SG
at top-notch universities. Pfc. Na Ho-won – ROKA SG Cpl. Jeong Jae-yeong, USFK CJ35 Plans Division, receives his volunteer of the
But Jeong said it was he who benefitted the most from Cpl. Song Young-Min – ROKA SG quarter award from Paul Cramer, USAG Yongsan Deputy Commander, during a
his volunteer work, especially since Kyunghee Middle ceremony at ACS building July 29. — U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Hong Moo-sun

News & Notes Disabilities pose no boundary for WRP student interns
By Sgt. Opal Vaughn
Walker Center Reservations USAG Yongsan Public Affairs
Reservations are required to stay at the
Walker Center. Please email walkercenter@ YONGSAN GARRISON — Among for the required reservation
qualified individuals in today’s workforce
there are few jobs for those with disabilities
Become a Facebook Fan but the Army, utilizing the Workforce
The American Red Cross at USAG Yongsan Recruitment Program, is trying to help
now has its own Facebook page. Become a change that.
fan today and learn about upcoming events, The Workforce Recruitment Program is a
find volunteer opportunities, view photos, and paid summer internship dedicated to college
post your own comments. Just search for students with disabilities and allows student
“American Red Cross USAG Yongsan”. interns to get on the job training which
eventually transitions them into permanent
Healthcare Advisory Council
Please join us the 3rd Wednesday of every
working positions.
month to discuss how we can improve health “Whatever your field of study, they try
care. The meeting is held at Brian Allgood to put you in that area. My field of study
Army Community Hospital Command is Special Education so they put me at
Conference Room. For information, call the Child Development Center, School
737-3045. Aged Services and I’m also working at
Parent Central,” smiled WRP student
Bowling Laser Light Show intern Sheilalisa Callwood, attending the Workforce Recruitment Program student intern Emilio Rodriguez, attending the University of Puerto Rico,
The show is on Friday, 9:30 p.m. - midnight listens intently to a discussion about workflow and productivity during a routine meeting July 30. — U.S.
University of North Carolina, Greensboro.
and Saturday, 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. with live DJ on Army photo by Sgt. Opal Vaughn
Saturday at Yongsan Lanes. For information,
“I have a learning disability. As you can
call 723-7830. see it’s not a physical disability but when succeed in life.” o Information about each applicant’s
I read or do essays it can affect me. You Every year, WRP recruiters interview qualifications
Free Spinning Bike Classes may read the same thing I do and I may interested students and from these interviews o Referral tailored to specific job
The classes are on Tuesday-Thursday, 6 a.m. not comprehend anything that I’ve read. I a database is compiled on college students requirements
and Monday-Thursday, 5:15 p.m. at Collier might have to read it two or three times,” and recent graduates seeking temporary o Access to candidates across the nation, by
Field House. For information, call 738-8608. Callwood stated. “Growing up I had really or permanent jobs, explained Humphrey’s state or job category
good teachers. A lot of students who have Equal Employment Opportunity manager o Flexibility in hiring for summer internships
Free Yoga Classes
disabilities, teachers do not work with them Rosa Garris-Turner. Students in the database or permanent positions
The classes are on Tuesday and Thursday -
8:30 a.m., 5:15 p.m. at Collier Field House/
one on one. But I had a lot of really good are categorized by job interest, degree o Opportunity to identify outstanding
Hannam Gym, Saturday - 9 a.m. at Collier teachers and I see where that need is. If you program, geographic location and many interns for permanent staffing needs
Field House, and Monday and Wednesday - have a disability don’t let it stand in your way other factors.
6 p.m. at Hannam Gym. For information, call because you can grow in other ways and still So what does WRP offer employers? — See INTERNS, Page 12 —

Free Pilate Classes

The classes are on every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 a.m. at Trent
Garrison recognizes outstanding AAFES associates
Gym. For information, call 724-8466.
By Pfc. Choe Yong-joon
SAS Open Recreation USAG Yongsan Public Affairs
Open Recreation for only 1st-5th Graders
will be held the first Saturday of each month YONGSAN GARRISON — Smiles filled
at SAS, Bldg. 4211. For information, call the U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan Town
738-3051. House Food Court, as the Army and Air
Force Exchange Service held its Award
Club Beyond
Club Beyond meets every Tuesday night
Ceremony July 30 to recognize AAFES
from 6:30-8 p.m. in the South Post Chapel. employees for their dedication, service, and
The club is for students in 6th-12th grade. sales improvement.
For information, call 010-5797-0631. The AAFES Award Ceremony is held every
quarter to award outstanding associates
Live D.J. Night as well as to present Team, Courtesy,
The live D.J. night with Jazz and Old and Special Recognition Awards to those
School Music is on every Thursday, 8 p.m. who performed above and beyond their
- 11 p.m. and Friday, 8 p.m. - 1 a.m. at Main
standards. For this ceremony, one of the
Post Club. For information, call 723-8785.
representatives Kim Man-so received a
Tricare Online special award for providing 45 years of
Beneficiaries living in Korea should verify service to Yongsan.
their enrollment in TRICARE Overseas “Welcome to the Second Quarter Award
Program Prime. Log onto www.tricareonline. Ceremony and I’m glad to see all kinds of
com. For information, call 736-7236. different variety of faces today,” said Stanley
Yongsan Garrison honors Kim Man-so by presenting her a 45-year-service award during AAFES Award
Young, the AAFES Capital Exchange
Protect Your Teen from Rx Drug Abuse Ceremony July 30. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Choe Yong-joon
General Manger, during his opening
According to an annual survey by the
remarks. USAG Yongsan Command Sgt. Maj. Ralph workforce,” said Garrison Commander
Partnership for a Drug Free America,
one in five teens has abused prescription
“Let me tell you where Yongsan is today. Rusch also presented AAFES and Garrison Col. Bill Huber. “Our workforce is behind
medication, and one in ten has abused This month, we are 13 percent above last coins while everyone stood in ovation to the scenes every day making sure our
over-the-counter cough medication. Need year’s sales, which is a consistent increase congratulate her. community runs properly. They do a
advice about a teen who may already across the border in food retails. This means “I’ve been working in the second floor tremendous job.”
be abusing meds? Call the Adolescent you are doing great on what, when, and how coffee shop of the ROK-U.S. Combined For more information about the AAFES
Substance Abuse Counseling Services for you are supposed to be doing.” Forces Command building for 31 years award ceremony, contact 738-7023.
confidential advice at 738-4579. Following his remarks, Stanley Young and other places for 14 years,” said Kim. “I
recognized each one of the recipients by appreciate all of my co-workers who helped AAFES Service Award
presenting them a certificate of appreciation me a lot to do this service and promise that Sarah Mahoney – 5 years
For a complete list of community
and award money. For the last recipient Kim I’ll always be on my smile-first attitude.” O Yong-ho – 10 years
information news and notes, visit the
USAG Yongsan Facebook page at Man-so, Elizabeth Sandoe, the AAFES Area “Garrison Yongsan is dedicated to developing Manager for Korea, Guam and Saipan, and a healthy, well-balanced, multi-skilled — See AAFES, Page 12 —

Yongsan children sail the “high seas” at VBS
By Cpl. Kim Hyung-joon
USAG Yongsan Public Affairs

For those who came command sponsored, what is the most

important tip and advice you can give those applying for
or awaiting cs? For those who came here not command
sponsored, would you do it over again or stay stateside and
why? Find out what more than 3,700 Yongsan community
members are talking about by becoming a USAG Yongsan
Facebook Fan at! (Comments
are kept in their original form)

Facebook Fan

The advise I have is if you don’t know or confused

about something just ask and do plenty of research Cathy Buss, military spouse and volunteer assists a family with signing in during Vacation Bible School registration held at South
before arriving. Lots of people go through this, and Post Chapel, July 26. — U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Opal Vaughn
there is plenty of help out there. I don’t mind being
so far away from home, as long as we are together, By Sgt. Opal Vaughn a Bible buddy keeper which looks like a message in a bottle
it could be worse. USAG Yongsan Public Affairs that holds their little buddies. Later in the week they’ll make
nutshell ships, sneaky snake surprises, spy glasses and various
YONGSAN GARRISON — “Arrr!” bellows “Capt J,” who other nautical crafts. It’s a lot of fun!”
Becky Candee is really Lt. Col. Jorge Guzman, 8th United States Army, VBS specializes in religious education through Bible stories,
dressed as a pirate with long black dread locks, a pirate hat arts and crafts and religious song, and is geared toward ages
Facebook Fan and sword in hand. five to eleven. Children are divided into five groups- Scully
Capt J may seem out of his element but he sets the scene the rat, Wink the monkey, Skipper the parrot, Salty the
for the Vacation Bible School “High Seas” theme. Somehow pelican and Lacey the spider- which is designated by the
or another, he and his crew- volunteers dressed in rainbow color of the t-shirt worn. All of which makes up the colors
colored t-shirts and sailor caps- have become ship wrecked of the rainbow and allows South Post Chapel volunteers to
at South Post Chapel where they are teaching children about teach the children that God’s word is true, surprising, life-
I would say, be prepared to have more people then there
the love of Jesus. changing, is for everyone and that God loves you!
are facilities, staff or doctors. Know that there will be
“It’s a week long program held in the summer to share Jesus “Garrison Yongsan and the Installation Management
waits you will have to deal with and space is very limited
with kids through stories, games and crafts,” said Stephanie
due to the fact that the infrastructure wasn’t built before
Utter, Vacation Bible School Director. “Today they’re making — See HIGH SEAS, Page 12 —
the huge inflow of families that came over. Also realize
that although right now, jobs are difficult to come by for

Korea’s most famous royal palace; Gyeongbok

the American spouses and family member. Please know
that many folks are working towards changing that.

Terri Hirschi
Facebook Fan

My daughter and I were shipped over with Command

Sponsorship, all I can say is have lots of patience
and don’t get discouraged if things don’t go exactly
to plan. Good luck!

Dawn Zitko
Facebook Fan

Our kids have lived in 3 countries and spent more of

their lives out of the US then in it. It hasn’t always
been easy, but they have had experiences others
can only dream of. Keep a positive attitude and trust
LaFrance family visits Gyeongbok Palace at the northern end of Seoul’s main boulevard, Sejongro, a stone’s throw from
that most people are doing the best they can. Stay
on top of all the important info and paperwork and the Blue House and the U.S. embassy. The photo was posted August 4. — Courtesy photo by Lauren Fox LaFrance
be ready to enjoy something totally unique and dif-
See yourself in the Morning Calm when you become a USAG Yongsan Facebook Fan. Just post your travel photos to our page with a
ferent. quick description covering who, what, when, where and why and we’ll see you in the paper. - Your Yongsan PAO team

VOLUNTEER from Page 9

Rebecca Hayes – AFSC Service
Kirstin Ide – Library Tech. Sgt. Nina Murphy – SLO
Cathy Jarvis – Arts & Crafts Melania Pender – ACS
William J. Jennings – Catholic Chapel Elizabeth Rua-Berdine – ROCK Church
Jin-hee Kim – ACS Service
Sgt. Maj. Robert V. Lamoureux – BSA Jovana Schumacher – ACS
Troop 80 Stephanie Utter – Religious Support
Erica Leffler – ACS Office
Lt. Col. Kimberly Fleming – ROCK Church Jenny Walters – SLO

INTERNS from Page 10

Employers interested in hiring a WRP o Contribute in a wide variety of areas,
student intern may interview students who including business, human resources,
are qualified candidates, and are under no communications,
obligation to hire. engineering, science, computer science and
“We place students where they’re needed,” administrative support
said Garris-Turner. “The Army’s goal is to “I work with 8th United States Army as
have two-point-zero percent of individuals a computer training engineer,” said WRP
with targeted disabilities in the workforce student intern Emilio Rodriguez, attending
and these students that I’ve hired have the University of Puerto Rico majoring
targeted disabilities. Targeted meaning- in Electrical Engineering with a minor in
missing extremities, can’t see, can’t hear- the Communication. “In Puerto Rico I would
two students I have fit that category and the not get this training so for anyone who
Army wants those kinds of people in the has the opportunity to take part in WRP
workforce. For lack of a better word, this I encourage them. They will have a great
is the group of people that are not in the experience working in the U.S or overseas
workforce as they are in the population. This and the people here treat me very well. You
is the way the Army is trying to get them will make very good friends.”
into the workforce by utilizing WRP.” For more information or if you or
What can WRP student interns do for an someone you know is attending college
employer? and has a disability contact your local
o Assist permanent staff with key projects EEO office. For Yongsan-738-2980,
o Assume responsibilities of staff on vacation CRC-732-6273, Humphreys-753-6753
or leave of absence and Daegu-768-7174.

AAFES from Page 10

Chong Kyo-yong – 10 years Sue Kallinen – 20 years

Kim Chae-hong – 10 years Mun Talarovich – 25 years
Yang Un-kyong – 10 years An Bok – 25 years
Yang Song-mo – 10 years Chae Chong-suk – 25 years
Yim Mi-ae – 10 years Yi Yong-mo – 25 years
Yim U-chun – 10 years Pyon Mi-kyong – 25 years
Yi Hyon-su – 10 years Chong Yong-un – 25 years
Kim Song-ku – 10 years Kim To-sop – 30 years
Cho Song-mae – 15 years Kim Ae-kyung – 30 years
Chong-man Hyon – 15 years Choe Myong-son – 35 years
Ho Yong-chu – 15 years O Se-chang – 40 years
Sandra Reed – 15 years Kim Man-so – 45 years
Sin Yong-chol – 20 years

HIGH SEAS from Page 11

Community supports all Soldiers, Families to make Yongsan a place where community
and Army Civilians with quality programs members can thrive.”
and safe communities that meet their For more information please contact South
needs,” said Garrison Commander Col. Post Chapel, Yongsan at 738-6054.
Bill Huber. “We are keeping our promise

Caller ID spoofing, Final Jump start your tour in Korea

By Troy Richardson com allows the users of their service to
JIOWC OPSEC Support change your voice so the person they
are calling cannot recognize them by
Today, companies on the internet their voice. In addition, they offer the
offer Caller ID spoofing services. Most ability to record your conversation and
will allow users to test out the service to retrieve the recorded conversation by
with one free phone call. They then logging in to their control panel or by
can buy minutes in increments between calling the toll free access number.
60 and 480 minutes to use in placing Short Message System text messaging,
CID spoofed calls. The user would especially popular among kids and
simply dial a toll free number, enter young adults, is also vulnerable to CID
their pin number, dial the number spoofing. Numerous internet sites allow
they want to call, and then enter the you to send a text message to a phone
number they want to appear on the number and to input any originating
recipient’s CID. number you desire. Unlike voice calls,
Not only will the number they want most of these services are free.
to appear show up, but the registered Currently, legislation is being Story and photo by Everly Manes where tour guide Heather Lim gives an
name of the person or business of that debated that would make some forms Special to the Morning Calm introduction to Korean culture and history.
phone number will also appear. of CID spoofing illegal. Until all For some this is their first time in Korea,
These companies not only offer the CID spoofing becomes illegal, protect YONGSAN GARRISON — If you are others have been here more than once. Not
ability to spoof the CID, but some yourself and question any unsolicited new to Korea a great way to dip your feet in only do you get to experience the food but you
offer additional services. Spoofcard. incoming call. the water is by going on a tour offered by your can also indulge in some conversation with
local ACS called the Newcomer’s Orientation. others during lunch. Another benefit to this
The orientation offers an opportunity for newly trip is networking and building relationships
arrived military and civilian personnel and with others. Getting to know your fellow
family members to get off post and learn about community members can prove valuable
Be a member of the US Ski Patrol Asia their host country. I had the opportunity to
take the tour at Yongsan, where Rosa Peralta,
later on.
Still have questions after the orientation?
If you enjoy snow skiing, caring for others and having fun, then the Ski Patrol Outreach Program Coordinator for ACS, ACS allows you to visit with representatives
is for you. takes the group on a bus ride of the garrison. of various agencies who can answer your
Join us for our Candidate Orientation session Sept. 15 at 6:30 p.m. in the 1st Participants get acquainted with the garrison questions from cultural classes to TRICARE
Replacement Center’s Training Room (next to Harvey’s) on Yongsan Garrison. and ask questions about where to find the enrollments. If you would like to explore
Candidate Schedule begins Sept. 28 from 6:30-9 p.m. on Tuesday & Thursday commissary and PX. your community and learn more contact your
through Dec., when we hit the ski slopes for On-The-Hill Training. At Yongsan, the orientation doesn’t end local ACS office for more information on the
Visit for more information. there; newcomers are taken to the Namsangol Newcomer’s Orientation. Discover what your
Hanok Village, a traditional Korean village, post has to offer!

Mullen Discusses Army challenges with longer ‘dwell’ time

By Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Carden took their own lives, while there were more
American Forces Press Service than 1,700 attempts. Army suicides exceed the
national average.
WASHINGTON — The chairman of Although the Army receives much media
the Joint Chiefs of Staff stressed the need for attention for its suicide rates, Mullen noted, every
strong garrison leadership today, underscoring service’s suicide rate has “dramatically” increased
the effects longer periods at home between since 2004. This trend is a strong indication of
deployments may have on troops and their the stress the military has undergone since Sept.
families in the future. 11, 2001, he added.
Navy Adm. Mike Mullen spoke to soldiers “At the core of that is strong garrison
and airmen at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, leadership,” the chairman said. “We’ve got
Wash., today. By October, more than 30,000 to make sure we get it right across the full
troops will be “at home” there for the first time spectrum -- units, soldiers, families. The only
since 2003. way I know how to get at [suicide prevention]
Soldiers throughout the Army also will soon is through leadership and leaders focusing on
enjoy a slower deployment tempo, Mullen noted, their people.
as major units are projected to have twice as long “There’s just too many people taking their
at home as deployed by the end of 2012. About lives, and we’ve got to get ahead of that,” he said.
70 percent of those units are expected to have “We’ve got to stay in touch with them. That’s a
a 2-to-1 “dwell time” ratio by the end of 2011, File – DoD photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley, U.S. Navy leadership function.”
he added. The Army, and military as a whole, Mullen
“That’s based off the projections we see right “We’ve got to focus on those things that we have overlooked signals and behaviors, including said, must focus on building resilience from
now, so that is a huge change,” Mullen said. “This have not been able to focus on, because we haven’t misconduct, that may have indicated an increased servicemembers and their families’ first day in
is a big change, and if you are a leader, leading had the time, as we’ve been putting units together risk of suicide for some soldiers, Army officials the military. The heart of the military lies in its
when things are changing is the most difficult and rotating in and out of war,” the admiral said. said last month. leadership and how each member takes care of
kind of leadership, because it’s less predictable.” “You need to think about what’s happening next Many troops in today’s audience are too each other, he said.
The chairman explained that although in an unpredictable world and environment.” young to remember the military in peace time, “Every single person in this audience is a
more time at home is long overdue, a slower- Mullen cited the rising military suicide Mullen said. As fewer troops are needed in the leader,” he said. “People have to be bold and step
paced military always must be ready for the rate since 2001 to illustrate his point. A fight, he added, he and Army officials recognize in, and this has to do with taking care of each
unpredictable. Leaders must ensure troops and recent Army report outlined how units, in an that garrison leadership must improve. other, leading and mentoring those who come
their families are cared for, he said, stressing the effort to maintain readiness, have overlooked The rate of soldier suicides has risen in each behind you. You can’t just passively sit and watch
importance of garrison leadership. psychological issues soldiers may have. Leaders of the past five years. In fiscal 2009, 160 soldiers this happen.”

Thrift Savings Plan for all Army leaders strive to reduce

suicide, mental-health issues
confusing to open an IRA, but it can be more
costly too. Whether paying adviser fees, trading
fees, or administration fees, maintaining an IRA
can cost you an average of 1% of your yearly By Donna Miles said.
account balance. All those fees will have an American Forces Press Service It’s an effort Chiarelli said starts at the top.
obvious negative affect on your retirement goals. “If you want to get at stigma, you start with the
TSP administration fees are only .028% per year; WASHINGTON — The Army is striving brigade commander [and] brigade command
virtually zero in my book. to reduce soldier suicides and mental-health sergeant major and work right down the chain
Saving under TSP has a psychological effect problems by giving troops more dwell time of command so every soldier sees his leader going
as well. Because the money transfers before you between deployments, identifying tell-tale through the same checks that the soldier’s going
see it, you hardly notice the difference. With symptoms more quickly and eliminating the to go through,” he said.
the IRA, you have to save the money first and stigma of seeking help, the Army vice chief of “Leaders need to lead, to know their soldiers,
then manually make your contribution. Studies staff said today. to look for those signs that they see that Pfc.
By Ian Burgess have shown that people spend more liberally Army Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli recapped Chiarelli has changed. Pfc. Chiarelli is going
Command Financial Specialist when they have access to money and vice versa. findings of a task force he commissioned to out and maybe drinking a little bit too much,
When you make automatic deposits, you won’t be reduce soldier suicides and mental-health showing up for work late, whatever it might
As Social Security diminishes and pensions tempted to buy that new TV because the money’s problems during an interview with Christiane be,” he said.
begin to become non-existent, those of us been used for something more important. Amanpour on ABC’s “This Week.” Part of the problem, he conceded, is that too
under fifty need to start planning for our own The same is true with taxes in eyes of the IRS. The task force offered 250 recommendations, many soldiers recognize that they need help, but
retirements. Using a tax-advantaged retirement Because the money is invested before income tax, including establishing health promotion councils put off getting it because they feel such a personal
account such as an IRA or 401K is one of the your monthly tax bill is lower. So if you invest at each installation, expanding behavioral health responsibility to their units and battle buddies.
best ways to save for your future retirement goals. $400/month, you save $100 in taxes so your pay screenings and recruiting additional behavioral “That’s one of the issues that we have to get
That sounds easy but it can really confusing is only reduced by $300/month. A traditional health counselors. through is we try to break down stigma -- to get
choosing the best one for you. So confusing in IRA carries the same benefit but you have to “We have a force that has been stressed soldiers to understand that these hidden wounds
fact that most people put off saving for retirement wait until you file your tax return to realize the after almost a decade of war,” Chiarelli said of war are things that they’ve got to seek help for
until it’s too late. The choice is easier for US tax savings. today, with many that have been home for just when they have problems,” Chiarelli said.
Government employees and uniformed service And if you’re addicted to saving money like 12 to 16 months between 12- to 15-month The Army also is exploring innovative
members because we have the benefit of the me, you’ll like the higher contribution limits with deployments. approaches to identify troops grappling with the
Thrift Savings Plan. the TSP. The IRS sets maximum contribution In some cases, this stress has led to problems emotional stresses of combat and get them the
My favorite part about TSP is how easy it limits, adjusted yearly for inflation. TSP is with alcohol and drug abuse, legal troubles, care they need.
is to begin and manage your contributions. currently $16,500 while IRAs are $5,000. Both mental-health issues and, in the most extreme “We’re looking for new ways to be able to
Through the myPay website, you can designate accounts have large penalties for withdrawing cases, suicide. deliver behavior health, such as virtual behavior
a percentage of your base pay to be deducted money before you reach retirement, but TSP The first step in reducing that stress level, health where we literally bring up a network using
monthly from your paycheck with only a few allows a 5-year personal loan or 15-year home Chiarelli said, is to provide soldiers 24 months the Internet, using the network of doctors, say
mouse clicks. You can also contribute any special loan from your account, although these are not before year-long deployments, and ultimately, 200, from all over the United States who can, in
or bonus pay such as flight pay but I think it’s usually recommended. three months at home for every month fact, provide a good, good look at our soldiers
easier to just contribute from base pay only. The Thrift Savings Plan should not be your deployed. when they return,” Chiarelli said.
Through the TSP website, you can control your only plan for retirement but it’s the easiest “We know when that happens many of the
account by choosing which mix of the five basic and cheapest way to start. It’s never too late problems that we’ve seen will in fact meliorate
funds you want. On the other hand, IRAs must to start investing for your future. If you aren’t themselves,” Chiarelli said.
be opened through a broker and have millions of prepared, you could be working forever. See your Meanwhile, the Army is bolstering its
investment choices. Command Financial Specialist for assistance on behavioral health staff and encouraging more
Not only is it time consuming and more starting TSP or an IRA. soldiers to take advantage of their services, he

Area I Worship Schedule Area II Worship Schedule Area III Worship Schedule Area IV Worship Schedule

Protestant Services Protestant Services Protestant Services Protestant Services

Collective Liturgical Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel Collective Collective Protestant
Sunday 10 a.m. Stone Chapel Traditional Sunday 9:30 a.m. Brian Allgood Hospital Sunday 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Carroll
Sunday 10 a.m. Stanley Chapel Contemporary Sunday 9:30 a.m. South Post Chapel 10:30 a.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 10 a.m. West Casey Chapel Sunday 10:30 a.m. K-16 Chapel Gospel 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel Church of Christ 5 p.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Warrior Chapel Sunday 11 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel Contemporary 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel Gospel 12:15 a.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Crusader Chapel Nondenominational
Sunday 11 a.m. Hovey Chapel Sunday 11 a.m. South Post Chapel Church of Christ 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel Contemporary
Gospel Sunday 12:30 p.m. South Post Chapel Wednesday 7 p.m. Camp Carroll
Gospel KATUSA Friday 7 p.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Memorial Chapel, Casey Mision Pentecostal Hispana Tuesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel KATUSA
12:30 p.m. Camp Stanley Chapel Sunday 2:30 p.m. South Post Chapel Tuesday 7 p.m. Camp Carroll
Korean Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Camp Walker
COGIC United Pentecostal Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Freedom Chapel
Sunday 12:30 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Sunday 1:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel Catholic Services
Catholic Services Mass
KATUSA KATUSA Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel Mass Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 7 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel M, W, T, F 11:45 a.m. Freedom Chapel 11:45 a.m. Camp Carroll
Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Casey Memorial Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist Sunday 9 a.m. Freedom Chapel
Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Camp Hovey Chapel Saturday 9:30 a.m. Brian Allgood Hospital

Catholic Services/Mass Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial Chapel

Sunday 9 a.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Catholic Services

Sunday 12 p.m. West Casey Chapel The Command Chaplain’s Office is here to perform, provide, or coordinate total
Sunday 9:30 a.m. Camp Hovey Chapel Catholic Mass Saturday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel religious support to the United Nations Command, U.S. Forces Korea and Eighth
Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel
U.S. Army Servicemembers, their families and authorized civilians across the full
Sunday 11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel
M, W, T, F 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel spectrum of operations from armistice to war.
1st Sat. 9 a.m. Memorial Chapel
Jewish Visit the U.S. Forces Korea Religious Support site at:
Friday 6:30 p.m. West Casey Chapel Jewish
Friday 7 p.m. South Post Chapel
for helpful links and information

Korea-wide Army chaplain points of contact

USAG Yongsan Chaplains USAG-Humphreys Chaplains USAG-Red Cloud Chaplains USAG Daegu Chaplains

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Jeffrey D. Hawkins: Chaplain (Maj.) John Chun: Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Suk Jong Lee: Chaplain (Maj.) Milton Johnson:, 738-3009, 753-7274, 732-6169, 764-5455

Chaplain (Maj.) Terry E. Jarvis: Chaplain (Maj.) Anthony Flores: Chaplain (Maj.) Alfred Grondski: Chaplain (Capt.) Mike Jones:, 738-4043, 753-7042, 732-6016, 765-8991

USAG Daegu Department of Public Works

Oversees Care of Area IV Infrastructure
DAEGU GARRISON — Often the unsung heroes of jobs that require less than
glamorous digs, DPW teams take on some of the dirtiest jobs fate can muster. From
unclogging drain pipes to repairing busted water lines, these professionals make it their
business to keep Area IV operational around the clock. — Photos by Mary Grimes

SOCKOR welcomes senior enlisted advisor Sumos take Eighth Army Softball Title

Special Operations Command Korea Sumos defeated Headquarters & Services Company,
602nd Aviation Support Battalion for the 8th U.S. Army company-level softball championship.
After losing to HSC during the second round the Sumos went on a five game winning streak
knocking off HSC 22-20 and 7-0 during the finals. The tournament was held at Lombardo Field
FourPlex on Yongsan Garrison. – Photo courtesy of William T. McElhaney

IMCOM looking for team members

(Left) Brig. Gen. Richard Haddad, Commander, Special Operations Command Korea,
welcomes Command Master Chief Joe Larkin as the new senior enlisted advisor. SOCKOR
is a functional component command of United States Forces Korea responsible for the
planning, targeting, training, and execution of all U.S. Special Operations Forces activities
in Korea. – U.S. Army photo by Dave Palmer

Official reminds Troops, Vets to submit ‘stop loss’ claims

By Ian Graham half hour to complete. The average pay out is
Emerging Media, DMA between $3,000 and $4,000, so that’s a pretty
good return on your investment.”
WASHINGTON – Defense Department All servicemembers, veterans and
officials want to ensure that anyone whose beneficiaries of servicemembers whose service
military enlistment was involuntarily was involuntarily extended between Sept. 11,
extended under the so-called “stop loss” 2001, and Sept. 30, 2009, are eligible for the
provision applies to receive a stipend by the special pay.
Oct. 21 deadline. “This is to get the word out, so that Installation Management Command has formed the “Army IMCOM” team to encourage command
An estimated 145,000 servicemembers nobody is left wondering come Oct. 22,” members to participate in the Department of Defense’s “Leap Into Fall” Fitness Challenge.
– Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Rivers
are eligible to receive $500 for each full or Hebert said. “It’s a full-court press.”
partial month served in stop loss status. Army Maj. Roy Whitley, the Army’s By IMCOM Public Affairs Challenge contestants may choose from more
During a “DoD Live” bloggers project manager for Retroactive Stop than 100 activities, including a wide range of
roundtable yesterday, Lernes J. Hebert, Loss Special Pay, also participated in the SAN ANTONIO, Tx. – The Department sports and games - even Nintendo Wii Sports.
the department’s acting director of officer roundtable. Whitley said the Army has of Defense’s “Leap Into Fall” Fitness Challenge The emphasis is not on what participants do,
and enlisted personnel management, said processed about 44,000 claims, adding that kicks off Aug. 16, challenging DoD personnel but on working toward improved health and
tens of thousands of applications have been he believes there are more troops are out there to include more physical activity in their daily readiness in whatever way they find fun and
processed, but the department is far from who don’t know to apply for their stop loss routine. motivating.
having received claims from every eligible special pay. But without that application on Each participant is challenged to get at least The Fitness Challenge is part of a year-long
servicemember. As a result, he said, officials hand, he added, the Army can’t do anything 30 minutes of physical activity at least five days DoD employee wellness campaign that aims to
are trying to get the word out so eligible for the soldier. a week. The DoD goal is to log more than 1.5 increase employee awareness of and commitment
people can apply by the deadline. “We can always pay you,” Whitley said. million hours of physical activity by the end of to the elements of a healthy lifestyle, including
One concern, Hebert said, is that some “We have plenty of time to look at claims. the challenge on Oct. 31. physical activity. The DoD challenge is linked
current or former servicemembers assume We just need to get you in.” Civilians are encouraged to assess their to the President’s Challenge, which began as a
they’re ineligible, or that they don’t want Hebert said the Defense Department’s emotional, spiritual, social and family fitness national youth fitness test and is now a series
to spend time applying for what may turn stop loss website at http://www.defense. with the Global Assessment Tool (survey). The of programs designed to help improve anyone’s
out to be no return at all. But turnaround gov/stoploss has all the information about GAT, located at, is part of activity level.
is quick and the form takes very little time the special pay and includes the application the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program. Installation Management Command has
to complete for what could turn out to be form. He emphasized that servicemembers The vision of the CSF is to create an Army formed the “Army IMCOM” team to encourage
a significant payoff, he added. who aren’t certain about eligibility may of balanced, healthy, self-confident Soldiers, command members to participate, their health
“If there’s any question if you’re eligible qualify despite their memory or knowledge families, and Army civilians whose resilience and permitting. To join the team, go to www.
go ahead and apply,” Hebert said. “Most of the situation. total fitness enables them to thrive in an era of and use the group ID
of the individuals who have gone through “Whether you think you’re eligible or not, high operational tempo and persistent conflict. number 90878.
the process say [the form] takes about a submit the application,” Hebert said. The Army’s Installation Management The website also has information on how to
Command is also encouraging its workforce to register as an individual or start a group.
complete the GAT survey prior to joining the DoD personnel who log in at least 30 hours
challenge. The tool allows participants to assess of physical activity from August through October
themselves on the dimensions of emotional, will receive certificates of achievement, with
spiritual, social, and family fitness at special recognition going to the three individuals
mil/CSF/. The survey is available to Soldiers, and groups who record the most hours over the
Army civilians and family members. three-month period.

School brings Korean, American kids together

By Jessica Ryan and Lee Hye-young
USAG Humphreys Public Affairs

PYEONGTAEK CITY — Approximately

50 children, mostly third through sixth graders,
from Humphreys Garrison participated in a
Korean-American Children’s Joint Summer
School during the first two weeks of August. The
purpose of the school is to enhance friendships
among the Korean and American children.
The five-day schools, which were hosted by
the Republic of Korea-United States Cooperation
department of Pyeongtaek City and Gyeonggi
Province, and supported by the Pyeongtaek
Cultural Center, brought Korean and American
children together to learn about each other’s
The program consisted of two sessions. The
first session was from Aug. 3 to 7; with the
second session running this week and concluding
Saturday (Aug. 14).
During each five-day session, 25 American,
and 15 Korean children from Pyeongtaek,
engaged in cultural activities together. The
participants attended language classes, worked in
a joint chorus singing both Gukak and American
songs, and made Korean food. They were also
taught the choreography to a traditional Korean
dance and practiced Taekwondo.
The students anticipated doing the cultural
activities. “We learned Taekwondo, and I American children, dressed in hanboks, participate in the closing ceremonies of the Korean-American Children’s Joint Summer School Aug.
always wanted to learn Taekwondo,” said 7. The week-long school, sponsored by Pyeongtaek City and Gyeonggi Province, was an opportunity for Korean and American children to get
Adrianna Guajardo, an incoming fifth grader at together, develop relationships and learn something about each others culture. – U.S. Army photo by Kyra Rodriguez
Humphreys American School.
On Thursday, the students and accompanying
family members visited the Gyeongbok Palace
and the Insa-dong district, in Seoul. In particular,
the children liked making candles that resembled
fish bowls and decorating compact mirror cases
and rings at the Ssamjigil Experience Village, an
arts and crafts shop in Insa-dong.
“It is good for them (the American students)
to learn about Korean culture and history,”
said Beth Barrick, the mother of Ryan, one of
While the American students experienced
Korean culture, the Korean students were also
exposed to some American culture. The students
visited Humphreys Garrison, where they ate at
the 501st Military Intelligence Brigade’s Red No, these aren’t the Power Rangers. On
Dragon Inn dining facility. They also played graduation day, the children saw a horse riding
basketball and tackled the climbing wall at MP martial arts display and then got to wear the
Hill Gym. armor. – U.S. Army photo by Kyra Rodriguez
On the last day, the children put on a dance
and musical performance for their family said they enjoyed the summer school because
members. The children also got to participate they experienced fun activities and made new
in an equestrian martial arts experience, where friends.
they got to put on a suit of armor, practice “I participated in this summer school because
archery and do some horse riding. The program I wanted to meet and make American friends,”
concluded with a graduation ceremony and a said Kim Ji-yoon, a sixth grader at Ichung During a day trip to Seoul, the children visited Gyeongbok Palace and the Insa-dong district. While there,
small reception. Elementary School. “I made good memories they also visited the Ssamjigil Experience Village, where they made candles that resembled fish bowls and
Many of the students, Korean and American, with them.” decorated compact mirror cases and rings. – U.S. Army photo by Lee Hye-young

Shopping at AAFES provides funds for FMWR programs

AAFES Public Affairs dividend of $ 511,130. general manager. “As a result, the dollars that Last year, AAFES paid a per capita
These funds are critical to Army Family troops and their families spend in AAFES dividend of $279 for every Soldier and
HUMPHREYS GARRISON — The and Morale Welfare and Recreation’s ability facilities generates a healthy return on their Airman.
Army and Air Force Exchange Service to enhance local programs and facilities, investment by directly improving quality of Historically, roughly two-thirds of
benefit is paying dividends in more ways including the Community Activity Center, life services.” AAFES earnings are paid to FMWR
than one here. Super Gym, and Child and Youth School The duel benefit AAFES provides programs. In addition to funding quality of
Garrison shopping at the Post Exchange, Services. military families goes far beyond the clothes, life efforts, AAFES earnings are used to build
dining at the fast food establishments – “AAFES’ dual mission is to provide goods electronics or consumables available at the new stores or renovate existing facilities
Subway, Taco Bell, Popeye’s Chicken, Pizza and services at competitively low prices Exchange. In fact, purchases made in the without expense to the Federal government.
Hut and Burger King – and using other and generate earnings to support FMWR past 10 years have provided more than $2.4 Funds to contract these new or replacement
AAFES activities, last year generated a programs,” said Rick Fair, the exchange billion to military FMWR programs. facilities also come entirely from sales.

News & Notes

Housing Office To Consolidate Services
The main Housing Office, located in Bldg. T-307,
and the satellite Housing Office in the Soldiers
One-Stop, Bldg. S-544, will be closed Sept. 2.
Effective Sept. 3, the satellite office will close.
All housing customers will then need to go to
the Housing Office in Bldg. T-307. The offices
are consolidating in order to provide more
efficient customer service to Soldiers, civilians
and their Families. For more information, call

OAHS Hosts Information Night

Osan American High School will host a “High
School Information Night,” Aug. 20, from 6 to
7 p.m. in the Humphreys American School
cafeteria. Faculty members will be on hand to
help high school students learn more about
classes, sports, extra-curricular activities and
transportation needs. For more information, call

Zoeckler Gym Closed For Maintenance

The Zoeckler Gym basketball court, aerobics
room and racquetball courts will be closed Aug.
17 to 29 for maintenance. For more information,
call 753-8807.

HAS New Student Registration

School begins Aug. 30 and new Families at
Humphreys Garrison, who have not registered
their school-aged children at Humphreys
American School, should do so as soon as
possible. To register at HAS, see Ashley
Cenizal between the hours of 7 to 11 a.m. and Back to School shopping in Dongdaemun
Noon to 4 p.m., Monday thru Friday. She can SEOUL – Tyler Coaxum (left) and Alexis Chisolm examine some Hello Kitty barrets and other trinkets during a “Back to School” shopping
be contacted at 753-8894 or at ashley.cenizal@ trip to Dongdaemun Market, sponsored by the Middle School/Teen Program, Aug. 7. They were among about a dozen Humphreys Garrison youth who battled torrential rains while trying to shop Korea’s largest retail shopping district. For more information about Middle School/
Teen-sponsored trips, call 753-5614. – U.S. Army photo by Megan Clancy
Father/Son Adventure Day Set
A Father/Son Adventure Day will be held at

Seoul is destination for Hello Kitty fans

Outdoor Recreation (Bldg. 1044) Aug. 28,
from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Participants can enjoy
Laser Tag, Rock Wall climbing, archery, a video
game station, bouncers, water balloon fights,
and other activities. Hamburgers, hotdogs By Jessica Ryan
and drinks will be served. Cost for Fathers is USAG Humphreys Public Affairs
$10; sons are free. For more information, or to
register by Aug. 25, contact Lisa Hogue at lisa. SEOUL — If either you or your child is a fan of Hello Kitty, then you should check out
the café named in its honor, here.
Primary Voting Information The café, which is decorated with Hello
Military and Overseas Voters, should submit their
Kitty-themed furniture and memorabilia,
ballot request for upcoming state primaries.
The following states will hold Primary Elections has a menu that includes coffee, hot and iced
on the date indicated: beverages, sandwiches and desserts.
Aug. 17: Washington, Wyoming As you can guess, many of these items have
Aug. 24: Alaska, Arizona, Florida Hello Kitty on them. One particular item is
Aug. 28: Louisiana (1st Party Congressional) a mousse cake in the shape of Hello Kitty’s
Sept. 4: Guam face. Along with edible treats, fans can also
Sept. 11: Virgin Islands buy Hello Kitty cups and party hats. With the
Sept. 14: District of Columbia, Maryland, purchase of a certain amount of merchandise
Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire,
(usually between 15,000 to 25,000 won),
New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and
Wisconsin you can also receive gifts such as key chains
All members of the U.S. Uniformed Services, and mugs.
their Family Members and citizens residing Created by Japanese designer Yuko
outside the U.S., who are residents from these Shimizu in 1974, Hello Kitty has become
States and have not yet submitted a registration an international sensation. Just about any Located near Seoul’s Hongik University, the Hello Kitty Cafe is nestled in the heart of the Hongdae
and ballot request (FPCA) for the 2010 calendar product you can think of probably has had shopping district. Along with edible treat, Hello Kitty fans can purchase cups and party hats. With
year, should do so as soon as possible. The Hello Kitty’s face on it at some point in the purchase of 15,000 to 25,000 won, patrons can also receive gifts such as key chains and
ballot application and instructions are available
time. mugs. – U.S. Army photo by Steven Ryan
In Taiwan, there is a Hello Kitty restaurant,
Community Job Fair Set airport terminal, and hospital. establishments in the world, people living in
The Employment Readiness Program at Army In recent years, Seoul has given the South Korea are lucky to be near such a unique
Community Service will host a Community Job icon major recognition. In 2008, Building café. If you are looking for a special way to
Fair, Sept. 17, in the Super Gym, from 10 a.m. 63 featured an exhibition of Hello Kitty treat the Hello Kitty fanatic in your family,
to 2 p.m. This event is free to both the recruiting artwork in the Sky Art museum. In 2009, visit the café the next time you are in Seoul.
employers and potential hires. For more the Seongnam Arts Center commemorated Located near Hongik University, the café is
information, call 753-8321. Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday by showcasing the in the heart of the Hongdae shopping district.
“Inside Kitty” exhibit – a look at Hello Kitty To get to the café by subway, take Line 2
We Want Your Stories!
designs from the past 35 years. Luckily, with (dark green) and get off at Hongik University
We want to publish your stories and photos
in The Morning Calm Weekly. Call 754-6132 the Hello Kitty Café here, fans can get the Station, Exit 5, and walk into the shopping
for more information or e-mail steve.hoover@ Hello Kitty experience all year round. area across the street. The café is located in an Since there are few Hello Kitty dining alleyway, off the main street.

6-52 AMD cadets host ROK Air Force counterparts

By 1st Lt. Austin Liu will be going back to their campuses and
6-52nd Air and Missile Defense Battalion commissioning sources in the U.S. once
they complete their month-long Cadet
PYEONGTAEK CITY — A rare exchange, Troop Leader Training here.
between U.S. Army cadets and Republic of “I am very glad to meet the Air Force
Korea Air Force cadets, took place here, Aug. Cadets from the Republic of Korea,”
5, when the ROK cadets visited the 6-52nd said Cadet Shalandria Kirkland. “This
Air and Missile Defense Battalion. is definitely one of the highlights of my
The future military officers of the two stay here in Korea.”
allied nations enjoyed the opportunity “These ROK cadets are all very excited
to interact with each other, as U.S. Army in meeting the cadets from the United
cadets, sponsored by the Iron Horse States,” said 2nd Lt. Park Seong-ryeol,
Battalion, guided their ROK counterparts the ROK liaison officer of 10th Fighter
around one of the Patriot Battery sites Wing, also assigned here.
here. The tour concluded with the
During the visit, U.S. cadets and Soldiers introduction of Lt. Col. William
from Bravo Battery, 6-52nd AMD, briefed E. Darne, the 6-52 AMD battalion
the ROK cadets on air defense artillery commander, who greeted them.
equipment in the unit, ranging from the “Anytime we have the opportunity
radar station to the Patriot launchers. The to strengthen our relationship with the
ROK cadets also received a glimpse of the ROK Armed Forces, we will give our
day-to-day operations of an Army unit, utmost support,” Darne said. “Today is Cadet Shalandria Kirkland, spending the month with the 6-52nd Air and Missile Defense Battalion,
such as maintenance and orderly room more significant, considering that these briefs Republic of Korea Air Force cadets on different types of air defense artillery equipment at
operations. cadets will be the future leaders who will Suwon Air Base, during their visit Aug. 5. The cadets also received a glimpse of the day-to-day
The ROK cadets are from the Air Force carry on our mission and continue the operations of the Army unit, primarily the maintenance and orderly room operations. – U.S. Army
Academy at Chonju. The U.S. Army cadets great alliance.” photo by 1st Lt. Austin Liu

Many factors cause

Humphreys Hail heat exhaustion, stroke

Thomas serves as 2ID ADC(S)

By Dave Elger
Area III Health Promotion Coordinator


HUMPHREYS GARRISON — relief in New Orleans, La.; Operation Iraqi underestimate the seriousness of heat illness.
Brigadier Gen. Kelly J. Thomas, who Freedom III and V– Iraq; and Operation Every year, a number of Soldiers are treated
currently serves as the 2nd Infantry Enduring Freedom VIII – Afghanistan. for heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which is a
Division assistant division commander for He served as the Chief of Staff of the U.S. potentially life threatening condition.
support ADC(S), was recently assigned Army Aviation Center of Excellence at Fort The good news is, most cases can and should
here. Rucker, Ala., from Aug. 2008 to July 2009. be prevented. The following is a list of factors
Thomas was commissioned a second Prior to joining the 2nd Infantry Division that may increase your risk for becoming a heat
lieutenant of Infantry after earning in his present position, he served as the casualty. The more you have, the greater your
his bachelor’s degree from Methodist Deputy Commanding General/Assistant risk:
University, in Fayetteville, N.C., in May Commandant of the United States Army Poor fitness level;
1981 as a Reserve Officer Training Corps Aviation Center of Excellence. Large body mass;
Distinguished Military Graduate. Thomas is a graduate of the Infantry Presence of a minor illness (fever, cold,
His initial tour of duty was with Delta Officers Basic Course, Initial Entry Rotary diarrhea);
Company, 82nd Aviation Battalion at Wing Flight Training, Aviation Officers Medications in your system (examples: for
Fort Bragg, where he served as Attack Advance Course, Army Command and colds, allergy, blood pressure, depression);
Section Leader, III/V Platoon Leader General Staff College, and the Army War Thermogenic supplements (fat burners) in
during Operation Urgent Fury – College. He holds a masters degree in Strategic your system;
Grenada, Attack Platoon Leader, Flight Studies from the Army War College. Use of other over the counter weight loss
Operations Officer, and Operations His awards and decorations include the products;
Officer. His next assignment was with Brig. Gen. Kelly J. Thomas Legion of Merit with Oak Leaf, Bronze Dieting for weight loss (low calorie or high
the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, in and Chief, Heliops for IFOR/SFOR HQs Star with Oak Leaf, Defense Meritorious protein diets promote dehydration);
Nuremburg, Germany, where he served in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Thomas Service Medal with Oak Leaf, Meritorious Recent alcohol use;
as Squadron Assistant S3 and Air Cavalry commanded 1st Battalion (Attack), 25th Service Medal with Oak Leafs, Air Medal, Lack of adequate sleep;
Troop Commander – Palehorse Troop, Aviation Regiment, 25th Infantry Division Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Exposure to sun radiation;
patrolling the Czechoslovakian border. at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Following Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf, Exercise for extended periods (the longer you
Thomas was then assigned to the Human battalion command, he served as the 25th Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Armed go, the higher the risk);
Resources Command, Alexandria, Va., Infantry Division Inspector General. Upon Forces Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Dehydration;
as the Aviation Management and Force completion of the Army War College, he was Medal, NATO Medal, Army Superior Unit Exercising at mid-day;
Structure Officer in the Distribution assigned to U.S. Army Europe Headquarters Award, Expert Infantryman Badge, Master Hard exercise the day or days prior;
Division, OPMD. as the Theater Aviation Officer. At the onset Aviator Badge, Master Parachutist Badge, High blood pressure;
Following his attendance at the of Operation Iraqi Freedom, he assumed and Silver Order of St. Michael. Recognition of the early warning signs is also
Command and General Staff College, at duties as the G-3, Chief of Operations Thomas is a native of San Diego, but calls a key to preventing serious heat illness:
Fort Leavenworth, Kan., he was assigned for U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) and Fayetteville home. He is married and has two Heavy sweating or dry hot skin;
to the 82nd Aviation Brigade at Fort 7th Army Training Command (ATC). adult children. Confusion.
Bragg, where he served as Squadron S3 Thomas served as the Assistant Chief of If you notice a potential problem, take
and Executive Officer for 1st Squadron, Staff and Executive Officer to the Deputy Editor’s Note: This is the first action immediately. Get the victim to a shaded,
17th Cavalry Regiment. Thomas was Commanding General/Chief of Staff for of an occaisonal series called cool area. Apply wet, cold towels, fan or use
the S3, 82nd Aviation Brigade during Headquarters, U.S. Army Training and “Humphreys Hail,” which will be other cooling measures and call for medical
Operation Uphold Democracy – Haiti. He Doctrine Command, Fort Monroe, Va. used as a way to introduce new assistance.
completed a joint/combined assignment Thomas commanded the 82nd Combat For additional information on prevention
Aviation Brigade from June 2005 until April
military leaders and key civilian
with Land Forces Component Command of heat injuries, go to the U.S. Army Center
(LANDCENT), NATO, participating in 2008. He deployed the unit in support of personnel to the Humphreys for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
Operation Joint Guard as Deputy J3-Air Operation All-American Relief – Hurricane Garrison community. website at

New CSM joins the USAG Daegu team

By Philip Molter of the Garrison Headquarters. interim CSM, Master Sgt. Rodney Brown, who was present for the ceremony, left to
USAG Daegu Public Affairs Command Sgt. Maj. Gabriel Arnold joins USAG Daegu Headquarters and Headquarters become the IMCOM Korea Command
the Installation Management Command team Co. 1st Sergeant Marvin Jones, and the Sword Sgt. Major.
DAEGU GARRISON — U.S. for the first time; and this will be his first tour Bearer, Staff Sgt. Teng Xiong-White. Arnold has had a long and varied career.
Army Garrison Daegu welcomed a new in the Land of the Morning Calm. A native of Huntington Park, Calif., He joined the Army in 1989 as a Chemical
Command Sergeant Major onboard Arnold was joined in the traditional Arnold assumes the CSM position which Operations Specialist. He has had assignments
during an NCO Sword and Assumption of NCO Sword Ceremony by USAG Daegu Brown has been ably holding down since at numerous commands throughout the U.S.
Responsibility Ceremony, Aug. 6 in front Commander, Col. Terry Hodges, former former Command Sgt. Major David Abbott, and Germany and participated in several
deployments including Operations Desert
Shield/Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom and
Iraqi Freedom.

USAG Daegu incoming Command. Sgt. Maj.

Gabriel Arnold exchanges greetings with Col.
From left to right, Master Sgt. Rodney Brown, USAG Daegu Commander Col. Terry D. Hodges, and incoming USAG Daegu Command Sgt. Maj. Terry D. Hodges, USAG Daegu Garrison
Gabriel Arnold are standing tall during the Change of Responsibility Ceremony held Aug. 6 in front of USAG Daegu Headquarters. Master Sgt. Commander during last Friday’s Change of
Brown relinquished his temporary position of Acting Sgt. Maj. to Cmd. Sgt. Maj. Arnold who just days prior arrived in Daegu from his previous Responsibility ceremony on Camp Henry. —
assignment at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. — U.S. Army Photo by Rick Cave U.S. Army Photo by Rick Cave

Daegu Command Chaplain addresses the

importance of putting first things first
By Milton Johnson from what is important, from what really very few of our tasks get done to the best urgent require immediate attention.
USAG Daegu Command Chaplain matters, those things that could truly make of our ability and we resolve, breathless and Listen to the words of the following story
a difference. I’ve pondered my own busyness worn out, to do better the next time. it is sobering:
and am working towards a cure. The idea behind putting first things A man came home from work late, tired
DAEGU GARRISON — Everyone is It is amazing how many of us are first is to prioritize “important” things and irritated, to find his 10-year old son
busy; it’s endemic. We are busy at work incapable of prioritizing the important first instead of “urgent” things. What’s waiting for him at the door.
and leave to be busy at home; we are busy things in our lives. Amid the hustle and important? What’s urgent? What’s the SON : “Daddy, may I ask you a
in rest and recreation and busier still on bustle of the daily trolley we call life, we difference? Things that are important are question?”
vacation, needing to go back to work to rest run frantically helter- skelter trying to activities that represent your values, mission, DAD: “Yeah sure, what is it?”
up. All too often, our busyness distracts us accomplish this task and that. Invariably, and high-priority goals. Things that are SON : “Daddy, how much do you
make an hour?”
DAD: “That’s none of your business.
Why do you ask such a thing?”
SON : “I just want to know. Please tell
me, how much do you make an hour?”
DAD: “If you must know, I make $100
an hour.”
SON : “Oh!” (with his head down).
SON : “Daddy, may I please borrow
The father was furious.
DAD: “If the only reason you asked
that is so you can borrow some money
to buy a silly toy or some other
nonsense, then you march yourself
straight to your room and go to bed.
Think about why you are being so
selfish. I work hard everyday for such
childish behavior.”
The little boy quietly went to his room
and shut the door. The man sat down and
started to get even angrier about the little

— Continued on Page 28—

Chaplain (Maj.) Milton Johnson, Command Chaplain USAG Daegu, points out the importance of prioritizing your time and putting first things first,
to two visitors to the Camp Walker Chapel Annex. — U.S. Army Photo by Mary Grimes

t News & Notes USAG Daegu Commander reads Dr. Seuss to

Walker Speed Limit is 25 KPH
The speed limit for all of Camp Walker Area IV children at the Camp Walker Library
is reduced to 25 KPH from now through
the end of August. Please be careful as By Destiny Post, Summer Hire attentively. Col. Hodges had barely begun is fundamental. With that said equally as
foot traffic increases during UFG-10. USAG Daegu Public Affairs reading the classic tale before the children were many might also agree that the inability to
eager to help him tell the story. read would make it virtually impossible to
DAEGU GARRISON — Maya Angelou Without a doubt, the young children perform most day to day activities. “Reading
Busan International Market once said “Any book that helps a child to seemed to soak things up quickly. Asked is absolutely an important part of life. No
Shopping form a habit of reading, to make reading one to give his thoughts about reading to the matter what your profession or what you try
Camp Carroll CAC. Aug. 28, 9 a.m. of his deep and continuing needs, is good excitedly curious faces, the Commander said, to do. Whether it’s reading, or mathematical,
(CC) & 10 a.m. (CW). $10 per person for him.” “The young ones are our future, and they or just common communication,” he said.
(kids 10 & under: $5). Books seem to be a big part of our world. are also a testament of the growth we are No doubt, it’s important that children begin
They help minds of all ages learn and grow. Our having in Area IV. More importantly they learning that at a young age.
very own Col. Terry D. Hodges, Commander, are the representatives of our focus on the According to Col. Hodges, coming to read
USAG Daegu took time to stop by the library families. They are our future. Therefore, we to the younger children helped in dismissing
Han River Cruise
and read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss to must help them grow in life, to the best of the myth that the military doesn’t care about
Casino Curise. Sept. 18, 6 p.m. to 10
the children of our community. Their bright our abilities.” their families. “If I read enthusiastically,
p.m. Single & Unaccompanied soldiers,
little faces held big smiles as they listened Few, if any would disagree that reading it also makes it so that you can talk about
active duty US military personnel. Price
other things in life. I’m trying to help broker
of ticket is $35.00 per person.Best
team work among them at a young age. By
dressed contest, live DJ/Dance hall
reading to different groups and teaching them
and cash bar. Final day of registration
about inclusion. Those are skills that will be
is on Sept. 15. Sign up at the Cp
important to them as they go,” stated the
Walker CAC. Call 764-4123 for more
Younger children learn and grow better
when taught in a caring way, a way that makes
them truly interested in learning and reading.
New Army Suicide Prevention Said Col. Hodges, “Just showing them that
Program Website we care, and care not only as a colonel, I can
Army Suicide Prevention Program has learn from the little ones as well.”
adopted the website domain name www. So, it looks like we all could learn from the This initiative words of Maya Angelou. There’s something
is part of the Army’s continued efforts we also learned from the USAG Daegu
to assist anyone seeking information Commander’s reading session with the Area
on suicide prevention training, policy, IV children at the Camp Walker Library, and
strategy, and resources, or to find USAG Daegu Commander, Col. Terry D. Hodges, has a captive audience of Area IV youngsters that is, just as children can learn a lot from
links to other agencies that offer as he reads them a story from the classic Dr. Seuss book, “Green Eggs and Ham,” Aug. 4, at adults, and from books, adults can learn a lot
assistance. the Camp Walker Library. — U.S. Army Photo by Destiny Post from the children.

Parent’s Night Out

Aug. 28, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Camp
Taking things for granted a habit worth breaking
George CDC. Provided for children or an event, we take for granted the very I had a brother and a sister. It was a lot to
6 weeks - 5th grade. First come, first things that most deserve our gratitude” will absorb, and I had a habit of not wanting
served. Advance sign up required. have special meaning for you. to deal with any of the change or pain that
Must be a registered CYS member. Growing up and learning to live life was in my life.
Call 764-5298 for more information. to the fullest is something every child will Nicholas came to grips with some very
hopefully come to understand. Of course, startling truths about her life and her
many will make mistakes along the way, but situation. She felt that she didn’t have to
USAG Daegu BOSS Love and Hope the great thing about this is that if they’re be a hostage. She said she took inventory of
Orphanage lucky, they not only live through some of her situation and decided to make the best
Aug. 20, Camp Carroll CAC. BOSS life’s toughest moments, but they learn of the hand she had been dealt.
Soldiers will then deliver donations to a lot and become better individuals as a “Sometimes, when you are hurting it’s hard
the Love and Hope Orphanage. Camp result. Sadly, however, there are some who to get past the hurt. When that hurt has been
Carroll Unit Donation Competition. All don’t turn out to be as fortunate as others. experienced over and over, you reach a point
ages from 0-18 to disabled elders. For them, there is resentment, selfishness, a where you think no one cares or that it’s just
Donations may include but are not sense of unworthiness and disrespect. They the way it’s supposed to be. You actually believe
limited to toys, diapers, clothing, don’t run to the problem, but they often that you’re not supposed to have better or be
blankets, formula, etc. Please bring will ignore it, or make the huge mistake of better. I decided that I didn’t want to just be
all donations to the Camp Carroll simply taking it for granted. in the foster system. I wanted to rise above my
Community Center by Aug. 15. POC Soldiers live busy lives. Whether male or circumstances and no longer take it for granted
is at 010-2417-5987. female, they serve their country with pride that it was enough just to exist.”
and distinction, and while they for the Nicholas is an example of what rethinking
A simple phone call to friends and family can your life’s situation is all about. Just recently,
most part, have their basic needs provided
Say it on ICE do a lot to break the habit of procrastinating. she found her brother that she’d not seen
to them, there are times when taking for
Ever wonder if your voice is heard? Taking things for granted only clouds a world since he was five or six years old. Today, he
granted their meals, quarters, and other
Fill out an on-line comment card today of opportunities and joy. Call someone today is a man.
aspects of their lives, become something that
- our response in guaranteed. http:// and let them know you’re thinking about them. “There are a lot of people out there who
unintentionally winds up being regarded as a — U.S. Army Photo by Mary Grimes go through some impossible situations,”
habit. Just what is this thing called habit?
For Staff Sgt. Earnestine Nicholas, from nicholas said. “I’ve learned that whatever
By Constance Dandridge, Summer Hire your situation, don’t take it for granted
the USAG Daegu Directorate of Logistics,
Storage Container for rent at USAG Daegu Public Affairs because there is a purpose behind everything
habit has many meanings. “I grew up in
Camp Carroll a foster home. If you can imagine, I had about you or your walk or your challenge.
Too much stuff in your house? Need a DAEGU GARRISON — If you are a lot of personal things confronting me. You’ve just got to want to live badly enough
place to store all that extra furniture? among the many thousands who have taken Relationships are vital to a family. Too and be hungry enough to want to change
Call the Camp Carroll Community something for granted, then most likely the many times people take those relationships your circumstances. Don’t take for granted
Center at 765-8325 old saying “When something does not insist for granted. During the early years of my that tomorrow will be a good time to move
on being noticed, when we aren’t grabbed by life I knew of a lot of hurt and pain. I was forward. Do something today and that could
the collar or stuck on the skull by a presence learning about my new Mom, and suddenly make a world of difference in your life.”

Another six month rotation comes to an end for Korean student interns

USAG Daegu, Commander Col. Terry D. Hodges takes center stage with Kyungpook National University (KNU) President Dr. Dongil Noh, for a group photo during closing ceremony
activities for the 12th USAG Daegu “Good Neighbor” Student Internship Program held Aug. 6 at KNU. Members of the USAG Daegu and Area IV community attended the event — bidding
farewell to the scholarly students after spending six months working in various departments throughout Area IV. The students, who are seated, called the six months experience “simply
unforgettable.” — U.S. Army Photo by Rick Cave


boy’s questions. How dare he ask such The little boy sat straight up, smiling. The father was crushed. He put his arms Sobering indeed!!! During the next week
questions only to get some money? SON : “Oh, thank you daddy! “ around his little son, and he begged for his try to use these simple steps to help put first
After about an hour or so, the man had Then, reaching under his pillow he forgiveness. things first:
calmed down, and started to think: pulled out some crumpled up bills. It’s just a short reminder to all of you Keep a Time Log to fully comprehend what
Maybe there was something he really The man saw that the boy already had working so hard in life. We should not let you do and how long you spend (or waste) on
needed to buy with that $ 50 and he really money, started to get angry again. The little time slip through our fingers without having it; the results will likely shock you.
didn’t ask for money very often. The man boy slowly counted out his money, and then spent some time with those who really Just Say No to some things - even good
went to the door of the little boy’s room and looked up at his father. matter to us, those close to our hearts. things - in order to protect yourself from
opened the door. DAD: “Why do you want more money Do remember to share that $100 worth over-committing and therefore being too
DAD: “Are you asleep, son?” if you already have some?” of your time with someone you love? busy to do anything well.
SON : “No daddy, I’m awake”. SON : “Because I didn’t have enough, If we die tomorrow, the company that we Set Limits to how much you work,
DAD: “I’ve been thinking, maybe I but now I do. Daddy, I have $100 now. are working for could easily replace us in a otherwise you will end up working as
was too hard on you earlier. It’s been a Can I buy an hour of your time? Please matter of days. But the family and friends much as you are physically and mentally
long day and I took out my aggravation come home early tomorrow. I would we leave behind will feel the loss for the rest able, leaving no significant time for
on you. Here’s the $50 you asked for.” like to have dinner with you.” of their lives. anything else.
AUGUST 13, 2010

RED Cloud 사령관


반테러리즘은 당신과 함께 시작합니다!

매일매일 우리는 경계 태세에 있어야 배낭등을 내버려 두는 행위 ;지나치게 세계에서 가장 큰 합동훈련중 하나인
한다. 큰 옷을 입고있거나 더운 옷을 입고있는 UFG 기간동안, 나의 직원들과 나는 우리
구체적으로 말해, 나는 Warrior Country 행위; 화학약품 냄새나 연기; 적당한 자격 부대 방어 태세와 대 테러 훈련을 연습할
에있는 우리 부대의 안전을 위협하는 없이 유니폼을 구입하거나 외로워하는 것이다. 이것은 우리의 약점을 찾을수
잠재적 요소와 그리고 우리 군인, 민간인 사람, 내성적인사람, 그리고 사회에 있고, 우리의 부대 방어 계획을 한단계
그들의 가족들의 안전을 확인하고 보고 불만을 가진 사람등이 포함 된다. 개선 시킬수 있는 또다른 기회이다.
하도록 당신의 도움이 필요하다. 우리가 자주 하는 실수는 테러자의 “무언가를 보고, 무언가를 말해라”
나는 개리슨 사령관으로, 당신들이 얼굴은 우리와 다를 것이라고 생각 하는 라는 주문하에, 육군의 iWatch 프로그램은
반테러리즘이 나의 최고의관심사 임을 것이다. 그렇지 않다. 당신의 의식과 잠재적 위험요소들을 알게
알아주길 바란다. 그러나 나의 소수 1차 걸프 전쟁의 공적으로 The Bronze 함으로써 첫번째 부대 방어선이 되도록
직원들과 나만의 힘으로는 그것을 할수 Star를 수여받은 참전용사Timothy 준비시켜줄 것이다.
없음을 알고있다. McVeigh를 생각해도 좋다. 당신이 이미 그렇게 하고있지 않다면,
우리는 당신 개개인이 대테러주의에 1995년 4월 19일, 2명의 음모가담자와 USAG-RC 웹사이트를 방문해서 4개의
관심을 기울였으면 좋겠다. McVeigh는 오클라호마주, 오클라호마 짧은 비디오 클립을 보기를 강력하게
경계를 게을리 하지 말고, 특이하고 시내에 있는 알프레드무하 연방빌딩을 권고한다.
의심스러운 행동들을 보면 보고하라. 폭파시켜서, 6살미만의 아이들 19명을 나는 또한 AMSC (이달말에 버지니아주
이것만으로는 충분하지 않다. 포함해 168명의 사상자를 냈다. Fort Belvoir에서 열리는 Level 4 Course)
행크 닷지 대령 당신은 우리의 첫번째 방어선이다. 나의 요점은 간단하다. 테러리스트들은 에 참가해 대테러주의에 대한 견문을
USAG Red Cloud 사령관 그래서, 특이하고 의심스러운 행동이란 한 인종 그리고 한 종교에 국한되지 않는다. 넓힘으로써 나의 몫을 다할것이다.
무엇인가? 그것들은 겉으로보기에는 내가 당신들에게 당신들이 볼수있는 당신의 도움과 함께라면, 나는 우리
무해해 보인다. 의심스러운 행동들을 보고하고 우리와 모두 대 테러주의 인식을 한층 높일 수
레드클라우드 위수사령부 예를 들어 건물의 그림을 그리거나 함께 하자고 강력히 권고하는 중에도, 있고, 군인, 민간인 그 리고 그들의 가족을
당신과 우리 모두는 테러에 대항에 있어 측정하는 것을 들수있다. 당신들이 나와 나의 팀이 우리의 부대의 위해 우리 부대를 좀 더 안전하게 만들 수
제일선이다.우리 군은 8월을 반테러리즘 외부인이 건물또는 부대 안전에 관한 테러안전에 대한 책임을 담당하고 있다고 믿는다.
인식의 달로 지정했다. 이달 뿐만 아니라, 질문을 하는 행위 ; 서류가방, 옷가방, 있다는사실을알아주었으면 좋겠다. 우리는 육군에서 살고있습니다.