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Martin Allen D.

Claudio BSN 221

Nursing Care Plan for Acute Gastroenteritis

Nursing Problem Nursing

Analysis Goal / Objective Rationale Evaluation
Cues Interventions
Diarrhea related Gastroenteritis is Goal:  After 4 hours of
to infectious an inflammation After 4 hours of nursing
processes as of the stomach nursing interventions,
manifested by and the small interventions, the the client was
passage of loose bowel. The client will report able to report
watery stool stomach and reduction in reduction in
small bowel react frequency of frequency of
Subjective: to any of the passage of stool. passage of
 Abdominal pain causative agents stool.
 According to with inflammation Objective:
the client she and increases  After 45  Observe and  Helps
has been gastrointestinal minutes of record stool differentiate
experiencing (GI) motility, thus nursing frequency, individual
loose bowel leading to severe interventions characteristics, disease and
movement for 4 diarrhea. the client would amount and assesses
days Diarrhea is the experience precipitating severity of
 She had 10 passage of loose changes and factors. episode.
episodes of and watery stools improvements
passage of (more than 3 in her bowel  Promote bed  Rest decreases
watery stool bowel movements movements. rest. intestinal
before per day) often motility and
confinement associated with reduces
gassiness, metabolic rate.
bloating, and
Objective: abdominal pain. It  Provide bedside  Urge to
 WBC count 10.4 may also be commode. defecate may
 Lymphocytes accompanied by occur without
0.167 nausea, vomiting, warning and
 Hyperactive and fever. uncontrollable,
bowel increasing risk
movements of incontinence
or falls if
facilities are
not close at

 Identify foods  Avoiding

and fluids that intestinal
precipitate irritants
diarrhea. promotes
intestinal rest.

 Restart oral  Provides colon

fluid intake rest by omitting
gradually. Offer or decreasing
clear liquids stimulus of
hourly, and foods or fluids.
avoid Gradual
consumption of
liquids may
cramping and
recurrence of
diarrhea. Cold
fluids can

 Encourage to  Fruits that are

eat foods like stool former.
banana and

 Avoid foods that  Foods that may

are oily, spicy precipitate
and caffeine. gastric

 Administer  Administer  Decreases G.I

prescribed antidiarrheals motility or
drugs to the as prescribed by peristalsis and
client as the physician. diminishes
indicated digestive
secretions to
cramping and