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A......The Secrets Of Vibration (528 Hz)

This Electromagnetic Field Around Every Person Is Depleted In Those Who Are Unhealthy
Research tests range of electrical frequencies that help heal chronic wounds
UC research tests range of electrical frequencies that help heal chronic wounds

Coils amplify and move energy Magi READ

Copper wire...wind copper coils clockwise to transmit energy & anti-clockwise to receive energy
Centripetal energy spin to left / anti-clockwise: wind copper anti-clockwise to receive energy - female, moon-powered, consolidating, accelerating, integrating,
contracting, convergent, formative, friction-reducing, levity -> concentrated power is silence -> outward to inward. Begin from the outside and wind towards centre. Gathering, cooling and organising rather than
breaking down and dispersing

Centrifugal energy spin to right / clockwise: wind copper clockwise to transmit energy - male, sun-powered, disintegrating, decelerating, dissipating, destructive,
divergent, loosening, friction-inducing, gravity -> diffused power is noise -> inward to outward. Begin from the inside and wind towards outside. Nature uses it for decomposition. Uses heat and friction, requires
significantly more energy than it generates as it indiscriminately flings its energy outward used in main-stream technologies such as combustion engines much of energy is lost

1. Outwardly expanding (used by Nature to encourage breakdown and decomposition) transmit energy

2. Inwardly spiraling (used to build up, to create, and to energize) receive energy

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You Can Open Your Third Eye With Magnet - To Not Only See Things Within This Dimension But Also
Beyond As Well
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V...... Radionics Fact & Fiction Part 3 June 9, 2013
V...... Orgone Radionics Devices are ready, create the reality you want

In the Mind of a Master

Tensor Fields Copper Coil Magic - The Cubit length (also called the Sacred Cubit length) is based on the circumference of the Earth at the latitude where the Pyramids are built. The ends of a length of wire have polarity (a positive and a negative side. If wire is looped back on
itself and joined together, one side of the loop has a positive energy while the other side of the loop has a negative energy. In electronics, an amplifying system is subject to electromagnetic interference (noise). In order to cancel the noise, the two input wires are twisted. This is
known as Common Mode Rejection. Twisting the wire when making a Tensor Ring cancels the magnetic field and creates a unique tensor field that can be seen by some individuals. Within a Tensor ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic

Richard C Crabtree Resonates at frequency MHZ Best wire size General info

Copper wire length One MHz represents one million cycles per second
American European (mm)
Inches/tenths mm

9 228.6 188 14 1.5 (1.628 accurate) Transmuter of Energy. lightness within the c
Newer part cubit discovery Use the breath to release all that no longer se
(approx. 1/16 of inch) what you release cannot be taken back. Clea
10.3 261.62 14 1.5 (1.628 accurate)
sacred cubit

12.5 317.5 332.66 14 1.5 (1.628 accurate) a piece to something greater- not meant to be
Ring. 333 MHz Ring may become 339 MHz

20.6 523.24 144 10 2.5 (2.588 accurate) a harmonic of the radius of the hydrogen ato
Sacred Cubit Sacred Cubit or or table and a container of water set in the open
(524mm +/- 2mm) 12 2 (2,052 accurate) go from acidic to neutral or slightly alkaline

23.49 596.64600 177 10 2.5 (2.588 accurate) See above - in some as yet unknown manner
Lost Cubit or or the DNA to be changed at will and contribut
12 2 (2,052 accurate)

25 635 763.86 10 2.5 (2.588 accurate) Life Vitality of 4800%. in one place physica
Newer part cubit discovery or or inches away from it, to the North. The South
12 2 (2.052 accurate) seen and felt as empty; it is a Black Hole typ
Southern side of the vortex sucks negative

41.2 1,046.48 12 2 (2.052 accurate)

2 sacred cubits to To
1 7.3 (7.348 accurate)

61.8 1,569.72 1 7.3 (7.348 accurate)

3 sacred cubits and and
greater greater

9 inch - One other very beneficial use of this New Cubit Tensor Ring is its resonance to the Pineal Gland. Bringing this ring over the head and holding the Tensor plane within the Ring on the Pineal Gland will clear the effects of fluoride and break down the calcification. The
Ring also increases blood flow to the brain.
25 inch - The Directional abilities of this Ring are broadcast out. Can be used to point at and turn tornadoes, for example. This Ring is not a resonator of this world; it has an outer resonance.
When you coil the wire, you force the Orgone energy into a spiral movement. If the coil is laid out in a flat plane, the energy will spread both laterally and vertically. If you stretch the coil into the vertical plane, you have a vertical cone shaped spiral which drives the energy
towards the tip of the spiral in a vortex fashion.

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The Amazing "Tensor Ring": Pineal Gland Activator and Much More
Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic. Its outp...

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Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic. Its output is beneficial and healing to all life
forms. It is a superconductor. It neutralizes magnetic fields. It brings coherency to chaos, and it produces a measurable gravitational
effect. Beyond all this, a Tensor Ring is simple and inexpensive to create.

Tensor Rings were conceived by the late Slim Spurling, a world famous geo-dowser with an interest in metaphysics and a vision of
planetary healing.

His story has been documented in two books which I encourage you to read.

Slim knew that linear objects have polarity. He found evidence for it in trees - and in a length of wire. Playing with this concept, Slim
formed a closed loop that resulted in an electromagnetic column of energy emitted perpendicular to the enclosed loop.

Beneficial energy was produced on one side of the loop while non-beneficial energy was produced on the other. To alleviate the negative effects, Slim folded the wire in half and then twisted
it before joining the ends together. Viola! The Tensor Ring was born.

Slim later discovered that John Archibald Wheeler had done extensive work with closed loop coils. Wheeler called the field created by the loop a tensor field.

Tensor Ring
According to the astrophysicist Hans Becker, when you create a closed loop coil, energy begins to flow and the laws of physics go out the window. They may be the simplest, most efficient
source of energy there is- gathering it and condensing it freely from space.

Interestingly, Pangman and Evans, authors of Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water, noted that Navajo hogans were constructed using positive and negative ends of logs to create a
closed loop of specific length, hence creating a Tensor field that augmented the living environment.

What Makes a Working Ring?

Now, dont run out and make a Tensor Ring yet. There are two conditions that must be met in the creation of a Tensor Ring. The first requirement is that the wires must be twisted. The reason
for this is found in the concept of Common Mode Rejection, as used in basic electronics to cancel out the noise, in the electro-magnetic field.

When Slim put a right-handed twist to the folded length of wire, and closed the ends back onto each other, there was a cancellation of the electromagnetic field within the Ring. This created a
non-polar column of light.

The second condition for the creation of a working Tensor Ring is the length of the wire. Many people have heard of the Cubit which is a unit of measure from megalithic structures around the
globe. The particular Cubit length for the Spurling Rings comes from the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Doug Benjamin, who found and interpreted a lost symbol from within the Kings Chamber, discovered four different Cubit lengths within this symbol. Doug utilized two sets of these Cubit lengths
to create Sacred Space by effectively neutralizing harmful geomagnetic lines.

Slim began using this set of cubits for Geopathic stress remediation in GDV Imaging of a Tensor Ring and magnet creating a Meissner Effect GDV Imaging of a magnet the Denver area in the
1980s. Rods of specific Cubit lengths were driven into the ground to neutralize the harmful effects of the Hartman Grid Lines.

The Cubit we are interested in is the Royal Cubit (52.5 cm), which was the length used in the first working Tensor Ring. According to Hans Becker, the resonant frequency of the Royal or
Sacred cubit is 144,000 Hz a harmonic of the speed of light.

Slim referred to the Sacred, or Royal, Cubit length as being one ten-millionth of the polar radius of the Earth, and having a relationship to the radius and mass of the hydrogen atom. Slim and
Hans Becker eventually identified another cubit length, 23.49 inches (59.69 cm).

They referred to this as the Lost Cubit because it appeared that it may have been intentionally left out of many ancient, written records. While rings made using the (Royal) Cubit length resonate
at 144 MHz. Rings made using the Lost Cubit length resonates at a higher frequency of 177 MHz.

Through observation, it has been determined that a 1/8, 1/2, 1, 2, and 3 Cubit length twisted wire also produce working Tensor Rings. The Cubit Spurling Ring (26.25cm) still emits the
same 144 MHz as the full Cubit length of 52.5 cm according to measurements taken by Hans Becker.

Experimentation has revealed that a random length of twisted wire does not necessarily create a working Tensor Ring and not all cubit lengths produce a working Ring.

My personal experimentation has revealed another Cubit length that creates a Tensor field; Slims widow has access to yet another working length. It is postulated that there were 64 different
Cubit lengths. I am aware of 19. These have all been closely guarded; just as the knowledge of creating the Tensor Rings has been.

The design of Tensor Rings is based in Sacred Geometry and ancient knowledge intended to benefit all mankind. It is time for this knowledge to be released.
A Call for Co-Creating
I am neither a quantifier nor a quantum theorist. I consider myself a master builder of subtle energy tools many of which are based on Slims pioneering work. I am an instructor and a healer
through the use of subtle energies, yet I have been educated in the value of epistemology.

I do my best to offer theories and evidence in regards to the Tensor Field, though the intent of this article is to call those of you who have passion in what you do, to further this discussion
amongst your peers around the world.

Gravity and Coherency

Hartmut Muellers global scaling has been discussed with regard to the Spurling Rings, as the Tensor Rings emit a harmonic to a specific gravitational wave.

I suspect that the Tensor field created in Tensor Rings is a type of anti-gravity field. Viktor Grebennikovs work supports this hypothesis. His work with levitation and the cavity Structural effect
(CSE) suggests that the CSEs found in natural geometric structures, such as beehives, reduce the gravitational field.

According to Grebennikov, This conflicts with the Second Law of Thermal Dynamics, concerning entropy, which is a measure of disorder. Gravity is entropy. The CSE demonstrated the qualities
of an anti-gravity field: a high level field of coherency.

Lets look at the connection between anti-gravity and coherency

Coherency appears to result from organization which creates a phase relationship between waves and/or particles. The authors of Dancing with Water discuss the molecular structure of water
and the resulting coherence through the use of a Tensor Ring. When water is passed through a Ring, its molecular structure becomes more organized. The longer it sits inside the column, the
more refined the structure becomes.

GDV Imaging of a 1/8 Cubit (2.75 cm diameter) Tensor Ring

Pangman and Evans tell us more...

According to Phillip Callahan, an expert on paramagnetism, Tensor Rings exhibit a paramagnetic value many times greater than anything ever tested.

This means that Tensor Rings cause some of the elements in water to spin to their high-spin state referred to as ORME [Orbitally-Rearranged Monoatomic Elements]. This has a tremendous
impact on waters molecular structure and on the energetic components of the water.

Perhaps the increased spin rate explains the gravitational effect on physical structures placed within this column of light. Further evidence is revealed in the website created by Pangman and

Place two equal volumes of water in identical containers on a balance scale so that they are equally balanced. Place a Tensor Ring directly over one container. After 24-48 hours, the container
with the Ring above it becomes measurably lighter (the difference in weight is dependent on the type and amount of minerals or salts in the water that can enter a high-spin state).

Moving on to Superconductors
Superconductors have traditionally been created by super-cooling. When a substance reaches what Walther Meissner called critical temperature, it cancels or expels nearly all interior
magnetic fields. This phenomenon is referred to as the Meissner effect.

HyperPhysics of Georgia State University informs us further about superconductors.

Zero resistance has been demonstrated by sustaining currents in superconducting lead rings for many years with no measurable reduction, where induced current in an ordinary metal ring
decays rapidly.

Tensor Rings qualify as an all-temperature superconductor. Given David Hudsons discussion of the potential for pulling energy out of superconductors. I believe Tensor Rings have potential to
become a safe and unlimited energy source.

In a Lecture on Superconductors, Hudson Says:

So what we found out is that the definition of a superconductor is that it does not allow any voltage potential or any magnetic field to exist inside the sample... To get electricity off of a wire
requires voltage and to get electricity back on the wire requires a voltage.

So it cannot receive electricity from a wire, it cannot receive the energy of the superconductor back on the wire without voltage.

So now I know your question is so what the heck good is this stuff? If you can't get energy into it and you can't get energy back out of it, what the heck good is it?

Well what you come to find out is that in the superconductor there is a single frequency of light, just like a laser that is flowing perpetually inside the superconductor.

And when it flows inside the superconductor it produces around it what is called a Meissner field which is unique to superconductors. [With] a conductor you put electricity on the wire, youve got
to take the electricity off or it won't flow.

You've got to ground it, right? With a super conductor it's not. It can go on and go on and go on and go on... and it doesn't have to come off. Now if you want to take it off, you have to put a wire
next to it and you have to resonance frequency tune the wire to match the superconductor. And when it's in perfect harmony, you apply a voltage and poof off goes the energy.
So if you literally can make a superconductor that stretches from Portland to New York City and you put energy on over here for two or three or four days. You don't have to take it off over there.
Its ok; you can keep putting it in. And when they want it in New York they can resonance frequency tune the wire, apply voltage and suck it out.

It gets a free ride from Portland all the way to New York on this quantal wave of the superconductor, as light not electricity. How do you measure it if it has no voltage in it? How is it possible to
get a machine that can measure this light? And guess what?

It can't be done, cause every piece of instrumentation man has ever figured out always uses a differential it must reflect and yet a superconductor has no voltage.

You literally start the superconductor flowing by applying a magnetic field. It responds to the magnetic field by flowing light inside of it and building a bigger Meissner field around it.

So, Whats in a Tensor Ring?

Slims partner, Bill Reid, who was there during the discovery and development of the Tensor Ring, calls it anti-gravity. Clairvoyants see a flow of energy. Those
of us sensitive to feeling, know it has some kind of energy.

As Viktor Grebennikov said when trying to prove the existence of CSE The organism felt it, while the instruments were silent."

So many of us have seen, felt, and experienced this energy. Beneath the void of scientific validation is an undercurrent of immeasurable potential. Those of you
reading this article know this as a truth. I am hopeful that the ideas of Tesla, Spurling, and other visionaries will continue to live through us and become
manifest in this world.

Observations of the Tensor Ring

In his private lab, Hans Becker analyzed water placed in the energy field of the rings using a spectrophotometer and found that the rings altered the optical
transmission of the water.

They allow more light to pass through and they changed waters absorption of photons (light units). These are indications of changes in molecular structure.

...if Rings organize the space (create coherence) within their energetic column, this would explain their ability to reduce pain and inflammation and their
ability to improve the healing response.

One of the most practical uses for this ring is raising the energetic level of water. Tap water has about 22,000 Bovis units of energy, whereas water placed
within such a ring for a couple of hours, reaches a 1.2 million Bovis unit level.

Water so treated has a lower freezing point and a different crystalline ice structure than that of untreated water. Take two identical glasses of ice water, set one
in a ring, the other a foot or so away and see which melts first!" (Ibid)

Another beneficial use we have found for the Tensor field is in electromagnetic and geomagnetic field abatement.

Further Observations:
- Enhances plant growth and vitality;

- The taste and smell of Chlorine is diminished in 2-3 hours when ring placed around or below water container;

- Improved taste occurs with re-structuring of water;

- Water changes from very acidic pH to neutral or slightly alkaline when left standing in the ring for 24-48 hours;

- Reports of calming severe nerve damage in wrists, thumbs, knees, and shoulders;

- Stiff wrists and shoulders have relaxed and pain disappeared in a few hours with Rings;

- Known to calm swelling and tension of injuries;

- Found to remediate the harmful effects of electromagnetic and geomagnetic frequencies;

- Placing an object in the energetic column amplifies the objects vibratory energy;

- Adds to, or synergizes, with all forms of energy healing and healing devices;

- Amplifies subtle energy;

Tensor Rings can be conveyed in different physical forms to create different energy structures and flows. The basic Tensor Ring creates a vortex that flows out in a column of light. Pictured are
other tools based on the Tensor Ring.

All GDV Imaging filmed by Tony Gates. You may contact Tony by email at

For detailed information on creating Tensor Rings, search for the YouTube video Creating the Tensor Ring. contains more information on the subtle energy tools created from Tensor Rings, and the GDV videos of the Tensor Ring and magnet.

With Love and Gratitude,

Brian Besco,;
- See more at:

Ether research


The four ethers (theosophical, anthroposophical and rosicrucian writings)

The seven states of matter in the physical world (July 29, 2013)

Vitality globules, lifeforces and etheric atoms (theosophical writings)

Orgone energy discoveries of Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957)

Etheric weather discoveries of Trevor J. Constable

The Harmonizers of Slim Spurling (1938-2007)

The Ether Radiating Apparatuses of Oskar Korschelt (1853-1940)

The honeycombs of Viktor Grebennikov (1927-2001)

The quartz crystals of Marcel Vogel (1917-1991)

Thoughts about magnetism and orgone energy

Radiant energy discoveries of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

Magnetic fields and energies (July 18, 2012)

Torsion fields (July 18, 2013)

Odylic flames, magnets and charges (July 29, 2013)

The first time I read about etheric forces was from theosophical book. According to Charles Leadbeater (1900) there are great etheric currents constantly sweeping over the surface of the Earth
from pole to pole, and there are methods by which this force may be safely utilized, though unskillful attempts to control it would be of great danger. Secondly, there is etheric pressure,
somewhat corresponding to the atmospheric pressure, and by isolating the ether from a given space, the tremendous force of etheric pressure can be brought into play. Thirdly, there is vast
store of potential energy, and by changing the condition of the matter some of this may be liberated and utilized, somewhat as latent energy in form of heat may be liberated by a change of a
condition of visible matter. (1)

The four ethers

According to Annie Besant (1910) there are different densities of etheric matter that are different as solid and liquid are different, and these yield what we call electricity, sound, light, and so on.
The densest form of ether motion gives the ordinary current electricity and in that same kind of ether are the vibrations of sound, which set the air waves going (vibrations of air are secondary).
Another density of ether gives the vibrations of light. Then there are fast and short waves which give the finer forms of electricity. There are also subtler forms of ether vibrations which are the
medium for transmission of thoughts from brain to brain. (2, 3)

According to Pekka Ervast (1926) ether is invisible physical force. Firstly, there is chemical ether, which creates energy from the food. This ether manifests in warmth and fire. Secondly, there is
magnetic ether, which is the creative force connected to sexual attraction. It is also connected to the production and the movement of the body fluids. Thirdly, there is sense/light ether, which is
connected to physical senses. This ether flows in nerves and blood, and it is often called prana. And fourthly, there is the most evolved memory/life ether, which is connected to memory and
breathing. Ervast also points out that prana is sometimes defined as the vital force of the Sun, which flows on all levels. (4, 5, 6)

To compare and expand the information, according to Rudolf Steiner and Guenther Wachsmuth (1932, as cited by Constable 1990) there are four ethers. The warmth ether manifests in heat,
which can be regarded as the fourth state of matter. It is expansive in action and tends to produce spherical forms. The light ether is perceived as the normal light. It is expansive in action and
tends to produce triangular forms. The chemical ether is active in chemical processes of all kinds, and also transmits sound to human ear. It is centripetal in action and interlocked with all the
phenomena of cold and contraction. The tones vibrating everywhere in space are produced by the forces of chemical ether. In the nature this ether tends to produce half moon forms. The life
ether is the most evolved of the four ethers. It is centripetal in action and tends to produce square shapes. (7)

According to Max Heindel (1909) there are also four ethers. Firstly, the chemical ether is both positive (assimilation) and negative (excretion) in manifestation. Secondly, the life ether is the
avenue for the forces of propagation to operate. It has positive and negative poles. The positive forces work in the female during gestation and the negative forces enable male to produce
semen. Thirdly, the light ether is also polarized. The forces which work along the positive pole circulate blood (or plant sap) and generate blood heat. The negative forces operate through the
senses, and deposit chlorophyll and colors. Fourthly, the reflecting ether records the reflections of the memory of nature. This ether is also the medium for thought to make an impression upon
the brain. (24)

The seven states of matter in the physical world

(Based on esoteric teachings and unconventional energy research.)

7. Life ether - consciousness - thought energy and memory - etheric atoms - the finest life forces
6. Light ether - negative energy - radiant light - longitudinal photons - blue end spectrum of life forces
5. Magnetic ether - positive energy - electromagnetic light - photons - red end spectrum of life forces
4. Fire ether - plasma state - electric current - electrons - the most solid life forces
3. Air - gas state
2. Water - liquid state
1. Earth - solid state
Vitality globules, lifeforces and etheric atoms

Fig. 1. Lifeforce & vitality

According to Leadbeater (1927) the Sun sends out several of forms of etheric energy, for example serpent fire, lifeforce and vitality. The lifeforce seems to be capable of occupying several
different kinds of etheric form and most commonly it adopts an octahedron, made of four atoms arranged in a square, and one central atom constantly vibrating up and down. Sometimes it uses
exceedingly active little molecule consisting of three atoms. The vitality globule consists of seven atoms, arranged like the atoms in lifeforce, except in a form of hexagon instead of a square. In
all of these forms the central atom is in rapid vibration at right angles to disc plane of other atoms, springing up from it to a height greater than the diameter of the disc, and then sinking below
the disc to an equal distance, repeating this motion several times in a second. (8)

Fig. 2. Feminine etheric atom

The term "atom" used here refers to etheric atoms. There are two kinds of etheric atoms, positive (masculine) and negative (feminine). In the positive atom the lifeforce flows (counterclockwise)
from the fourth dimension to the physical world and in the negative atom the lifeforce flows (clockwise) from the physical world to the fourth dimension. The force flows in from the wider end,
causing a heart like shape. It spirals within and around this atom in closed loops. The atom is spinning upon its own axis and it has a regular pulsation, a contraction and expansion, like the
pulsation of the heart. (9)

The Sun radiates vitality to all levels. The vital force enters some of the physical atoms, immensely increases their activity and makes them animated and glowing. When vitality wells up within
atom, it endows it with an additional life, and gives it a power of attraction so that it immediately draws around it six other atoms which it arranges in a hexagonal form. These globules are
conspicuous above all others which may be seen floating in the atmosphere, on account of their brilliance and extreme activity. While the force that vivifies these globules is quite different from
light, it nevertheless seems to depend upon light for its power of manifestation. In brilliant sunshine this vitality is constantly welling up afresh, and the globules are generated with great rapidity
and in incredible numbers, but in cloudy weather there is great diminution in the number of globules formed, and during the night, the operation is entirely suspended. (8)

Orgone energy discoveries of Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957)

The orgone energy is pulsating life energy and fundamental creative force in nature. It charges and radiates from all living and non-living substances. Different materials attract and absorb or
reflect orgone energy. It is strongly attracted to living things, to water, and to itself. The orgone energy penetrates matter with various speeds. It is related to magnetism and electrostatic charges.

Wilhelm Reich discovered orgone energy through bion (pulsating microscopic vesicles) experiments. One bion preparation made from pulverized beach sand heated to incandescence and
immersed into a sterile nutrient broth, yielded powerful radiant energy phenomena. Lab workers developed eye and skin inflammation, when they observed the preparation for too long or too
close. The energy conveyed magnetic field to nearby iron instruments, and electrostatic charge to nearby insulators. Reich noted that metals attracted this energy and quickly reflected it to both
directions. Organic materials attracted, absorbed and held on this energy. (10)

From these observations, Reich (1940) developed a way to concentrate orgone energy. He constructed small boxes with alternating layers of organic and metallic materials, with the innermost
layer being metal. Reich called his device the orgone energy accumulator. (11)

Good organic materials for orgone accumulators are wool, beeswax, fiberglass and acrylic plastic. Good metals are iron and steel sheets, steel wool and tinplate. Accumulators used on living
systems, copper and aluminum should be avoided as they yield toxic effects. The accumulation becomes more powerful as more layers are added, although after three (organic+metal) ply's the
strength grows only a little: A three ply accumulator has about 70 % of the strength of a ten ply accumulator. (10)

Orgone accumulators have many interesting effects. On sunnuy clear days an accumulator develops a slightly higher temperature to its inside than either its surroundings or a control enclosure.
An electroscope kept inside an orgone accumulator will dissipate its charge more slowly, and sometimes it spontaneously charges up. An accumulator tends to attract slightly higher humidity
into itself. In rainy weather all of the above effects disappear. Geiger Muller tube placed inside a strong accumulator for several weeks or months goes dead for a period, and later charges up to
very high ionization levels. (10) This vacuum tube ionization effect might be part of the secret behind Reich's orgone motor.

Accumulator amplifies the energy conditions of the local environment. Orgone energy is sensitive to electromagnetic excitation, and it is irritated to over-excited, unhealthy state by radioactive
materials, x-ray generators, radars, microwave ovens, cellular towers, broadcast towers, cathode ray tubes (old TVs), fluorescent lamps and high voltage power lines. Reich called this
phenomenon the oranur effect. The over-excited state can persist after the devices are removed. When the irritation is prolonged the orgone energy becomes stagnant and lifeless, deadly
orgone energy (dor). The air charged with dor is stuffy and it is hard to get a good breath out of it. (10)

Normally orgone energy is in sparkling and pulsing condition. On fair weather breathing is easy and most people feel exceptionally alive and relaxed. On sunny clear days the orgone charge at
the Earth's surface is strong, and on rainy weather the orgone charge is weak at the surface, but strong at the atmosphere. Orgone charge tends to be stronger at higher altitudes than at lower
altitudes, and also stronger at lower latitudes than higher latitudes. (10)

Etheric weather discoveries of Trevor J. Constable

The Earth is a living organism, and like all living things it breathes. The major etheric force involved in the breathing processes is the chemical ether. The planet Earth exhales the chemical ether
into the atmosphere at sunrise, and inhales it into the mantle at sunset. "The moisture-producing, fluid-influencing chemical ether is responsible for such seemingly disparate phenomena as
morning and evening fogs and mist, fluctuations in soil humidity, barometric pressure changes, increases and diminutions of potential gradient, and the rising and falling of plant sap." (7)

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) discovered the chemical ether as a physical force in 1939-1940, and called it orgone energy. He empirically found out many properties of orgone energy; the blue
color, affinity to the fluid state of matter and the ability to produce thermic, barometric, electrostatic and biological effects. In his discovery of the atmospheric orgone energy, Reich also
determined the presence of its basic west to east movement. (7)

The chemical ether flows from low potential to high potential - to the opposite direction than conventional energy potentials. The main etheric flows in the temperate zones run from west to east,
and in the equator, the main flow is from east to west. There are large differences in temperate zone etheric densities and response times compared to (faster) equator. The west to east flow of
ether in the northern hemisphere is strongest at full moon, and weakest at new moon. There is also south to north terrestrial flow of ether in the northern hemisphere spring and summer, and in
the winter this flow reverses. The west to east flow and the south to north flow are separate functions of the ether, but to some degree they mutually influence each other. (12)

Fig. 3. Etheric weather engineering device

Geometric forms and structures have a long history of involvement with etheric force. Pyramids and cones focus etheric force in a coherent beam from the cone apex. When rotation is added,
the devices become more effective as vortical movement is generated in the ether. Additionally when the devices are mounted on a moving vessel, their action is greatly enhanced. In the picture
is Mark 5 Spider: The rotating cones induce vortical movement into the ether, which increase the local etheric potential and attract atmospheric moisture, and eventually produce rain. (12)

Etheric potential and barometric pressure have an inverse relationship. As etheric potential and humidity rises, barometric pressure goes down, clouds are formed and eventually it rains. When
the etheric potential becomes sufficient, it discharges via lightning. High etheric potentials are antagonists to high electric potentials. Very high etheric potential (for example in tropical cyclones
and in tornadoes) flows towards high electric potential sources such as high voltage transformers and breaks them with great force. (12, 13)

There are two kids of etheric vortices: implosive and explosive. Conventional technology depends upon explosive forces, which are hot, dry, and destructive. Implosive forces, on the other hand,
are cooling, contractive, and constructive to life. Their activity is harmoniously ordered and based on the golden section ratios, which manifest in all life. (12)

The Harmonizers of Slim Spurling (1938-2007)

Fig. 4. Environmental harmonizer

Experiments with caduceus coils led Spurling in 1991 to discover the healing effects of specific length copper rings. When a copper ring is resonant with harmonic frequencies of light, it creates
a tensor field inside the ring, which emits bluish white light. The ring also creates a coherent energy beam at a right angles to the tensor plane. Additionally when the copper ring is twisted left
handed helix (counterclockwise), the ring has positive effects on both sides. The harmonizer in the picture consists three of these rings intersecting at 120 degrees, consequently creating a
toroidal field. When certain sound frequencies are applied, this field expands. The coil in the center directs the flow of energy and induces rotation to the spherical toroid. The beads amplify the
effect like spherical capacitors. (14)

Spurling's harmonizers are capable of reducing air pollution and clear air at least ten miles radius, especially when resonant frequencies of the water molecules in a cloud are played to the
harmonizer. The rings alone have positive effect on biological systems and water, and they can reduce storms and lightning. It appears that Spurling's rings function in resonance with standing
gravitational wave of the universe. (14)

The Ether Radiating Apparatuses of Oskar Korschelt (1853-1940)

In April 1890 Korschelt constructed healing ray device from a special kind of pipe. He believed that the Sun emits small ether particles and by appropriate antennas it should be possible to use
these particles for healing purposes. (15)

His first device was comprised of two circular copper plates (13 cm in diameter) with regular grid of square holes (10 mm in diameter). The copper plates were positioned inside cylindrical
wooden ring (12 cm in length) to the opposite ends. The wooden ring was positioned in a tin can, which was open on the one end and soldered to a truncated cone followed by 1.5 meters long
tube. The copper plate on the tin cans back end was connected through the lid to positive terminal of the battery and the copper plate on the beaming end was connected to negative terminal.
The copper plate connected to the positive plate was moveable inside the wooden cylinder. (15)

Fig. 5. Etheric healing ray apparatus

Korschelt discovered that the effects were considerably reinforced when both of the copper plates were connected to battery terminals. If only one copper plate was connected, the effect was
sensed only weakly. The treatments lasted from few minutes up to 30 minutes. The distance of the plates was adjusted to less than 6 cm for non sensitive people. Calm persons felt better with
longer distances. There was an individually harmonious distance for each person. The ether radiation influenced not only people; after 15 minutes it fulfilled the entire room. (15)

The power supply played a role on the effects, although the apparatus worked also without electricity, albeit not so strongly. The ether radiation worked harmoniously with coal, silver and gold
electrodes, but rejected current out of dynamo. If the current was lead trough glass of fresh water, the results improved. Suitable metals for the apparatus proved to be gold, silver, copper, nickel,
iron, zinc, tin, and its alloys. Lead was recognized as unsuitable. The radiation was influenced by the weather; only in the fair weather success were obtained. (15)
Fig. 6. Ether ray disc

The ray apparatus described above was large and impractical in the handling. Consequently Korschelt developed a smaller ray disc (German patent 69340, July 14, 1891). The ray disc was
handy, but not particularly strong. It was a wooden disc with a hole in its centre. On both sides spirals of copper chain were fastened, on the front clockwise spiral facing the Sun and on the back
counterclockwise spiral facing the patient. The clockwise spiral collects the ether particles and the counterclockwise spiral radiates them like a beam. The spirals were connected to each other
through the hole. To increase the power of the device, a heavy gauge antenna wire was lengthened by twisting two copper wires helically (like caduceus), separating and cutting every fourth
twist, shaping them like rings and soldering them together like a chain. (15, 16)

The effects from these ray apparatus were perceived by healthy people as cold and others as warmth, some sweat a lot, although the body temperature remains normal. As a rule, the effects
were calming. The heart activity becomes stronger and slower. The sleep becomes deeper and therefore less sleep is required. The memory becomes better. The apparatuses were especially
suitable for healing stomach problems, nerve diseases, insomnia and pains. (15)

The honeycombs of Viktor Grebennikov (1927-2001)

Fig. 7. Honeycomb pain reliever

The Agroecology Museum near Novosibirsk displays an always active honeycomb pain reliever. It is a chair with overhead cap that has few dry honeycombs in it. Anyone who sits in the chair
will after a few minutes almost certainly feel something, and those with a headache will get relief for the pain at least for a few hours. The honeycomb pain relievers, discovered by Grebennikov,
are successfully used in many parts of the Russia. (17)

In the old days headaches and concussion symptoms were treated with an ordinary flour sieve that was held above the head of the patient. The device works better when it is aligned towards
the Sun (north at midnight). (17)

Both of the pain relievers work due to the cavity structural effect. Korschelt's ether apparatuses also work on the same effect, and additionally they work on orgone energy. It seems that the
cavity structural effect is different phenomena than orgone energy, although there is some form of relationship between these two. At least the shape of the cavity and cavity structures direct
orgone energy.

The quartz crystals of Marcel Vogel (1917-1991)

Fig. 8. Vogel cut healing crystal

A natural quartz crystal has the capacity for information storage, amplification, and transfer, but it is unable to cohere that energy. When the crystal is cut in the dipyramidal shape indentified as
Vogel-cut, it is tuned to be a coherent information transfer device. The geometry of such crystal creates a coherent field of energy that can act as a carrier wave of information. The crystal is able
to transmit energy in a form that has discreet biological effects, which are most likely resonant effects. The intelligence matrix of quartz crystals can be interacted and enlivened with mind energy
and pulsed breath. (18, 19)

When Vogel was growing liquid crystals in IBM laboratory, he witnessed and photographed the precipitation of light into crystal. Just before the crystal melt transcended into the liquid crystal
state, a flash of blue light took place. This flash contained information in a geometric form, which was the source of the crystallographic form from which the crystal developed. (19) This
phenomena may indicate that the crystal growth is influenced by magnetic ether. Other known sources of blue flashes include excited air molecules; when electrons in air molecules move back
to lower energy levels photons of blue light are emitted.

When the relationship between water and quartz crystals was researched, it was found out that by circulating water around Vogel crystals many structural changes occur in the water. The water
could be programmed with specific information depending upon the nature of the information programmed into the crystal. For example the crystal can be programmed with the intent of
unconditional love. Although there is measurable magnetic field present, it is only an effect of something more fundamental in nature than electromagnetic fields. However, the fields present in
both the crystal and liquid when charged can be cleared by a bulk demagnetizer. (19)
Fig. 9. Pyrex glass coil

In most cases it was found that water generated a weak magnetic field and on one occasion a different effect was noted. Normally the effects were attained by circulating water trough a Pyrex
glass tube coiled seven clockwise turns around charged Vogel-cut crystal. By reversing the position of the crystal so that the more acute tip (which emits the coherent field) was pointed
upwards, a powerful energy was released that flung Vogel, who was standing three feet away, to the wall and afterwards burned his eyes. (19)

There is still another example of the crystals capability to release energy. Vogel created a circuit with one of his crystals as a power source. He put the crystal in the middle of the hexagonal
wooden box and then made a copper coil and a silver-tin coil wrapped 250 times. He also had a nickel coil on the outside. Primary and secondary wires came out to a voltmeter. Then he
breathed in and pulsed the breath, and out came the voltage from the crystal up to 75 VDC. With light bulb in the place of the voltmeter, Vogel was able to illuminate the bulb. (19)

Thoughts about magnetism and orgone energy

There is only a little information how magnetism and orgone energy are related. One source suggests that orgone energy acts on the same plane as magnetism but in the opposite direction, and
perpendicularly to the electric field. (20) According to another source, orgone energy moves in the direction of a magnetic field, and at right angles to an electrical field. (21)

In current hypothesis, the magnetic field is created by vortical motion of ether. Like electricity, magnetism has finer forms. The finer forms of magnetism produce the well known biological effects
of the magnetic poles. The geomagnetic North is "cooling" (centripetal quality) and the geomagnetic South is "warming" (centrifugal quality). Therefore, it is suggested that orgone energy tend to
flow towards the geomagnetic North. (September 7, 2010)

Update (October 12, 2010) According to Kanjski & Zujic (2008) any stable magnet has its own orgone field, in which orgone energy flows along the magnetic lines towards the geomagnetic
North. Orgone energy has also the tendency to move in a spiral fashion towards the right like a snail shell (Fibonacci spiral), from a lower energy level to a higher energy level. (22)

There is some information about the finer forms of magnetism, namely individual magnetism. According to Leadbeater (1909, 1913) prana which courses along the nerves is quite separate and
distinct from what is called individual magnetism or nerve-fluid, which is generated within the body. The individual vital fluid keeps the etheric matter circulating along the nerves or more
accurately, along a coating of ether which surrounds each nerve. This individual magnetism may be employed for mesmerizing or healing others and also for magnetization of objects. Any
object, which has been in contact with an individual, will absorb that individual's magnetism. (3)

The individual magnetism seems to be related to the magnetic ether and orgone energy. Therefore it is suggested that orgone energy contains some kind of memory. Further, orgone
attraction/reflection and memory characteristics of any given material may be related to specific spectrum of orgone pulsations. (September 7, 2010)

Update (December 15, 2011) New studies revealed some etheric knowledge. According to Barret (1996) professor John R. R. Searl's electric generator "must set up an ether flow or flux along
the lines of the electric field as is conventionally represented. The direction of ether flow is, however, in at the positive and out at the negative. This is deduced from the Schappeller theory." (25)

Fig. 10. Electric field and toroidal ether flow around capacitor.

Radiant energy discoveries of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

In 1889 Tesla observed by a change a radiant effect associated with high voltage discharges. By experimenting he discovered that the radiant effect could not be shielded. When he searched
the literature he found out two observations associated with similar spark discharges: Joseph Henry (1842) observed magnetization effect through natural barriers, and Elihu Thomson (1872)
observed spark color change from blue to white and distant charging phenomena. Through visionary experiments Tesla discovered several conditions to produce this effect. The radiant effect
manifested only at the very instant of switch closure and it was related to the impulse time. Unidirectional impulses were essential. The effect was strengthened by placing a capacitor between
the disrupter and the dynamo. The capacitor also protected the dynamo windings. The effect could be intensified by raising the voltage and the pulse rate, and shortening the actual time of
switch closure. (23)

Fig. 11. Tesla's conical coil in 1895

Tesla discovered that the radiant energy has a spectrum of light-like energies, where the impulse duration defined the effect of each narrow spectrum. Trains of impulses each exceeding
duration of 100 microseconds produced painful radiant shocks and mechanical vibration and movement of objects. These effects disappeared when impulses of 100 microseconds or less were
produced. With impulses of 1 microsecond duration, strong physiological heat was sensed. Shorter impulse duration brought spontaneous illuminations capable of filling rooms and globe lamps
with white light. These short impulses (about 0.1 microseconds) produced also room penetrating cool breezes, with accompanying uplift in mood and awareness. (23)

The radiant field is composed of longitudinal waves, which are like soundwaves of electrified air. It resembles an electrostatic or dielectric field, were current and magnetic field are negligible.
The radiant (ether) particles are much smaller than electrons and neutral in charge. They are nearly massless and move with superluminal velocity. The radiant energy behaves similarly to an
incompressible gas under pressure. It flows along the conductor surfaces and leaves wires and other circuit components perpendicular to the flow of current. (23)

Tesla saw that electrical current was really a complex combination of aether and electrons that can be separated from each other. Gaseous etheric energy can be fractionated away from the
flow of electrons in a circuit designed to produce short duration, unidirectional impulses. The radiant event produces a voltage that can be thousands of times greater than the initial spark
discharge voltage. It also generates build up of electrical charges on metal surfaces. The radiant effects are accumulative and they grow stronger in time because there are no reversals in the
source discharges. The radiant effect is the foundation of Tesla's claim that his magnifying transmitter was capable of producing more energy out than he was putting in. Today, this concept is
referred as free energy. (23)

Magnetic fields and energies

The coil winding direction may have an effect in the finer ethers. From previous studies, it is suggested that right-handed helix may be a better collector and left-handed helix may be a better
emitter of life-enhancing etheric energies (See Spurling and Korschelt). Here are the helices and their magnetic poles when electric current is passed through.
Fig. 12. The helices and their magnetic poles.

According to Howard Johnson [1970] (2006) the magnetic fields are more complex than usually thought. The usual way of making the magnetic field lines visible with iron fillings do not show the
fields as they are; they only show what little pieces of iron do in magnetic fields. The below picture, based on Hall effect gaussmeter readings, shows the direction of the lines of force, which are
tracks of a particles. Since there are two lines of force, there must be two different particles. In a permanent magnet, there are two vortices present at each pole. There is an element both the
"north" (ccw) and the "south" (cw) in each pole. The north element has proven to be the stronger vortex with higher gauss ratings. The factor that distinguishes the north pole from the south pole
is that the north pole is the one with the weakest south vortex. (26)

Fig. 13. The double vortex with the spins alongside.

The lines of force going in the same direction repel and therefore as the lines leave the poles, they repel each other. And also, there is a fine line between the vortices in the center of the magnet
with no lines of force. Another interesting thing is that vortex spins in opposite corners attract each other and can form continuous spins from corner to corner. Below is a computer picture which
recorded the discovery of the double vortex at each pole. Different arrangements of magnets can be used to manipulate the form of the double vortex. (26)

Fig. 14. The discovery of the double vortex.

According to Edward Leedskalnin (1945) "The real magnet is the substance that is circulating in the metal. Each particle in the substance is an individual magnet by itself, and both North and
South Pole individual magnets. They are so small that they can pass through everything. In fact they can pass through metal easier than through air. They are in constant motion, they are
running one kind of magnets against the other kind, and if guided in the right channels they possess perpetual power. The North and South Pole magnets they are cosmic force, they hold
together this earth and everything on it." (27)

"The earth itself is a great big magnet. In general these North and South Pole individual magnets are circulating in the same way as in the permanent magnet metal. The North Pole individual
magnets are coming out the earth's South Pole and are running around in the earth's North Pole and back to its own pole, and South Pole individual magnets are coming out of the earth's North
Pole and are running around, and in earth South Pole and back to its own end... Both kinds of magnets are running, one kind of magnets against the other kind, and are running in the same
right-hand screw fashion." (27)

Leedskalnin's description of the two-way right-handed helical flow is quite similar to Pier Luigi Ighina's Solar-Terrestrial Rhythm. This cosmic event signal is a stationary type of phenomenon of
rotating particles that come from the Sun and other stars. The signal start from the sky in a clockwise motion and it is a column of light-like particles that travels side by side with light (EM
energy). This signal is the power supply of the planet and it charges everything on earth, and returns to its source in a reflected state generating the opposite phenomenon of discharge. When
the direct solar energy converges with its reflection from the earth, they produce a pulsating magnetic wave or a natural rhythm that enhances everything existing on earth. (28)

Fig. 15. Solar-Terrestrial Rhythm.

Torsion fields

According to many Russian scientists, torsion is the same as subtle energy (life force, chi). According to astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev, torsion is created by a change in entropy (the
randomness or a disorder of the system). For example a growing plant puts order and energy into the system, and local entropy decreases. This growing process is associated with right-handed
torsion and it generates left-handed torsion to its surroundings. That is because according to Kozyrev, the total entropy of the universe is conserved; a decrease in local entropy must increase
entropy in somewhere else. (32)

All rotating objects generate torsion. A spinning mass produces torsion waves that extend along the axis of rotation to both directions. An object that rotates clockwise (as observed from the top)
generates right-handed torsion above the object and left-handed torsion below the object. Since every elementary particle with a mass has a spin, each one generates its own natural torsion
field. Moreover, according to Gennady Shipov (1993) changing the spin of the particle creates torsion waves. For example, when an electron changes its velocity and thus produces an
electromagnetic wave, there is also a change in spin. Therefore all electromagnetic waves are accompanied with torsion waves. (32)

The following chart is based on Kozyrev's discoveries as cited by Claude Swanson (2008, 2009, 2013) and David Wilcock (2006). In addition, it contains some interpretation based on Wilhelm
Reich's (1954) and Viktor Schauberger's work.

Left-handed torsion Right-handed torsion

Dying plant, melting ice, chemical reactions, dissolution (solid to liquid), evaporation Growing plant, freezing water, cooling object, compressing spring, streching rubber band

Energy and order decrease locally (energy leaving the system) Energy and order increase locally (puts energy in the system)

Emits time (flows backwards in time) Absorbs time (flows forwards in time)

Emits negative (levitational) energy Emits positive (gravitational) energy

Emits yang chi (bluish life force) and absorbs yin chi (reddish life force) Emits yin chi (reddish life force) and absorbs yang chi (bluish life force)

Generates right-handed torsion that repels mass (push) Generates left-handed torsion that attracts mass (pull)

Magnetic north pole, source of right-handed torsion Magnetic south pole, source of left-handed torsion, attracts the north seeking end of a compass

Left-handed torsion can be shielded by left-handed molecules such as turpentine Right-handed torsion can be shielded by right-handed molecules such as sugar (absorb), and also
by polyethylene film and aluminium (reflect)

Yin chi, contracted orgone energy, tendency toward matter, immobility, cold, autumn, Yang chi, expanded orgone energy, tendency toward energy, mobility, heat, spring, summer and
winter and strong potential differences even distribution of energy

According to Anatoly Akimov (1995, as cited by Swanson 2008)

"I) Unlike electromagnetism, in torsion fields energy of the same polarity is attracted to itself and opposite polarities are repelled.

II) Since torsion fields are generated by classical spin, when a torsion field interacts with an object only its spin state will change.

III) Torsion travels through most physical media without loss.

IV) The group velocity of torsion waves is reportedly more than a billion times greater than the speed of light.

V) Since all known substances are made of physical particles which have spin, therefore all substances have patterns of spins, whether regular or random. The pattern is often connected to the
chemical and physical activity of the substance. This pattern can be altered by a torsion field.

VI) Torsion fields are endowed with memory. An object with a torsion field causes a polarization of the vacuum energy surrounding it. The spin can persist in an object for a time from seconds to
months depending on whether the spin is stored in the electrons or the nucleus. Spin can even persist in space for a time after the initial object is removed." (32)

The torsion theory sheds light on my previous studies, for example Slim Spurling's rings are left-handed helices. According to Kozyrev, the molecular handedness can filter out one spin direction
and allow the other to come through (32). Similarly the rings could absorb left-handed torsion and allow right-handed torsion (bluish life force) to circulate around them.

Odylic flames, magnets and charges

According to Reichenbach's (1850) research on magnets, the north pole (the north pointing end of a compass) emits bluish northward flame and the south pole emits reddish southward flame
(35). This is consistent with torsion theory, from which can be concluded that earth's geomagnetic south pole attracts reddish life force and geomagnetic north pole attracts bluish life force.

Reichenbach (1850, 310) mentions that the odylic flames on the north pole are longer and duller when towards the east, and thicker and brighter when towards the west. When the south pole
points to the east, the flames are shorter and brighter, and when towards the west, they are longer and duller. The lengthening effect is connected with an attraction and the shortening effect
with a repulsion of the flames. (35)

This is supported by Reich (1954) and Constable (1990); The earth's temperate zones have basic west to east bluish orgone energy flow (12, 34). When the north pole of the magnet points to
the east, the orgone energy at the magnetic poles flows to the same direction as earth's orgone flow, and the flames lengthen. Further, it is suggested that along with the repulsion of the odylic
flames, a subtle energy collisions and reactions take place and that could be the reason of the shortening and the brightening of the flame. According to Viktor Schauberger (1932) it was proven
through Compton effect that that laws of everyday physics and especially the laws of collision are also applicable to the micro-world (36).

In relation to electric charge, according to Reichenbach (1850, 185), positively charged bodies emit cold odyle and negatively charged bodies emit warm odyle (due to electrostatic induction).
The same orgone polarities can be concluded from torsion theory.

Left-handed torsion is associated with vacuum (the absence of positive energy and matter). According to Shinichi Seike the positive charges (holes) in semiconductors have negative energy
state and interestingly, with a coil of p-type semiconductor one can absorb gravitational strain energy that is distributed around the earth as negative energy (37). Since holes have a positive
charge and a negative energy state, the positive charge can be associated with left-handed torsion.

There is another way to suppose the same. It's known that a high voltage positive electrode repels a candle flame and high voltage negative electrode attracts the flame. This is because the
candle flame is mostly positively charged. However, in the light of torsion theory, there is more. The candle flame is a left-handed process that emits right-handed torsion. Since in torsion fields
the same polarity is attracted to itself, the negative charge can be associated with right-handed torsion (emits left-handed torsion) and the positive charge with left-handed torsion (emits right-
handed torsion). This might be a tricky assumption, but nevertheless it's good to make many hypotheses.

Fig. 16. Biefeld-Brown effect (1923)

In the Biefeld-Brown effect with high potentials, there is a net force in the negative-positive direction i.e. the negative electrode appears to chase the positive electrode and it appears to be more
attracted to the positive electrode than vice versa (38). Concluded from the torsion theory, the negative charge attracts negative energy emitted by the positive charge. There is a flow of
negative energy from the positive to the negative. Since according to Sir Isaac Newton's third law of motion, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, there must be a flow of positive
energy from the negative to the positive, and that could be the reason of the "stress in dielectrics".
According to Arthur Aho (1979, 26) in the early days of electricity, it was determined that there were two distinct types of electricity, named vitreous and resinous. The vitreous had the affinity for
the positive core of plants and trees, and the resinous had affinity for the negative outer mass of these plants and trees, such as cellulous and rubber. These two opposites became known as
positive electricity (associated with electrons) and negative electricity. The latter was dropped from the science of electricity around 1750. (39) It is assumed that negative electricity is associated
with positive charges (holes) which have negative energy state (left-handed torsion).


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V...Sacred Cubit and Lost Cubit Environmental Harmonizers
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Information On The Slim Spurling Light Life Tools
Copper Wirer
When you cut a piece of wire to a specific length known as the "cubit" length, that wire will resonate or act as a
transformer to special cosmic energies and draw that energy into the wire. There are many different "cubit' lengths
used by advanced civilizations down through the ages. In a phone conversation with Slim Spurling in February of
2005, Slim mentioned that he found that the ancient Egyptian Royal cubit (524mm +/- 2mm) to be more useful for
bio-physical energies and Hans Becker's "Lost" cubit (596.6714mm or 23.491") more useful for emotional and
mental energies.

Since I'm adding at least two coils to the larger orgone generators, I've decided to make one coil based on the
Royal cubit length and the second coil based on Hans Becker's Lost cubit length. I designate a multiple of the
original cubit unit by use of the letter "X". For example, a 3X Lost Cubit coil equals 3 x 596.6714mm or

Any multiple length of the cubit unit will produce the desired results. You can also use a 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 fraction of
the cubit length to give you a similar resonant effect, but usually not as stong as the whole cubit unit length.
Depending on the gauge of the wire used, I can usually fit a double or triple multiple cubit into the TB or HHg.

When you coil the wire, you force the orgone energy into a spiral movement. If the coil is laid out in a flat plane,
the energy will spread both laterally and vertically.

If you stretch the coil into the vertical plane, you have a vertical cone shaped spiral which drives the energy
towards the tip of the spiral in a vortex fashion.

For the HHg's, I add both a wide cone-shaped spiral coil that encloses the 5 crystals as well as a flat plane coil
(sometimes called a 'pancake' coil) placed at the bottom of the HHg.

For TB's, I add a single flat coil at the bottom. The two coils shown on the right are wrapped in a configuration
known as a SBB coil, or Saint Buster's Button coil , a name coined by Don Croft

Undoubtedly, the most important reference for the royal cubit length is the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid.
It is the most accurately wrought, the best preserved, and the most exactly measured of all the data that are known.
The cubit in the Great Pyramid is 523mm (20.62 inches).
According to the astrophysicist Hans Becker, the resonant frequency of the Royal/Sacred cubit is 144,000 Hza
harmonic of the speed of light. It is considered by some to be an antenna for cosmic frequencies.
Lost Cubit
Lost Cubit was identified in 2000 by Hans Becker during his work with Slim Spurling. According to Becker, the
Lost Cubit is a previously unrecognized cubit length that may have been deliberately omitted from ancient records
due to its powerful significance. It resonates at 177,000 Hz. Due to its dual ability to resonate with cosmic energy
frequencies and earth energy frequencies, the Lost Cubit is considered by some to have properties that may affect
DNA and longevity.
The cubit length (20.6 inches) is used to make both triskelions and Tensor Rings which can be purchased with
Introductory Kits from our online store.

Rings and Tensor Fields

Rings and Tensor Fields

Ring Technology, rediscovered by Slim Spurling in the 1980s and 1990s, is

supported by exciting research that is currently receiving considerable attention. Rings are closed loop coils.
When they are made to certain specifications, they have been known to amplify subtle energy by several hundred
times. Originally called Light-Life Rings, they are now also known as Tensor Rings. These simple devices can
have a powerful effect on water and on living biology.
Tensor Rings create a toroidal vortexa region of rotating movement where the flow takes on a
doughnut (toroid) shape. Movement through the center of the doughnut continues to rotate around and through the
doughnut. Examples of this phenomenon are smoke rings and bubble rings. A very interesting YouTube video
shows toroidal vortices produced by dolphins, whales, volcanoes, etc.
Tensor Rings also form what is called a tensor field across the opening of the Ring. The concept of the tensor field
was described by the physicist, John A. Wheeler who outlined mathematical equations that explained their
existence. According to Wheeler, if you could see a tensor field, it would resemble the thin film that forms when a
loop is dipped in a soapy liquid. The energy of a tensor field is not yet fully understood. It is considered by some to
be a distortion in time/space/gravity.
Those who perceive subtle energy describe a beam of energy (light) that passes through a Tensor Ring traveling for
a considerable distance in both directions. The energetic beam has the capacity to organize the space within the
column. This includes organizing the molecular structure of water. When water is passed through a Ring, its
molecular structure becomes more organized. The longer it sits inside the column, the more refined the structure
becomes. Many, including the authors of Dancing with Water, place their water inside a Tensor Ring overnightor
longer. They also place Tensor Rings around faucets, showerheadseven the incoming water line. As the structure
of the water becomes more organized, chlorine is released, pH becomes more balanced, and the taste of the water
generally improves. Other improvements that are more difficult to quantify, augment the waters energy.
One of the ways Tensor Rings augment waters energy is through the influence of paramagnetism. According to
Phillip Callahan, an expert on paramagnetism, Tensor Rings exhibit a paramagnetic value many times greater than
anything ever tested. This means that Tensor Rings cause some of the elements in water to spin to their high-spin
state referred to as ORMUS. This has a tremendous impact on waters molecular structure and on the energetic
components of the water. Evidence for the presence of ORMUS can be seen in this experiment: Place two equal
volumes of water in identical containers on a balance scale so that they are equally balanced. Place a Tensor Ring
directly over one container. After 24-48 hours, the container with the Ring above it becomes measurably lighter
(the difference in weight is dependent on the type and amount of minerals or salts in the water that can enter a
high-spin state). Read Chapter 3 in Dancing with Water to understand how the high-spin state (ORMUS) can
reduce an elements weight.
Besides their effects on water, Tensor Rings have been used to augment plant growth and vitality. They have been
used to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and to hasten healing. No claims can be made. However, if Rings
organize the space (create coherence) within their energetic column, this would explain their ability to reduce
pain and inflammation and their ability to improve the healing response. You can make your own Tensor Ring by
following the directions below:
How to make a Tensor Ring
Tensor Rings are made of copper wire (10 or 12-gauge works well). They can be plated with silver or gold
for a broader spectrum effect. The length and configuration of the wire are both critical to their design and
The Cubit
The length of the wire in a Tensor Ring is 20.6 inchesor a multiple/half multiple of that length (for
example: 41.2 inches or 10.3 inches). Twenty and six tenths inches is the cubit lengththe basic unit of
measure used in building the Egyptian pyramids. The Cubit length (also called the Sacred Cubit length) is
based on the circumference of the Earth at the latitude where the Pyramids are built. It is also a harmonic
of the radius of the hydrogen atom. Some have postulated that the Cubit length concentrates cosmic
Slim and Hans Becker eventually identified another cubit length, 23.49 inches. They referred to this as the
Lost Cubit because it appeared that it may have been intentionally left out of many ancient, written
records. Rings made of the Cubit length resonate at 144 MHz. Rings made using the Lost Cubit length
resonate at a higher frequency of 177 MHz. For a detailed description of the differences between the two
Cubit lengths and their use with Ring technology, you may want to read Cal Garrisons book, Slim
Spurlings Universe.
Slim discovered that the ends of a length of wire have polarity (a positive and a negative side). If wire is
looped back on itself and joined together, one side of the loop has a positive energy while the other side of
the loop has a negative energy. To overcome this, Slim used a length of wire twice the Cubit length and
folded it in half. He also twisted the wire.
NOTE: It is not surprising that Navajo hogans (round dwellings made of logs) were meticulously
constructed so that the positive and negative ends of each log were carefully matched to create one
continuous closed loop of a specific length. This creates a tensor field that augments the living
Twisted wire
In electronics, an amplifying system is subject to electromagnetic interference (noise). In order to cancel
the noise, the two input wires are twisted. This is known as Common Mode Rejection. Twisting the wire
when making a Tensor Ring cancels the magnetic field and creates a unique tensor field that can be seen
by some individuals.
Closing the loop
The twisted wire is formed into a loop so that each original piece of wire is connected back to itself in a
continuous loop. The two ends of each wire are welded together.

10.3 inches=261.62mm
20.6 inches=523.24mm
23.49 inch =596.64600mm
41.2 inches=1,046.48mm
10 or 12 gauge copper wire good for one cubit, 1 cubits and cubit
14 gauge wire good for cubit, and 1/8th cubits
Heavy gauge wire good for 3 cubits How
to Bend Copper Pipe and Tubing without Crushing It

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V......Creating the Triskelion
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V......Solfeggio Frequency Schumann Resonance
How to Make and Use Triskelions (Heddeka)

The triskelion or triskele (also known as the triple-spiral or Spiral of Life) is an ancient symbol (read the
article), with a powerful connection to water. It has an amazing ability to neutralize harmful energy. Many believe that this was its ancient purpose. When
constructed of copper, silver or gold, the triskelion creates a bioelectric and biomagnetic energy flow based on mathematics and sacred geometry. Placed
in/around water, a triskelion raises the vibration of the water. It also creates energetic vortices that bring molecular structure to water. The triskelion can
be used alone or in conjunction with other structuring techniques outlined in Chapter 11 of Dancing with Water. Triskelions can structure water within
hours (depending on the size of the triskelion and on the size of the water container). The authors of Dancing with Water use triskelions everywhere: on
water containers, on structuring devices, in their pockets, on/around plants, in the garden, etc. Watch the video of the energetic movement within a
triskelion filmed using GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization).
Since the writing of the book, the authors have also discovered both a masculine and a feminine form of the triskelion. The basic masculine form is made
using a single copper wire. The feminine version is made by twisting 3 smaller wires together before forming the spirals. The masculine form imparts a
stronger, more direct energetic influence while the feminine form has a more delicate energy flow. Either form will work independently. However, for
maximum benefit, use triskelions in pairs. If you are using them on a water pitcher, place one on the bottom of one side of the pitcher. Place the other on
the opposite side of the pitcherat the top of the container. If you are placing them beneath a water container, use
one on top of the other with the spirals going in opposite directions (as shown right).

Try making your own triskelion according to the instructions below. Using wire that is 20.6 inches long (the cubit length) or
multiple/half multiple of the cubit length, augments the energetic influence of a triskelion. If you do not have triskelions or copper wire available, you can
print the image to the left. It will not be as powerful but it will have a similar effect.

1. Cut a piece of copper wire 10.3 or 20.6 inches in length This is 1/2 or the full cubit length. Read more on the cubit length). 12 or 14 gauge wire will
make a masculine triskelion approximately 1 or 2 inches across, depending on the starting length. (1/2 half cubit length shown below.)

2. Bend the wire nearly in half, leaving one side a bit longer than the other side. If you are using 1/2 the cubit length, leave one side about 1/2 inch longer.
If you are making a full cubit length triskelion, leave the wire about 1 inch longer.

3. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, roll the folded end in a spiral until both ends of wire are about the same
length. The longer wire should be on the outside as you roll the wire.

4. Roll both individual wires so that they all spiral in the same direction.

5. Roll as tightly or as loosely as you like.

Ways to use a triskelion:

1. Structure and raise the vibratory frequency of water (place a triskelion on/in a water bottle, pitcher, or other container)
2. Protect water and biological organisms from harmful electromagnetic fields (place a triskelion in your pocket, on a necklace or bracelet, on an
animals collar, or on your water vessel)
3. Protect the programs/imprints in water (place a triskelion on your water vessel after programming/imprinting)
4. Energize salt solutions (place a triskelion on/underneath your salt solutions)
5. Enhance plant growth (hang a triskelion from a tree or bush or place it on the soil near any plant)
6. Cleanse crystals (Place a triskelion in a glass of water with a crystal and leave several hours or overnight)

Top image: Two different triskelions made of copper wire. The masculine triskelion
(top, left) is made using 12-guage electrical wire. The feminine triskelion (bottom,
right) is made of 3 strands of 20-guage, copper wire twisted together. You can make
your own triskelion following instructions here, or you may purchase from our

Bottom image: Triskelions made using silver and gold-plated copper wire. The
feminine triskelion (left/silver) is made with 2 strands of 20-gauge copper wire
twisted with 1 strand of 22-gauge silver-plated coper wire. This combination brings
in the divine feminine resonance. The masculine triskelion (upper right/gold) is made
with 2 strands of 20-gauge copper wire twisted with 1 strand of 22-gauge gold-plated
copper wire. It brings in the resonance of the divine masculine. Watch the video on
how to make triskelions

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cosmic energies and draw that energy into the wire.
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The Tensor Ring

Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic.

Its output is beneficial and healing to all life forms.

It is a superconductor. It neutralizes magnetic fields. It brings coherency to chaos, and it produces a measureable gravitational effect. ...

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Light Life Tools UK - Distributing Slim Spurling's creations

Slim moved on to the higher realms on 12th November 2007, he will be greatly missed by all those who knew him. He has left us
great gifts in these Light Life Tools, that are helping to change the World for the better. His wife Katharina is carrying on his work.

All the Light Life Tools. Like Slim Spurling's official web site in the USA , this too is dedicated to Personal and
Environmental Wellness through recent discoveries made by scientists and ordinary people from all
walks of life. Slim started his work with the Geobiology of Stress Reduction. This process resulted
from forty years of combined research in microbiology, forestry and herbal nutrition along with diverse
experience through the studies of metaphysics, the Far East and American Native Shamanism. A rich
background in applied problem solving utilizing biologic knowledge, chemistry/physics, quantum
physics, bio-feedback training, psychotronic research, and extensive study in learning-how-to-learn.
And, the world's oldest personal growth approach ... meditation.

He developed the Functional Art Forms of the Light-Life Tools, as the Light-Life Ring, the Acu-
Vac Coil and Feedback Loop " and the Harmonizers, which support the work of Environmental
clearing, Air pollution clearing, Energy balancing, Water improvement, Alternative agriculture
methods, Insect control without sprays, Beneficial insect enhancement, Alternative health methods, Personal self-care, Computer radiation reduction,
EMF pollution reduction, Personal life improvement as well as Business improvement. He now supports a worldwide network with over 5,000 trained
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Tensor Ring Workshop This 13 Spiral coil creates a half-mile wide toroidal field. When used with intention, it connects with, amplifies, and
Energy Tools strengthens the electromagnetic toroidal fields of your Heart, Head, and MerKaBa.
Tensor Ring
Tensor Field Generator This field creates resonance with the natural state of the human in all dimensional realities. The creation of this
Gaia Sphere device is not of man, but of spirit, specifically those who wish to help propel those who are called to into a state of
natural grace. It is our intentions to help Brian bring this to you. The coil is here to serve you. It will serve you to the
The Activator
highest degrees of transformationinto the new world vibration.
New Consciousness Coils The DNA transformations that are occuring with these tools will not be seen from our current perspective.
New Cubit Lengths Just under 3 inches in length, and just over 3/8 inches wide, The New Consciousness Coil has a more refined and
Soul Sphere crisper energy than the larger coils. It is created from a Lost Cubit fraction, that emits the same 177 MHz
Sphere of Grace and Ease
frequency. As with all Tensor technology, it restructures harmful Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs), including
UhnTok- the Key
Geopathic stress. Again, it is an excellent tool for for Astral Travel and DreamWork!
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Lost Cubit Tensor Coil
- connect Earth ~ Sky ~ You with your Higher Being
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Contact The twelve looped coilmade of the Lost Cubit Tensor Ring, to be wore easily as a pendant or
Twistedsage Studios used as a pendulum. The energy flows into, and out of, both ends of the coil, with a
Instruction Manuals
discernable energy flow only a few inches out from the perimeter of the coil. This is a one of a kind energy

tool, shown effective in the use of restructuring EMFs, Geopathic stress, as well as other innate abilities.

Great for Astral Travel and DreamWork! Approximately 4" long by 5/8" across.

Tensor Field Coil The eleven looped coil is made of the 1 1/2 Lost Cubit Tensor Ring.

This coil actually produces a 20' column of energy around it, and a much larger toroidal field. It appears to
have been used in water lines during the Atlantian Era- it is made to have water flowing through its energy
field. It has also been said it is an electrical device- a transformer.

The Ultimate Truth about Coils! (copper)
V...... "Electric Generator" Using Magnets and Coil of Copper Wire
Lakhovsky's Coil
Georges Lakhovsky, Bioelectric Pioneer
George Lakhovsky and his discoveries
the tesla shield
Free energy in the earth*3BqkHuJk-G-dAXitrAktPUKwrf3ELLcH70hRMHZ8kUCLR0a6L1RO3dyo-

Conversion: American Wire Gauge

Wire Gauge Conversion Chart

The gauge of a wire is a measure of its thickness. Confusingly the lower the gauge of the wire the thicker it is. A 12 gauge wire is thicker than a 20 gauge wire.

In this country we refer to the thickness of wire in millimetres, whereas in the USA they refer to it by gauge. I often find it hard to flip between the two when I am reading American bead
magazines so I use the wire gauge conversion chart below.

Jewellery Wire Conversion Chart

Approximate Diameter
(in Millimetres)
12 2mm
14 1.5mm
16 1.25mm
18 1mm
20 0.8mm
22 0.6mm
24 0.5mm
26 0.4mm
28 0.3mm

Conversion table: American Wire Gauge [AWG] and metric wire standards
The American Wire Gauge is a measure for how thick a wire is. The number was originally related the amount of stretching that was needed to produce such a wire. The higher the number the
thinner the wire.

The metric system outside of the Americas uses the cross sectional area in mm2 to describe how thick a wire is. That cross section is directly related to the resistance of the wire.

The table below provides a conversion between the two units. From the below table one could get the impression that there are more wire diameters in the American system. The opposite is
however true. There are theoretically an infinite amount of diameters in the metric system as the measure is directly related to the size. From an engineering point of view it makes however
sense to use standard sizes and they are shown below.
10 or 12 gauge (2.5mm / 2mm) copper wire good for one cubit, 1 cubits and cubit -Loudspeaker cable
14 gauge (1.5mm) wire good for cubit, and 1/8th cubits
European house hold installation
Heavy gauge wire good for 3 cubits
electrical transmission lines
(electrical transmission lines - Conductor sizes range from 12 mm (#6 American wire gauge) to 750 mm)

AWG Diameter Diameter cross section Copper resistance common metric equivalent
value [inch] [mm] [mm2] [ohm/km] [mm2]
5 0.1819 4.621 16.8 1.028
6 0.1620 4.115 13.3 1.296
7 0.1443 3.665 10.5 1.634
8 0.1285 3.264 8.37 2.061
9 0.1144 2.906 6.63 2.599
10 0.1019 2.588 5.26 3.277
11 0.0907 2.305 4.17 4.132 4.0
12 0.0808 2.053 3.31 5.211
13 0.0720 1.828 2.62 6.571 2.5
14 0.0641 1.628 2.08 8.286
15 0.0571 1.450 1.65 10.45 1.5
16 0.0508 1.291 1.31 13.17
17 0.0453 1.150 1.04 16.61 1.0
18 0.0403 1.024 0.823 20.95 0.75
19 0.0359 0.912 0.653 26.42
20 0.0320 0.812 0.518 33.31 0.5
21 0.0285 0.723 0.410 42.00
22 0.0253 0.644 0.326 52.96
23 0.0226 0.573 0.258 66.79
24 0.0201 0.511 0.205 84.22 0.25
25 0.0179 0.455 0.162 106.2
26 0.0159 0.405 0.129 133.9 0.14
27 0.0142 0.361 0.102 168.9
28 0.0126 0.321 0.0810 212.9 0.09
29 0.0113 0.286 0.0642 268.5
30 0.0100 0.255 0.0509 338.6
31 0.00893 0.227 0.0404 426.9
32 0.00795 0.202 0.0320 538.3

Common values:

2.5mm2: Loudspeaker cable, 360V European kitchen stove connection

1.5mm2: European house hold installation with 230V
0.75mm2: European flexible and light appliance cord with 230V
0.14mm2, AWG26: Hobby electronics, telephone cable
0.09mm2, AWG28: Very fine cable for ear phones
AWG 12: heavy 120V household installation cable
AWG 14: thin 120V household installation cable

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Seed Of Life - 2 Lost Cubit - Copper, Light-Life Energy Tool
Cosmic Energy Tools
The Caduceus Coil Also called the Smith Coil or the Tensor Coil
Skin effect is the tendency of an alternating electric current (AC) to become distributed within a conductor
such that the current density is largest near the surface of the conductor, and decreases with greater depths
in the conductor.
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V...... Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature
The Spiral and the Vortex: Viktor Schauberger, water and earth energy

Viktor Schauberger saw lifes many processes as a part of an indivisible wholelinked by spiral movement. He identified two forms of motion in Nature:
Centrifugal energy: male, sun-powered, disintegrating, decelerating, dissipating, destructive, divergent, loosening, friction-inducing, gravity -> diffused power is noise -> inward to outward
Centripetal energy: female, moon-powered, consolidating, accelerating, integrating, contracting, convergent, formative, friction-reducing, levity -> concentrated power is silence -> outward to
Copper wire...wind copper clockwise to transmit energy & anti-clockwise to receive energy...

Centripetal energy spin to left / anti-clockwise: wind copper anti-clockwise to receive energy - female, moon-powered, consolidating, accelerating, integrating, contracting, convergent, formative, friction-
reducing, levity -> concentrated power is silence -> outward to inward. Begin from the outside and wind towards centre. Gathering, cooling and organising rather than breaking down and dispersing

Centrifugal energy spin to right / clockwise: wind copper clockwise to transmit energy - male, sun-powered, disintegrating, decelerating, dissipating, destructive, divergent, loosening, friction-inducing,
gravity -> diffused power is noise -> inward to outward. Begin from the inside and wind towards outside. Nature uses it for decomposition. Uses heat and friction, requires significantly more energy than it
generates as it indiscriminately flings its energy outward used in main-stream technologies such as combustion engines much of energy is lost

1. Outwardly expanding (used by Nature to encourage breakdown and decomposition) and

2. Inwardly spiraling (used to build up, to create, and to energize).

there are two natural modes of opposite hyperbolic spiral motions - see images above
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Diamagnetic, Paramagnetic, and Ferromagnetic Materials
Paramagnetism: To quote from "Paramagnetism", by Dr. Phil Callahan, "Any substance, including soil or rock, that will move toward a magnet
is paramagnetic."
Now take the same copper tube and drop a magnet through it (hopefully a strong one, Neodymium or other rare earth magnets work the best)
You will notice that the magnet falls very slowly. This is because the copper tube "sees" a changing magnetic field from the falling magnet. This
changing magnetic field induces a current in the copper tube.
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The wand itself consists of a hollow copper tube of about one foot in length.
The copper tube should be around three-quarters of an inch in diameter.
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The Caduceus Coil Also called the Smith Coil or the Tensor Coil

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structure that could cohere thought)
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The centrepiece of the Pythagorean-based tuning fork system is the Solar Harmonic Series containing 8 forks based on a C scale, much like the notes that
Jonathan uses in his Chakra Tuning App. The notes and frequencies are as follows:
C 256 Hz
D 288 Hz
E 320 Hz
F 341.3 Hz
G 384 Hz
A 426.7 Hz
B 480 Hz
C 512 Hz

Fibonacci Tuning Pythagorean

Phi Ratio Fork Hz Notes of
Frequency Harmonic

BASE 256 C
1/1 =

2/1 = 512 C

3/2 = 384 G

5/3 = 426.68 A



Root Red C 256 Hz

Sacral Orange D 288 Hz

Solar Plexus Yellow E 320 Hz

Heart Green F 341.3 Hz

Throat Blue G 384 Hz

3rd Eye Indigo A 426.7 Hz

Crown Violet B 480 Hz

Higher octave Red C 512 Hz

of Root

1. You can simply activate one or more forks and hold them near the ears about 4"-5" away. If using two forks, alternate the two forks back
and forth near the ears.
2. Or move them in a spiral motion over a chakra, over the navel, above the top of the head, below the feet or anywhere you want to create a
spiral. Try clockwise spirals and counter-clockwise spirals. Do they feel different and if so, how? Does one direction move energy in and the other
3. A third method is to hold one or more forks parallel to the body and use a spiral motion up and down the front, back or sides of the body.
What do you feel?

It seems the BioSonic Solar Harmonic Spectrum and Solfeggio Tuners are similar. Can you say something about this?
Yes, they are basically the same with a slight variation in fundamental. The Solar Harmonic Spectrum is Pythagorean tuned based on a C--256 arising
from a 8 cps fundamental. The 9 Solfeggio frequencies are
396 Hz
417 Hz
639 Hz
741 Hz
852 Hz
When these frequencies are brought into an octave span by lowering and/or raising them by one octave they form the following scale:
528 is reduced by one octaves C--262
285 is the same D--285
639 is reduced by one octave E--319.5
174 is raised by one octave F--348
396 remains the same G--396
852 is reduced by one octave A--426
963 is reduced by one octaves B--500
When compared to the BioSonic Solar Harmonic Spectrum it looks like this (I have included modern A--440 equal temperament frequencies for further
Solfeggio BioSonic Solar Harmonic Equal Temperament
C--262 C--256 C--261.63
D--285 D--288 D--293.66
E--319.5 E--320 E--329.63
F--348 F --341
G--396 G--384 G--392
A--426 A--426.7 A--440
B--481 B--480 B--493.88
Full Spectrum Set / Solar Harmonic Spectrum (Set of 8)
Tune your body to the healing sounds of Pythagorean Tuning Forks. With this set of eight tuners, you achieve fast, instantaneous relaxation as well as
develop and refine your sonic abilities. The Solar Harmonic Spectrum helps you re-proportions your body through a process of cellular memory based on
the natural ratios of the tuning forks.


Fast, instantaneous relaxation

Altered state of consciousness
Re-proportions your body
Physical/psychic re-patterning of your mind, body and spirit
Develop and refine your sonic abilities

This set contains a full octave of tuning forks (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C). When played together they create a series of overtones to help you relax and centre
yourself. Each interval relates to a different state of consciousness and body posture. Each interval affects your nervous system in a different way by
activating specific elemental qualities.

The Solar Harmonic Spectrum is the full octave of tuning forks in a beautiful velvet pouch.

From Dr. John Beaulieu:

I discovered the healing effect of musical intervals while sitting in a completely soundproof room, resembling a sensory deprivation chamber, for five
hundred hours over a period of two years and listened to the sounds of my own body. Being a trained musician I became aware of the many sounds made
by my own nervous system. One day I brought two tuning forks into the chamber and tapped them together. Immediately I observed that the sound of my
nervous system realigned to the sound of the tuning forks. It was then that I realized that people can be tuned like musical instruments!?


There are two ways to sound your tuning forks. The first way is to gently hold them by the stems and firmly tap the end of the tuning fork on your knees.
This will create a pure tone and is excellent for deep listening. Bring the two-prong part of the forks about an inch away from each ear and listen to the
quality of tone. Remember that your tuning forks are musical instruments.

The second way is to hold the tuning forks by the stems and tap them together two times to create an audible sound with overtones. This sound is good
for moving around the body in the energy field. You can adjust the volume by the strength of your tap. Experiment with getting different sounds. When
you move the tuning forks quickly they will create a beautiful ringing overtone.

The Cycle of Time Number 432

Modern science is now beginning to recognizing what the ancient mystics and wise men have told us for centuries; that everything is
in a constant state of vibration. The most elemental state of vibration is that of sound. Everything has an optimum range of vibration,
and that rate is called resonance. When we are in resonance, we are in balance. One way to use sound to heal the body is to
recognize that every organ, and every cell, absorbs and emits sound, and has a particular optimim resonate frequency.

One of the 'secrets' of the universe, is the creative application of sound frequencies. John
Worley Keely discovered this creative use of musical frequencies in the late nineteenth
century and accomplished amazing feats that defied conventional physics and confounded
the academicians of his day.

The earliest conventions of Western music held that "Music on earth was a reflection of the greater 'music of the spheres', a harmony
created by relative distances and rates of motions of the planets - a harmony that was constantly present, if only people were
sufficiently sensitive to hear it" (Yudkin, Jeremy, Music in Medieval Europe, 1989). If we as individuals can identify with the concepts
presented in this statement, and we accept that we as human beings are multifaceted creatures who must live in harmony with our
environment in order to maintain our health and reach our full potential, we can begin to see into the secrets of music and its impact
on our health

"The distance from the center of the earth to the average height of the atmosphere. This
value is given as 4320 arc-minutes, which harmonically can be reduce down to 432 the
fundamental vibration for the sixth node in the octave"

It is said that our planet beats from 7.82-8 cycles per second (7.82-8 hz, fundamental Schumann resonance), 8 hz is the alpha brain
wave rhythm in which our parallel processors, or brain hemispheres, are synchronized to spin together equally.

The neo-cortex of the brain, 90% unassigned becomes awakened in this

synchronization, and one then operates in all brain cell dendrites with the maximum information flow possible on that scale.
" Ordinary" awareness brain waves ranges from 14-40 hz. Here one is operating only in some brain cell dendrites, and predominantly
with the left brain as the centre of activity, where information flow is billions of times slighter (like using an old PC 386 compared to a
parallel process Pentium IV,
or an old Mac Performa, compared to a Parallel processing G4).
In other words at 8 hz one is an operating supercomputer, or congressing towards Superconsciousness.
A machine that would induce 8 hz in its beholders
may propel mankind into an internal Revolution, And it is here.

It is often cited that humanity only uses 10% of the brain

(for someone like Einstein, who profusely meditated his equations in ecstasies), and Einstein relays in his General Relativity Theory,
that were the other 90% to become assigned, e = mc4 would result.
Einstein states that the body would transform into pure energy:
the resurrection/ascension of the Gnostic traditions of the west,

the Rainbow Body and Diamond Body as it is known to the Tibetan Buddhists and Taoists of the far east. 8 hz then is possible the key
to such a potential full Sovereign brain activation.
At the least it is a Golden Midway Bridge towards that internal Revolution.
Dr. Andrija Puharich demonstrated in the late 1970s (Proto-Communication II), that 8 hz could not be blocked by any electromagnetic
shielding metal or even a triple vacuum. Which implies that it rotates through the Virtual (Everywhere and Everywhen) and quantum
non-local hyperspace, constantly. Ortho-rotating through what the Hermetic Gnostic and Shaman Psychonauts may have attempted
to grapple with under the term, loosely appropriated as "Spirit", and the Taoistic Wu Chi.

A film was made in the Himalayas in the 1930's showing a group of Tibetan monks, who with the
use of ordinary Tibetan musical instruments, would gather into a pie-shape configuration and
direct their playing towards a huge boulder that was located on the ground roughly one hundred
fifty feet away and at the base of sheer rising mountain wall. About three minutes after the
'concert' began, the boulder began to vibrate and lift off the ground. A moment later, it shot up
about 150 feet into the air and landed on a ledge above it, where other monks were using the
boulders to seal the entrance of meditation enclaves that they had cut into the sides of the

Enhance, Heal, & Rejuvenate


Multiplications of 8 cycles gives one the significant 432 (54 x 8, and 3 x 72).
The number 432 is considered sacred in a majority of the major temple complexes of this planet. For instance, one side of the Great
Pyramid, Egypt, at its sea level foundation, is 432 Earth Units (51.49 cm).
The major Toltec complex of Teotihuacan in Mexico, has its great Pyramid of the Sun with an overall base of 864 STU (Standard
Teotihuacan Units) which is twice 432. STU was the Toltecs measure unit for this site, as their "myths" relay it was taught them by the
Shaman Wizard gods from the stars. Each side of this Sun Pyramid is 216 STU, precisely half of 432, and 3 x 72.
The heart has the least effort for pumping blood to endocrine glands, when operating in a rhythm of 72 beats per minute, it beats
literally with the hologramme of the planet and the universe -- 72 bpm is the foundation beat of compassionate love.

432 times 432 = 186624 the classic speed of light is 186400 miles/second, a difference of
E=mc2 ---Einstein's famous equation of energy and matter - - where E= energy, m =
matter, and c = the universal constant speed of light.
The speed of light in 1983 was generally accepted to be 186,291 miles per second in a
vacuum so 432 as the square root of the speed of light should only experience the usual
suspects as skeptics. This number converted by the pyramid inch is 186,496. ( 186,291
[accepted speed of light in a vacuum per 1983 agreement] x 1.0011)


The universe is based on harmonic series such as 72, 144, 432. And 144
(a "C" tone in hertz) is a perfect harmonic of the speed of light, which is 144,000 nautical miles (144,000 minutes of arc per Earth grid
second) in the vacuum of space.
Each of these harmonics are literally a mirror, or a cascade of mirrors within mirrors, that 8 hz can look into. For example 144 is 18 x 8
hz, and 72 is 9 x 8 hz. The way that light travels in space is thus a 144 decimal harmonic (144:144,000),
The archaic Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed, so far, are largely tuned to 432 hz. In ancient Greece (the school book
original place for music) their instruments were predominantly tuned at 432 hz.
Within the archaic Greek Eleusenian Mysteries, Orpheus is the god of music, death and rebirth, and was the keeper of the Ambrosia
and the music of transformation (his instruments were tuned at 432 hz).

The number of times the medium's pressure varies (increases and decreases) in one second
is referred to as the `frequency', and it determines how `high' or `low' the sound is. Ladies
sing in the higher frequencies; gentlemen sing in the lower.
When it appears after a number, the abbreviation `Hz', which stands for `Hertz', indicates that
the number is a frequency. The frequency range that humans can hear is from 20 to 20,000
A harmonic frequency is simply a multiple of the fundamental frequency. If the fundamental
frequency is 100 Hz, the third (3rd) harmonic is 300 Hz. (100 * 3 = 300)

This information has been gathered from the internet ,

readers should do their Own research to validate key points ...

The old paradigm and its premise stated that we began as biology in the womb of our
mothers. Telliard deChardin tells us that we are not a human being trying to attain a
spiritual experience, but, rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This
shift in perception causes a tremendous difference in the way we perceive ourselves.

Pyramid/Orgone Energy Generating Grid

Orpheus had inherited his music and knowledge from his voyage and initiation into the ancient Egyptian Osiris Mysteries, as well as
from the Phoenicians, and from the archaic Mesopotamians of the fertile crescent.
Amidst the E.Din between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, where the Ur Mesopotamian civilisation of Sumeria was centered, the
ancient tombs of their Sanga Lugals, or Priest-King Shamans, have revealed their excelled science in the musical arts.
Some of these royal tombs of the children of the historical Adam
(Sanga Lugal King Ataba of Kish), are as old as 6000 years, revealing the primal musical roots and enthralment of our species. These
tombs' hermetically sealed nature contained perfectly preserved and many intact musical instruments, as well as musical
documentation in stone.

For instance the "Sham.Ana", which is called a vehicle of Shamanic Star Flight, is at the same time also a ritual drum. These drums
are depicted to be utilised in these cultural feasted rites, to induce their shamanic ecstasies and oracular union with the stellar gods
the Anaki.

The shamanic/festivial use of a specific series of drums, trumpets and harps in Sumeria,
had them all tuned at 432 hz, and related harmonics of 72 and its decimal 720.
These instruments were utilised for pre-Arabic ethnobotanical plant and metal alchemy, which harvested the elixir of divination and
The "god-kings" utilised these within their sacred circle firestone dance.
In the midst of these symphonic circles, they placed a phoenix (sky fire bird) fire stone, which was called the Sham.Mu.

Within the Mesopotamian cylinder seals (of which more than 100,000 such books have been unearthed so far) these "fire stones" are
often described to be made out of 'superconducting-like' elements, usually monatomic iridium from meteorite.
And from such cultural shamanic royal ceremonies, the seals describe that they opened the door to Anu, or Anuki - the heavens, the
universe, for communion.
They had a very sophisticated musical science, that made a double helix (of dragons) from musical fifths and musical fourths, which
were considered the sacred harmonics of the gods.

The archaic Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed, so far, are largely tuned to 432 hz. In ancient Greece (the school book
original place for music) their instruments were predominantly tuned at 432 hz.
These proto-Greek roots of music had the sacred tuning of 432 hz, long before the Hellenistic artists musical renaissance. That itself
is remarkable, since 432 hz touches the full twelve scale octaval overtones of all music in creation, whereas Bach's 440 hz only
touches 8, leaving out an entire section of the complete musical resonance of the universe, which thus remains untouched and
unintegrated within the 440 hz music of today. This 8 hz re-pitching of tuning hence makes A UNIVERSE OF DIFFERENCE
Naturally this Mesopotamian sacred science, descended down into the Babylonian culture, and was absorbed and occulted by the
ancient Roman Empire, who also absorbed some of the Greek and Egyptian Mysteries.
For Rome had utilised this sacred measure harmonic series as well, embedded in their measure, where, for instance, 432 grains were
1 Uncia, which were 144 Unica in their weight measurements. Furthermore, 216 grains (half of 432 and 3 x 72) were 72 Semuncia,
and 144 grains were 48 Duella.
The American Federation of Musicians accepted the A440 as standard pitch in 1917. It was then accepted by the U.S. government as
its standard in1920. It was not until 1939 that this pitch was accepted internationally and then standardized by the International
Organization for Standardization in 1955 to serve as the audio frequency reference for the calibration of pianos, violins, and other
musical instruments. Before recent times, a variety of tunings were used. It has been suggested by The Schiller Institute, James Furia
and many others that A432 or C256 be the standard. A432 was often used by Classical composers and results in a tuning of the
whole number frequencies that are connected to numbers used in the construction of a variety of ancient works and Sacred sites,
such as the Great Pyramid of Egypt. The original Stradivarius violin was designed to be tuned to 432hz. The archaic Egyptian
instruments that have been unearthed, so far, are largely tuned to 432hz. In ancient Greece (the school book original place for music)
their instruments were predominantly tuned to 432hz.
432 vs. 440: the movement to return to Verdi's A

The Schiller Institute in Milan Italy on April 9, 1988 launched a campaign to lower the international standard musical pitch to middle-
C=256 cycles per second (A=432 cycles per second), in order to preserve the human voice and to return the performance of Classical
music to that of the classical composers' poetic intentions.
Bach's 440 hz only touches 8, leaving out an entire section of the complete musical resonance of the universe, which thus remains
untouched and unintegrated within the 440 hz music of today
By detuning the note 'a' to 432 (harmonic of 54, 108 & 25920 / 60) then the frequency of 'D' becomes 144 hz (144000 cycles per
second) Using 432hz as frequency allows for all the wavelengths to harmonize easily with each other.
Dolphins can hear our thoughts, because their sonic senses extend into the infrasonic and ultrasonic ranges. So our alpha brain
waves, like 8 hz, are music to them. Mankind, in a non-shamanic state, does not hear 8 cycles. But one can make audible its
harmonics, such as 72 hz (9 x 8 hz), 144 hz (18 x 8 hz) and 432 hz. And then further synchronise the music in binaural 8 hz, to
reawaken us to the orchestra of our thoughts, in the cathedrals of our minds.
There are many other great wonders that 432 hz phases into. Look at the Buddhist temple of Borobudur, in Java.

At Borobudur there is a Pyramid of Mt. Meru.

Meru is the world and universal mountain created by the Vedic original Germinating god, Manu, as he descended into this universe
and planet. Bringing with him S-AUM-A (the plant from which the elixir of immortality is made) and Banana's. Meru is considered to be
the Sonic mandala of creation: the Shri Yantra, likened to a sonic holographic plate that upholds this universe, like a Diamond.
Instigated by the living Word AUM.
An interesting Vedic creation "myth", but can a sound made from a series of syllables make a mandalic, or holographic pattern? Dr.
Lawrence Blair demonstrated on a tonographer (a sensitised sound plate which vibrates sand to show the wave form pattern of the
sound) that the sound AUM, when sung correctly by a Tibetan monk, indeed does make this pattern of the Shri Yantra in the
resonated sand.

In this coming Age, when musical instruments are tuned at 432 cycles per second, no matter how hard the music might be, it will be
harmonics that are produced.
It will be healthy for the body, tuning the body, vibrating in fractal harmonics with the DNA helix sound matrix of life itself.
Those "DNA helixes" are musical instruments that are constantly receiving mhz of electricity and the audial currents, which require
sound. If that sound is dis-harmonic, a DNA starts to resonate to external disharmonics. Should the external resonating tune sources,
in a person of old age that has their DNA viruses resonating to the outside, become harmonic (such as a 432 hz based music, with all
of the over- and undertones of 432) -- then the DNA viruses will remember their coherent PHI-like spiral shape And possibly form of
regeneration, Since 8 hz in DNA replication has been described by Scientific American (March 1965, p 28), to be behaving as a room
temperature superconductor, the use of sound may enable such genetic alchemy.

528 Hz is known as the Miracle Frequency

Frequency 528, relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase "MI-ra gestorum" in Latin meaning "miracle."
Stunningly, this is the act frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA - the genetic blueprint upon which life is
And I remember sitting at a table with Dr. Lorenzen years ago, this was 1999, we just had the book Healing Codes for the
Biological Apocalypse just come off the press, and I said to Lee, you know we just produced the revelations of 3000 years of the
ancient musical scale, and I said, the third [3rd] note is about miracles, and I said, here are the frequencies: 396; 417; 528 (c.f.
Marko Rodin mathematics). And he starts to laugh when I got to 528. I said, why are you laughing? He says, that happens to be
known by the worlds leading genetic bio-chemists as the miraculous repair frequency for damaged DNA. And he said, I put that
frequency, nobody knows it, but I put that frequency in my water to bless it (c.f. Emoto from Japan)
Dr. Len Horowitz - DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral
What is DNA? The spiral structure of DNA reflects the spiral structure of all the proteins in the body. The spiral structures are simply
there like a Tesla coil to enhance the energy reception and transmission. In a similar fashion, DNA is like a receiver and transmitter of
love and divine frequency. You could also call DNA bio-acoustics and/or light and sound energy. We dont see that in any of the
traditional scientific texts. For some reason its missing. Now why is it missing? This is another thesis of the book. This is what the
book also does. It exposes those who have stolen the Human Genome Project.
The DNA "Visual Healing Pattern" & sound Frequency Of 528 Hz

The media helps industry drive the message that the field of genetics exists for the
greater good. When we hear this message enough, we come to believe it. We have
become so sedated by the media that we no longer question what is really
happening. Whats going on folks? Why do we have these great plagues of AIDS,
cancer and autoimmune diseases? There are people in charge and theyre hiding
the truth from us because theyre making vast fortunes off of our suffering.
Dr. Len Horowitz

Dr. Puleo is a naturopathic doctor currently living in northern Idaho. Through a series of unusual circumstances beginning in 1974, Dr.
Puleo has been guided into the unraveling of certain vibrational frequencies and other mysteries encoded in the Bible. He was
introduced, through an open vision, to the Pythagorean method of numeral reduction. Using this method, he discovered six sound
frequencies coded into the book of Numbers, chapter 7, verses 12-89. These frequencies are 396Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741
Hz, and 852 Hz. The fact that these are vibrational frequencies was further confirmed when it was discovered that the frequency of
528 Hz is used in the restoration of DNA. It has a powerful effect upon the water molecules that support the DNA helix according to
Dr. Lee Lorenzen, Ph.D
Dr. Puleo, who holds a masters degree in public health from Harvard - spent years researching the six tones that physicists and
musicians alike recognize as " an extremely unique interrelated series of mathematical and electromagnetic sound frequencies that
include harmonic sequences similar to those found in the 'wedding march.'"
The first note, "UT-quent laxis," is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "the Gamut of dramatic emotion from grief to joy," and "the whole
series of recognized musical notes." It has a frequency of 396 cycles per second, and is also associated with a "magnetic field
strength equal to 105 power gauss," or 100,000. The second tone, "RE", short for "resonare fibris" or resonance, also correlates
mathematically to 144,000. The third note, frequency 528, relates to the note "MI" on the scale and derives from the phrase "MI-ra
gestorum" in Latin meaning "miracle."
Stunningly, this is suggesed to be the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair damaged DNA, the genetic blueprint
upon which life is based.
Vibration Rates for Creation and Destruction!
From: "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" Pages 166 & 167
by Dr Leonard Horowitz and Dr Joseph Puleo

Healing Frequencies - medicinal properties? "DNA repair" by use of 528Hz

DNA - l"Pirates of the Sacred Spira" - Dr Horowitz

I.G. Farben is the most infamous of the cartel organizations that literally was the
Third Reich. Their top directors and advisors were the top S.S. in Hitlers time.
These people are untrustworthy. The pharmaceutical cartel wants you to pop
magic pills to cure every ill. Why? These pills have terrible side effects that will
cause you to run back to your doctor only to discover that you will need some other
magic pills. This type of dependency is convenient for those who can gain
financially from our diseases. Industry and government benefit by our suffering.
Their ultimate goal is to reduce the population. If people woke up to this knowledge
and stopped popping the pills they would realize that we are all energy beings (just
like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein realized). We can all enjoy our true potential by
using our inner wisdom to heal our bodies naturally.
Dr Leonard Horowitz
What Are The Ancient "Solfeggio" Frequencies?
These original sound frequencies were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist,
along with others that church authorities say were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart
tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses. These powerful frequencies were rediscovered by Dr.
Joseph Puleo as described in the book Healing Codes For the Biological Apocolypse By Dr. Leonard Horowitz. I give honor to both of
these gentleman for the part they've played in helping return these lost frequencies back to humanity.

As I pursued my passion for the study of DNA, I attended a workshop by Dr. Robert Girard
from California on DNA Activation. His work focused on using certain sounds and
frequencies to activate DNA and I started doing DNA Activation workshops. Through those
workshops, an article was given to me that reported how biochemists are using the
frequency 528Hz to repair human DNA. The article stated that it was a "C." When I read
that I thought, "All I would need to do is go to a piano or other instrument and play a "C"
and then, in the DNA workshops we would be able to repair DNA."
Well, it wasnt that simple, because I discovered that the regular "C" that we all know of in
this culture (which is from the diatonic scale of do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do) was not the 528
Hz frequency "C", as described in the article. Instead, I discovered that a regular "C"
vibrates to a frequency of only 512 Hz, and that the "C" of 528 Hz used in DNA repair had
been a part of an ancient scale called the Solfeggio Scale. Moreover, the difference in the
scales existed because of different tuning methods that were utilized in ancient times, vs.
those in general use today.

The Solfeggio Frequencies in Water Crystals

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:
UT - 396 Hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE - 417 Hz - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI - 528 Hz - Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA - 639 Hz - Connecting/Relationships
SOL - 741 Hz - Awakening Intuition
LA - 852 Hz - Returning to Spiritual Order
In the Solfeggio, "Ti" is missing and what we call "Doe" was known as "Ut". Here are the original pitch frequencies of these six notes:
Another interesting tidbit that the authors included as a musical scale with words, from the work of John Keely; where Keely related
the hues (not pigment colors) of light related to musical notes. On the "G-Clef" with "C" being the first line below the staff and
continuing up the scale and up the staff:
C = Red = Tonic
D = Orange = Super Tonic
E = Yellow = Mediant
F = Green = Sub Dominant
G = Blue = Dominant
A = Indigo = Super Dominant, Sub Mediant
B = Violet = Leading Tone, Sub Tonic
C = Red = Octave
Access any frequency between 1- 10.000 hz

Solfeggio Healing Tones LISTEN HERE

174 hz Foundation
This frequency will arrange energy and perception in organized cube symmetries, grooming a stable foundation for the acceleration and
evolution of consciousness. Through discrimination, the personality becomes a vehicle for internal harmony as the listener becomes
prepared to live a life of joy and purpose.

258 hz Quantum Cognition

This frequency assists in the acceleration and expansion of consciousness in balanced multi dimensional fields of awareness, accessing
occilating equillibrium through the law of truth and wisdom. All shadows are illuminated by the light for gentle healing as strength is
reestablished. In addition, personal will discovers true expression through reason followed by corrected action.

396Hz -Liberation From Fear

The Source of wisdom penetrates the mind and heart in this harmonic blend banishing the obstacles to peace . True memory is restored
allowing the listener to have access to the treasures of internal knowledge. The influences of strength and equanimity. prepare the way for
417Hz - Transmutation
The revelation of truth allows the listener to release and convert the appearances of difficulty and setbacks, bringing order and inner
listening to new heights of personal self-transformation. Internal Guidance is awakened and corrects and orders relationships and
communication instilling the expression of clear vision and power.

528Hz -DNA Repair (Miracle)

Intuition becomes magnified and directs the quality of reason, uniting the source of wisdom and light through the remembrance of the
miracle re-discovered in every moment. The listener is gifted with strength and peace as their purpose is unveiled through the instruments
of free will and divine guidance.


(Jupiter vibrates at 528hz. Do our 9 planets match up to these frequency? It appears so!!!!)

639Hz - Relationship Harmonization

The complete healing radiant Light descends upon the listener filling the personal mind with the influences of balance, health and
tranquility. Mystifying sweeps of the Light on the path of return, embrace spacious counter melodies, igniting the means of approach to the
precious internal unification of opposites.

741Hz - Consciousness Expansion

Clear vision is enabled allowing the opening and multiplication of a mind that self empowered, organized and free. Internal strength is
optimized in the listener finding a vast opening to channel purified expressions of love and purpose.

852Hz - Awakening Intuition

This track establishes strength through joy in the recognition that the listener is connected to the source of all true power. Intuition and
emotion are connected, protected and expanded as the Inner Voice becomes clear and strong in the revelation of divine purpose.

963Hz - Numinous Accord

The presence of divinity is amplified as the vibrations of the eternal self resonate in this audio track. The balance of strength and peace is
instilled in the listener allowing Light and Love to guide the present experience.
These frequencies are of all types; light, sound, electrical, etc. The two- or three-character
source codes after each frequency are defined in the bibliography.
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Gnostic Palms and the Eye of the Handshake

February 19, 2014 | By WakingTimes

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Julian Wash, Contributor

Waking Times
Dear Humans,
Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that you hold literally in the palm of your hand. It boasts neither
a whimsical shape, nor beckons attention as an oddity of design. Even to the most discerning eye its without specific form or detail. But
hush not in its wake, for its as powerful as it is enigmatic. And its no bigger than the size of a dime, so it fits rather nicely in the palm.
Indeed it does. For it is the seat of the palm I speak of.
Some might think of this area as a sort of lens imbedded in the palm that can focus unseen energies within and around. Others will see it
as an opening or a rotating vortex where the language of light is both spoken and heard. Still others will feel this spot as a tiny transducer
rectifying erratic vibrations into coherent expressions of knowing. Others will just see skin.
The area commands a space very near the center of the palm. In more contemporary terms, it can be referred to as a chakra or gateway
that permits the ebb and flow of Ki. This flow can embody inert physical matter and even zip into the mind of another instantly and
effortlessly. For many this sight has not been fully realized and operates with myopic acuity at best. But for those who know, its a powerful
and useful utility. As an idle energy, it resides in the subconscious. One must blossom this elemental into an active state of awareness. This
is the first (and most important) step in activating the palm chakra.

The following will describe a way to get to this first stage of activation. From there you will see a number of examples of how that tiny spot
within your palms play an extraordinary role in everyday life.
If your palm is not already beginning to tingle, I suspect it will be soon.

The Activated Palm

An activated palm tingles in a way, but can also feel warm, springy and generally energetic. If you take a moment and look at your palm
youll begin to feel this center point. You may experience a sensation in the solar plexus as you go about activating your palms. The two
seem linked somehow. Keep looking at your palm until you can feel a warm, tingly vibration at the center. Now command this chakra to
open, you may choose to visualize it as a reddish circle but most any color will work. Keep visualizing the circle as it grows to the size of a
dime or until you feel it pulsing within your palm. Be patient, it may take a few tries.
Some seem to benefit by briskly rubbing their hands together for a moment to heighten sensitivity. Rub the hands then hold them slightly
apart and try to sense an interplaying vibration. As it starts to activate its really an interesting feeling. Youll get the sense you can hold an
object and energize it somehow. Well you can. This is the sort of energy a psychic detective can sense in a forensic investigation. After
you open this chakra you may choose to close it using the same technique in reverse. After a little practice, youll be able to open your palm
chakras instantly and on demand.
This will not be the first time youve activated your palms. Not a chance. Youve been doing it your whole life. But for some it may be the
first time of being consciously aware of it. To those that were successful in activating their palm chakras, I applaud you. And speaking of
applaud, as I move my hands together in a rhythmic pattern I am actually modulating my two palm chakras in accordance to the happy
feeling I have. The faster I applaud- the higher the frequency.
Why does applause exist at all? Theres nothing logical about slapping ones hands together to make sound. It seems quite primitive really. I
can assure you it has much to do with modulating the palm chakra. A slow and steady clap is a very different vibration than an excited and
erratic clap. Different energies belie different intent and meaning from clapper to the clapee. Any stage performer will tell you there is no
song more beautiful than the sound of robust applause.
Even if this activation was not successful I still applaud you because well because youre beautiful.

A Song of (Psalms) Palms

Holding hands with the one you love communicates a vibration through the palms. These are lyrical and poetic expressions of coherent
energies that are particularly strong during the courting period. Holding hands will communicate degrees of happiness and even relay the
most subtle notes of nervousness and uncertainty.
You hold in your palm an ability to interface with a myriad of frequencies that range from the coherent exchange of energy from one partner
to another to hearing messages in the ether. Those who meditate with their palms facing up receive a very different energy than those
who face their palms downward. For those that havent tried meditation with upward palms, I think youre in for a big and pleasant surprise.
Activate your palms prior to meditation and allow this energy from above to be brought in. You may have your own unique way of
modulating this etheric light. There are many (mudras) or ways of varying these energies. There are no ardent rules in this domain.
There are many esoteric examples of how palm energy plays a role in everyday life. One example would be the laying of hands on the
injured. Such an act can promote healing and healthy wellbeing as any practitioner of Reiki will attest to. Also, hands held in a prayer circle
promote a heightened sense of connection and can manifest a positive change in a very short amount of time.
You will notice that a palm is placed on the Bible when one swears an oath to office or takes the witness stand in a court of law. Would such
a ritual matter if the palm did not possess vital energy? It is curious that the hand is placed down on the Bible rather than under it. As an
observer of energy this strikes me as backward. Dont get me wrong, there are wonderful dense energies from Earth, but theres also some
trouble lurking down there. As a curious remedy somebody else is usually holding the Bible as the oath taker places their hand upon it, so
the energy takes a rather interesting course. You will also notice that the right hand is held up, leveled with the speaker. This is how the
energy is being transferred. Be very wary, however, of any swearing in ceremony on a Bible sitting dormant on a desk.
Many who engage in prayer clasp their palms together. This creates an internal loop and commissions energy from within. Those who
praise the lord hold their palms upward toward the sky, again a very different vibrational experience, though both are examples of prayer.
A palm over the heart during the pledge of allegiance promotes an exceptionally strong energetic transfer. Its a profoundly powerful
gesture that one should understand before engaging. This is why Im not an advocate of children participating in any hand-held-over-heart
ceremonies or allegiances brought on by peer pressure, academia, sport arenas or any other venue that serves to bolster the concept of
The procedural pledge of allegiance is a very potent, powerful, ritualistic form of magic that should solicit adult only participation. There
are those I see who are clearly under the spell of this ritual, as they were conditioned early on, as were the generations before them. To be
clear, love of country and runaway patriotism are two distinctly different vibrations and the heart of a child should not be forced to navigate
between such conflicting energies. No disrespect intended here. Those who read my essays know that I hold children in the highest regard
and it is my foremost desire to protect them energetically. I sense those that see themselves as Americans will understand this sentiment.
Those who lovingly embrace the title of U.S. CITIZEN may not. If one understands the difference then this will not be an issue, otherwise I
apologize for falling off topic.
The transmission of palm energy can be felt through an instrument played by a musician or in the way a conductor or magician waves a
(magic) wand. For a writer, the instrument may be a pen. Even food held by the palm is in some way influenced. Secrets of the palm (and
just about all other high level understandings of consciousness) have been coveted by religious orders, brotherhood societies and those
who think they know whats best for you. Nowhere in the course of a watered-down, standard, sterile, bleached-dipped education are you
told about your higher abilities.

Palms Up, Palms Down

One is commissioning different energies depending on how they gesture their palm. During meditation, a palms-up orientation will allow a
very powerful connection with (Source). Such a position commissions the ethereal realm, the rarified domains of higher consciousness.
The energy of this position can be redirected in the form of a wave (or waveform) when greeting another. When waving to another the
palm is usually facing toward them and sends a friendly greeting.
A British style of salute is also known to poise the palm slightly forward presenting a more affable posturing. Most salutes, however,
position the palm downward. The most infamous would be the German Nazi salute. Adolf Hitler was an ardent student of the occult and
engaged in dark sorcery and knew exactly what he was doing by promoting this manner of salute. The palm is accessing lower energies
from much lower realms. The American style salute is less obvious, slightly skewed (and so less toxic) but also commissions energy from
lower realms.
Even though the handshake is commonplace within the armed forces, the handshake is only between persons of the same seniority in the
same rank. A junior cannot shake hands with a senior, instead he must salute him (or her). Royalty will not shake hands with commoners
and sometimes not even with heads of state. It is considered an insult or disrespectful for a so-called commoner to even attempt a
handshake with a royal. What are they trying the hide? I might hazard a guess but that would be for a future narrative.
The blunt palm forward also signifies an emphatic order to stop! This is an example of palm intention, where you can literally feel the
message. The stop gesture is a powerful signal often associated in safety-related matters. It does not harness energy from above or
below, but rather exchanges from one to another.

Eye of the Handshake

Nicola Tesla was not a fan of the handshake. He also possessed knowledge and a gift for vision of invisible forces within and around him.
Conjecture on my part, but I sense he was very aware of the eye of the handshake and chose to maintain a modicum of privacy. Ill
attempt to explain.
Weve been taught that the (ritual) of the handshake has ancient military origins and was used as a gesture of peace by demonstrating
that neither warrior held a weapon. This is completely ridiculous. Somehow, someway this erroneous concept has been promoted and
accepted by most people. Apparently it is not necessary for you to know that you can access the thoughts and feelings of another through
the modality of the handshake. Upon shaking the hand of a fellow Human one can visit the mind of another, for they are permitting access
via the gesture. Otherwise such a clairvoyant entry might be considered a form of psychic trespass which Universe does not encourage.
A sensitive (with open palm chakras) can accurately attune to the intent of another through the energy transferred in a handshake. Some
are able to sense a good deal more, such as specific details of the others childhood, personal problems, their fears and so much more.
Never underestimate the eye of the handshake. The handshake contract is still considered by many to be the most valid form of a
contract. If ones intention is pure then the handshake will validate it.

Final Thought

There is so much more on this topic that it can easily fill a book or two. Suffice to say that you have a beautiful gift right in the palm of your
hands. You can energize objects, connect with the ethereal, embody Earth densities and even (talk) to the Sun or moon all by way of this
vital vibration.
The chakras of the Human body are there for a reason. You are a being of consciousness, an entity of light. There are no limits on what you
can do or where you can go. You are a vehicle that can move faster than light and can manifest an entire reality out of clays of vibration.
Did a nail in the palm create this opening? Im not certain. What I do sense is that these powers are real and are here to serve you. There
have been countless atrocities inflicted upon the Human race. This must end. Divine instruments of great power were created to change
this course and are now available and (awakening) within those with ears to hear and eyes to see. Dear soldiers of light, I applaud you.

Bio-magnetic healing Richards green, or green/yellow, taped ends of his magnets are the Bio-magnetic North healing ends


Feminine pole the Bio-magnetic north pole is the end of a magnet that attracts the south pole end of the The Bio-magnetic south pole is the end of a magnet that points to
arrow in a compass (green end of magnets) arrow point in a compass (red end of magnets)
Has a counter-clockwise rotation Has a clockwise rotation

Inhibits Excites
Relieves pain Increases pain
Reduces inflammation Increases inflammation
Produces an alkaline effect Produces an acid effect
Reduces symptoms Intensifies symptoms
Fights infections Promotes microorganisms
Supports healing Inhibits healing
Reduces fluid retention Increases fluid retention
Increases cellular oxygen Decreases tissue oxygen
Encourages deep restorative sleep Stimulates wakefulness

Produces a bright mental effect Has an overactive effect

Reduces fatty deposits Encourages fatty deposits

Establishes healing polarity Polarity of an injury site
Stimulates melatonin function Stimulates body function

Normalizes natural alkaline pH

Tibetan Om Mani Peme Hung

form mantra of Chenrezig

The mantra of Avalokiteshvara "Om Mani Padme Hum" in Tibetan script. color.
om mani padme hum "Hail to Man's Overself!," where there is no death.
V...... 426.7hz Brow Chakra

V...... Free Binaural Beats - Schumann's Resonance 7.83Hz
V...... 2 Hours Sleeping Music Shumann Resonance
What you are listening to right now is a 7.83 Hz Shumann Resonance. This is the same sound the earth makes and the same frequency for Alpha
brainwaves. I think this sound may be the reason why we feel so darned good when we get outside or open out doors and windows in the spring.
Normal range of human hearing is between 20 and 20,000 hertz so this tone is inaudible. This is why I have added these other tones and sounds
of assorted frequencies to help you relax and sleep. The 7.83 hz tone is much louder than the music so you can listen to it quietly and still get the
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V....... Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra (( 432 Hz ))

V...... Michael Tellinger : Ancient civilizations and free energy