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To the 7th Royal Fusiliers (3rd Battalion)

Some of you may know me, some of you may not. My name is Major McKinnon, and I am the
founder of the 7th Royal Fusiliers Napoleonic regiment. The regiment was founded in 2015, and
was under my command for roughly a year. Throughout that year, the regiment was trained and
drilled in both skill and principle. Not only were the constitutional values of conduct and respect
preached upon initial induction of new recruits, but they were upheld within the regiments
ability. Throughout that year, the regiments roster grew to over a hundred members and averaged
twenty men per line battle, often splitting into two lines for ease of manoeuvrability. We earned
prominence through numbers and were a mighty force on the battlefield. It could not have been
possible without those who so strongly believed in it. My thanks once again to Fungus, Surf,
Suitcase and all officers past and present.

After having had my computer repetitively fail me on numerous occasions, and increasing
unavailability on weekend evenings, I attempted to disband the regiment, as any leader does
when he is unable to maintain it. Thankfully, leading officers proposed the regiment continue as
the 2nd battalion and I was happy to oblige, knowing that the legacy of the 7th would live on.

Since then, I returned to warband after having been away for over a year and created the Svea-
Livgarde with Xaime, bent on attaining desirably high levels of melee capability on the
battlefield. (It is to be noted that at this point, I knew I would not be available for long and could
only be active for roughly a month. Those involved in the project knew this at the time, hence no
considerable ties to the regiment.) In coincidence, the 7thRF had slowly been decaying. Event
attendance had begun to average 4-6 and the officers were tired of such days. Surf and Suitcase
again proposed a disband (without consulting Fungus I believe). After pronouncing their plans,
Fungus formed the 3rd battalion, and it evidently still exists to this day.

I would like to formally apologise for any misguiding conduct from myself towards the 3rd
battalion over the past few months. The only thing I have done is pretend to command the
regiment in a line battle through text chat, and I apologise for this. I meant no harm, and it wont
happen again. I believe considerable contempt arose within the ranks of the 7th when I created
the Svea-Livgarde. Rightly so because Surf and Suitcase both joined shortly after the disband. I
beseech you however to believe that this coincidence was in no way planned, and that these
officers joined out of nothing but their own willingness and no other means. There was no point
in which an ulterior motive existed.

All I am asking for is to reconcile with my former regiment, and be respected appropriately. The
7thRF is still a great regiment and it always has been. The constitution has consolidated its goals
and the men within its ranks for over three years. People such as Seedo, Mono, Panda, Sando,
Madness, Fungus, Keeper, Nickname, Dickens and many others are the core of why such a group
has endured the repetitive hardships of community instability. Im not asking for power, or
influence, simply to be able to merc within your ranks, and to co-exist with all of you. I have
immeasurable respect for the 7th Royal Fusiliers and I know you all do to. Whatever you have
heard, whatever you believe, know that this is the one truth, the only truth.


McKinnon, FMR. Major of the 7th Royal Fusiliers.