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20MW solar power plant diagram

20MW photovoltaic (pv) grid system adopt distributed and independent grid-tied design, it
contains 40 sets 500KW capacity grid-tied unit which corresponding to 16 sets of pv
arrays, each pv array are composed of 16 (PCS)*8 (Rows) solar panels, but the sixteenth
array only 16(PCS)*5(Rows), so each grid-tied PV output rate is 250w*16*8*15+5

1.Advantages of this distributed and independent grid-tied design.

High efficiency of MPPT controller
High reliability
Lower cost
Lower wires wastage
Lower loss of module in parallel and etc.

2.The gradual loss of energy percentage produced by pv modules

PV modules 100%
PV arrays 100%95%=95.00%
MPPT efficiency 95%97%=92.15%
DC line 92.15%98%=90.31%
Inverter 90.31%95%=85.79%
AC line 85.79%99%=84.93%
step-up transformer 84.93%97%=82.38%

3.Solar photovoltaic (pv) grid power system main component is as

(1) Photovoltaic modules, rack and accessories;
(2) Photovoltaic grid inverter power supply (LNSG - 500K3/40 sets),
(3) Lightning proof junction box,
(4) Dc distribution cabinets
(5) System the lightning protection and grounding device,
(6) System communications monitoring device,
(7) System the connecting cables and protective materials;
(8) Distribution room, civil engineering infrastructure.
4.System mainly equipment configuration list
Num. components Model quantity
1 PV modules(and rack) 250W 80000 pcs
2 Photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter LNSG-500K3 40 set
3 Junction box LNSC-5A8Q1-560W 640 set
4 Dc distribution cabinet LNSD-160A7Q7-560V 40 set
5 Environment monitor LNSGHJ-01 1 set

6 Monitor UPS Standard online 2KA 2 set

device Multi-motor version control software LNSGPVNET 2 set
IPC EBOX746-EFL 2 set
LCD display 22 Inch 1 set
7 the lightning protection and grounding device 1 set
8 civil engineering infrastructure. 1 set
9 the connecting cables and protective materials 1 set
10 AC distribution cabinet LNSA-100K7Q1-380V 40 set
500KW topology structure (grid-tied unit)
2. Explanation

is system diagram of one PV array connecting a junction boxconvergence box, as

PV array, each pv array power is 16*8*250w ,including 16*8 solar panels, and output
voltage[Vmp] is 560Vdc.Recommended 16 solar panels are series.8 PV arrays are

b). Part1
PV Arrayscontains 16 part1but the last part1only have 5 rowsso PV output rate
is 250w*16*8*15+5=500kwsolar panels are 2000PCSeach panel is 250W
c). Part2
8 convergence boxes ,each box inputs num. is 8 ways, 1 output, each way max voltage is
1000v,max current is 10A.
d). Part3
DC distribution box,
e). Part4
500kw pv grid-tied inverter
f). Part5
AC distribution box

Install 40 sets independent 500KW unit, and connect total 40 units to grid, which a 20MW
solar power plant system is formed.