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System Name: Gas Turbine


Dry low NOx combustion System

Complete oil system
State of art control system
Online and offline compressor washing system
CO2 firefighting system
Air cooling and hydrogen cooling system
Fuel gas control station
Distillate fuel package
Demi water package for NOx control
Inlet filter system with ducts and starins
Rain hoods electrical hoist for filter change
Positive and negative pressure relief protection
Hot gas bypass stack
Exhaust gas system
Gas Turbines gas distribution system ( gas detection system, gas flow metering)

System Name: Steam Turbine System:


Electro hydraulic governor system

Steam control valves
Complete oil system
Turbine and generator bearing with 2 plane proximity vibration system

System Name: Condenser System:


On load tube cleaning system

Water box rubber coated with sacrificial anodes
Water box evacuation system
Condenser evacuation system

System Name: Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG)


Steam attemperators
Dosing system for HRSG feed water conditioning
Complete nitrogen gas injection system
Diverter dampers
Safety valves and silencers

Drain valves
Steam pressure sensors
Feed water control valve station
Spray water control valve station

System Name: Condensate System (It-self an auxiliary):


Condensate pumps
Sealing water system
Spray water system
Suction strainer
Air cooling system

System Name: Feed Water System


Feed water storage tank

Spray or degassing type de aerator system
LP Steam or ST bleed system for feed water tank

System Name: Steam System (Itself an auxiliary system)

Draining and venting system

Condensate collection system

System Name: Fuel Gas System (Itself an auxiliary system)


Gas receiving station

Fiscal metering and gas analysis system
Online gas chromatography
Emergency shut off valves
Online dew point analyzer
Vertical separator scrubber
Dual dust filter

System Name: (Fuel Gas Compressor)


Gas buffers
Gas boosting compressor station

System Name: Gas Boosting Compressor Station (Itself an auxiliary)


Boosting compressor
(Recycle) gas coolers
Pressure control valves
Knock out drum at compressor station
Anti-surge protection
Dry gas seals
Temporary suction strainer
Vibration and axial displacement monitors
Lube oil system
Silencer and sound insulation
Safety valves (on off valves, shut off valves)
All associated pipe work
High speed fire shut off valve

System Name: Gas Buffer Vessels (Itself an auxiliary)


Pressure vessels

System Name: Fuel Oil Supply System (Itself an auxiliary system)


Road tanker unloading facilities

Fuel oil storage tank
Fuel oil forwarding pump station
Oily drain collecting facility for oil storage tank
Metering and sampling equipment for fuel oil supply
Piping, valves and instruments
Firefighting and indication system
Fuel oil pumps
Strainer and filters

System Name: Fuel Oil Pumps (Itself an auxiliary system)


Suction duplex strainers and accumulators

Local and remote operational control
Fuel oil pressure pipe

System Name: Fuel Oil Pumps (Itself an auxiliary system)


Differential pressure gauge

Pressure relief valves

System Name: Raw Water Treatment (Itself an auxiliary system)


System A (main cooling system technology)

System B (well field)

System Name: System A (Itself an auxiliary system)


Raw water pre settlement system:

o Chemical dosing facilities
o Sludge separation tank
o Pre settlement tank
Raw water clarification system:
o Mechanical clarifiers
o Coagulant preparation and dosing system
o Coagulant aid chemical preparation and feed system
o Sludge separation system
Sludge dewatering system
Hypochlorite preparation and dosing facilities
Clarified water storage basin
Clarified water pumping station

System Name: System B (Itself an auxiliary system)


Well gallery including wells, pumps and piping

Aeration vessels
Mechanical filters
Filtered water tanks

System Name: Water Intake and Discharge System (Itself an auxiliary system)


Electro chlorination plant

Intake water screens
Screening equipment
Air compressor stations
Isolation valves cathodic corrosion protection system
Monitoring system for water supply

System Name: Main Cooling Water System (Itself an auxiliary system)


System A : Once through cooling

System B : Mechanical Draft Cell type cooling tower

System Name: System A: Once through Cooling System (Itself an auxiliary system)


Screening system
Isolation valves
Chemical injection system

System Name: System B: Mechanical Draught cell type cooling tower (Itself an auxiliary system)


Mechanical draught cooling towers

Cold water basins
Fans, gears, driving shafts and motors
Oil lubricating system
Necessary pipes and compensators
Booster pumps
Chemical injection system to avoid hardness
Lifting devices
Chemical dosing system
Blow down system

System Name: Closed Cooling Water System (Itself an auxiliary system)


Water pumps
On load tube cleaning system
Complete pipe and valve system
Elevated cooling water expansion tank
Booster pumps
Main cooling water system (associated system)
Make up water system ( associated system)

System Name: Chlorination Plant (Itself an auxiliary system)


Electrolysers with transformers and rectifiers

Power supply to chlorination plant
Hypochlorite solution tanks
Dosing pumps and pipelines
Air blowers

System Name: Water Demineralization Plant (Itself an auxiliary system)


Reverse osmosis system

o Chemical dosing facilities
o Candle filters
o Membrane degasser for CO2 removal
o Reverse osmosis module rack
o High pressure pumps
o Pressure vessels
o Energy recovery units
o EDI modules with redundancy
o Demineralized water tank
Cleaning in place (CIP) system
Concentrate and waste water discharge piping
Personnel safety equipment
Water forwarding pumps

System Name: Portable and Service Water Treatment (Itself an auxiliary system)


Drinking water tapping apparatus

Connection piping
Re mineralization facility including dosing pumps, chemical storage and preparation tanks
Hypochlorite injection and dosing facility
Water storage tank
Water pump station
Service water pump station

System Name: Fire-fighting Water (Itself an auxiliary system)


Fire water tank

Electric motors driven fire pumps

System Name: Sanitary Waste Water Plant (Itself an auxiliary system)


Biological treatment plant

Sludge collector
Retention basins
Aeration basins
Sludge pit
Piping and instrumentation

System Name: Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Disposal (Itself an auxiliary system)


Oily water retention basins

Oil separators
Waste water treatment tank
Measurement and monitoring system
Treated waste water monitoring basins
Chemical dosing facilities
Tanks for GT wash water and boiler cleaning effluents

System Name: Chemical Dosing System (Itself an auxiliary system)


Dosing cooling towers

Ammonia dosing facilities
Oxygen scavenger dosing station
Tri-sodium phosphate dosing station
Caustic soda or corrosion inhibitor dosing station

System Name: Sampling System (Itself an auxiliary system)


Auto sampling system skid

Pipework and valves
Sample coolers
Analysis pumps
Pressure reducing valves
Hand operating extraction valves

System Name: Fire Fighting System (Itself an auxiliary system)


Fire-fighting water storage

Fire-fighting pumps
Fire water ring main system
Fire protection system
Fire alarm and protection system
Water based fire protection system
Fire hydrants
Water spray system
Automatic sprinkler system
Foam system
Gaseous extinguishing system
Distributed system for fire alarm and protection system

System Name: Compressed Air System (Itself an auxiliary system)


Air dryers
Air filters
Control system
Piping pressure switches
Air receivers
Valve quick release couplings

System Name: Hoist and Lifting Equipment (Itself an auxiliary system)


Electric overhead travelling cranes

Electric fork lift truck
Diesel engine driven fork lift truck
Diesel engine driven hydraulic mobile crane


System Name: EHV Switchyard/ Equipment


500Kv switchyard
o Switchyard bus bar protection and line protection including breaker failure, distance
synchro check, over voltage
o Control and interlocking bay control units: SA, SCADA, and DCS
o MWh and kvarh metering facilities
o Earthing grid
o Lightening protection
o Switchyard lightening
o Fencing and switchyard area
Connection tower
500kv interconnecting overhead conductors to step up transformer

System Name: Electrical Systems


Unit auxiliary transformers

MV Power distribution
Low voltage power distribution (MCC)
DC/UPS system
MV/LV DC motors
Earthing / lightening and cathodic corrosion protection system
Plant lightening
Cable and support system
400/230V AC Switchgear system

Safe ac and dc systems
Emergency diesel generators
Anti-condensation heaters
Motor winding temperature detectors

System Name: Motorized disconnector for UAT(Itself an auxiliary system)


Disconnecting switch
Interlocking device

System Name: Electrical Auxiliary System (Itself an auxiliary system)


LV and MV switchgear
Sub distributions
Auxiliary boards
Emergency diesel generators
DC equipments
BOP common consumer switchboard
Automatic quick transfer devices
Dry type transformer
Control gear assemblies

System Name: MV Power Distribution (Itself an auxiliary system)


Earthing switches
Interlocking relays
All incoming and outgoing feeders
Circuit breaker
o CT and VT required for metering and protection
o Meters and protective relays
o Cranking devices
o Surge suppressors for motor feeders
o Vacuum contactors with EHV fuses for motor feeders

System Name: LV Power distribution (Itself an auxiliary system)


LV switchgear including all sub distribution units

Main LV switchgear
o Single bus bar switchgear line ups
o Two cables incoming feeders
o Motor feeders
o Cable feeders
o Spare feeders

Local LV distribution board
LV Motors

System Name: Cable Systems:


MV cables
LV cables
Control and I &C cables
Cable sealing ends, cable termination and accessories
Support structures, trays

System Name: Electrical and control protection system (Itself an auxiliary system)


Electrical control system

Synchronization devices
Electrical metering system
Protection system EHV and CCPPs
o EHV substation protection
o Step up transformer protection
o Generator protection
o Unit transformer protection
o MV-SWG protection
o Auxiliary transformer protection
o EDG unit protection
o MV and LV motor protection
o Protection of LV system

System Name: 500kv bus bars (Itself an auxiliary system)


Three phase segregated low impedance numerical differential protection

Breaker failure protection

System Name: 500 kv transmission lines (Itself an auxiliary system)


Main 1: line distance protection

Main 2: distance protection
Directional earth fault protection
Fault recorder capabilities

System Name: Other Protection System for EHV (Itself an auxiliary system)


Auto reclose
Frequency protection
Circuit breaker with failure
Trip circuit supervision
Synchro check functions

System Name: Protection for the CCPPs (Itself an auxiliary system)


GTs and ST step up transformers

o Transformer differential protection
o Transformer restricted earth fault protection
o Transformer overfluxing protection
o Over current phase- and earth fault protection
o Sensitive earth -over-current protection
o Signalling, alarms and tripping of transformer supervisory/ protection devices included
in the relays and connected to the DCS system

GT and ST generators
0 Loss of field protection
0 Reverse power protection
0 Low forward power protection
0 Stator earth fault protection
0 Rotor earth fault protection
0 Over-flux protection
0 Frequency protection
0 Over-voltage protection
0 Under-voltage protection
0 Negative sequence protection
0 Minimum impedance protection
0 Over-current combined with under voltage protection
0 Overall differential protection
0 Pole slipping protection
0 Generator differential protection
0 Winding temperature Protection
0 Excitation failure protection
0 Inadvertent energization protection

Unit auxiliary transformers

o Interface with GT I ST generator unit protection equipment
o Earthing resistor dimensioning and protection
o Transformer differential protection
o Inverse time phase over~current protection
o Restricted Earth Fault relay
o Inverse time phase and earth over-current protection, 11 kV side
o Signalling/ alarms of transformer protection/ supervisory devices

MV switchgear

o Over current protection
o Ground-fault over current
o Arc protection system
o Trip circuit supervision

Electrical protection for LV distribution system

o Over current
o Under voltage
o Fuses

Emergency diesel generator unit

o Over current protection
o Ground-fault over current
o Thermal overload
o Load unbalance, neg. phase sequence over current
o Under voltage
o Undercurrent I under power protection

System Name: Lightening System (Itself an auxiliary system)

Lighting main distributions (fed from Building Services Board)

Lighting sub-distributions
Maintenance power supply
Lighting fixtures with lamps and tubes
Power I maintenance socket outlets
Cabling, wiring, lighting switches and sockets as well as all installation material, as required for
indoor and outdoor lighting, small power and maintenance power supply for all equipment,
buildings, structures, sub-station, roads and outdoor operation areas, etc. to be provided under
this Contract. The requirements for the housing area installations, including the related auxiliary
transformers and their connections.

System Name: Earthing and Lightening Protection, CP system (Itself an auxiliary system)


Earthing grid
Earthing conductor
Corrosion protection
The main outdoor subsoil earthing system
Sub-earthing systems for buildings, foundations, structures, tanks,

Insulated earthing conductor connection between the main subsoil earthing system and the
separate I & C single point earthing system;

System Name: Lightening Protection (Itself an auxiliary system)


Outer protection system
Inner protection system
Transient over voltage protection system

System Name: Cathodic corrosion protection system (Itself an auxiliary system)

Instruments and Control System Auxiliary:

Process Station
Processing modules
I/O modules and field bus
Power supply modules
Human machine interface
Computer, network and data security
Operator display
Engineering and system diagnosis
Alarm and event list
Printed logs
Post trip reports
Work station hardwares
Data servers
Local operator panels
Power supply
Uninterrupted AC power supply
Emergency diesel generator controls
Time synchronization system
Cabinet wiring and power supply
Shielding and grounding system
Water steam analyzer
Vibration measuring devices
Boiler stress evaluator
Continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS)
o Flue gas analyzer
o Sample conditioning equipment
o Calibration gas bottles
o Data acquisition module, data evaluation and visualization equipment for the measured
emission data
Weather stations
Metering system
Control rooms
Computer rooms
Local control rooms
Central and local electronic rooms

System Name: Distributed Control System (DCS) (Itself an auxiliary system)


I/O Units
Field bus connected devices
Local control systems

Management Information and Optimization Systems:

Optimization system
Plant assessment management system
Mechanical equipment performance.

Manufacturer Proprietary Control System (MPCS)

Gas turbine and steam turbine control

Field mounted equipments:

Piping, tubes and fitting

Junction boxes
Analogue measuring devices
Electronic transmitters
Non redundant devices
Instrument valves
Pressure measuring devices
Temperature measuring devices (Thermo couples and RTDS)
Flow measuring devices (Coriolis and ultrasonic flow meters)
Level measurement devices (ultrasonic or radar non-contact devices, positive displacement float
Positive transmitters
Contact devices

Control Valve & Actuators:

Control valves
Drain and vent valves
Electrical actuators
o Electrical motor actuators with step control
o Electrical motor actuators with continuous control
Gear and gear boxes
Mechanical stops
Pneumatic actuators
Solenoid actuators
Hydraulic actuators

Plant and Equipment Protection System:

Plant Protection:

Online automatic test facilities

Boiler protection and burner management system

Equipment Protection:

Pre warning alarms

Control Rooms:

The CCR shall accommodate for each unit:

sufficient number of Operator Stations,

Reasonable Large Screen Projection Panel, hard-wired emergency shut-down push-buttons for
each of the GTGs, HRSGs and STG,
a Common Services Control Desk comprising:
o Sufficient number of Operator Stations
o Large Screen Projection Panel,
o laser printer
o hardcopy printer
o hard-wired emergency shut-down push-buttons for the natural gas system,
an Electrical Control Desk comprising:
o Sufficient number of Operator Stations
o Reasonable Large Screen Projection Display Panel,
o Laser printer
o hardcopy printer
Shift Supervisor's Operator Desk comprising:
Sufficient number of Operator Stations
o Laser printer
a Desk for the Supervisor's office comprising of:
o an Operator Stations
o a laser printer
Indication of NG (natural gas) supply pressure shall be shown on a large LCD display in the CCR;
Indication of all stations units output MW, MVAR and steam mass flow shall be dis-played
On a large LCD display in the CCR.
Indication of all station units' system frequency in Hz shall be displayed on a large LCD
display in the CCR.
Furthermore, communication systems equipment shall be built into the control desks or in
Gas detection and fire detection panel/desk with workstations, firefighting panel, panels for
building management system (HVAC}, as well the emergency power panel shall be installed
in the CCR;
Panel/desk with workstations for the HVAC, Fire Fighting, GEMS
One set furniture
Fire proof cabinets
Wall white board