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Senior wide receiver Austin Proehl watches practice in Kenan Stadium on Aug. 21.


Austin grabbed him on the shoulder.
Neither can contain his laugh-
ter. Austin composes himself
to stay low, how to make sure
youre in good balance when
youre at the top so you dont
And what a difference it
made. Austin runs every route
be it a fade, a post or an out
Hes really crafty and very
technically sound, cornerback
M.J. Stewart said. He pushes
son I want to go against.
Austins game against
Stanford in the Sun Bowl is
Proehl is and continues.
Youve just got to calm
slip in wet conditions. All
those little things that make a
with precision and timing.
Just ask the teammates that
me to be a better player
Every time we do one-on-one
a textbook example. The Tar

next in line him down a little bit, he says

of Brewer. So thats my job. I
just calm him down, give him
big difference. have to guard him at practice. drills, Proehls the No. 1 per- SEE PROEHL, PAGE 3

for wide
Five years, still something to prove
a hug and make sure hes OK.
Very few players can get

receiver away with that on Brewer. But

if anyone can, its Austin. The
two go way back all the way
By Chapel Fowler to Providence High School
Sports Editor in Charlotte, where Brewer
personally recruited the wide
Austin Proehl is a lot of receiver to come to UNC.
things. Right now, hes a Austin, now a senior, explains
Gunter Brewer whisperer. how the jokes go both ways.
Its a humid afternoon in I can take little jabs at
Kenan Stadium, and Tuesdays him, because he takes little
practice has just ended. Some jabs at me sometimes, Austin
players peel off pads and says. We have a good rela-
head toward the locker room. tionship.
Others joke around and do Thats all part of the fun,
their best Odell Beckham Jr. though. And fun is something
impressions with one-handed Austin has a lot of.
catches. The wide receivers,
however, arent done yet. ***
Brewer, their position coach,
is less than satisfied with their To Austin and his younger
performance today. Out of the brother, Blake, Saturdays
16 receivers on UNCs roster, meant early wake-ups, cone
half of them are in their first or drills and film sessions.
second year with the program. For some kids, that may
They stand silently as he walks not have been the ideal way
back and forth and stresses to spend the weekend. But
communication. for two brothers obsessed
At one point, he asks some- with every detail of the wide
one to run a stick a short receiver position, the situa-
and fairly simple route. When tion was perfect. It helped
the receiver does, its obvious that their coach lived in the
Brewer doesnt get what he same house as them.
asked for. Ricky Proehl spent 17 years
Give me a stick! he yells. in the NFL after a record-set-
His words are loud and clear ting career at Wake Forest. The
to everyone nearby. But when wide receiver made it to four Safety Donnie Miles (15) dives for an interception against Duke in 2016.
the unit huddles and breaks for Super Bowls in his career, win-
the day, everyone seems calmer
Brewer included. Its as if
ning in 2000 with the Rams
and in 2007 with the Colts.
Donnie Miles and Larry briefly talk and then disperse after a
final huddle.
Miles backpedaled. He sharpened his
reaction time. He went through special
practice ended on a good note. Clutch. Dependable. In the
right place at the right time.
Fedora experienced a crazy While most players and coaches
would head to the locker room,
conditioning drills. There was an ulti-
mate goal to all of this to make him a
As if someone actually did give
Brewer a stick. Thats what Ricky was, and stretch of UNC football. unloading their protective gear and more instinctual corner.
Hes always unhappy thats what his sons wanted to helmets, Donnie Miles would stick After all, the sophomore came to
about something, Austin says be. So, they went to work. By Alex Zietlow around. North Gwinnett as a running back his
with a smirk. I would just break it Assistant Sports Editor He always seemed to have something sophomore year. The talent was there
He pauses for a moment down, Ricky said. Wed work to prove. For the next 30 to 40 minutes, but it needed some polishing.
to address Cam Dillard, the on the top end of routes, how Practice would be over. defensive coordinator Marcus Rice His work ethic was in its final form,
teams starting center who just to get in and out of a cut, how The final whistle would blow. The put Miles through something he called
snuck up behind Austin and to accelerate out of a cut, how North Gwinnett Bulldogs would meet, separation work. SEE MILES, PAGE 3


Carolina vs. California
Saturday, September 2 at 12:20 pm Kenan Stadium
1 Fever Point Free We Are Jordan T-shirt to first 1,000 students
Student Gate (Gate 5) Opens at 10:45 am
2 Friday, September 1, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

DTH SPORTS STAFF PREDICTS Im cautiously optimistic A season ago, predict-

about this years team. All ing an 8-4 finish would
three defensive groups have seemed offensively
are deep, and linebackers pessimistic for a loaded
Andre Smith and Cole team coming off an ACC
Holcomb will be all over Championship berth and
the field. This isnt the an 11-win regular season.
best year for a rebuilding Yet, that is what the Tar
offense, though. Games Heels got. I expect this less-
against Louisville, Virginia hyped UNC squad to pull
Tech and Notre Dame lurk. off a few major victories in
And Miami and Pittsburgh Kenan Stadium (looking
are there, too. But you cant at you, Notre Dame), and
deny that UNC just has maybe grab off a solid road
some straight-up athletes. win (Old Dominion does
My last bold prediction not count) to match the 8-4
Chapel Fowler, sports editor was the Cavaliers beating
the Warriors, 4-2, the
James Tatter, assistant sports record of the 2016 team.
and No. 1 fan of Lenoirs 2017 Finals. So Ill go with editor, enthusiast of Cosmic
7-5 for the Tar Heels this
buffalo chicken calzone season. brownies and Cosmic burritos
When asked how these North Carolina is
Tar Heels who have yet entering the season with
to announce a starting a lack of an identity. The
quarterback will fare this Tar Heels are a young team
season, I know Ill prob- that will grow throughout
ably be wrong. So, in an the season, but they need a
attempt to think ahead, Ive few players to step up into
decided to go against my a leadership role. There is
gut. I think this 2017 North also a desperate need for
Carolina football team will consistent playmakers on
go 11-1 in the regular sea- offense. The defense should
son, dropping its only game be improved, but there
to Louisville in Week Two. are a lot question marks
The Tar Heels defense will surrounding this team on
prove to be a strength rath- both sides of the ball. UNC
er than a liability, and may will finish 8-4.
Alex Zietlow, assistant even force wait for it
more than one interception
Jonah Lossiah, senior writer
sports editor and Lil Dicky this year. Trust me! and undercover (not anymore)
impersonator baking master
Larry Fedora has always If 2015 was the year
managed to field a produc- North Carolina football
tive, if not prolific, offense. exceeded expectations,
But this year offers his big- and 2016 was the year
gest challenge. If he can the Tar Heels fell short of
turn the Tar Heels into a their expectations, maybe
divisional contender after 2017 is a good year for
losing 98.6 percent of last North Carolina fans to
years offensive production, just not have expecta-
UNC might finally have tions. In a role reversal of
the right coach to bring the past few years, UNCs
the football program to the defense is ahead of the curb
next level. I expect a lot compared to the offense.
of inconsistency. The Tar Meanwhile, Larry Fedora
Heels could just as easily is overseeing a massive
beat Louisville or Miami change in player personnel
Kirk Meyer, senior writer and as lose to Virginia or Old
Dominion. UNC will finish
Brennan Doherty, senior on offense. All this in mind,
I think UNC will go 6-6.
pizza snob 7-5. writer and lover of run-pass


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The Daily Tar Heel Football Preview Friday, September 1, 2017 3
PROEHL direction and come back to
the ball. Mitchell Trubisky
father, his coach and his men-
tor. Why wouldnt he want to
tribute to his brother, who
will miss his entire first sea-
ing his head to get the perfect
angle. The reporters notice
mentored by NFL stars like
Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce
FROM PAGE 1 delivered a dime, and Austin be associated with someone son at ECU after an ACL tear before Fedora does. Finally, and Steve Smith. Now, its his
Heels were facing a third and hauled it in for a 15-yard gain. like that? in training camp. the two make eye contact. turn to be that presence.
10 early in the first quarter. In North Carolinas 25-23 I think its a blessing for Austin emerges from Fedora rolls his eyes and I think (my teammates)
Austin was split out to the left loss, Austin finished with a people to say, Hey, thats around the fourth dummy shoos Austin away. So the look to me in situations,
in his stance. Hike. team-high seven catches and Ricky Proehls son, he said. and catches a bullet pass. receiver skips over to his next which is awesome, he says.
Accelerate off the ball. Close 91 yards. Among them: a toe- I love having that title, and His teammates go through project linebacker Andre Thats what I look forward
that cushion. dragging sideline catch and Ill never turn that down. the same post-practice drill. Smith. Austin positions him- to being able to help these
Stanford cornerback four more comeback routes, Theres a certain energy as self between the two cameras young guys out.
Alameen Murphy back- all run to perfection. On one, *** they slap the thick canvas Smith is talking to and starts Hes the leader of what he
tracked as Austin ran up the he launched his 5-foot-10, material of the dummies and nodding his head and raising calls an unidentified unit.
field. One step. Two steps. 185-pound frame in the air to The mood on Wednesday is juke and spin around them. his eyebrows, acting like every Hes been told hes too small.
All the way to 10. Then, he make a grab over and behind infectious. If Brewer asked someone to word Smith says is a revela- He still doesnt know whos
planted his right foot. his head. Austin makes his way give him a stick right now, it tion. His teammate can barely going to throw him the ball this
Stay low. Stay balanced. If you recognize his name, through four tall blue tackling would definitely happen. keep a straight face. weekend. It doesnt matter.
Finish the top of the route. his daddy was a good one, an dummies in a line, hesitating As head coach Larry Come Saturday, Austin will To quote an old saying in
The 45-degree cut created announcer noted. at each one before explod- Fedora addresses the media, line up as the No. 1 receiver the Proehl household: Austin
about five yards of separation Thats a comparison that ing past. He wears athletic Austin runs over and holds an for the first time in his UNC is a lot of things, but scared
from Murphy, who nearly did comes up a lot, but Austin tape on both wrists with the imaginary camera. He snaps career. Hes spent his entire life aint one of them.
a split trying to change his doesnt mind it. Ricky is his phrase BP 11 on them, a pictures of his coach, twist- around professionals. Hes been

the benefits of orienting goals pionship team in 2015 that
and sticking to the plan. rattled off 11 straight wins.
FROM PAGE 1 Achievements dont come Then, in 2016, they both
though. for those who merely desire experienced an unexpected
He doesnt like the they come to those will- and underwhelming five-loss
thought of defeat, Rice said. ing to narrow their focus and season.
If he missed a tackle or concentrate all their decisions And this upcoming year
messed up a drill, he would so that theyre pushed in one isnt void of its harrowing
want to do it over again until direction. challenges. One day before
he got it right. Fedora saw North Carolina its first game of the season,
And extra motivation just football as wet clay, begging North Carolina has yet to
made him out-prepare and to be sculpted by players will- announce a starting quarter-
out-work you. Take his senior ing to change the culture of back. And this past spring,
year for example. the historically overshadowed Gene Chizik stepped down
Collins Hill (Ga.) wide program. as defensive coordinator
receiver Justin Wyatt, who He needed players with making John Papuchis the
currently plays at Troy reputations of taking their Tar Heels third defensive
University, took to Twitter talents and molding them coordinator in the last five
and called Miles over- to fit into a system to help a years.
rated in the week leading team. He needed players he Were going to accept
up to a game against North could trust to buy into his the challenge on defense,
Gwinnett. methodology of preparing Miles said after UNCs first
I gave Donnie the task to for every team the same way, practice of the season. Like
make sure that that kid didnt every day. he said, we havent done
catch a pass, Rice said. And most importantly, anything yet, so lets live up
Miles diligence in the he needed players who to the hype, live up to the
video room and focus on could trust him, the mostly challenge. Thats our main
the field heightened. Hed unproven coach with dreams thing.
always been a hard worker, of building a home at North The rude boys, as the
but that week, between the Carolina. North Carolina secondary so
long hours in the film room I committed to him famously call themselves, are
and better reps on the field, because when I was going a band of brothers who make
Coach Rice could tell Miles through my commitment, up the 2017 Tar Heels most
was locked in. I wanted someone that was experienced unit on either
And that kid didnt catch a going to be there, Miles said. side of the ball.
ball, Rice said. To know that I didnt want someone that I think the reason peo-
he could do it that week, I was just going to blow me ple pair them together is
knew that he could do it every smoke. And I think Coach because, you know going on
week. Fedora has done a great job three years, they have started
with his players since Ive together, Papuchis said of
Selling his dreams been here. Miles and cornerback M.J.
Stewart. Theyve both been
When North Carolina foot- Seeing it all starters since Ive come in
ball head coach Larry Fedora Theyre both individually
was recruiting his first couple Five years later, Miles and talented in their own right,
classes of athletes, it wasnt as Fedora are now considered so Im excited to see both of
simple as it is now. old heads. them get after it their senior
Amid hysteria surround- Miles, a redshirt senior, has year.
ing Tar Heel athletics at that separated himself as an elite A new spotlight has been
time the same scandal that safety in the ACC. Hes totaled cast on this Tar Heel football
has loomed over UNC for 230 tackles over the past two program.
the past six years he was seasons and started all 27 Losing conference records
forced to spend more time games. arent the norm anymore.
defending the new school Entering his sixth season For the first time in its recent
that he wore on his visor at the Tar Heel helm, Fedora history, North Carolina has

than selling it. has cemented his reputation a winning football culture,
The circumstances werent of being an offensive guru. He in part thanks to the for-
ideal, especially for a football already ranks fifth all-time at mer running back turned
program that couldnt seem UNC with 40 wins, and he set defensive back and unproven
to tear off its label of medi- school records for most points coach turned offensive

ocrity. He had so much to and touchdowns in a season savant.
prove, even before stepping in 2015. For the kid who always
on campus. But even through their wanted to separate himself
But when given the chance triumphs, they still some- and the coach who needed
to deliver his sales pitch, the how have plenty to prove. such an athlete, no extra
Tar Heel head coach sold After all, theyve personally sets of eyes could intimidate
something that appealed to witnessed a historic oscilla- them.

everyone: dreams of trans- tion of success. Theyve seen Once again, they have
forming North Carolinas their program yo-yo from a something to prove.
football program. losing season in 2014 in Then again, they always
He sold up-tempo offenses which the team allowed 39.0 have.
and lit up scoreboards. He points per game to an @alexzietlow05
emphasized brotherhood and ACC Coastal Division cham-

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4 Friday, September 1, 2017 Football Preview The Daily Tar Heel

Dalton leads with a quiet, calm approach

Jalen Dalton heads though he wasnt making the
most of them.
into season with new He attacked the gym over
the spring and summer, put-
drive for success. ting on over 40 pounds as he
made the move from defen-
By James Tatter sive end to defensive tackle.
Assistant Sports Editor I had a really big spring
and then had a pretty good
If Jalen Dalton could blend training camp, Dalton
in with a crowd, he would. recalled, so I thought going
Hes the quiet and thought- into the season, This is going
ful type, never one to seek to be my season, finally.
attention. According to his Well, once again, it just
teammates, he is a steadfast didnt turn out like I wanted
leader, a virtue much more it to.
easily disguised than his While serving next to
6-foot-6, 295-pound frame. future NFL draft pick Nazair
His imposing presence can Jones, Dalton was a produc-
make it hard to be subtle, but tive member of the Tar Heel
along he goes, quietly sitting defense but struggled to find
next to you in class, or politely consistency. To make matters
scooting past you in the aisles worse, the unit that had been
of Walgreens. Hed prefer to the most improved scoring
just be on his way. defense in the nation in 2015
A sleeping giant, some may regressed, as the team slipped
call him. to a surprising and disap-
But come Saturday, North pointing 8-5 record.
Carolina will be counting on As he enters his junior
this sleeping giant to stand in year, Dalton is running out of
the midst of a defensive line time to find the footing that
responsible for defining the he feels like he lacked in his
identity for the schools foot- underclass years. DTH FILE/KATIE WILLIAMS
ball program this season. This is my third year, so if Defensive lineman Jalen Dalton (97) makes a tackle in a 2015 game against Wake Forest.
Its time to wake up, Jalen. I have another season like that
then I just ... Dalton said. He Dalton. He punched an oppo- tiating factor between players ing camp. let things up. Theres no way
Reality paused. I just dont know. nent and was ejected from the like Dalton and everyone else. Its basically just team to look for a way out.
game. As long as it is controlled. building, Dalton said of the Its a distinct change from
The accolades that escort- Emotion For a guy with a quiet pub- Its good to play with a lot program. They break us the Dalton that the North
ed Dalton into his first year lic persona, Dalton can also of emotion, Dalton said. Im down only to build us up. We Carolina football team has
in Chapel Hill ensured all Dalton plans on being right get emotional when it comes learning how to play with it just have those leaders build rostered for the past two
eyes were on him from the beside his teammates at all to football. He will be the first better and play with it smart- us up and just take the team years. This is a Dalton who
moment he stepped on cam- times this season. to tell you: his emotions can er. So thats that. when things get hard. isnt just bigger, faster and
pus: the No. 1 player in the He said the reason he has get the best of him. That is I stepped in and the stronger than the Jalen
state of North Carolina, the gotten to this point is because what happened against the Maturity coaches saw that I could be Dalton who has donned the
No. 4 defensive end in the of how much he regrets the Wolfpack a season ago. His that leader. So its kind of just UNC uniform for the past
nation, and an Under Armour moments he hasnt been there. emotions took over, and cost If he hasnt lived up to carrying out on the field. two seasons. The words used
All-America selection. Dalton can certainly recall him the opportunity to be expectations, if he has been Perhaps it wasnt the to describe him, words like
I dont really look at things those moments. Last year there for his teammates on raw or immature at times, coaches who saw Jalen in a dominant, unstoppable
like that as reality, Dalton at Kenan Stadium his team the field. Dalton is set on redefining new light. It could be that and confident, reveal the
said of the recruiting praise. came just short of a come- But Dalton and his team- himself this year. Jalen needed to see himself as transformation going on
I dont think that was one of back against Tobacco Road mates believe that this year, I think Jalen is definitely a leader for things to finally beneath the surface.
the things that put pressure rival N.C. State. He needs no finally, that can be one of his stepping into more of a lead- make sense. Hes still not looking for
on me. I realize thats there, reminder that he wasnt there biggest strengths. ership role this year, Clarke Hes always been a confi- attention or praise. Hed
but thats not why I feel pres- to help the Tar Heels claw You let Jalen be Jalen, said. I think he understands dent guy, teammate Aaron rather walk the walk than talk
sure. Theres pressure just all back into the game. fellow tackle Jeremiah Clarke that the past seasons, he Crawford said, but seeing the talk. But dont mistake
from the inside. Emotions were just high said. He is emotional. He hasnt played up to what he it click in his head when the quiet for complacency.
The hype wasnt reality. that game, Dalton said. lets his emotions drive him. thinks his standards are. that light goes on, hes really Something is different with
The results were. And the Things werent going the way I think its a good thing. We Weve challenged him, and unstoppable. Jalen Dalton this season.
results werent what Dalton we wanted them to go. thrive off his emotion. On hes challenged us to be the The change certainly has The giant has woken up.
had hoped for himself. In a The Tar Heels had fallen low-energy days, hes the guy best person we can be in this been noticeable among the @James_Tatter
season that he could have behind early and were failing that gets us up, gets us hype, offseason. coaching staff, too.
redshirted, Dalton found to capitalize on opportunities gets us going. Definitely just The mental turnaround Ive seen him dominate
himself earning significant to put themselves back in the let him do him. came during a program with this camp, defensive line
Check out dailytarheel.
minutes in his first year in game. An obviously frustrat- Emotion isnt a weakness the Marines that the team coach Deke Adams said. And com for more football
Chapel Hill. But he felt as ing situation boiled over for in football. It is the differen- participated in during train- he knows there is no way to preview coverage.
Serving UNC students and the University community since 1893

Volume 125, Issue 15 Friday, September 1, 2017

Protesters protect Civil Rights Center

protest ahead
of Sept. 8
vote on the
Centers fate
By Ana Irizarry and Natalie Short
Senior Writers

Students donned orange in the

Pit Thursday to protest the possible
closing of the Center for Civil Rights.
UNC Black Congress organized
the protest, which began at noon.
Over 100 protesters started at the
Pit and then moved to Silent Sam,
chanting, If you dont give us jus-
tice, we wont give you peace.
Director of the Center for Civil
Rights and UNC law professor Ted
Shaw said he attended to express his
appreciation of students support.
Shaw said hes not feeling hopeful
about the vote.
The indications are that theres a
very good chance that the Board of
Governors is going to push through
this ban on doing civil rights cases,
he said. I wish they would turn
around and do the right thing, but
thats in their hands.
Shaw said the University will lose
more than just the opportunity for
experiential learning in civil rights
It will lose some integrity, he
said. It will lose its connection with
the center as it was created by Julius
Chambers in honor of his legacy,
and frankly I think its going to lose
credibility in legal academia across
the county.
You know the country is watch-
ing this people across the country
are watching this, so it will lose a
great deal.
Chancellor Carol Folt sent a let-
ter to BOG member Anna Nelson,
a supporter of the center, saying the
SEE PROTEST, PAGE 5 After protesting the shutdown of the UNC Center for Civil Rights, protesters march to Silent Sam on Thursday afternoon in solidarity with the sit-in.

Q&A: Esther Lederman, Holocaust survivor

The author and It started with mobs. It started with and Im scared. Thats all I can
tell you.
DTH: Recently theres been a
rise in white nationalism and
the base instincts come out
and they appeal to mobs as I
survivor finds the appealing to the lowest human instincts the alt-right movement in the said before.
DTH: Chapel Hill is experiencing United States. What do you
climate familiar. Esther Lederman
author and Holocaust survivor
a lot of controversy with Silent think is contributing to the DTH: Are there any parallels
Sam, what are your thoughts rise? you see in the political climate
Esther Lederman is a on the recent protests? of today and that of 1930s
93-year-old Chapel Hill resi- DAILY TAR HEEL: From your per- nately about happenings in EL: I think in times of crisis, Germany?
dent, Holocaust survivor and sonal experiences, what are Germany in the 1930s. It start- EL: Its ridiculous. The whole of any time of crisis, thats
author of Hiding for our your thoughts on the recent ed with mobs. It started with thing is ridiculous. Its a statue. what happened in Germany EL: It is familiar and I just hope
Lives. Senior Writer Erik events that happened in appealing to the lowest human Its reminder of history and after World War I when there in the American peoples minds
Beene talked with her about Charlottesville? instincts and of course these maybe its good its there it was a tremendous economic are not so corrupt. I hope that
her thoughts on the Chapel instincts always have followers reminds you of what stupidity downturn. There was unem- the person who sits in the
Hill Silent Sam protests and ESTHER LEDERMAN: Well this because they are so brilliant. It people believed in. So, it can ployment, there was hunger,
other recent events. reminded me very unfortu- sounded frighteningly familiar go both ways. money had no value. Somehow SEE SURVIVOR, PAGE 5

NC health care systems Drums strapped for space

merge, expand coverage Marching Tar Heels
struggle to find
adequate space.
Professionals raise concerns By integrating our organizations, we are
combining the strengths of two great health By Jacob Hancock
about the impact on costs. systems, providing greater access to a full Staff Writer
range of services and leading-edge treatments
By Bailey Aldridge and Becca Heilman for patients, enabling better coordination of The heavy construction
Senior Writers care and advancing research, he said. around campus hasnt only
Nortin Hadler, professor of medicine and posed challenges for stu-
UNC Health Care announced Thursday it microbiology and immunology at the UNC dents trying to get to their
will merge with Carolinas HealthCare System. School of Medicine, said health care mergers classes its put a hitch in
The two entities signed a letter of intent to have a bad track record. the routine of the Marching
join their clinical, medical education and Hadler believes the organizations merged Tar Heels.
research resources. because of greed. Navy Field, the field the
Carolinas HealthCare supports health care The reason we have a health care system is band used to practice, is
and wellness programs throughout North and caring about the health of individuals, he said. under construction. Thats
South Carolina. UNC Health Care integrates And as far as we can tell by every outcome left the band without a true
UNC Hospitals and its provider network, UNC measured that one can find, we are in sad 100-yard field to practice
Faculty Physicians, UNC Physicians Network, shape in that regard. their marching routines,
the clinical patient care programs of the UNC Gene Woods, current president and CEO of which has forced band
School of Medicine and nine other hospitals Carolinas HealthCare System and future CEO director Jeffrey Fuchs to
and hospital systems across North Carolina. of the new entity, said in the statement that come up with some creative
The merger plans to focus on four strate- because the two organizations already serve solutions. DTH/SHEPARD BARNES
gic areas: increasing access and affordability, almost 50 percent of all patients who visit rural Weve reconsidered UNC marching band members practice in the field house near
advancing clinical care expertise, growing hospitals in North Carolina, the groups are per- what we do and how we Fetzer Field Thursday evening.
their renowned academic enterprise and con- fectly positioned to participate in the reinvention do it, Fuchs said. For
tributing to the regions economic vibrancy, of rural health care in partnership with others. instance, we changed our on (Ehringhaus Field) we made those shifts intention-
according to a press release. Ensuring there is great health care in rural pregame routine. Knowing can do from the beginning al so that they werent quite
William Roper, dean of the UNC School counties is not only important to our patients what we have field-wise, of pregame up through the as demanding on the kids
of Medicine, CEO of UNC Health Care and physical wellbeing, but is also vital to the we re-worked the way pre- national anthem. Then we because we cant practice
future executive chair of the new organization, economic well-being of those communities as game happens. It still has have to shift the field 10 the way we used to.
said in a joint statement from the two systems well, he said. all the same components yards, and we can do the The band has used several
that combining the two mission-focused orga- involved, but its just in a national anthem through
nizations will benefit patients. SEE MERGER, PAGE 5 different way. When were the end of pregame. We SEE BAND, PAGE 5

Lets practice motivation and love, not discrimination and hate.

2 Friday, September 1, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel
Football fans form their game plans Compiled by Marco Quiroz-

Established 1893
124 years of editorial freedom
TYLER FLEMING My plans are to get to the gate as early as possible so I can get the best seats, and I
also saw a sign around campus that said theyre giving away free t-shirts, and those
JESSICA SWANSON are always a plus. Im planning to stay the whole game, Im very excited.
MANAGING EDITOR Jonathan Wixtrom
First-year physics major
KIANA COLE My parents are coming up here this weekend for the Chapel Hill game. Im going to
DIRECTOR OF PROJECTS AND take them around, show them Franklin Street, all we have to offer, and then bring
SPECIAL.PROJECTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM them over to the game, and hopefully get a dub.
LEAH ASMELASH Jordan Padgett
UNIVERSITY EDITOR Sophomore pre-business major

Im planning on getting there early, trying to be one of those first one-thousand to
KARYN HLADIK-BROWN get the t-shirt, and stay dry mostly because its supposed to be raining this weekend.
ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR So I think early like ten-ish time and just wait out with my friends, tailgate, hang out.
Nicole Johnson
First-year pre-business major
DESIGN & GRAPHICS EDITOR Theres going to be a tailgate starting pretty early its a 12 oclock game were
going to have a tailgate at one of my friends houses. Just going to be hanging out,
PHOTO EDITOR head to the game probably twenty minutes before. So get there, get some spots,
enjoy the game, enjoy a nice, beautiful first game day for Carolina and then after
actually heading out to Wilmington for the weekend for Labor Day.
COPY CHIEFS Ben Campbell
COPY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Junior communications major

Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St.

Chapel Hill, NC 27514
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I plan on getting there early so I can get one of those free T-shirts, but Im really
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 excited. Ive gone to football games before like with my family in the past, but this is
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The Daily Tar Heel News Friday, September 1, 2017 3

Squirrel hitches a ride with professor

A professor
was driving
when she
noticed the
By Ashley Cruz
Staff Writer

A campus squirrel spent

the night off-campus after
imprinting with a UNC lec-
Broadcast and electronic
journalism lecturer Lynn
Owens left to take a phone
call on Tuesday when a squir-
rel got into her car while it
was parked by the admissions
As I was leaving cam-
pus right after class, I was
on Highway 40, and I felt
something on my foot. I
looked down and a squir-
rel was crawling up my
leg, she said. I kind of
had a moment of panic, but
obviously Im driving on
the highway, so I kind of
kept calm and the squirrel
crawled into my lap, drove
all the way home, and I
realized obviously that the
squirrel had somehow got PHOTO COURTESY OF LYNN OWENS
into my car on campus. Lynn Owens cradles her pet squirrel, Mr. Nuts, who was eventually turned over to Wildlife Welfare, a squirrel rehabilitation center.
Owens said shes not quite a crate on Wednesday. When media that she had a squir-
idea, she took the squirrel are actually licensed wildlife organization deals mainly
sure how he got into her car. she told her class about the rel, she went to her office to
back on campus the next day. and squirrel rehabilitators. with baby animals in the area
I put (my tote bag) on the squirrel, they wanted to see go visit.
But he didnt want to leave She said she found Wildlife that need help. She said the
wall, which is right there with it, so she brought the squirrel She came in with Mr.
without her. Welfare and was told he squirrel will probably be put
trees and everything, Owens to class. Nuts, and I got to hold him,
I let it go, and the thing looked like an orphan while with several others.
said. I think that the squirrel The students got a kick she said. He was wonderful
didnt want to leave me, she was dropping him off. This one is old enough
might have smelled snacks out of it, she said. There and cute.
she said. He kept crawling The squirrel might have to eat some solid foods,
or something in my bag and were a lot of selfies. Adkins said she loves
back up my leg and Im like, been separated by his parents Rogers said. So it will be in
crawled in. Student Body President squirrels and has always
Buddy go, youre free, but it somewhere on campus, she a group of four to five squir-
She took the squirrel to her rels, and he will eventually be Elizabeth Adkins said she wanted to hold one.
kept crawling up my leg. said.
house to stay overnight. released. had class with Owens last He was so cute and very
Owens said when she Ann Rogers, a Board
Her kids named him Mr. Owens said she brought year. calm, which I didnt expect.
got in touch with several of Directors member for
Nuts and wanted to keep him. the squirrel into her office in When she saw on social
people she found out there Wildlife Welfare, said the
Knowing that wasnt a good

Panel on monuments Burgers on campus

The panel talked on of the Civil War, and had
experienced racism all over
healthy, public discourse is
absolutely compromised if a
Als Burger Shack Bowers is the first of
many planned speak-
One of the slogans
the Confederacy and America. bunch of people are standing served food and gave ers for the class. Warner we use at the shack
free speech.
He said his great-grandfa-
ther had to face the decision
around with guns and theyre
not dressed like me, he said. business advice.
Underwood, the student
program administrator of
is good is good,
whether to leave the North Blue said the key issue the minor, said the rest of yall.
By Chantal Shine Carolina because of racial in this conflict over the the semester will focus on
Al Bowers
Staff Writer persecution. Confederate monuments was By Cole del Charco topics like interviewing for
My great-grandfather left safety. Audio Editor jobs and negotiating sala- Al Burgers shack
The Chapel Hill Public the state of North Carolina We need only look back ries. tion on Sept. 18, National
Library hosted a panel to because of the very same at Charlottesville and the Al Bowers wields an We think thats some- Cheeseburger Day.
discuss Silent Sam, the pur- violence that Julian Carr cel- Silent Sam demonstration industrial spatula over doz- thing that is lacking in He opened the first Als
pose of Confederate monu- ebrated, not just advocated, last week to think about ens of burgers on a portable traditional courses at Burger Shack on the same
ments and free speech on but celebrated at the Silent how volatile these times grill. Carolina, and so were try- holiday in 2013.
Wednesday night. Sam dedication speech. are, Blue said. The pres- Its one of Als Burger ing to fill that void through Bowers got his start at
The event was open to the Sturkey said the actions ence and even conversation Shacks four movable grills, a lot of hands-on learning McDonalds in high school,
public and moderated by and political rhetoric of about removing a monu- and it sits on the lawn of and treating (the class) as before working as a waiter at
UNC history professor Lloyd Julian Carr, the namesake of ment, as was the case in a historic house on Battle like an experiential lab, UNCs chapter of Zeta Tau
Kramer. The panelists includ- Carrboro, either had to live Charlottesville, can lead to Lane. Underwood said. So com- Alpha when he was a student
ed Police Chief Chris Blue, in a constant fear or flee the people losing their lives. On Thursday, Bowers ing here, you get to taste at UNC.
assistant English professor state of North Carolina. Christmas said it was more was invited to grill burgers the food that Al has created After working in real estate
Danielle Christmas, assistant So what does that mean? than the controversy of Silent and speak to students from and how he created a corner for years during the economic
history professor William Sturkey said. That means Sam that brought her to the the capstone class in the on Franklin Street that is collapse in 2008, he decided
Sturkey and others. we didnt get to build monu- event. entrepreneurship minor. He booming for a college town. it was time to go back into the
Throughout the evening, ments in the state to celebrate I have to earn my place graduated from UNC in 1988 Junior Casey Turczynski restaurant industry.
attendees stated their per- our history. That means here, Christmas said. I with a degree in industrial said he thought this class was He ran Merritts Grill for
sonal views and anecdotal many of us didnt even get to need to figure out what on relations. the most exciting one in the two years before founding
stories on what Confederate have a history. In some ways, Earth Im going to contrib- I think that if youre in a minor by far. Als.
statues meant to them. we didnt even get to have a ute because I can talk about position to foster any kind of I was really excited when One of the slogans we use
Sturkey said he wants Silent future. in my office but what do I advice or whatever knowl- we heard that he was com- at the shack is, Good is good
Sam to be taken down and Blue said its important to have to say that can advance edge youve acquired over ing, Turczynski said. I want yall, Bowers said.
reflected on his familys be having these conversations whats going on in this room? the years to younger folks, its to open my own restaurant The simplicity of using
history with Confederate with the community in a pro- We all have something to add your responsibility to do that, some time down the road. good ingredients to make
statues. ductive dialogue. to this because we all have a Bowers said. Im honored In a brief speech to stu- good burgers is what he said
He said every generation Conflicts like the ones we stake in how we remember and flattered that somebody dents before a Q&A, Bowers sets his burgers apart.
of his family had lived in a talked about around Silent our past. would think of me, that Id announced the restaurant @ColedelCharco
different state since the end Sam and our interest in a have something to offer. would open its second loca-

Upcoming town election fields diverse candidates

Candidates talk Thats motivated people of diverse back- are Palmer and Donna Bell.
Palmer said identifying as a
something I could help to
elect a gay mayor in 1995, and
there wasnt enough LGBTQ
about why their grounds to get out there and do something. woman of color affects her Gu noted that her racial representation in Chapel Hill.
professional life in ways she identity does not affect her I dont think any one
running this cycle. Allen Buansi
On President Trumps statements motivating people to run for office
cannot control. platform very much because member of a segment of a
I realize people dismiss she thinks most communities population can represent
By Meghana Srikrishna me in many ways because in Chapel Hill have similar every member of that popula-
Assistant City Editor Hill, but there is a fine line in his father is from Ghana, and of my accent before I even desires. tion, Stegman said. Part of
allowing for diversity. how important immigration open my mouth, Palmer said. I dont think that there the reason I love Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill residents will When you have knowl- policy currently is. Buansi Folks dont believe they do, (are) any glaring issues that is because it would be a privi-
head to the polls to vote in edgeable and professional would be the only African- they believe they are fair and the Asian community has that lege to serve and represent
Town Council and mayoral Hispanics, you have to be American male on Town balanced. is different or distinct from the LGBTQ citizens of our
elections Nov. 7 and choose really careful, she said. I Council if elected. Hongbin Gu is a Chinese other peoples in this town, community.
from one of the most diverse dont want them to just be a He said he thinks race immigrant with an educa- she said. Asians care about Mark Kleinschmidt is
pools of candidates in recent token. will be on voters minds this tional background in statis- education, and Chapel Hill is openly gay and was Chapel
years. Palmer last ran for election November, especially because tics and quantitative research. a town that values education Hill Mayor before incumbent
Four town council seats are in 2013 and said this elec- of the recent violent protests If she is elected and Palmer in general. Also, Asian com- Pam Hemminger.
open this year, and at least tion includes candidates with in Charlottesville and the is re-elected, there would munities really care about the Hemminger faces a write-
two of them will be filled by more diverse educational and Silent Sam controversy in be three women of color on diversities and inclusiveness in candidate, Eugene Farrar.
newcomers. Sally Greene and racial backgrounds than four Chapel Hill. Town Council. in the town that is some- Rounding out the seven can-
George Cianciolo have con- years ago. The town council I think a lot of different Of course I am keenly thing Chapel Hill values as didates are Rachel Schaevitz
firmed they will not rerun for member also said she was groups of people feel under aware that I am Asian and I well. and Carl Schuler. Palmer said
office. The two incumbents excited for civil rights law- attack by, you know, things am a female, she said. The This years candidates por- the diversity in candidates this
are Ed Harrison and Maria yer Allen Buansi to run for that our president has done most recent statistics I looked tray diversity in more than year is important for progress
Palmer. town council, because of how and said, Buansi said. I into I think Asian accounts just race and professional and in Chapel Hill.
Palmer is the only Latina important it is to understand think thats motivated people for about 12 percent of the educational backgrounds. If we have more minority
woman currently serving on the connection between law of diverse backgrounds to get Chapel Hill town population. Karen Stegman works in the representation in the council,
Town Council, and said she and policy. out there and do something Given that its a large popula- non-profit sector and iden- we can push harder for issues
was disappointed with the lack Buansi said his choice to about it. tion that does not have any tifies as LGBTQ. She said that affect minority commu-
of Hispanics and Latinos(as) work in local policy and town Currently, the only people representation currently in Carrboro was the first North nities, Palmer said.
involved in politics in Chapel ordinances is partly because of color on Town Council Chapel Hill, that might be Carolinian municipality to
4 Friday, September 1, 2017 Arts The Daily Tar Heel

LAB! aims to make six plays in 24 hours

The plays are someone brought in a bright
red top hat.
written, directed and After the kickoff, the writ-
ers will go to a separate house
performed in a day. and write through the night
until 6 a.m.
By Seth Pyle The plays produced during
Staff Writer this time reflect the frenzied
period they were written in.
Artists must suffer for their Last year, we had a Tinder
work, but not all artists suffer date between a college stu-
the same. dent and an eternal lord of
This Friday and Saturday, hell, Nelson Mandela talking
LAB! Theatre will be per- to a Rubiks Cube and two
forming their 24-hour play girls camping, who keep get-
festival. ting attacked by tiny plastic
LAB! Theatre is UNCs old- hands, Scothorn said. But
est student-run theater group, the cool thing is it always gen-
specializing in experimental erally works.
theater. At 6 a.m., the writers email
This is not a play that lasts their works to the directors
24 hours. It is an event where who then spend the next
LAB! members and interest- couple of hours reviewing the
ed participants write, produce plays. Each director will then
and perform six different pick a play to direct.
plays in 24 hours. Suraj Vege, a UNC student
The process will start at 9 majoring in biology and a
p.m. Friday when everyone member of LAB!, said the
participating in the event atmosphere of chaos and col-
will gather together. Then laboration is what he loved
Reid Scothorn, a senior about the event.
political science and his- The actors will then be
tory major and an executive called in, and the directors
producer for LAB!, will kick will cast each of their shows. PHOTO COURTESY OF LAB! THEATRE
things off. The remaining time is spent David Fine and Kelsey Sutton act in the 24-hour play festival in 2016. This year, plays will be performed at 7 p.m. at Hanes Art Center.
The writers have creative rehearsing and adding techni-
freedom, Scothorn said. But cal elements to the shows. of the event. solutions in the moment. stimulates everyone partici- everything wrapped up by 9
everyone is encouraged to LAB! executive producer It was just crazy because Usually, when you put on a pating. p.m. Saturday.
bring in props for the intro- Rob Piscitelli, who participat- we were working non-stop show, it takes around four At 7 p.m., the doors will The shows are open to the
ductory meeting. This can be ed last year as an actor and all day, Piscitelli said. There weeks weve condensed it open at Hanes Art Center, public and free to attend.
anything an empty wine will be a director this year, was a lot of problems that down to 24 hours. So its an and the shows will be per- @sethpyle22
bottle, a teddy bear. Last year said this was his favorite part came up, and we had to find artistic challenge that totally formed at 7:30 p.m. with

Peck Collection brings Rembrandt to Chapel Hill

Sheldon Peck current installation of the
exhibit, Peter Nisbet, deputy
other works in the Ackland
Collection. I could see us
ture the emotion of a single
donated the pictures director for curatorial affairs, doing a mixture of a Peck Peck used the example
said we can bring works from Collection drawing and some of the scene Rembrandt
to the Ackland. the Peck Collection into dia- contemporary drawings, if rendered in which Mary
logue with other works from there was a point of compari- Magdalene recognizes the
By Seth Pyle the Ackland. son where the 17th-century resurrected Christ and knocks
Staff Writer The hope here is that drawing could really teach over jars of incense in her
people will compare, he said. you to see the contemporary emotional reaction.
The current installation Look at the drawing and the art and vice-versa. It shows Rembrandts abil-
of the Focus on the Peck woodcut and the painting. Teaching is a central theme ity of capturing a split-second
Collection at the Ackland What is in common, what is to the Peck Collection and the moment in time, he said.
Art Museum features three different and what is deter- current installation is perfectly Peck said he hopes that vis-
works: Noli mi tangere, a mined by the medium. representative of this. itors will compare the three
Rembrandt drawing, a wood- This is the first time works The three works all depict works in the collection and
cut by Albrecht Drer and a other than those from the the same scene of a resurrected come away with more knowl-
painting by Gerard Seghers. collection have been featured Jesus Christ appearing before edge than they had before. PHOTO COURTESY OF EMILY BOWLES
Out of those three works of as part of the exhibit but will Mary Magdalene in the garden. It requires and invites Focus on the Peck Collection will be on view at the Ackland Art
art, only the Rembrandt draw- probably not be the last time. Sheldon Peck, along with thinking so when youve seen Museum until Oct. 8.
ing is from the Peck Collection. Im sure well come back his wife Leena, donated it in an educated way you
The collection includes six and do this kind of compari- the art making up the Peck can leave the museum or the impact on learning could not students of all kinds and, of
other Rembrandt drawings, son, Nisbet said. One of the Collection and was quick image knowing more about life be overstated. course, being a great resource
which made the Ackland the exciting things about the Peck to discuss the emotion of and about art than you knew It certainly already has had for the community and the
first public university art muse- Collection (consisting) of the scene portrayed and before, Peck said. a huge impact at the Ackland region.
um to have such a collection. 134 drawings is that it offers how the simple lines of the Katie Ziglar, director of the where we are primarily con- @sethpyle22
On the idea behind the many conversations with Rembrandt drawing can cap- Ackland, said the donations cerned with teaching UNC

DTH office is open TODAY from is

DTH office 9am-5pm DTH9:00am-5:00pm
open Mon-Fri office will re-open at 8:30 on 8/13/14
Line Classified Ad Rates Deadlines
Private Party (Non-Profit) Commercial (For-Profit) To Place a Line Classified Ad Log Onto Line Ads: Noon, the day prior to publication
25 Words ....... $20.00/week 25 Words ....... $42.50/week
Extra words ..25/word/day Extra words ...25/word/day or Call 919-962-0252 Display Classified Ads: 3p.m., two days
EXTRAS: Box: $1/day Bold: $3/day BR = Bedroom BA = Bath mo = month hr = hour wk = week W/D = washer/dryer OBO = or best offer AC = air conditioning w/ = with LR = living room prior to publication

Child Care Wanted Child Care Wanted For Sale Help Wanted
DRIVER Seeking driver for child old enough 2001 HONDA CRV for sale 133K miles Good ORANGE COUNTY ADULT Soccer League (eoe)
to babysit too young to drive. Start immedi- DRIVER NEEDED condition $1500 or best offer Tom 919 796- hiring Field Managers. Soccer knowledge nice
ately for school year. Drive home from school For child pick up in Chapel Hill at 3pm and 5823 but not needed. Must have reliable vehicle.
weekdays 3:15-3:30pm $15/day. Chapel Hill. transport to Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary Part time Mon-Thurs evenings, occasional Sat-
Requires reliable car, good driving record, ref-
erences. Email resume. 919-824-5912
M-F. $25/trip. Prefer drivers who could commit Help Wanted urdays. Flexible schedule. Contact director@
to 3-5 days. Need clean driving record and will
request background check/references. Call for LEARN ART OF LANDSCAPE gardening and If August 25th is Your Birthday...
TER in CH, 3:15-5:30. Daily weekday pick-up
more info 919-812-0266 experience cycles of nature. Physically demand- WANTED: TECHIE to troubleshoot occasional Good fortune blesses your income and finances
ing work with established contractor. Drivers tech issues for creative young adult with high- this year. Steady efforts beautify your home. Take a
for 2yo daughter and occasionally 6yo son. AFTER SCHOOL CARE for a 13-year-old. Pick functioning autism in Carrboro. Must be tech
Car and good driving record required. 984- license required. Full-time, part-time. $14/hr. new tack with your work and health this summer.
up from school 3-4 afternoons/week, help Andrew Bryan, 919-929-9913. savvy, responsive, patient. Expertise with Apple
569-9091. with homework, walk dogs and drive to laptop, I-Movie, recordings, vcr/dvd/tv. Gener- Recharge, and discover something new about
activities. Must have a car, $15/hr, dste- DELIVERY DRIVERS NEEDED: Wings Over Cha- ous fee. Contact: yourself. A spiritual challenge next winter animates
LIFE SKILLS TUTOR NEEDED pel Hill is growing fast and needs more delivery you. Follow your heart.
drivers. Must have own vehicle. Nights and/or EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT NEEDED by screen-
Help an active 17 year-old boy with Autism writer, artist, and producer in Durham/Chapel
in Durham, Chapel Hill develop leisure and weekends. Perfect part-time jobs for students.
AFTER-SCHOOL SITTER Visit or call 919-537-8271 Hill area. Must be computer savvy on current
academic skills, practice language, learn social, apple software, references required, journalism
self help and independent skills, get exercise Mon-Fri 3-6pm for 2 kids in Chapel Hill. Meet to apply. To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.
and editing experience preferred. Will be tran-
and go on community and social outings. Seek- kids at bus, help with homework & drive to scribing documents and text. Can contact at
ARE YOU PATIENT, reliable, and caring?
ing a tutor who will keep him engaged and activities. Must have own vehicle and clean
driving record. $15/hour & gas card. michelle-
Seeking committed people to work with a 919-381-6884 Aries (March 21-April 19) Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
have fun doing activities such as swimming,
cooking, and singing. Experience preferred,
27 year old young man with autism. Help in Today is a 9 -- Youre especially lucky Today is an 8 -- Youre especially
but extensive training is provided. Supervi-
participating in activities in the community,
developing leisure skills, assisting individual
Rooms in love and games, with Venus in Leo
for a month. Travels and studies get
popular this month. Venus in Leo fa-
sion for ABA certification is available. This is CHILD CARE Seeking fun, reliable sitter to vors group activities. Communication
in living in his own home, meal preparation, ROOM FOR RENT in historic home in Forest Hills farther with less effort, with Saturn channels flow with greater velocity
a great opportunity for individuals to be part drive and assist 12 yo w-homework. 3:15- grocery shopping, household tasks and per-
of a strong behavior-based home intervention neighborhood in Durham. Large, elegant room, direct. and ease now that Saturn is direct.
4:30/5pm, M, W & Th, $15/hr. Close to sonal care. Flexible hours, 25-40 hrs/week.
program. A 10-25 hour commitment for a mini- private bathroom. No pets or smoking. 15 min
campus. Send resume and 2 references to Email from UNC campus by car. References needed. Taurus (April 20-May 20)
mum of 1 year. 919-381-6884 Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Today is an 8 -- Transform your Today is an 8 -- Assume more profes-
AFTER SCHOOL CARE Looking for after school GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR: Bull City Gym- home this month, with Venus in Leo. sional responsibility this month, with
care 3-6pm M-Th to help our elementary CHILDCARE Afterschool care in Carrboro. M-Th
(just 2 days OK). 2:45-6:15. 10 yr old girl with
nastics of Durham has full time and part-time
positions available for energetic, enthusiastic
Tutoring Wanted Shower your family with love. Shared Venus in Leo, for work close to your
and middle school people with snacks/ finances grow with Saturn direct.
homework/chores/some driving. Near Uni- autism. Need warm, fun, comfortable with spe- instructors. Applicants with knowledge of TUTORING: LOOKING for a tutor for my junior heart. With Saturn direct, financial
versity Mall. Clean driving record required. cial needs. Text Carol @ 919-539-0000. gymnastics terminology and progression skills high school son for US History and Physical Discipline earns higher returns. discipline leads to savings growth.
Car available to move the kids. sean.whit- preferred, must be available 2-4 days/wk. 3:30- Sciences for a total of about 3 hrs/wk on week
BABYSITTER NEEDED FOR our 10 year old 7:30pm, some weekends. Send a resume to nights and week end. Please send your resume Gemini (May 21-June 20) Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
daughter at our home seven miles outside Car- to Today is an 8 -- Youre espe- Today is a 9 -- Venus in Leo favors
rboro. Thursday evenings 5:30-9 and Sundays cially creative with words, sound
DRIVER FOR 14 YR OLD SON M, Tu, Th at 3:55 1-5. Must have own car, references and like GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR: Chapel Hill Gym- HOMEWORK HELP/TUTOR Wanted for gregari- travel and exploration. Study,
pm, pickup from high school, 15 minute drive dogs. $15/hour. nastics is seeking energetic, enthusiastic in- ous fifth grade girl. 2 or 3 times per week, 2:45
and images, with Venus in Leo. research and investigate a subject
door to door. Text me if interested please. structors to teach classes and summer camps. - 3:45 M/W or for a hour between 2:45 and 4:30 Compromise comes easier now that you love. Self-discipline provides
Need own car, reliable and safe driving record. AFTERSCHOOL CARE - Mon & Wed 2:30-7 for Applicants with knowledge of gymnastics ter- T/Th. $20/hr. Southern Village. sarahshapard@ Saturn is direct. Launch collaborative satisfying results, with Saturn direct
919-619-4937 delightful 10yo girl. school pickup, afternoon minology and progression skills preferred. Send ventures. in your sign.
play, activities, homework. Easygoing, fun, cre- a resume to
SUMMER CHILD CARE NEEDED For an Autistic ative, missing her college age sisters and ready Cancer (June 21-July 22)
13-year old girl. We are looking for energetic for fun. $15/hr 919-219-8180 SATURDAY AND PT HELP WANTED Carolina SAT/ACT TUTOR $30/HR Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
and compassionate candidates with an inter- Livery is seeking part time event coordinators Tutor wanted for high school senior boy to prep
Today is a 9 -- This month, with Ve- Today is a 9 -- Grow shared accounts
nus in Leo, can get lucrative. Service with passion. Get into a lucrative
est in special education and autism. Experience
preferred but not required. Email Tricia at tri-
For Rent to work on site at our events (sporting events,
weddings, etcetera), work is primarily on
for SATs and ACTs. Once or twice a week. This
position is ideal for an undergraduate who has projects surge forward with Saturn groove together, with Venus in Leo. for details. 3BR/2BATH COLONY WOODS DUPLEX. Conve- Saturdays, with some work also available on recently prepared for these tests themselves! direct. Discipline with health goals Complete old projects with Saturn
nient to bus lines. Master bedroom/bath is sep- Sundays and weekday evenings, requires work Please email produces outsize results. direct. An emotional barrier dissolves.
Start a rewarding and arate from other 2 bedrooms. Quiet neighbor- available for every home football and basket-
fulfilling career and earn hood. Fireplace, large deck, off-street parking. ball game at UNC, hospitality experience is a
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Volunteering Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
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Medical student only. Free room and board in visit
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with unique, interesting
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is direct, career challenges seem to
available! Entry-level
commit to minimum of one year. Taking inter-
views Sept 2, 3 and 8th please ask for Tracey.
Mostly cleaning cages, some feeding. 3 to 4 Its DTH Classifieds direct. Adapt to domestic changes. dissolve.
pay starting up to $11 919-522-2519
hours, twice a week. $15 hour. Serious inquiries
only. ONLINE!
per hour. To apply visit (c) 2016 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.
The Daily Tar Heel From Page One Friday, September 1, 2017 5
PROTEST the center goes beyond the
Universitys reputation.
stronger stance on the rights
of students of color.
We have to show the
board that we care about this
Shaw said closing the
center which provides
ferent communities. He said
the center stands as a coun-
FROM PAGE 1 Its going to impact I think time and time issue, she said. And although representation to poor, black terpoint to Silent Sam.
litigation ban would damage people, Check said. And the again theres been so many it hasnt been as prevalent in and brown people and civil What the Board of
the Universitys reputation fact that (Chancellor Folt) instances of the administra- the media as (Silent) Sam, rights litigation and to train Governors wants to do is
and harm law students. didnt highlight that means tion undermining the rights this issue has far more reper- new generations of civil rights silence that voice, Dorosin
As educators, we strive to that all her, I care about the of students of color, Matos cussions because that means lawyers said. Its not silencing me
determine the best methods people, is bullshit because said. And the work that the every single person black Thats not only a supreme or my coworkers or lawyers.
for teaching our students and thats what she should have Center does for defending not person, poor person will irony, he said. But it puts the Its about silencing people
ensuring our graduates are been focusing on and high- just students of colors but not have the opportunity University in a position that who otherwise have no voice
well prepared for the rigors lighting. But I understand our intersectional rights as to use the Center for Civil is retrogressive, and its tragic across North Carolina ...
of their chosen professions, that she cares more about women, as LGBTQ people, is Rights. and its just flat out wrong. who have been fighting
and to address the pressing her paycheck. so important. After about 15 minutes, Mark Dorosin, the manag- for decades against white
issues and opportunities of Patty Matos, a UNC junior Check spoke to the crowd students at the Pit migrated ing attorney at the center, also supremacy and the legacy of
the time, she wrote. public relations student, said at the Pit. She said the BOG to Silent Sam to protest spoke at Silent Sam. He said racist discrimination.
Angum Check, a Black she understands Folts point voted over the summer to Silent Sam. Both protests the people who work at the @anairizarry_
Congress leader and pro- of view, but she thinks the prevent students from having were organized by Black center live privileged lives and @natalieshort8
test organizer, said closing chancellor needs to take a a voice in the decision. Congress. are grateful to get to help dif-

SURVIVOR implemented? accomplished people. People

who do things for others and
and opportunities. And
you can do it. You can do it.
EL: It is an issue because
theres this wave of
have another issue here.
Costly issue, life and goods
FROM PAGE 1 EL: I came to this country accomplish and enrich this We survived Hitler. We are immigration from Mexico. and money. And we have to
White House gets a sudden in 1949 after the war. I am country. Not in money, in holocaust survivors. So, it was Our leader (President Donald face that, not the wall, not
cramp and resigns. Wishful an immigrant. Immigrants mind, in culture. not easy but we made it. Trump) said hes going to this craziness, these ideas.
thinking. built this country. We are all This is our home. This is build a wall and theyre And now we have a big issue.
immigrants. our county. And were not DTH: What do you think about going to pay for it and other Immigrants, of course they
DTH: What are your feelings When I came here I started the only ones. But you the sudden turn against craziness. want to come here.
on the direction of the U.S. a new generation. We have open the door. This was the immigration? And now thank God, we got @The_Beene
and the new policies being four generations of extremely country with open doors (Hurricane) Harvey. So, we

MERGER Health Cares National

Cancer Institute designation,
country, he said.
Sally Stearns, a health poli-
their increased leverage by
raising their rates.
a period of negotiations and
hope to enter into final agree-
hensive network of primary,
specialty and on-demand care
FROM PAGE 1 with more than $70 mil- cy and management professor The merger hopes to ments by the end of the year. in the Southeast, the joint
Woods said the two organi- lion in joint cancer research at UNC, said the merger will expand medical education and The new organization will statement said.
zations will also work together grants for clinical trials, we come with tradeoffs. further develop clinical care deliver world-class care to @beccaheilman
to transform cancer treatment. will create a cancer network Stearns said the organiza- destination centers. The orga- people in North Carolina by @baileysaldridge
Combined with UNC that is second to none in the tions may take advantage of nizations have agreed to start creating the most compre-

BAND and Eddie Smith Field

A lot of our training mem-
bers also arent used to any
hear where we need to be.
Usually in the past its been
for tempos, Luke said. But
we just need to make sure
will look.
Weve known its been
FROM PAGE 1 The annoying part is the of this happening. A lot of us pretty consistent, but now we watch the drum majors coming, so weve had plenty
different practice venues, uncertainty, junior drum line are a little bit lost as to where its kind of up in the air every more so its honestly good of time to plan for it, he said.
including Ehringhaus Field member Jacob Pascual said. to go, were often waiting to practice. practice. The Ehaus Field The folks over in athletics
Senior trumpet section isnt difficult musically but have kept us at the forefront
leader Adelyn Luke said the its a lot more difficult with of their thought. They have
new practice settings have marching because theres so taken care of us at every

Print News & also caused performance

The indoor facility,
many lines on the field. Its
hard to know exactly where
youre going, which yard
turn. We havent been out
on our own to find a place,
theyre constantly looking

Raise Hell which we have used in the

past when its rainy but
were going to have to use a
lines to pay attention to and
which ones are for other
out for our needs. Weve been
talking about this for the
better part of two years, so
bit more this year, is difficult Fuchs said that hes happy we knew it was coming and
Writers. because its really echo-y, so
its hard to hear the drum
with the way the band has
handled all of the new chal-
that we could plan for it. Im
happy with the way its going
Photographers. line, which we have to listen
back to when were looking
lenges, and that hes excited
to see how the future facilities
so far.
Join the staff of
Closest Chiropractor to Campus! 919-929-3552
The Daily Tar Heel. Voted BEST in the Triangle!
Dr. Chas Gaertner, DC
Applications due Friday at 4 p.m. NC Chiropractic 304 W. Weaver St.
Questions aboutKeeping
auto accidents?
UNC Give me a call! Students,
Athletes, Keeping
&UNC Athletes,
Staff wellStudents & Staff well adjusted
Now in Carrboro!
Kickoff time
Check out where

students are watching the
games first football game of the
season. See pg. 2 for story.
2015 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved.
The nutty professor

Level: 1 2 3 4
A squirrel imprinted
on a UNC professor and
Complete the grid followed her around all day.
so each row, column

SAVE 10%
See pg. 3 for story.
and 3-by-3 box (in
bold borders) contains
every digit 1 to 9. Al drops in
Solution to Al of Als Burgers visited
last puzzle an entrepreneurship class.
Visit our website for the

9 Locations near UNC Sports! Sports!

Campus The first games of the
season are gearing up. Go
Heels! Visit @dthsports for
our pre-season coverage.
Student Packages
Available Brake Pad Special Vehicle Maintenance

Students Receive 10% Off

Brake Pads or Shoes
off FREE
Vehicle Maintenance Check-Up
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Spacious 1 & 2 Bedroom With this coupon. Valid on product only when in-
Wipers Belts Coolant Battery
Spark Plugs Free Tire Rotation & More FREE 407 E. Main St.,
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with another other offers or warranty work. Must
With this coupon. Not valid with any other coupons
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T Carrboro, NC
present coupon at time of estimate. Expires 9/12/17. warranty work. Expires 9/12/17. 919-933-6888

Washers/Dryers Available
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Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Services, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Across 51 Furry creature that 11 Major thoroughfare 37 Religious subgroup

Newly Renovated
1 Branch isnt cool? 12 Mothers whistler? 40 Norma __
5 Advisory group 55 Bee in Mayberry, e.g. 13 Familiar fivesome 41 Union title?
10 Big name in luxury 56 Convicted hastily and 18 City about 150 miles 42 Risky
retailing unfairly ... or, in a way, east of San Diego 43 The Bourne
14 About 30% of Earths like the four other 21 NCIS airer Supremacy, e.g.

Furniture and/or Utility land area longest puzzle 22 Its other than hither 44 Hot spots
15 More fitting answers? 23 So thats your game! 46 Dunked snack
16 Thing with rings 60 It requires some effort 24 Apparel 48 Baristas offering
Packages 17 Really bad bchamel?
19 Letters facilitating
61 See 30-Across
62 Confucius, by
27 Accumulated, with
49 Over the Rainbow
sorting reputation 28 Many years 50 Misspoke, say
20 Unpaid stack for 63 See 29-Down 29 With 63-Across, Is 52 While lead-in
scofflaw Aaron? 64 Fashionistas concern there more? 53 Cloudless
On the UNC Bus Line 22 Something to stretch
out on
65 __-how 32 Decimated sea
33 Eratos instrument
54 The Auld Sod
57 SNL castmate of
25 Comedian dubbed Down 34 Assigns work (for), as Gilda and Chevy
Mr. Television 1 __ Cruces students 58 Swellheads problem
26 Mitchell protagonist 2 Prefix with metric 36 Cite, with to 59 Wet blanket
Close to Campus 27 Bone holders
30 With 61-Across, Yer
3 Defunct space station
4 Conan, for one
darn tootin! 5 Iraqi port
31 Seaweed for sushi 6 Dazzling style
32 Puts down 7 Vince Gills Look __
BEST VALUE, BEST 35 What happens at the
end of a Manilow
8 Certain quadrilateral:
LOCATIONS! concert?
38 Most closely related
39 Educational
9 Half of sechs
10 Simple sign holder
42 Letters with 888-GSC-APTS
Arizona or
45 Made tracks
46 One of
composer John
Williams five
47 Harlem
writer Zora __
*Offer subject to 49 Does some
change and availability. lawn
APPLY NOW! maintenance
6 Friday, September 1, 2017 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel

Established 1893, 124 years of editorial freedom

When all the students come back, life kind of
things going on and people to see.
Ruby Brinkerhoff, on how Labor Day brings energy to Chapel Hill
GUEST CARTOON By John Galapon,
You cannot draw a straight line between vot-
ing in someone of a diverse background and
Evana Bodiker having policies that benefit those groups.
Mistress of Quirk
Karthik Shyam, on the diversity in upcoming town elections
Senior English and religious studies
major from Concord, N.C.
Email: LETTERS TO Kvetching board
Plastic bags are an
kvetch: v.1 (Yiddish)
to complain

no place environmental issue

The Daily Tar Heels
kvetching board is a com-
munity forum for anony-

Its time to take plastic mous complaints, con-
bags out of supermarkets. cerns and comments. We
Numerous cities across the run them every Friday!

United States and even the
entire state of California Ah, UNC, a magical place
have voted to ban plastic where my parents cant
bags in local stores, and

embarrass me by loudly
m sure Im not the only North Carolina should fol-
UNC student whose EDITORIAL low suit.
quoting the night raid
scene from Django Un-

Thank you, faculty

friends seemed to be all Plastic bags are a serious chained. In the middle of
over the place this summer. environmental issue, and a restaurant. In a southern
As for me, friends of mine are a major contributor to accent. In South Carolina.
were in NYC, New Orleans, ocean pollution. Every year,
8 million metric tons of The loudest voice at the
Nashville and D.C., just to
name a few. In July, I swel- In light of recent In addition to individu-
als sharing their opinions,
ated with activism.
The tenor of Wednesday
plastic end up in the ocean. rally was Silent Sam.
According to plasticpollu- Shiksas are for practice.
tered in Houston, while I
spent the rest of the summer
events, faculty are faculty collectively are nights panel suggested, thats about five Democracy dies in dark-
speaking out Faculty that most people in the
traveling. teaching by doing. Executive Committee Chapel Hill and the cam-
grocery bags full of plastic
for every foot of coastline

Through it all, home felt in the world, and its easily Jobs are stressful. School
n times of struggle, passed a resolution stat- pus community believe
very far away, and my friends avoidable. is stressful. Having a job
the most important ing their concern over the that Silent Sam should and going to school is very
felt even further. this sum- teaching occurs out- Board of Governors pro- come down. But we often In November 2016,
mer made me realize how California voted to ban stressful.
side the classroom walls. posed policy to close the disagree on why and how
alienating time away from plastic bags for large retail- Follow-up: Professors, stop
Luckily, our University Center for Civil Rights. it should come down. The ers. Customers bring their
school can be for an under- assuming that all of your
has no shortage of brave On Wednesday night, legal and logistical details own reusable shopping students have an abun-
grad. faculty who are willing to Dr. Lloyd Kramer led a behind Silent Sam and the bags or pay a ten cent dance of free time outside
Unless youre some mas-
lend their expertise, time panel of experts in a com- Center are being discussed charge for paper bags. of class. Im working full-
termind who somehow
and voices to the most munity discussion at the behind closed doors. Many other cities have time as a full-time student.
managed to score the Perfect
contentious issues facing public library about Silent These issues are kept adopted bans, including @UNC: Did you really have
(Paid) Internship in An
our campus. This board Sam and the history of alive by the buzz we cre- Washington D.C., Chicago to pour out the donated
Awesome City Where All and the Outer Banks.
would like to recognize the confederate monuments. ate. Danger lies in losing coffee from members of
Your Friends Also Were, you Though not all bans
were probably like me, who swelling number of fac- With a diverse panel of momentum, as has hap- the sit-in when you confis-
ulty who have spoken up speakers ranging from the pened in decades past. are as strict, they are cer- cated their stuff?
somehow ended up some- tainly effective. San Jose,
where she would have never and organized around the Chapel Hill chief of police Our campus community I wanted to see all my
California found an 89 per-
anticipated: Texas. fate of Silent Sam and the to some of our campuss must stay vigilant and friends on the first floor of
cent reduction of plastic lit-
Okay, so you prob- Center for Civil Rights. most active academic faculty will lead the way in ter in the storm drain sys- Davis, but none of them
ably werent also in Texas By writing and speaking leaders, the panel was a pushing the administra- tem after instituting their were there because its
Needless to say, when I about social justice, fac- chance for community tion and the legislature. 2011 plastic bag ban. under construction! #Uni-
arrived in Houston to work ulty give students the tools members to ask questions Now is the time to find In cities that ban plastic versityOfNeverEndingCon-
to make thoughtful argu- and share their reflections new ways to teach and to bags, or at least take steps struction #Pist
as a teaching assistant at an
intensive program for high ments and help us under- on recent events. be activists whether to reduce plastic usage, cus- So Carol, lets talk. When
schoolers, I didnt know any stand the broader implica- The mobilization of through teach-ins as tomers are far more likely trying to craft a statement
of my co-workers. tions of whats happening faculty in light of recent occurred at UNC during to carry their own reusable about white supremacists
on campus. events has occurred across the Vietnam War, or sim- bags. In Thurston County, and why they are not
I felt far away from UNC.
Dr. John McGowan departmental lines. ply encouraging discus- Washington, the plastic bag coming to campus, learn
Sometimes this can be a ban reduced single-use bag
from the comparative lit- While this board is par- sion over coffee at Lenoir, something from Donnys
good thing, but I was on a usage from 63 percent to 3 follies: dont start from an
different university campus, erature department, Dr. ticularly impressed by the faculty and students percent in only six months. implied moral equivalence
so I really felt out of place Jim Leloudis from the activism of the humani- should work together to Chapel Hill could benefit of all extremist groups.
and disoriented. It was as department of history, Dr. ties, we would also like to keep these issues alive. greatly from taking this People who think they are
if I landed on a high-tech Fitz Brundage from his- commend the actions of We must push the small step to reduce waste persecuted versus people
planet where somehow the tory and others have writ- faculty in health affairs administration. We must and save the environment. that actually are rest on
inhabitants could survive in ten pieces in the News and and other areas of the uni- learn more. We must lis- different moral terrain.
extremely high temperatures Observer and Vox. versity not typically associ- ten. We must make noise. Erin Danford
Another fall, another batch
and humidity, and I had only Junior
of the best and bright-
been provided the shabbiest Environmental Science est bringing little style to

of space suits. campus. Seriously kids,
My friends were far away, Appreciate UNCs these are the four years
in cool cities, eating good blooming campus you have to aesthetically
(read: not cafeteria) food, reinvent yourself with low
TO THE EDITOR: stakes. Cant you do better
and going to cool museums. I have the good fortune
Here I was just hoping for To the editor: Actual activism Spencer suspended than lame Carolina gear
of working near the wind- and virtual pajamas?
an hour break in my sched- ing path through the new
ule to go to the gym. Wed like to take the space We are so proud of all of the Richard Spencer, a white Sam W. Hitt Medicinal Why does every persons
My feelings of alienation in this Quick Hit to thank work that campus organiz- nationalist organizer, was Plant Gardens, located introduction to the class
melted away when I found the readers who ers have put in denied a request between the Koury build- online talk about how
out another TA, Garrett, give us feed- to recent dem- to rent space on ing and the Health Sciences they love sports and never
was from UNC. How in back. Letters- onstrations. On campus, accord- Library. I love seeing col- any other hobbies? Can
to-the-editor, top of classes, ing to an email leagues taking time to someone please say they
the world did two students
kvetches, online jobs and other from Chancellor appreciate the plants that love beekeeping, art, or
from Chapel Hill end up in comments, the obligations, the
Houston? Carol Folt. Thank you! Its are flowering. Walk north anything good?
occasional handwritten amount of physical and amazing what our adminis- on Columbia, and the beau-
We bonded immediately As a proud liberal Yankee
letter in a suspiciously blank emotional labor required tration will do for our safety, tiful clumps of irises, lilies,
over how much we love UNC walking to class past Silent
envelope we appreciate to pull off these protests is or for Spencers safety? Lenten rose and ferns are
and marveled at the fact Sam: Yeah, so how did that
it all. The DTH is a communi- nothing short of impressive. Honestly, were just grateful arranged just so, so theyre
we knew many of the same valiant defense of white su-
ty resource we do better We see you, we hear you, that Folt took a stance on subtle, appropriate, flatter premacy work out for yall?
people yet had never met. when you let us know how. we love you. something. the buildings and signage
Garrett changed the way the To Taylor Swift: Look,
nearby and make UNC
program went for me; he no one made you do
took me in and helped me Target audience Unicornboro Constructive criticism Join me in thanking
anything. If anyone has
feel at home even though we agency in the structure, it
Can we all agree that the It is definitely true that Of all the physical objects Associate Vice Chancellor
is you.
were far from it. Target shuttle is excessive? unicorns make for a better for Facilities Services Anna
on campus that just had to Hey professor, I get it....
It turns out a lot of my Can we agree namesake/ be removed, Wu, Executive Director
friends found UNC at their of Facilities Operations you miss Obama and hate
that the mini- mascot than UNC prioritized
far-away places, too. This Darius Dixon, Grounds Trump. Not getting your
Target on Frank- known white the removal
started me thinking about Supervisor Mark Moon way and dealing with it,
lin Street feels supremacist Ju- of the trees in
how Ill find UNC when I and our wonderful grounds last time I checked, was
a little Twilight- lian Carr. How- front of the Un-
crew for making UNC called adulting.
graduate in May. Its hard Zone-like once you step in? ever, Unicornboro, the dergraduate Library. Yeah, it
to imagine being away from Its like a CVS but bigger, proposed new name for definitely makes rollerblad- beautiful, green and alive.
Send your one-to-two
this campus, but it will be with fashion. This isnt an ad Carrboro, simply doesnt roll ing to class during peak sentence entries to
for Target, just something off the tongue. Some of our rush-hour a whole lot easier. Sarah Huppert
reality before I know it.,
thats been on our minds. suggestions include Care- However, itd be a whole lot Dental Foundation of
I dont plan on staying in North Carolina subject line kvetch.
town after I graduate. No Check it out yourself! (Youre bear-o,Cars-2-boro and easier to enjoy our campus
matter where I go, I know welcome, Target.) Carly-Rae-Jepsen-boro. sans construction.
Chapel Hill will be with me.
Hopefully there will be Tender, not tinder Institute of politics Student eye-s(t)ores
someone at the next destina- WRITING GUIDELINES
One of our friends went Recently, the Institute of We are truly sorry for the Please type. Handwritten letters will not be accepted.
tion to remind me that being
on a Tinder date with a Politics launched on UNCs bad title of this Quick Hit. Its Sign and date. No more than two people should sign letters.
Tar Heel born and bred Students: Include your year, major and phone number.
doesnt end when we put on seemingly nice campus. We almost as poorly
guy. But then he wish we could laid out as the Faculty/staff: Include your department and phone number.
that graduation robe. Edit: The DTH edits for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity. Limit
Being a Tar Heel means had the audac- pretend that new Student
letters to 250 words.
ity to take out it added to Stores. Why
finding a home with other his phone while the amount of did Bulls Head SUBMISSION
people who love this place as she was talking about her civic discourse on campus. die for this? We are the Tar Drop off or mail to our office at 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill,
much as you do even if you hobbies and swipe through Really, though, were just Heels, not the Carolina Pan- NC 27514
arent here. other profiles on the same bringing McCrorys former thers, so what is this black Email:
app that brought them chief of staff to boost a and blue color scheme
together. Online dating can couple of Morehead and doing here? Also, no one is EDITORS NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily rep-

9/4 Labor Day Letters resent the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the
Were making a feature made be cool, but only if were Robertson resumes. If youre buying the fake fireplace. opinions of The Daily Tar Heel editorial board, which comprises 10 board
up of community responses! cool. That wasnt cool. going to exist, be useful. Who did this. Why. members, the opinion assistant editor and editor and the editor-in-chief.