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Future Horizons Advanced Technology Presents:

(#WISH) Wishing Machine Plans

Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

Psionic, Radionic machine can electronically manipulate Pscyhic energy

Believed to work on a newly discovered principle of Quantum Mechanics

Can be used to amplify thought and affect physical organisms

Includes New scientific explanation and experiments

Learn how to build one for yourself

The Wishing Machine is based on an amazing technology discovered back in the 1950s called
Radionics. It is basically a type of electronic voodoo machine that can be used to effect living things
such as plants animals and simple organisms. Although it is most effective against simple
organisms, it is also able to affect animals and humans as well although it requires a much longer
exposure time of at least several weeks depending on what type of influence is being attempted. It
was even reportedly used for healing and mind control within the last 50 years.
Copyright 2002 Future Horizons Inc.
Wishing Machine

The wishing Machine is based on an amazing technology discovered back in the 1950s called
Radionics. It is in effect a Radionic type machine for those of you who may be familiar with the
term. It is basically a type of electronic voodoo machine that can be used to effect living things
such as plants animals and simple organisms. It was discovered by some researchers that it was
highly effective against simple organisms such as all types of bacteria, fungus, germs, insects etc.
It was used to essentially wipe out these organisms in many experiments. The researchers did
extensive tests to attempt to determine just what was happening and how the machine worked.
They realized that although it was most effective against simple organisms, it was also able to
Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA

affect animals and humans as well although it required a much longer exposure time of at least
several weeks depending on what type of influence they were attempting. It was even used for
healing and mind control within the last 50 years. Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

How it works

The concept is very simple. You first need to determine what it is youre trying to achieve such
as healing someone, effecting someones will such as mind control, or actually effecting your
own reality. Then you need a sample of your desired target. If your trying to effect a person then
any photograph of them is sufficient, a strand of their hair, a drop of their blood or anything that
can be used to represent that person. Now you see why its referred to as electronic voodoo.
Once you have a sample of your target all you need to do is write on a small piece of paper or on
the sample itself the outcome that you desire! If youre trying to affect something about your
own reality then its a little different. Lets say for example you want to win the lottery. You can
simply take a $100 bill or any other large bill and write on it in as few words as possible exactly
what you want such as Win Lottery. If your attempting to heal yourself or someone else you
simply acquire a sample of the target and then just write on a piece of paper your desired

The antenna is then installed by screwing it into the top of the machine. The sample you are
using is then inserted under the hinged copper plate on top of the machine. Then simply plug the
power plug into the wall socket. Now close your eyes and relax and focus on your wish and hold
that image in your mind with absolute belief that it will come true. The longer you can do this the
faster your results will occur. Its best to do this at least once or twice a day until you see results.

Leave the machine on as long as possible until your goal is reached. Just remember that simpler
wishes can occur fairly soon while others take much longer to achieve. One important step in the
process is to think of your goal as much as possible throughout your day. A good way to do this
is to set the Wishing Machine up in a place where you will see it very often during the day such
as in your workplace or your living room. Somewhere that you will see it often and be reminded
to think about your desired wish.

An important tip to remember is to keep your desires simple and short and very specific. Always
try to be specific but keep in mind that the results might not be as specific as you imagined. This
is due to the operators mind not being used to this type of work.

Scientific Validation

If all this sounds too good to be true then I can tell you that there is some real science to back it
up. These Wishing Machine Plans (which are included with the purchase of the machine) include
some experiments that you can do to prove to yourself that the machine really works. One
Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA

interesting experiment is to use the machine to effect the growth of a simple organism such as
mold spores. You start off by cultivating 2 samples of mold in a small dish and then label one as
dish A and the other as dish B. You then put them away somewhere safe where they will not
be disturbed. Insert a photo of dish A into the Wishing Machine and make a wish about it Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

thriving and growing. Run the experiment for at least a week and then check on the mold spores.
You will be surprised to find that it has worked and dish A has grown much more than dish
B. You can also use plants or seedlings and the experiment will work the same.

This amazing machine is actually just a type of Psionic amplifier that works using a direct link to
your own mind. It essentially amplifies your intent or wish and can help to materialize it into
your reality. The machine is simply a tool and the real power actually comes from the person
using it so the more focussed your mind and willpower is the better your results will be.

This technology has been around for many years and was successfully tested many times even in
laboratory conditions. Many people thought it was complete nonsense but now conventional
science is finally catching up. Some researchers now believe that its a Quantum Mechanics
effect that allows the machine to work.

A thought experiment invented by Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen back in
the late 1930's has now begun to scientifically substantiate much of the psychic and Psionic
phenomenon. It is a sort of bizarre loophole in quantum physics known as the EPR (Einstein-
Podolsky-Rosen) effect that seems to tell us that our world is put together in such a way that an
event going on in a distant galaxy or in the mind of a friend across town is also going on in some
analogous way in our own mind simultaneously. The experiment is a bit complex and rather
difficult to explain but here it is:

The experiment involves what physicists call a two particle system of zero spin. This
means that you have two particles, such as two electrons, one spinning one way and the
other spinning in exactly the opposite way so that the spin of each of the electrons
cancels the other out. One spins right while the other spins left or one spins up while
the other spins down. In the experiment the two particles are separated electrically so
that their spins should not have an effect on one another. Now comes the strange part.
Physicists were able to affect the spin of one of the electrons randomly using a
magnetic field and found that the other electron seemed to know instantly that this
occurred and it reverses its own spin to maintain equilibrium of spin cancellation.

This experiment tends to confirm that there is a universal connectedness with all things within
our world. And that information about any part of the whole is instantly available to any single

This strange connectedness proven by the EPR effect has a mathematical proof known as Bell's
theorem, which was published in 1964 by J.S. Bell, a physicist at the European organization for
nuclear research (CERN) in Switzerland. Bells theorem implies that at a fundamental level the
"separate parts" of the universe are connected in an intimate and immediate way. Another
amazing part of this is the fact that this type of informational transfer if you will takes place
instantaneously everywhere in the universe. This has some incredible and far reaching
implications in the way our reality actually works. The experiment gives confirmation to the
belief that all matter in the known universe exhibits a universal connectedness and that
information is available and accessible to anything or anyone who knows the secret of accessing
it. This is like a universal collective unconscious. This also means that the subconscious minds of
Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA

all people are also collectively linked on some level together and to the rest of the universe. The
same apparently goes for all physical matter. Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

Some other scientific discoveries have proven that psychic force energy can actually be
amplified and manipulated by the use of specialized electronic machines. Back in the 1940's an
incredible new field of science was created based on the amazing discoveries of a few pioneering
scientists. The field I speak of is known as Psychotronics, also known as Psionics or Radionics.
Psychotronics is a technology that utilizes special electronic equipment to amplify and
manipulate psychic energy in various ways! Psychic + Electronics = Psychotronics or Psionics
for short. Some incredible discoveries have been made in this field in the last 50 years. Some of
which may shock and surprise you. Sadly this technology has been strongly suppressed,
especially within the United States. And so even though there is over 50 years of research into
this field, many people have never even heard of it before. Some of these Psionic machines can
be used to mentally affect your own reality around you. These devices can literally make you
into a modern day Merlin the magician.

One of the early pioneers of this technology was a man named Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymous.
Hieronymous was the first person to be granted a U.S. patent on a Psionic type device back in
1949. His invention called the Hieronymous machine is a device that he claimed was used to
detect and analyze various minerals and materials electronically. But it was actually much much
more. To keep it believable and to not sabotage his efforts to obtain the patent, he didnt reveal
all of its details in the patent.

In one of Hieronymous's experiments he describes a bizarre method of feeding plants; he used

two groups of seeds. He planted each group into a separate box in a dark room without any
natural sunlight. One of the groups was used as a control group and was left alone completely
without sunlight. Each group was watered regularly. The other group was treated exactly the
same except for one major difference. Several wires were attached to this group and fed through
the wall to the outside and connected to metal foil plates exposed to sunlight. Amazingly, the
plants that were wired to the plates grew as if they were receiving sunlight while the other group
hardly grew at all. This basic experiment confirmed that the psychic force energy can be
manipulated electrically. Even after 50 years of study, many researchers believe we are only
scratching the surface of this technology

The Wishing Machine

This device stands in a class of devices that are very special in that they appear to break many
laws in the scientific community and they cannot be explained away by conventional means. The
wishing machine is actually an electronic brainwave amplifier. It has the ability to produce
results directly from the input thought patterns of its operator. The input thoughts being in direct
relation to the significance of the achieved results. Another words the more serious and intense
the input thought patterns become, the greater the desired results will be! This is a very strange
Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA

device but many individuals have had extraordinary results with it. This device under the proper
conditions and a powerful operator could become a very dangerous toy, capable of bringing
about to physical reality, the thoughts or wishes of the operator. Use it wisely and remember it is Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

not a toy!

The device is simply a standard op-amp audio frequency amplifier with 2 flat metal plates on the
input. One at ground potential and the other connected to the high-impedance input of the amp.
The output consists of a simple vertical rod dipole antenna. The amplifier is powered by a 12-
volt power supply which plugs into the wall. Fig 1 represents a block diagram of the wishing

The device is highly effective in accelerating growth or decay of reasonably simple life forms
such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, plants, insects, and lower animals. When a symbolic sample such
as a photograph of a plant, field, tree, or person, is placed between the 2 plates and the amplifier
is turned on, the experimenter then conscientiously thinks of some change he desires to occur, or
some wish concerning the object symbolized in the sample placed between the plates. As time
passes the desired wishes of the operator begin to manifest in the target!

A similar device has apparently achieved a 90% plus kill ratio for Japanese Beetles in 90
different tests conducted in the 1950's by the Pennsylvania State Department of Agriculture. It
also achieved a 70% kill ratio against corn borers in another test conducted by the same agency.
It also amazingly destroyed tent caterpillars in a tree 1200 miles from the site of the device; it has
also been seen to have eliminated acne from the skin of an adolescent girl and eliminated a large
number of severe warts on another infant girl.

There is the incredible case of a man with a young child. The child was less than 3 years old and
suffering badly from warts, which of course can be caused by a number of different viruses. She
must have been especially susceptible because she had warts everywhere, and their location and
extent of growth had become serious. Medical treatments were extensive but seemed to have
very little effect. The man decided he had nothing to loose and so placed a photograph of his
daughter between the input plates of the wishing machine, turned on the power, and
conscientiously thought about the warts going away, about killing the virus that was causing the
warts, and about his daughter without them. The wishing machine was kept operating constantly
and from time to time during the following days he kept thinking about her and those warts.

The result was frightening. Within 3 days, the young girls warts had decreased remarkably,
including those that were beginning to grow inside her nostrils. Within 4 weeks, she was
completely free of any warts and has not to this day had anymore.

The man disassembled the wishing machine because he was afraid of what he might do with it.
The amount of personal power that such a device bestows upon an individual is incredible and
the responsibility of such power is equally incredible and not meant for the irresponsible or
emotionally unstable.

The device appears as sheer outright magic whose consequences go far beyond those of other
Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA

strange and unusual machines such as the dowsing rod or the Hieronymous machine, which by
comparison seem like toys.

There appears to be a built in safety feature in the wishing machine which makes it useful (in Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

destructive mode) only against fairly simple organisms, which operate mostly on instincts. The
machine does not seem to work destructively against human beings probably due to the higher
thought processes and a type of psychic defense shield, which seems to exist in most people.
However this varies from person to person and some people are much more sensitive than others
to psychic attacks.

To be effective, the device must use some input sample that is directly connected symbolically to
the object the experimenter wishes to be changed. For example, a photograph of the insect
infested field can be used. Something from the target organism can be used such as a leaf from a
plant or a piece of paper containing a drop of blood from an individual. The only factor affecting
the operation of the machine appears to be the direct psychic connection between the symbol
inserted in the plates and the subject you are trying to effect. Interestingly this is the same
methodology used in voodoo, witchcraft, shamans and spell casters of modern and ancient times.
These individuals understood the effect that these symbolic rituals and spells could have on their
intended targets. The wishing machine is the modern equivalent.

Place the photograph or sample between the 2 input plates. Turn on the amplifier and make your
wish! Leave the amplifier turned on. From time to time, think about your wish or desired action.
As is typical of Psionic machines, distance seems to have no effect upon its operation. Nor does
the distance between the machine and the operator.
A number of verifying experiments suggest themselves. These can be carried out simply and
easily by any amateur high school level scientists. The easiest would be to use numbered paper
plates containing bread mold from a common source, the experimenter should concentrate on
reducing the growth rate of one of the specimens. A photograph of that plate should be placed
under the copper plate. The machine may be located anywhere during the experiment but the
paper plates should all be kept together in the same environmental conditions. The growth of the
Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA

bread mold in the 2 plates can be visually determined and a record should be kept.

Another experiment with bread mold can be conducted where the operator is not the
experimenter and does not know which plates photo is being used in the experiment. The Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

operator can then just wish that the object whose photograph is at the input be changed.

Experimental organisms could also include bacteria, insects and plants. If positive results are
obtained, the experiment should be repeated with the machine located at a remote location to test
the apparent fact that distance has no bearing on the experiments results.

As discussed earlier, this device is a straightforward op-amp audio amplifier, which is shown
below. The values of the components are also called out. Most of the parts can be purchased at
Radio Shack. Or you could just buy any type of basic audio amp instead of building your own.
The amplifier can be built on an ordinary circuit board and enclosed, along with a battery or a
wall plug and the antenna mount in an electronic project box. The 2 copper input plates can be
obtained at most craft and hobby stores. Although copper was used in the original device, any
electrically conductive plate should be just as effective. The antenna is a simple dipole rod

The General Purpose Amp uses a 1 transistor pre-amp and an IC audio amplifier chip (LM386)
to amplify weak signals. The pre-amp consists of NPN transistor Q1. Resistors R1 and R2
provide correct biasing and capacitor C3 provides coupling from the base of Q1 to the input
signal. Capacitor C2 is used for filtering and capacitor C1 couples the amplified signal to the
gain control potentiometer P1. This control applies only the amount of amplified signal you wish
to the input of the IC power amp and serves as a volume control. The power amp contains many
internal transistors and is used to provide a high level amplified signal to the output through
coupling capacitor C5. Capacitor C6 sets the internal gain of IC1, and capacitor C4 is used to
prevent "motor-boating" or low frequency oscillation.

Operating Instructions

The LED (light emitting diode) on the top of the wishing machine should light to indicate power
when the machine is plugged into the wall.

Operation: When testing the wishing machine, you must first install the antenna which simply
screws into the hole on top of the unit. Then insert your sample under the plate and plug it in.
Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA

Concentrate intensely on your wish and hold the thought for a few minutes or longer if possible.
Then just walk away from the machine and leave it on for a while. Remember to try to think
about your wish as much as possible throughout the next few days. This helps to amplify the
effect. Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

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Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

Future Horizons, Inc. PO Box 125 Marquette, MI 49855 USA Copyright 1998 Future Horizons

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