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Colostrum: Powerful Immune Boosting & Gut-Healing Superfood

I've been doing some research on for an article I wrote on Colostrum lately, and thought I'd share some of what I learned
with the GLP community. All the links to research and other referential info can be found here:

[link to (secure)]

Colostrum: A Powerful, Natural, Immune-Building Compound

Colostrum is a type of Milk produced by mammalian mothers in the weeks following child birth. It's a nutrient-dense form
of milk that is loaded with immune-building compounds that help establish new born's immune systems. When we are born
into this world, we don't really have immune systems, and have been developing in a closed SAFE environment. The
minute we enter the world, we need to start building up our defenses, and that's the purpose of a mother's first milk,
commonly known as colostrum.

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is produced by mother's after child birth, and that's when we are naturally able to have access to it. The
colostrum produced by cows contains bio-identical compounds to that of human colostrum, and we can now manufacture
colostrum supplements to extend this powerful immune-building capacity. What's really important though, beyond just
knowing that you can buy quality colostrum supplements, is knowing WHY you would want to.

Powerful Healing Compounds

Colostrum is loaded with all sorts of nutrients and vital nutrition, but the most-noteworthy are those with scientifically-
proven impact on the human immune system. Among these well-researched compounds are Platelet Rich Plasma
compounds (PRPs), Lactoferrin, Transforming Growth Factors (TGF), Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA) and insulin-like
growth factor 1 (IGF-1). These powerful compounds have shown the remarkable ability to heal areas of high intestinal
permeability (leaky gut), help heal wounds (skin care), and help boost immune reactions for such events as allergies and

Colsotrum has also been shown to help kill harmful bacteria such as H.Pylori and Candida Albicans, and is generally
regarded as a great way to promote overall gut-health. Colostrum is generally considered safe for consumption by those that
are lactose intolerant or have sensitivities to dairyas it only contains 1-5% actual lactose proteins. For a full list of the
compounds and composition of colsotrum you can check out this pubMed resource: [link to
(secure)] (scientific literature)

Important Considerations

As with any supplements, it's important to realize that all products aren't created equally. There are different methods of
processing colostrum that can increase or decrease the overall effectiveness of it. Slow-heating pasteurization processes can
allow harmful bacteria to grow in the large commercial vats, since it takes such long periods of time to complete. Colostrum
is naturally encased within a fat-membrane before infants drink it, which helps the beneficial compounds survive the trip
through the acidic stomach environment. Manufacturers (notably Sovereign Laboratories) coat their products in a special
lipid compound to mimic this delivery. Mixing with hot liquids or acid liquids such as Apple Cider Vinegar can also cause
the compounds to break down, rendering them much less effective.

Recommended Dosage

Typically-speaking, Colostrum is taken in one of two capacitiesa therapeutic dosage or a maintenance dosage. Those
using therapeutic doses are usually actively trying to rebuild their intestinal health or fight off infection. Doses for this type
of use are typically recommended as 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach. For maintenance dosages, a
teaspoon first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is typical. When first beginning a colostrum supplement, some
people actually begin to feel slightly worse and may develop flu-like symptoms. This is called a Die-Off reaction, (also
known as Herxheimer reaction) and is an indication that the supplement is working. This results from a large amount of
dying 'bad' bacteria that you body has to work to eliminate. Adding in liver supportive supplements like Milk Thistle and
Calcium-D Glucarate can be helpful, as well as can Kidney -supportive supplements such as Goldenseal, Red Clover, or
Dandelion root. Die off reactions are usually over within the first 3-5 days, thought for those with heavy infections they can
drag on.
My personal experience:

I've had a lot of health issues that I would classify as moderate and chronic, and consider myself to be in fairly good health,
all things considered. Per recommendation of my doctor, under the pretense of improving my digestive health, I was turned-
onto Colostrum as a potential compound to help do so. I have extreme intolerance issues with dairy, and they pretty much
render me non-functional for 24-72 hours. Needless to say; I was hesitant to try any dairy product. I can't even deal with
Lactobacillus probiotics, which has been much to my disadvantage IMO. Anyway, I started taking colostrum and
immediately felt less susceptible to fluctuations in health. Less day-to-day issues, and overall more able to sustain energy
and focus. A whole ton of little things have started smoothing out as well, that are likely just specific to whatever I have
going on. I became really curious, and started doing some research, which lead to much of what I've shared here. It's now
my opinion that Colostrum is a truly powerful compound for helping to address chronic health issues, and is definitely
capable of helping to build a healthy 'gut'.

I'd be very curious to hear about anyone else's experience with Colostrum, and how you've felt it impacted you over a
longer period of time perhaps.

Re: Colostrum: Powerful Immune Boosting & Gut-Healing Superfood

I take it with my liposomal vitamin C.

No adverse effects so far.