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(Engineering Programs)

Student Outcome (e): Use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice in complex engineering activities.

Program: Course: _______________ Section: Semester School Year ____________

Unsatisfactory Developing Satisfactory Very Satisfactory

Performance Indicators Score
1 2 3 4
1. Apply appropriate Fails to identify any Identifies modern Identifies modern Applies the most appropriate
techniques, skills, and modern techniques to techniques but fails to techniques and is able to modern technique in
modern tools to perform perform discipline- apply these in performingapply these in performing performing discipline-
a discipline-specific specific engineering discipline-specific discipline-specific specific engineering task
engineering task. task. engineering task. engineering task. exceeding the requirements.
2. Demonstrate skills in Fails to apply any Attempts to apply modern Shows ability to apply Shows ability to apply the
applying different modern tools to solve tools but has difficulties to
fundamental procedures most appropriate and
techniques and modern engineering problems. solve engineering in using modern tools effective modern tools to
tools to solve problems. when solving solve engineering problems.
engineering problems. engineering problems.
3. Recognize the benefits Does not recognize the Recognizes some Recognizes the benefits Recognizes the need for
and constraints of benefits and benefits and constraints of and constraints of benefits and constraints of
modern engineering constraints of modern modern engineering tools. modern engineering modern engineering tools
tools. engineering tools. tools and shows intention and makes good use of
to apply them for them for engineering
engineering practice. practice.
Total Score
Mean Score = (Total Score / 3)
Percentage Rating = (Total Score / 12) x 100%

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