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Last December I traveled to spend the holidays at my house with my family.

Twice a week I went out with my friends to play soccer (We played in the evenings between two
and three hours).

I rode the bike every day.

I was going to play video games with my friends three times a week.

Sometimes I helped my mother with the house cleaning (Like sweeping the floor make the lunch).

Every Sunday I watched movies at my aunt's house with my cousins (Among them the favorite
were horror films).

I visited my grandparents four times a week.

I went to the river four times a month, sometimes I went with my friends and sometimes I went
with my family (The piedras river is good it attracts many tourists).

When I went with my family we made lunch on the river bank (The family's favorite lunch is the

The special dates of the month as Christmas and New Year I spend with my family.

In December I ate many fritters and natilla(Sometimes we made fritters at my aunt's house).

I went to the pool twice a month with my cousins.

What are you doing in your life at the moment??

I'm studying civil engineering at the University of Ibague.

I chose this university career, because I like math, I have always liked the topics of structures and
the construction of ways.

I'm doing fifth semester, seeing seven topics (I did well).

In this semester I did some work for different students (Works as courses in physics and technical

How often did you ride a bicycle?

How many hours did I play soccer with my friends?

What did i eat last december