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2. Up and down warming up games
For students who do correctly may sit down, and for those who do wrongly still stand out,
repeat it once again and do the same. Choose one or some of the students who do wrongly
to come in front of the class and do the mimic game based on the picture given. Each picture
which is guessed whether using English or their native language, teacher will stick the
flashcard on the white board. After finish, she/he may sit down.
3. After all picture are stuck on the whiteboard, then teacher draws a circle on each picture,
then teacher will chorus each card quickly. Repeat it for three times, getting quicker and
quicker. Next teacher points a card and say whats this? get everyone to say the word
together. Point each card, and get the class to shout out the verbs together as you touch
each card. Finally turn back one card on the board but the circle it was in will still be there.
Points the empty circle and again say whats this? get everyone shout out together the
missing card. Do it one by one, until all the cards are turned back. Point of each of them and
let students shout out loud the word.
4. Play teacher says
When teacher says teacher says they have to do the action
When the teacher says a verb without saying teacher says they may not do the action and if
they make a mistake they should sit down.
5. Singing the song
6. Do the exercises