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Crafting the Brand Positioning | Chapter 10


Marketing Excellence Fawrys real customers in front of the outlets. One striking find-
ing was that Fawry charges its final customers/users addi-
>>Bee tional fees for transactions on cellphones, landlines, and inter-
net payments, with varying amounts for each. To capitalize on
Bee provides payment this major finding, Fawrys customers were asked about their
solutions to its customers perception regarding these additional charges. Customers
in seven Asian and Eastern rejected the extra charges in principle and wondered why they
European countries. Cash were being charged, especially when Fawrys bill issuers or
economies are the main providers were also charged. The retailing research also indi-
target market for Bees cated that Fawry collects insurance in the form of deposits
offers. The company for providing payment equipment to conventional independent
was established in 2005 retailers, while Bee never loads its retailers with any charges.
and opened its Egyptian The only providers who dont pay charges to payment solu-
subsidiary in 2009 with a tion companies are Telecom Egypt and its affiliated company TE
capitalization of US$20 Data. Fawry is passing on these charges to its ultimate custom-
million and 85 employ- ers. However, Bee had neither Telecom Egypt nor TE Data as its
ees. Based on the providers. Thus Bee had the flexibility to turn the disadvantage of
companys global lead- not covering Telecom Egypt and TE Data into an advantage by
ership and Egyptian presenting a new value proposition. Bee automatically launched
market awareness, an aggressive marketing campaign highlighting its free charging
Bee payment solu- services to customers. The campaign theme was focusing on
tions now cover For Free (or Bblash). Bee allocated US$250,000 to the For
Mobinil, Etsalat, and Free (Bblash) marketing campaign applied to multiple commu-
LINK DSL, and have nication instruments like radio stations, outdoor and cab bill-
lately contracted with boards, posters and flyers at retailing outlets, and Facebook.
Vodafone, Telecom The campaign lasted two months and fully achieved its objec-
Egypt, and TE Data. tives by doubling Bees daily transactions. It also achieved an
Bee works as a pay- immediate activation contract with Telecom Egypt and TE Data.
ment intermediary Mr. Mohamed Abu Khadra, senior m arketing m anager, said,
between informa- The marketing research led Bee to identifying an opportunity
tion and com- and conducting the Bblash campaign. If this venture didnt
munication tech- exist, there would have been for sure another value to discover
nology providers and to build upon Bees value proposition. Before the market
and their subscribers. The core value research was conducted, Bee had only 1500 retailers carrying
of Bee centers around providing multiple cash payment ven- its services. This number jumped to 3000 retailers thanks to the
ues through its wide network of contracted retailers. The idea marketing campaign. To maximize the acquired benefits, Bee
behind choosing cash economies as the target market rests aims to continue introducing its full portfolio of s ervices in Egypt.
on the culture of high resistance to e-payment transactions. Mr.Abu Khadra said, Our objective is to reach 10,000 retailers
Bee services provide cash payment as an alternative in lieu of by the end of 2011.
e-payment. Another attractive advantage for Bee business in
developing countries is the convenience of the places used for Questions
payment, such as kiosks and other small independent retailers
that are extensively distributed throughout rural and other iso- 1. Identify Bees positioning. How do you perceive Bees
lated neighborhoods. Common traits among residents of these position against Fawry?
districts are: lack of trust, security concerns, and technological 2. Do you think Bee conveyed a clear positioning message to
illiteracy. As a result, Bee services are very well accepted and its target market? How and why?
welcomed. Bee is currently expanding in the Egyptian market.
To continue expanding in Egypt, the company needs to 3. Access Bee and Fawrys websites and then write two
launch its services in many provinces. A prerequisite for future paragraphs detailing differences between the brands.
progress is high market awareness and superiority. There 4. Imagine you are Bees marketing manager. Based on the
are three other players that offer payment solutions in Egypt: text here, outline the companys competitive marketing
Fawry, Masary, and Khadamat. Fawry is the market leader and strategy for the next year.
has twice as many retailers as Bee. Fawry has operated in
Egypt since March 2010, while Bee activated its services in 5. Self-knowledge is the ability to identify the product
July 2011. Bee conducted modest marketing research to iden- attributes that are important to you. From the case,

tify Fawrys areas of weakness. Based on the research results, determine and discuss your e-payment self-knowledge. Do
Bee customized its advertising campaign so as to highlight you think companies have the ability to raise c
these weaknesses as areas of strength for Bees products. The self-knowledge. How and why?
research sample incorporated 20 retailers who deal with Fawry
besides 50 of Fawrys final customers. Mystery shoppers were Sources: Reem Abdellatif, Bee offers payment solutions to Egypt customers, Daily
used at retailers to acquire the full transaction experience as News Egypt, July 20, 2011,
ultimate customers, and ethnographic researchers interviewed payment-solutions-to-egypt-customers.html; Bee company p rofile, (2011).

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