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About Us

Nahar Spinning Mills Limited Started out as a tiny worsted Spinning & Hosiery unit in
Ludhiana. It was incorporated as a Private Limited company in December, 1980 and became a
Public Limited Company in 1983. The steady growth in manufacture and Export of
woollen/cotton hosiery knitwears and woollen textiles enabled the company to earn the
recognition as an "Export House" followed by a "Recognized Trading House" by the
Government of India in a short span. Its turbo-charged performance brought them a host of fresh
laurels.. They include the "National Export Trophy" by the Apparel Export Promotion
Council. The latest is the Silver Trophy for Second Highest Exports of Yarn in Counts 50s and
below under the Category III and Silver Plague for the Second Highest Exports of Processed
Yarn under the Category I by TEXPROCIL for the year 2014-15.

In 1992, as a measure of backward integration, the company diversified into the Spinning
Industry by putting up a Spinning Plant at Village Simrai, Mandideep, Distt. Bhopal. To produce
high quality value added Yarn for exports, company also put up Spinning Units at Village
Jalalpur, Distt. S.A.S. Nagar, Village Jodhan, Distt. Ludhiana and Village Jitwal Kalan, Distt.
Sangrur, Punjab. The present spindlage capacity of the company is 5.00 Lacs (approx.) spindles
and 1080 Rotors.

Simultaneously the company also established an ultra modern facility to manufacture 12.5
million pieces of Hosiery Garments. Today, Company's products i.e. T-Shirts are being exported
to reputed international brands such as GAP, Arrow, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Chaps etc.

As a measure of further value addition in the Company's product the Company has put up a
Mercersing cum dyeing plant with a capacity of 4.5 M.T. per day at Village Lalru, S.A.S. Nagar,
Punjab. The superfine quality Yarn produced by the unit is being used by the manufacturers of
fine quality Garments for exports. The unit is catering to both, the domestic hosiery garment
market as well as export markets.

An ISO 9002 company, the Company has 7 multi location plants, a range of products, over 60%
of which is aimed at export markets USA, UK, France, Brazil, Bangladesh, Mauritius,
Hondurus, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Korea, Taiwan,
Hongkong, Singapore, Egypt and Russia.

The Company's mantra "World is our markets" is truly reflected in its operations. The Company
is one of the largest integrated textile player in India. The Management vision coupled with
company's inherent strength in terms of cost and quality has enabled the company to become the
second largest Cotton Yarn manufacturer in India.

The Management

Group is formed with the vision of Late Sh. Vidya Sagar Oswal.He had a long stressful journey
from simple layman to big business Tycoon. With his hardwork, patience and intelligence he
reached to the highest level of being considered as a doyen of Industrial revolution in hosiery in
Ludhiana. He had a strong stable personality. Despite many hurdles in life he had a strong
determination & faith in life and never lost hope to achieve what he wanted to achieve. The
brave man, a great fighter, a revolutionist, a great thinker, a great teacher and above all a great
philanthropist, he always thought progressively and was responsible for Industrialist revolution
first and later Medical revolution by setting up the biggest comprehensive Cancer Care Hospital
in the city of Ludhiana on 1984.

Jawahar Lal Oswal

As we step in to the threshold of the new millennium, it's time to look back, to move forward.
Take stock of the past, scrutinize our present before charting our agenda for the future.
Globalization and liberalization have opened up a brave new world for us, offering new
challenges along with new opportunities. At Nahar, keeping pace with the changing environment
is our forte since the world is our market and the spirit of excellence, our enduring credo.
Propelled by new technologies and inspired by our exalted goal to explore new frontiers, our
march towards blazing new trails to span new horizons takes on a new dimension setting the tone
for a new millennium.

Management Strength

Vision is the key. Without vision there can be no mission, no agenda to road map the future.
Vision provides the vital differential between the ordinary & extra ordinary, defining the cutting
edge that powers organizations way above & beyond competition. No progressive group can
ignore this vital input.
Kamal Oswal
Dinesh Oswal

Globalization offers exciting challenges that can be converted into rewarding opportunities only
if you are sharply attuned to the ground realities pertaining to business and industry. At the end
of the day, words remain words. Explanations remain explanations. Promises remain promises.
Only performance speaks.

Our Philoshpy

At Nahar, each company continues to practice good Corporate Governance. The Group firmly believes
that good Corporate Governance is the key to success in business. The Groups corporate philosophy
envisages creation and maximization of Shareholders/Stake holder's wealth while observing the
highest levels of transparency and accountability.

Code of Conduct for Board Members and Senior Management

At Nahar, each company is committed to conduct its business in accordance with the applicable laws,
rules and regulations and the highest standards of transparency. The herein mentioned code of
conduct, applies to all the Directors and Senior Managers of the Company and sets forth specific
guidelines for the performance of their professional duties/responsibilities.

Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

All Directors and Senior Management Personnel shall act in the interest of the company and shall
comply with all the applicable laws, rules and regulations of the relevant regulatory and other
authorities as may be applicable to such Directors and Senior Management Personnel in their individual

Conflict of Interest
No Director or Senior Management Personnel shall engage in any business or activity or enter into any
relationship which might result in conflict of interest with that of the company unless he/she makes
full disclosure of all the facts and circumstances to the Audit Committee and obtains written approval
of Chairman or Managing Director of the company.

o Monte Carlo Fashions Limited

o Nahar Industrial Enterprises Limited

o Nahar Spinning Mills Limited

o Nahar Industrial Enterprises Limited

o Oswal Woollen Mills Limited

Woven Fabrics & Garments

o Nahar Industrial Enterprises Limited

o Oswal Woollen Mills Limited

Knitwears & Garments
o Nahar Spinning Mills Limited

o Monte Carlo Fashion Limited

o Cotton County Retail Limited

o Nahar Poly Films Limited

Sugar & Other Products

o Nahar Industrial Enterprises Limited
Spinning Capabilities

Nahar has capability to produce from most coarse to finest yarns with the latest state-of-art
machineries: Blow Rooms from Trumac & Trutzchler equipped with Bale Pluckers, Vision Shield;

o Chute feeds system to feed latest Rieter cards;

o Combers from RIETER;
o Compact Ring Frames from RIETER K-44;
o Conventional Ring Frames from Kirloskar Toyoda and Lakshmi;
o Auto corners equipped with Spilcers and Contamination Control Channels;
o Two-for-one twister (TFO) from Volkman;
o SSM Precision Winders
o Heat setting machines from XEROLLA;
o Largest Installation of LOPTEX machines

R&D Equipped with uster-hvi900/hvi- Spectrun and Advanced Fiber Information System (Afis), ZWEIGLE
Fabric Stimulation System, OASYS-Hairness Tester , MESDAN- Spliced Scanner and complete range of
Fiber, Yarn and Fabric testing equipments.