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Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series

October 31, 2007

Stan Christensen

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The Conventional Wisdom About Negotiation. . .

You Need Grey Hair and Battle Scars

Negotiations are One-time Events

Its About Advocating and Winning

You Need Natural Talent to be a Great Negotiator

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Classic Mistakes Negotiators Make

Taking a Tactical Approach

Focusing on the Wrong Things

Assuming the Pie is Fixed

Not Recognizing or Questioning Assumptions

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What is Effective Negotiation?

Any Attempt to Persuade or Influence. . .

The Practice of Effective Relationship Management

An Important Life Skill for Multiple Contexts

The Art of Creative Problem Solving

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A Framework for Negotiation Success
Communication Relationship



If Yes If No
Commitment Alternative

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Lessons from The War On Terror
Criteria: No Objective Measure of Success

Communication: Lack of Openness to Persuasion

Commitment: Separate Commitment from Communication

Interests: The Complexity of Stakeholder Interests

Relationship: Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

Options: The Importance of Creative Problem Solving

Alternatives: Unilateral Action Dangerous

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Five Useful Negotiation Tips

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Tell the Truth and be Worthy of Trust

Apologize and Own Your Contribution

Stay in the Game

Look for Opportunities to Give Extra

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