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The City School

Burewala Campus

Subject: O level Academic Support Action Plan Date 18-05-2015

Enhance Efficiency and Effectiveness of TCS O Level Schools/Students Isl class: 10

Specific Target Action Plan Time Line Success Criteria Monitoring/Feedback

Person Responsible
Introduction #of CIE Sharing the past papers September 2015 Discussion/Feedback H.M.S.M
Subject Teacher
Pre tests to (judge Devising plan for students Sep/Oct 2015 AFL for improvement Subject Teacher
students strength improvement of students
Syllabus coverage Weakly Breakup Sep/Nov 2015 Urge & confidence in Subject Teacher
Mid year Exam Proper revision of the topic December Timely coverage of Subject Teacher
Revision Timely coverage of the Jan/march Performance in Subject Teacher
syllabus midyear Exams
Mock Exams Monitoring of weak students April Overall achievement Subject Teacher
for improvement