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Your C4 Benefits

Colleague Discount Holiday

One of the great things about being a permanent At Sainsburys youll receive paid time off as your
member of the Sainsburys team is that when holiday entitlement. If you joined us mid-way
you have completed 3 months service, you will through the year, or work part-time, your holiday
become eligible for a colleague discount card. entitlement will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.
This entitles you and a nominated second user to Your core holiday entitlement is 22 days which will
10% discount on shopping at Sainsburys stores increase to 25 days after you have completed 5
and through our online shopping channels. It will years of service.
also provide you with 10% discount at Argos
stores and 25% discount at Habitat stores. Holiday Buying
As an additional benefit, we temporarily increase Although youll get a generous holiday allowance at
discount at Sainsburys to 15% at certain times in Sainsburys, you might choose to top this up. The
the year, so youll save even more money on holiday buying scheme allows you to buy up to 5
shopping. days of additional holiday at the start of each
financial year (up to a maximum of 30 days holiday
in total), and spread the cost over 13 periods. If
Bonus you want to take part, you will pay for your extra
Our annual bonus scheme is a great opportunity holiday through a salary sacrifice arrangement,
for you to earn a bonus payment of up to 4% of which is a reduction in your pre-tax salary.
your base salary by focusing on the things that
really matter to our business customer service, Sainsburys Retirement
sales and profit. Savings Plan
You must have completed one full financial years Our Pension is an important part of our total
service at the financial year end for a full annual reward package and a great way to help you to
bonus. If you join part way through the year, you plan for the future. Through our pensions
could qualify for a bonus for the second half of the provider, Legal and General, we offer you the
year. Other eligibility rules may apply and full opportunity to join the Sainsburys Retirement
details can be found in our scheme rules, which Savings Plan.
are on Our Sainsburys (our Company intranet
site). Government rules mean that Sainsburys will
All bonus plans and payments are non-contractual automatically enrol you into the pension when you
and the scheme content and/or rules may be meet certain conditions but you can join and get
changed at the discretion of the Company. the benefit of Sainsburys contributions at any time.
Theres more information about the pension,
how to join, the conditions for Pensions Automatic
Enrolment and the contribution options at or in the Pensions
People Policy.
You can join online at
or call HRS Direct on 0800 707 6242.

Further Information
Life cover Employee Assistance Programme
You could be eligible for life cover of six times your Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is
annual contractual basic pay if you pay Step Up provided by Validium, an independent registered
contributions into the pension. EAP provider. The service is completely
If you do not join Step Up within the first year confidential and free of charge to all colleagues
of being eligible, then cover may be restricted who have any personal issues and may need help
by the insurer. such as short term counselling, legal advice, or
debt advice.
Youre eligible for life cover of one years basic pay
if you pay Start Up contributions or are not in any Support can be accessed at all times through
Sainsburys pension arrangement. a free phone number 0800 027 7777, or
Cover is subject to the terms and conditions of the 0330 123 9653 from mobiles with contract minutes.
insurer. Further information on Step Up and Start For online support colleagues can go to
Up contributions can be found on the Pensions and sign into vClub using
Website the Username: Colleague and the
Password: Sainsburys

Sainsburys Share Long Service

Purchase Plan (SSPP) We like to celebrate and recognise your
Once youve completed 12 months continuous contribution to the business when you reach
service, youll have the opportunity to buy shares in significant milestones in your career with us.
J Sainsbury plc. The Sainsburys Share Purchase When an important anniversary is coming up, well
Plan (SSPP) enables you to buy shares from your send you the details of the awards you can expect.
pre-tax salary (before income tax and national
insurance deductions), which remain tax free Colleague Recognition
provided they are held in the plan for at least five Our colleague recognition scheme is designed to
years. You can choose how much you want to celebrate the fantastic work of our colleagues
contribute (between 8 and 115 every 4 weeks), whove gone the extra mile. Youll receive a
capped at 10% of your taxable pay. Values card which can have Sainsburys
vouchers loaded onto it when youve been
recognised for really living our values.
Sainsburys Sharesave
Scheme (SAYE)
Every year, colleagues with at least 3 months
continuous service at the time of the scheme
invitation will have the chance to join our
Sharesave Plan. You can save between 5 and
250 every 4 weeks, for a term of three or five
years as decided by you. At the end of the savings
term (known as the maturity date) you can use
these savings to buy shares in J Sainsbury plc at
the discounted share price (option price) that is set
at the start, or you can take the money to spend on
anything you wish.
SSA and Our Extra Sainsburys Bank
Colleague Benefits As a Sainsburys colleague you will not only enjoy
the benefits of the current product offers but you
We want to help you enjoy social events and will also get a unique colleague discount or
services at discounted rates through our Sainsburys gift voucher when you buy a
Sainsburys Social Association (SSA) and Our Sainsburys Bank product online or over the phone.
Extra Colleague Benefits scheme. SSA is open for For more information and for the latest offers
you and your partner to join for a very small please visit
membership fee. Numerous outings and leisure
activities are organised at your location and are
usually discounted to members. Our Extra
Season Ticket Loan
Colleague Benefits Scheme provides discounts We know how much it can cost to purchase a
across a whole range of services, including public transport season ticket for travelling to work,
reduced price gym memberships, motoring so once youve passed your probationary period
association memberships, places of interest and you can request an interest free loan, which means
various shops. instead of you having to pay the full cost up-front,
Sainsburys will give you a loan to buy your ticket
and youll pay us back directly from your pay every
Cycle to Work Scheme 4 weeks, helping you to spread the cost across
the year.
Our Cycle to Work scheme gives you the
opportunity to hire a brand new bike and cycling
equipment from Sainsburys. This is a salary Other Benefits
sacrifice tax efficient scheme because youll pay We are committed to making Sainsburys a great
for the hire out of your pre-tax pay, which means place to work by offering a broad range of non-
you can save money on tax and national cash benefits such as: paid sickness if you are ill
insurance. Sainsburys will also pass on a 10% and unable to attend work (after a qualifying period
saving to you on the full price of the bike, saving and subject to policy), family friendly leave and
you even more money! This is a great way of working arrangements.
staying fit and healthy as well as choosing a
greener way to travel to work.

Child Care Vouchers

We are pleased to offer a flexible way for you to
meet the cost of childcare. You can exchange a
portion of your salary for vouchers which can be Further Information
used to pay for various kinds of childcare. Within
certain limits, the vouchers are not taxable and are
exempt from national insurance. Therefore, if you
choose to receive childcare vouchers as part of
your total reward package, you will make a saving.

How we pay you

We pay you every four weeks (called a pay
period) on a Friday. This means youll be paid
thirteen times a year. Your pay goes straight into
your bank account or building society and your
payslip is sent directly to your home address.

All schemes and plans are subject to their governing rules, qualifying periods and tax treatment,
where relevant. Benefits and incentives are non-contractual and varying terms may apply.

Print Ref: Central - C4 Benefits. January 2016