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God - Atheist Dialogue

By: Dr. M.S. Tajar

God: Hi, Mr. Atheist! I heard you saying: There is no God! Is that true?
Atheist: Yes, thats correct. I dont believe in God, at all!

God: Well, even before you, a German guy wrote a book, titled: God is dead! And he signed his name
as Nitzche. When he died, I also wrote on his tombstone: Nitzche is dead! and signed God! One of
these days I am going to write the same epitheph on your grave, too! Maybe very soon!

Atheist: Oh! Who is this?!

God: I Am Who I Am! For Short Who The Muslim Sufis call me Ya-Hu, the Jews call me Yahweh
and the Christian just call me Lord! You can call me Nature if you want to, But, how did you conclude
that there is no God?

Atheist: If there is any God, just show it to me, will you?

God: Have you already searched every corner of this universe, to find Me or the Who?

Atheist: No, not yet. But, we have been to the Moon already, and we are almost on the planet Mars,
now; And so far, sorry to report that theres no sign of any God!

God: I think you went too high! If you were a little more humble you could have seen God! But
seriously, have you finished looking around your own Milky Way Galaxy yet?

Atheist: Not yet Sir Who! It may take us another million years to reach all corners of the Milky Way,
Sir! Besides, there are some 4,000,000,000 planets in our Solar system alone. And the scientists believe
that is almost impossible for the human beings to ever go beyond the solar systems.

God: Do you know how many more Galaxies are there, aside from your own little Milky Way?

Atheist: No. But I guess (Scientific guess, of course!) that there are at least (2,000,000,000,000) galaxies
in the universe!

God: So, you mean to say that: 4,000,000,000 x 2,000,000,000,000 more Planets and stars are there for
you to search every corner of this universe, to find out for sure, that There is no God! Am I right?

Atheist: Yes, Sirrrrrrr! I have to agree with you, unfortunately, at least once!

God: O.K.! Then I will SMS or email you my own address and my GPS location! So you may drop by, to
see me, when you got your Space Ship or any form of transportation, is that, O.K with you?

Atheist: Yes Sirrrrr! Do you want my contact number, or my Gmail account or even my hardware!
God: I know all your accounts! I knew those things, even before you and the Gmail were born,

How about you checking my Address Book/A-book! Its my latest updated version, God-Book

My address there is listed as:

1.) The Merciful (God) is on top of the Universe! (The God-Book Ch.20 verse.5)
2.) O Mankind, and the Jinns, too!, If you could penetrate the layers of this universe,
then go ahead, but, you cant do that, unless you are Powered!

Voila! Thats where I am - - - On top of the Universe! When you finished your Space Ship
No.1 just drop by, and visit me on Top of the Universe, O.K.? The address, again is: No.1 Gods
Eternal Garden cum Thrown. See you there!

But, before you reach there, I would like you also to prepare the answers to the following

Do you guys also believe in the law of Cause and effect? In other words, the scientific rule
that says: Nothing in this world can happen without a cause for example Gravity etc. etc.?

Atheist: Oh, yes! Thats true. We all can see and feel it every day, and all around us!

God: So, you are telling me that until Newton discovered (actually learned about!!) the law ofgravity,
the gravity did not exist, just because you could not see it? Has anyone actually seen gravity? Some
Amazonian tribes still dont know that gravity exists. Does it mean that the gravity does not exist
at all?

Now, going back to the cause and effect that you already believe; It means to say that you also
believe that even you yourself are Caused by your parents, (though you didnt see it!) even your
house, your cloth, your shoes, your lap-tap, your ipad, your watch, etc. are all caused by Someone! Am
I right?

Atheist: Yes, thats true! But all those things can be tested and proven in a lab!

God: You mean before there was any lab, to try and test, those Phenomenons did not exist, or the lane
of cause and effect was not true?

Atheist: ???... I Think you scored a good point Mr. Who!

God: Now, If everything around you, big or small, is Caused by someone, or something, then how
could the entire universe, whose every little part is Caused, itself be cause-less?!

O.K! Just show me one thing in this world, that ever came into existence, without a Cause! Go

Atheist: Well, the Big Bang which started the whole thing, is a good example!
God: Dont you know that Big Bang is another name for God! I have a thousand names you know! Your
Shakespeare once wrote: A rose with any other name, smells the same! Big Bang is my Scientific
Name! Its true that Big Bang or God, started by itself but Big Bang is the Cause of every cause!

Atheist: ???

God: Oh! Why are you so silent?

Atheist: I am just thinking! Let me research and I will call you back, later!

God: O.K. I will give you time, for the rest of your life! Is that fair enough?

Also here is a list of some more simple questions, that I would like you to prepare their answer
for me before our next Meeting:

1) Tell me Mr. Atheist: Did you choose to be born into this world, or you were born not by
your own choice?
2) Who did it then? If you did not decided your own birth (Because you didnt even exist, to do
so) and even your parents could not choose you, specifically! Then who did it for you?
3) Did you yourself choose your Male or female-ness, or again someone else did it for you?
4) Did you choose the color of your skin, hair, eyes, your race?
5) Did you even choose to be born in a Royal/ Rich family, or in a poor one, or those were
imposed upon you by someone/something else?
6) Are you growing old by your own choice, or it is beyond your control?
7) Do you think that you can live forever (as long as you wish) or is there another Force
that decides when you must go?
8) Are the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the four seasons, the air, the water, the day and
the night, etc. moving as you want them to, or rather by someone elses decisions?
9) Can you stop any one of them from doing what they? In short, are you running this world
or someone else is running it, just like a Japanese Bullet Train thats running full speed,
and you are only one of the many passengers, onboard?
10) Did you create this world, or was it there even before you were born?
11) Are you going to end this universe, before you go or will it still be there, billions of years
after you are gone?
Just prepare the answer to those simple questions, before we talk again. O.K.?!

Oh, by the way, did you notice that Voice within you, that was Debating You? That was my
voice! I am also Inside everybody, be they believers, or atheists, like you!

Talking to you, reminds me of the engineers, who built of the Titanic. When they created the
biggest ship in the world they declared:

This Ship, not even God can sink!

Thats also what the architects, who erected the Tower of Babylon were saying, 7,000 years

Atheist: Oh my God! My ipad is Low bat! Let me charge it, and we will talk again! Bye now!


* To those who believe, no proof is needed, and to those who dont, no proof is enough!

* When Jesus walked on the water they said: Look, he cant swim!

* I dont believe it. Prove it to me and I still wont believe it!