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HPE Storage Portfolio and Positioning

August 22 2017

HPE Storage Portfolio Overview

Fabric Attached Storage

Entry Storage

Storage Networking



Positioning and how to sell

Forbes: Things to look for in Enterprise Storage in 2017

Increased Use of
Accelerated Flash Slower Growth New Technologies
Server Based
Storage Growth for Public Cloud and Data Models
HPE Storage portfolio & categories
Fabric attached storage Storage networking Backup & data protection

HPE StoreFabric
HPE 3PAR StoreServ HPE XP7 Fibre Channel Switches, HPE StoreEver
HPE StoreOnce LTO tape, DAS and
High end and midrange Tier-1 high-end storage for Directors, Converged
Disk-based backup and recovery LAN autoloader, MSL
mission-critical Tier-1 traditional data centers requiring Networks, HBAs, CNAs
appliances with tape libraries, media
storage arrays designed the highest availability or Transceivers, Cables
federated deduplication ESL tape libraries
for IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) performance SAN software

Entry storage Software-defined storage Hyperconverged

HPE HPE OneView HPE Simplivity

StoreVirtual 3200 and HPE 380
D3000 Entry-level StoreEasy Predictive Flash StoreVirtual VSA StoreOnce VSA
Optimized converged StoreFront Built-for-
D6000 SAN storage File storage from Entry to Mid- Software-defined Software-defined
storage appliances storage for Converged enterprise
Disk arrays appliances range storage for scale-out
built for virtualization backup storage software defined
enclosures and gateways primary storage
and recovery management and hyper converged
CI management infrastructure

HPE Converged Storage Traditional storage Established products

Fabric Attach Storage

HPE XP7 Array

HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000/9000/8000 Series
Mission Critical Hybrid Flash with XP7
Mission-Critical, Flash-Optimized, Tier-1 performance at midrange affordability

Ready with Always-on, seven 9s availability for mission-critical applications

Robust end-to-end HP Disaster Recovery solutions: servers, network and storage

Protected with robust data protection in every feature

Never lose data; never corrupt data and protect with encryption

Safe to reduce risk for data and operations with new availability solutions
New Active Active High Availability disaster resistance for fourteen 9s and Always on Disaster Recovery
with fully non-disruptive XP Online Data Migration

Fast for ultra high performance with more consolidation opportunity

Serve the most demanding applications and reduce the number of storage arrays

Lower to reduce power/cooling costs, floor space, and rack requirements

Reduce data center, capital and operational costs by refreshing legacy arrays
XP is Top of the Mountain
When Availability Matters HPE Leads the pack
7x9 Greater than 99.99999% Availability:
XP 7: 0 downtime across entire customer base
since product inception
Single System highest availability rating in industry
(higher than HDS)

14 x 9s A/A Replication
HPE 3PAR StoreServ
The Right Architecture for ITaaS in the Next Gen datacenter flash
Autonomic: Respond 8x1 faster to unpredictable workload demands
Unify management of block, file, and object access with self-optimizing storage.

Efficient: Cut capacity requirements by 75%2

Maximize ROI with hardware-accelerated in-line deduplication, compression
and shared capacity for block, file, and object access.

Multi-tenant: 99.9999%3 data availability with assured QoS

Reliably consolidate mixed workloads. Reduce risk with flash-optimized data protection
to HPE StoreOnce.

Federated: Non-disruptive data mobility between systems

Refresh storage seamlessly and load balance across midrange, all-flash, and enterprise arrays.

1. Based on Nov 2013 analysis by HP comparing provisioning time of 4 LUNs to a cluster of VMware ESX hosts and creating a 2. Based on a 4:1 adaptive data reduction ratio 3. Subject to customer qualification and compliance with
consistency group snapshot of the 4 LUNs using similar steps and host configuration for 3PAR StoreServ 7400 vs. EMC VNX 5700 the Get 6-Nines Guarantee Terms and Condition
Eliminating distinctions between Midrange and Tier 1
Polymorphic Simplicity Storage without Boundaries
ONE Architecture from Midrange to High-end
Midrange Flash High-end 20840 20850
Common Tier-1 Feature Set 20800
Interoperability end-to-end 9450
Only HPE
8440 8450



When Performance matters

20840/20850 3.8 million IOPS @ <1 ms latency
9450 2 million IOPS @ <1 ms latency
When Scale matters 8450 1 million IOPS @ <1 ms latency
20800 / 20840 up to 6 PiB raw capacity
When Value matters 8440 up to 3 PiB raw capacity
8200 AFA starting at $19k
3PAR Gen5 Thin Express ASIC
The Heart of every 3PAR
Zero detection
and Hash
Data Integrity Coupled
Persistent High Bandwidth,
Checksum Low Latency

Fast RAID Low Latency

10, 50 & 60 Cache
Rapid RAID Mirroring
Rebuild Minimal CPU
Integrated XOR cycles required
Engine Mixed
Workload &
CPU Offload
Watch the Understand the 3PAR ASIC video: Metadata and
and the 3PAR Architecture ChalkTalk: Data Processing
Converged Block, File, and Object Access
For the 7000c, 8000, 9000 and 20000 family


One One Databases

Converged Management FC, iSCSI, FCoE
controller experience


File Serving

One Object Access

Capacity group REST API
The complete HPE 3PAR software portfolio

Management Protection Optimization Efficiency

StoreServ Management Console Remote Copy Adaptive Sparing Zero Detect
Command Line Interface Peer Persistence & CLX Adaptive Flash Cache Deduplication
System Reporter Recovery Manager Central Priority Optimization Compression
Service Processor Data-at-rest encryption Federation (Peer Motion, Online Import) Data Packing
File Persona File Store snapshots Adaptive Optimization Thin Provisioning
Smart SAN Persistent Checksum Express Protect Virtual Copy
HPE OneView integration Persistent Cache Adaptive Reads and Writes Thin Conversion
WSAPI, SMI-S and SNMP Persistent Ports Express Writes Thin Persistence
OpenStack integration Virtual Domains Autonomic Cache Offload Express Layout
VMware integration Virtual Lock and File Lock Mixed Workload Technology Express Indexing
Dockers containers support VSS Provider Express Scan

Predictive analytics powered by StoreFront Remote

Entry Storage
Nimble Storage

D3000 / D6000
Entry FC SAN
MSA Storage
HPE MSA Storage
1040 / 2050 / 2052

HPE StoreEasy
1000 / 3000
NAS under $15K
StoreEasy Storage
HPE Software-Defined Storage
Over 20K
HPE StoreVirtual Storage In production
3200 StoreVirtual VSA
Nimble Storage
Ready for a radically simple approach to flash storage

Reliably Fast
Predictive Analytics

Multicloud Flash Radically Simple


Cloud Ready
Nimble Storage product family overview

Performance Capacity
(IOPS) (Effective TBs)

All Flash Arrays Adaptive Flash Arrays Secondary Flash Arrays

AF series CS series SF series

Tier Primary storage Secondary storage

Usage/ High performance Other Tier 1 or Tier 2 Veeam, DR, dev/test,

Workloads Tier 1 & Tier 2 primary applications other secondary non-
primary applications mission critical apps
Targeted models to kick-start Nimble Storage on HPE price list
Initial wave of models;
remainder to follow in FY18


AF7000 CS7000

AF5000 CS5000

AF3000 CS3000
AF1000 CS1000 Secondary Flash Arrays
for Veeam, disaster recovery,
All Flash Arrays dev/test, and other secondary apps
for high performance CS1000H
primary applications
Adaptive Flash Arrays
for other primary applications
NEW HPE MSA 2050/2052 Storage
Serious flash storage. Dont let the simplicity and low cost fool you.

200,000+ IOPS starting at under $10K for affordable app acceleration

Flexible base model delivers 2x more performance than previous generation for the same price.
Save 40% on hybrid flash model with all-inclusive software and 1.6 TB of SSD capacity included.

Advanced data services with no experience required

Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintainno storage expertise necessary. MSA 2050 Flexible Base Model
Automated tiering dynamically responds to workload changes, so you dont have to.

Keep your business running with expanded data protection features

1.6 TB
New virtualized snapshot technology makes data protection and instant recovery a snap. Flash
Remote replication with FC and iSCSI supports affordable disaster recovery.

MSA 2052 Hybrid Flash Model

Grow flexibly now and into the future
Data-in-place upgrades protect drive investments and eliminate data migrations
Start small and scale as needed with any combination of SSD, Enterprise or Midline SAS drives

HPE StoreEasy Storage: #1 NAS family for under $15K

For customers who need primary storage for unstructured file & application data

Getting started Building momentum Business expansion

StoreEasy 1650
StoreEasy 1450 StoreEasy 1650 StoreEasy 3850 Gateway
Rack mount to consolidate Expanded Highly available 2-node rack mount
users documents, images, for file services on HPE storage
audio, and videos Capacity-optimized rack mount for arrays
growing numbers of users and their files,
bulk data, and some application
StoreEasy 1550 StoreEasy 3850
workloads too
Gateway Blade
Tower to StoreEasy 1850
consolidate users
Highly available blade for file
documents, images, Performance-optimized rack mount for services on HPE storage
audio, and videos growing numbers of users, all their files, arrays
and application workloads too

1. Based on IDC Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker 2015 Q3, product brand in units for
price bands 1 to 3 for the last 11 quarters (2013Q1 to 2015Q3). In statistical tie with Dell Storage NX family.
Enclosures D3000/D6000

Enclosures best fit when Customer has a

need to expand storage capacity outside of a
servers internal storage capabilities.
D3000 D6000
Manage your small and midrange businesss
2U, 6Gb or12Gb SAS - SAS 2.0/3.0 5U, 6Gb SAS growing storage needs by deploying the
12 LFF / 25 SFF Drive bays SAS 2.0
Dual power Supplies and fans HPE D3000 or D6000 Disk Enclosures. Low-
70 LFF HDD drive bays
Increased system throughput with end- 6Gb SAS host connectivity cost, flexible, tiered external storage system
to-end 12Gb SAS and Smart Carriers Dual Domain, Zoning supporting 6Gb or 12Gb SAS with both Large
Dual Domain, Zoning Direct attach behind: HPE Gen8/9
Scalability to 96/200 HDDs (3.5) and Small (2.5) form factor drives.
BladeSystem and HPE Gen8/9
Direct attach behind: HPE Gen8/9 ProLiant DL/ML servers
ProLiant, Integrity servers and c- The new D3000 Disk Enclosure utilizes Gen8/9
Class Bladesystems
Smart Carriers and is the preferred solution for
ProLiant Gen9 servers.

HPE D-Series Disk Enclosures are ideal for

small application environments in small and
medium businesses, remote offices and
departmental locations.
Software-Defined Storage - StoreVirtual VSA
Build shared storage resources within the server infrastructure

Flexibly choose what works best in your environment any form
9 yr. Five 9s HA
Robust data services
factor, media, or vendor
Pay-as-you-grow, up to 1.6PB per management group
SDS pioneer across all platforms

20K+ 1
VSAs WW Proven 99.999% high availability for business continuity
1. StoreVirtual VSAs sold in production environments,
based on shipment data
Always online scale, update, upgrade w/ no downtime

Create shared storage on any x86 server Economic

with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or Reduced CAPEX footprint, networking, power & cooling
Maximize storage capacity & performance for a leaner, more cost
effective storage solution
Storage Networking

Industrys most comprehensive Gen6 32Gb and Gen5 16Gb Fibre Channel technology portfolio

HPE StoreFabric
#1 Installed SANs
World Wide

SAN implementations
>25K World Wide
Trends driving Next-gen Data Center

High- Storage IO
cost Risk workloads
Hi-demand Applications High-IOPS
compute capable

Servers Server
intensive flash Flash Storage

Data Center modernization starts with

re-designed Fabric Infrastructure
Gen6 Fibre Channel

Accelerate data access, adapt to evolving requirements, and drive always-on

business operations with Gen6 Fibre Channel Solutions.
Breakthrough Simplified Increased Investment
Performance manageability Reliability Protection

Shatter application Achieve greater control and Deliver business resiliency Protect investments to
performance barriers insight to identify problems at scale with Gen6 FC and meet evolving storage
supporting up to 1 billion and maintain SLAs IP Storage Extension requirements
HPE Gen6 StoreFabric Family
Flash Forward into Gen6 with the latest in 32 Gb opportunities Attach, Attach, Attach

HPE Smart SAN for 3PAR

SAN aware intelligence
Automatic Host Provisioning
Target Driven Peer Zoning
Supported on StoreFabric FC HBAs,
B-series Switches/ Directors and
HPE FlexFabric 5900 Series
Switches Director
FC investment protection 32 Gb Blades

32 Gb Switch

32 Gb ISL Blade

HPE SN1600Q Optics & Cables HPE SN3600B 32 Gb HPE SN6600B 32 Gb HPE SN8600B 4-slot HPE SN8600B 8-slot
32 Gb HBA FC Switch (8-24 Ports) FC Switch (24-64 Ports) Director(48-256 Ports) Director (48-512 Ports)
32 Gb HBA
HPE Smart SAN for 3PAR StoreServ
Extending ease of use beyond the boundaries of the all-flash array to the SAN

HPE Differentiated The only all-flash system with built-in

SAN zoning in automated SAN configuration
Minutes not Hours
3.1 Integration

80% 99% Server FC SAN New: 3PAR Federation

fewer steps less time Zoning

Simplification through standards

New: Expanded ECO System and diagnostics
Less human errors = More uptime
SAN Resiliency = Healthier SAN Supported configurations Ideal for
Fibre Channel deployments Starter Kit type customers
StoreFabric B-series SANs, HPN It Staff with limited SAN
5900CP administration resources
StoreFabric FC HBAs Seasoned SAN administrators
Gen6 or Gen5 FC SANs with larger FC fabrics

Built-for-enterprise software defined hyper converged infrastructure

Majority of customers run

HPE SimpliVity 380 >75%

of virtualized workloads on HPE SimpliVity
>1/3 with

Data Efficiency
1/2 see

Performance Improvements
The evolution of hyperconvergence
Other Hyperconverged HPE SimpliVity
Legacy Stack Integrated Systems

Servers & VMware

Storage Switch storage &
Converge only
storage &
HA Shared Storage

Backup & Dedupe

WAN Optimization

Cloud Gateway

SSD Array

Storage Caching

Data Protection Apps

(Backup & Replication)

HPE offers a full portfolio of solutions to meet customer needs

Hyperconverged Composable
VM-only workloads and Generalist Admins Any app and scale. Physical, VM, or Container
Ideal for Midmarket and ROBO thru enterprise Ideal for Enterprise IaaS and DevOps
Hyper Converged 380 HPE SimpliVity 380 Synergy 3PAR Flash
composable Tier-1 storage
VM vending Advanced data services Infrastructure as code for Synergy

2-node minimum configuration 2-node minimum configuration

Built-in enterprise data protection DEPLOY BUILT-IN
Enterprise data resiliency
and resiliency at cloud speed data protection
Intuitive user experience Always-on compression and
Self-service VM vending portal
Policy-based VM-centric SIMPLIFY GLOBAL
Deploy VMs at cloud speeds management IT Operations Unified Mgmt
Built in data backup & DR
Operate with cloud efficiency
Automated storage utilization and
#1 in CRN usability efficiency REDUCE ACCELERATED
Scores 4.9 out of 5 in Gartner CAPEX costs Data Efficiency
Peer Insights
The HPE SimpliVity Data Virtualization Platform

Built-in resiliency, backup, Global VM-Centric

Guaranteed Data Efficiency
and disaster recovery Management and Mobility

Always-on compression and Full logical backups with near Policy-based, VM-centric
deduplication zero overhead management
All data at inception, globally Guaranteed 60-second restore No LUNS, shares, or volumes
of 1TB VM
Offloaded to OmniStack Right-click operations
Accelerator Granular RTOs and RPOs from
Native tool integration
hours to seconds
Guaranteed 90% capacity
Single view of all data centers
savings across primary storage Simple, affordable offsite DR
and ROBOs
and backup
RAIN + RAID protection of data

HPE SimpliVity 380: the new powerhouse in hyperconvergence
The industrys most powerful hyperconverged platform for enterprise, uniting
best-in-class data services with the worlds bestselling server

Powerful Simple Efficient

All IT infrastructure and Intuitive per-VM management 73% TCO savings compared
advanced data services in a with rapid deployment and to traditional infrastructure
single building block scale and up to 49% cheaper than
Backup & Data Protection

HPE StoreOnce
3000/ 5000/6000
#1 in tape media drives and automation

#1 in tape automation #1 in LTO tape media

#1 in tape drives with a
with a 31.2% share of with a 31.2% share of
42.8% share of revenue
revenue revenue
HPE StoreOnce VSA
Software-defined storage

HPE Recovery
Manager Central (RMC)

HPE StoreEver Tape

LTO/MSL Tape Libraries
ESL G3 Tape Libraries
HPE Backup, Recovery & Archive (BURA) Solution Portfolio

Scalable midrange to Enterprise

Entry Scalable entry to midrange enterprise Powerhouse

HPE StoreOnce
3000/ 5000/6000
HPE StoreOnce VSA
Software-defined storage

HPE Recovery
Manager Central (RMC)

HPE StoreEver Tape

LTO/MSL Tape Libraries
ESL T960/TFinity Tape Libraries
HPE StoreOnce Systems
Positioning Overview
SMB Enterprise

StoreOnce StoreOnce StoreOnce StoreOnce StoreOnce StoreOnce

Customer Needs
VSA 3100 3520/3540 5100 5500 6600

Lowest cost / software-defined

Small to medium data center &

branch office protection

Large datacenter protection

Pay as you Grow (Scalable)

High Availability

Scale-out performance & capacity

Need highest performance ingest & restore

HPE Restricted for HPE and Channel Partner Internal Use Only
HPE StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central 4.0 (RMC)
Converged data protection
HPE StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software integrates HPE 3PAR StoreServ primary storage or HPE Hyper Converged 250 System (HC
250) for VMware with HPE StoreOnce Systems to provide a converged availability and flat backup service that augments traditional backup approaches.
Combining the performance of snapshots with the protection of backups, StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central enables fast, efficient, reliable, and simple
protection for your business-critical applications. It also have the ability to create a Peer Copy of snapshot between HPE 3PAR StoreServ and StoreVirtual
VSA to enhance data availability
New additions to our data protection portfolio

Nimble Storage Secondary Flash StoreOnce CloudBank and RMC 4.1

Put your backup data to work run real workloads Reduce bandwidth use by 99% in the cloud
on your secondary storage. Protect data 23x faster, Recover 15x faster*

Cost effective for backups through dedupe & compression Lowest cost long term protection tier
Fast hybrid flash performance for running real workloads Instantly cloud-enable apps and backup ISVs
Optimized for Veeam and native replication Now with granular item recovery via Veeam Explorer

Source: HPE testing of RMC compared to traditional server-based backup

Positioning and How to sell
Industrys Most Complete Flash Portfolio
Small-Sites Enterprise Extreme

Weve got flash solutions for our

smallest to our most extreme customers

MSA SimpliVity Nimble 3PAR HPE XP7

Most affordable Hyperconverged Simplest predictive Most flexible unified Extreme availability
acceleartion storage for software defined and cloud ready all storage for the all-flash
the performance needs of infrastructure that makes flash and hybrid-flash datacenter
small sites hybrid IT simple storage
HPE Confidential: HPE, Nimble Storage, and Partner Use Only

When Your Data Really Matters HPE High End Storage Delivers

Disaster Disaster
Recovery Avoidance
Cluster File System Integration Up to 3 DC Replication plus
for Active/Active Site Replication Active/Active Volume (HA),
(Peer Persistence) Near Zero sec RPO, RTO
High Very Low
Performance Latency

Up to 3 Million IOPS with Up to 4 Million IOPS with

sub-millisecond latency sub-millisecond latency

Mission Critical Fault Fault Tolerant

Tolerance 100% Data Availability Guarantee
Only Guaranteed 6 x 9 single
supporting Open System,
system in the market
Mainframe & Non-Stop.
HPE Confidential: HPE, Nimble Storage, and Partner Use Only

Tier 1 For Everyonein Every Way

Beyond Resiliency, Services & Software Matter

HPE For Every Need

All Flash Data Center (3PAR)

Synergy & Composable (3PAR)
Third Party Storage Virtualization (XP)
Guaranteed Millions of IO with sub-millisecond latency (XP)
Mainframe & Non-Stop & Open Systems (XP)
Everything as a Service Operations (3PAR)
Active/Active Data Centers (3PAR & XP)
Virtualization, Automation, Container Integration (3PAR)
HPE Confidential: HPE, Nimble Storage, and Partner Use Only

A. Recognize the buyer, their top priority, and desired outcomes

Most people self-select, the path comes from understanding who you are talking to

Affordability Change Simplicity Flexibility

I dont need bells & whistles I dont want to buy storage I want a new storage approach I need the most feature rich storage

IT Generalist Line of Business or VM Admin VM and App Centric Buyer Storage Savvy Buyer
Looking for the most Desires a new approach Wants dedicated performance VM/App/Storage Admin within an
performance with to infrastructure for lower and hooks into cloud but seeking established datacenter, displacing
minimal cost OpEx and consolidation non-traditional storage experience legacy but desires tier-1 capabilities

start with MSA start with SimpliVity start with Nimble start with 3PAR
B. What are the project or opportunity requirements
Even with self-selection there is workload affinity to certain classes of
Affordability Change Simplicity Flexibility
start with MSA start with SimpliVity start with Nimble start with 3PAR

Use for: Use for: Use for: Use for:

Small deployments VM/VDI consolidation VM / MS apps / Container VMs / OLTP Analytics
Consolidate a few apps Productivity and collaboration, DBs, Emerging applications and Large private cloud, performance
with good price/performance small private cloud for VMs or SaaS at service providers plus databases, Synergy Attach,
but limited SLA requirements moderate SQL DB demands public cloud on/off ramp and ITaaS at service providers

consider SimpliVity consider Nimble if open to consider 3PAR for greater consider XP for fault
or Nimble for more data new approach but has configurability, tolerant availability and
services or StoreVirtual physical hosts and non-HC performance, performance
for lower cost needs and multi-tenant scale

When Budgets are When you hear HCI or ISCSI Single Array or FC Attach Multi Array -
Constrained VM only workloads Async Replication Synch Replication
HPE Confidential: HPE, Nimble Storage, and Partner Use Only

C. Who is the competition and whats already installed?

Hunt aging Dell EMC midrange with the right play but dont step on our own
install base
start with Nimble
start with MSA start with SimpliVity Storage start with 3PAR

Competitors (in order) Competitors (in order) Competitors (in order) Competitors (in order)
Shortlist is OEMd / low-cost Shortlist is HCI and SDS Shortlist is new-gen startups Shortlist is established tier-1
1. Dell PowerVault 1. Nutanix 1. Dell EMC Unity 300 / 1. Dell EMC VMAX and
MD and SCv2020 2. VxRAIL 400 and Compellent Unity 500 / 600
2. Dell EMC VNXe 3. VCE 2. NetApp FAS / AFF 2. Pure FlashArray
and Unity 300 3. Pure FlashArray //M50, //M70, //X70
4. SDS-HC with
3. IBM Storwize VSAN //M10/20/50/70 3. NetApp FAS / AFF
V3700/5010/5020 or Storage Spaces + Pure1 (vs. 4. IBM FlashSystem
5. HDS VSP G & F
4. Other flash startups
(Tegile, Tentri, etc)

Installed Base Installed Base Installed Base Installed Base

MSA Refresh? SV4000/VSA or HC Refresh? Nimble or SV4000 refresh? 3PAR refresh?
MSA 2052 or move Consider SimpliVity or Go with Nimble and Move to 3PAR All Flash
to Nimble / SimpliVity Synergy + 3PAR/SV VSA upgrade to all-flash and attach StoreOnce
HPE Confidential: HPE, Nimble Storage, and Partner Use Only

Why one or the other: Some simple qualification questions

3PAR StoreServ
MSA SimpliVity Nimble
Most flexible Unified Storage for
Positioning Most affordable storage for the Hyperconverged offering with Simplest, predictive storage
tier-1 all-flash enterprise
statement performance needs of small sites built-in data protection with analytics-driven support

Zero RPO or Sync-Repl.

Level 1 Requirement
Budget under $20K Already looking at HCI Wants alternative to 3PAR Unified file and block
If yes, there is
only one answer Non-standard OS connectivity
Wants alternative to Nimble

Mostly competing with Mostly competing with

start-ups on short list established vendors on short-list
Level 2
Considerations Bang for the buck HCI competitors in the deal Volume mobility to public cloud Growing over 1PB raw in single
: Zero interest in deduplication, Refreshing compute + storage Self-install and self-upgrade system
Indicators but compression, or high availability Re-architecting backup + primary Customer favors iSCSI Performance over 300K single
specs must fit system
Looking for better support
experience Customer favors Fibre Channel

Account history and relationship with Nimble / SimpliVity / HPE / Partner

Size and nature of existing deals (tied to other HPE opps)
Level 3 Deal stage and sales cycle
Deal Specific
Composition of the deal is HPE Centric stack vs. mixed competitor stack
Financial or margin dollar contribution
Proof of Concept or other investments in place
HPE Confidential: HPE, Nimble Storage, and Partner Use Only

Why one or the other: Qualify based on requirements and capabilities

3PAR StoreServ
MSA SimpliVity Nimble
Most flexible Unified Storage for
Positioning Most affordable storage for the Hyperconverged offering with Simplest, predictive storage
tier-1 all-flash enterprise
statement performance needs of small sites built-in data protection with analytics-driven support

Starting Street
$8K and up $40K (2-nodes) $20K and up $35K and up

2 to 4 node Mesh-Active
2 node dual-controller N node. Active Active. 2 node dual-controller. 6-nines with zero RPO/RTO (midrange). 6-


Connectivity NFS (vSphere), SMB (with HyperV) and NFS
(strongest in SAS and FC) (strongest in iSCSI)
(strongest in FC; complex topologies)

Up to 220K read IOPS, Up to 32 nodes. 16TB raw per node Up to 350K read IOPS Up to 2M read IOPS
5.3GB/s sequential read Avg. 55K IOPS per node 4.3GB/s sequential read 34GB/s sequential read
(per array)
1PiB raw capacity 1.5GB/s random reads 1.3PiB raw capacity 6PiB raw capacity

Built-in Data Protection. 10 min RPO Sync and async; stretch clusters;
Replication and Async; built-in app-aware snapshots
Async; local and remote snapshots via GUI. 1min through CLI. Stretch app-aware snapshots and data
data protection and integrated data protection
clusters protection

Good - vCenter monitoring @ Good Telemetry for capacity/perf

Best Predictive (InfoSight) with
Analytics VM/cluster level. OmniView For planning and system health
full infrastructure visibility (VM Vision)
deeper monitoring (StoreFront)

Automated, remote and onsite

Telephone and onsite support
Support Customer self install and upgrade support Remote and onsite support
Customer self install and upgrade
Customer installable upgrades
HPE Confidential: HPE, Nimble Storage, and Partner Use Only

What to look for: Opportunity attributes

Choosing the right External Flash Storage
Attribute MSA Nimble Storage 3PAR StoreServ
Desired Outcomes Affordable performance Simplicity and public cloud hooks Flexibility and depth of data services
Simple host connectivity including New approach for management of Entrenched IT operations processes
direct attached to servers storage and automated support looking to adopt and go with flash
Limited disaster recovery demands Straightforward disaster recovery Stretch clusters, multi-site DR, zero

Starting price Typically $8K onwards Typically $20K onwards Typically $30K onwards

Popular use and One to few applications in small VMware vSphere, SQL Server, VMware vSphere, Oracle Database,
workload type deployments by any size organization collaboration applications SAP HANA, SQL Server

Environments Windows, Linux, and other Windows, Linux, and other Broad range of mainstream and
mainstream operating systems mainstream operating systems specialized operating systems
Block storage deployments Block storage deployments Block and File (Unified) deployments

Primary competitor 1. Dell PowerVault MD and SCv2020 1. Dell EMC Unity and Compellent 1. Dell EMC Unity and VMAX
offerings in rank order 2. Dell EMC VNXe and Unity 300 2. NetApp FAS and AFF 2. Pure FlashArray
3. IBM Storwize V3700/5010/5020 3. Pure FlashArray 3. NetApp FAS and AFF
4. Other storage upstarts 4. IBM FlashSystem
5. HDS VSP G and F Series
HPE Confidential: HPE, Nimble Storage, and Partner Use Only

Where to hunt and who to target: Sweet spots for technology refresh
Choosing the right External Flash Storage
Refresh of Start with But think about alternative

3PAR 3PAR Nimble if simplicity, support, and public cloud are imperative

Nimble Nimble 3PAR if greater flexibility, data services depth, scalability or stretch clusters are imperative

MSA MSA Nimble if flash-optimized data compaction or greater scalability is imperative

StoreVirtual 3200 with stretch cluster if cost sensitive and small scale with no data compaction
Transition Opportunity
StoreVirtual 4000 SimpliVity if timed with server refresh to avoid Nutanix attack
3PAR if large scale or stretch clusters are required

Other vendors arrays Determine lead with based on prioritized requirements, workloads, and incumbent platform
HPE Confidential: HPE, Nimble Storage, and Partner Use Only

Where to hunt and who to target: Sweet spots for starting use case
Choosing the right External Flash Storage
Use case Start with But think about alternative
Storage for private cloud
and ITaaS at Service Providers
3PAR Nimble if simplicity or public cloud hooks is a higher imperative than scale and SLA
Customer wants to offer storage as an
IT service to multiple internal tenants

Dedicated storage for small sites Nimble if flash services (compaction), simplicity, or public cloud hooks are an
One to few small applications imperative

Emerging applications
and SaaS at Service Providers
Nimble 3PAR if greater flexibility or scalability is an imperative
Customer is exploring emerging apps and
infrastructure approaches, e.g. containers

Public cloud on/off ramp

Customer has a cloud first strategy and Nimble 3PAR if flexibility, data services depth, scalability or stretch clusters is an imperative
desires storage path to/from public cloud

OLTP Databases and Analytics

MSA if maximum performance for minimal investment is an imperative
Talking to DBA or customer is boosting 3PAR
Nimble if a virtualized database with need for public cloud hooks
performance for critical database apps
Thank you