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1 Wheat grass powder is very much available in the market -in the form of a bottle / packet as well.

take a small glass of luke warm water and add a small tbsp of this powder .Stir well and drink.
This drink helps in the formation of red blood cells (immunity booster)and reduced the effects of any harmful bacter
the body
Any age group can drink it.
consume in a day any time on a regular basis either 1 time or twice a day

2 Aloevera juice is also available in the market .Take one spoon in a glass of luke warm water ,st
stir well and drink.Can be consumed by any age group either one time or twice a day
or else if you have a plant in the house ,simply take a small piece of it and remove its skin and wash the inside flesh
slighty dip in turmeric powder and swallow with water.

3 tomato juice
crush tomatoes and grind it well by adding good amount of water to it .Filter it using a tea/coffee stainer.
The juice is ready and can be consumed
one time a day or alternative days may be
its very good in case of cancer

note: similarly cabbage can also be given as it also does wonder in cancer treatment.

4 Milkshakes
take any fruit (preferrable apples/mangoes/bananas peel off the skin ,cut the flesh in pieces and start grinding it mil
then add skimmed and cold milk which does not contain milk cream in it .Again grind very well
Add 1or 1/2 tbsp of sugar to the shake and grind it .
pour in a glass and simply drink .
benefits:fills the stomach also helps in body resistance
make sure to give a glass of it on a daily basis.
note: orange juice can be simply prepared using water and can be consumed atleast everyday as its an energy booster
spinkle dryfruits powder daily on the juice and give her
acket as well.

the effects of any harmful bacteria in

s skin and wash the inside flesh with clean water

g a tea/coffee stainer.

n pieces and start grinding it mildly

d very well

yday as its an energy booster

1 rice payasam
2 dry fruit ladoo daily one
3 daily one cup of curd rice is compulsory as curd is an immunity booster
4 handful of kishmis badam walnuts
note: don't forget to add ghee to it .As ghee strenghten bones
5 one very small cup of dal with no spices only little salt added to it
note: dont ever give any spicy food to eat.
6 If possible atleast one egg omlet as it is also a rich source of protien and if not
7 one idli in the morning and one in the evening is a must in her food
8 curry and rice should be given on alternative days
note: use snake gourd ,bottle gourd,ridgegourd only for curry preparations (for her diet purpose)
cook using very little oil, less salt,no green or red chillies,no chilli powder.
dont use any starch foods like potatoes,sweet potatoes,beetroots ,etc.
her diet purpose)