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7FA Flex Seal Upgrade

Gas-tight exhaust joint replacement

Gas turbines are an abrasive and aggressive envi- OEM approved

ronment, where proper maintenance is critical to Our Flex Seal expansion joint upgrade is specified Experience with GE gas turbines
ensure continuous operation. Even the most robust by GE for its own users, and is considered the best
equipment will deteriorate over time, including the design available (TIL # 377A9346). GE 7HA GE 9HA
stock GE Frame 7 turbine exhaust Flex Seal, where GE 7001FA GE 9001FA
sealing plates lose their functionality and flexibility. Approved & certified GE 7001FB GE 9001FB
As a result, excessive hot gases are released into EagleBurgmann KE is approved to ISO 9001, ISO GE 7001EA GE 9001EA
the surrounding atmosphere, endangering critical 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and is a full
control wiring and equipment. Cold air can also en- member of Expansion Joint Manufacturers Associ-
GE 6001FA GE LM2500
ter the turbine, reducing thermal performance. ation, Fluid Sealing Association and European Seal-
ing Association. GE6001B GE LM6000
Gas-tight solution GE6001C
EagleBurgmann KEs R&D center has developed a Qualified supplier
custom gas-tight fabric expansion joint to replace EagleBurgmann KE has over 50 years of global ex-
the existing GE Flex Seal on the turbine exhaust, perience in the expansion joint business.
which better withstands the mechanical wear and
tear of the OEM construction. Proven technology
EagleBurgmann KE has supplied critical exhaust
Our custom expansion joint directly replaces the joints to several thousand gas turbine installations
sealing plates and seals the gap between the tur- worldwide. Our longtime relationships with major
bine exhaust flange and diffuser duct. It can be gas turbine manufacturers have endured because
supplied as a kit for supervised installation, or as of our custom solutions, engineering innovations,
a turnkey solution with EagleBurgmann KEs expe- and production capabilities.
rienced field service team.

Before installation of the Flex Seal upgrade on a GE Frame 7.


The GE Frame 7 gas turbine. After installation of the gas-tight Flex Seal for a more efficient
1: HRSG inlet expansion joint (Fluaflex), 2: Diffuser, 3: Flex Seal upgrade expansion joint (Combine-X), 4: Gas turbine exhaust flange. system (TIL # 377A9346).

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Benefits of the upgrade
2 Improved safety & sealing

8 Cost-effective solution
6 Protects adjacent equipment from
7 damaging heat and gas

OEM approved upgrade from a

qualified GE supplier

TIL # 377A9346

Supplied as a complete packaged

3 Complete turnkey installation

GE 7FA exhaust Flex Seal upgrade Our Commitment to Service & Safety
is designed specifically for GE 7FA gas turbine ex- Stud & washer (4): Servicing our customers is a vital part of EagleBurg-
hausts. It was developed in conjunction with end Stud and washer are incorporated in the design mann KEs core values. We know the importance of
users and GE site representatives as a replacement to ensure that pre-bolster doesnt shift during in- operational reliability, and the long service life of our
for the OEM installed connection, providing a more stallation and operation expansion joints is crucial to keeping plants online.
reliable solution and longer service life. Unplanned outages are not only inconvenient, they
Leaf seal (5): can be very expensive.
Combine-X type HF (1): Existing leaf seal design left in place to protect
Steel foil based high temperature expansion joint from flow Priority On Safety
Built in donut-shape to fit existing frames In case of excessive wear, complete leaf seal set EagleBurgmann KE is committed to creating a
Designed for upset conditions on inlet flange will be replaced, available from EagleBurgmann culture of safety, and environmental protection is
Improved sealing capability KE firmly anchored in our guiding principles.

Insulation (2): Hardware (6+7+8): Our onsite specialists, including fitters, welders
High density insulation to reduce heat loss OEM approved AISI347 inlet flange including and supervisors, participate in annual safety
hardware training as well as site specific safety courses.
Pre-bolster (3): Studed outlet Carbon steel flange including hard-
Heavy construction to protect insulation from flow ware
and turbulence Hardware for GT flange assembly
ID: EagleBurgmann Expansion Joint Solutions, Denmark

Installed with studs and washers to ensure that it

will follow the flexing parts

EagleBurgmann KE Inc.
2100 Conner Road Ste 200 Tel: +1 (859) 746 0091
Hebron KY 41048, USA Fax: +1 (859) 746 0094