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Product Data Sheet

Version 29/8/06 (Japan edition 7/2005 version no. 1)

Sika SK Pump -4
Sika GroutPlug Exclusive Use Injecting Pump

Description Sika SK Pump -4 is The maintenance after use is simple compared
with, generally used hand Gris gun and so on and is specifically.
It is the injecting pump that the discharge volume which was stable
without what which applies rapid pressure on the syringe tool of Sika
GroutPlug -A and SS can be secured.

Uses Sika GroutPlug -4 method of construction ( the automatic low pres

sure resin injection method ) and It is the pump to inject into the
syringe tool of Sika GroutPlug -4 and SS by the Sika GroutPlug -SS
injecting stagnant water method of construction and so on.

Characteristics / It is possible to do improvement after use easily.

Advantages (The cleaning uses kerosene.)
Because it is a cartridge type, it is possible to do injecting work

The material in the pump is easy to see because it is a transparent

PVC pipe.
The suction quantity and the discharge volume can do capacity

management at the piston graduation.

Specification The maximum suction quantity and the discharge volume: 40 cc

The 1 stroke quantity: About 2.3 cc

The discharge pressure:About 30 kgf/cm (2.9N/?)


The piston rod graduation: The 10 cc carving

Product Data
Packaging Sika SK Pump -4 : 1pc / box
( Main unit )
( Attachment ) : piston packings 2 pc
: front packing 1 pc
: 6 corner nylon packing 1 pc

Precautions for use When injecting in Sika GroutPlug -A and SS, when unbuckling from
the filler inlet of the plug, always push and after pulling a piston rod,
separate a back lever.

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Sika SK Pump -4 Sika SK Pump -4 is way of cleaning after using as follows.
ways of cleaning 1. It is at the container which poured kerosene.
Sika SK Pump -4 tip ( the front cap ) parts and it repeats an acceptance
broth in the normality which pushed a back lever and it removes the
epoxy which adhered into the PVC pipe and so on.
2. Remove PVC pipe from the main unit with the front cap and wipe up
epoxy and so on well beautifully by the waste which put kerosene and
so on.
3. It removes 6 corner Nat with the wrench and so on, remove piston
packing and so on and wipe up epoxy and so on well elaborately.
4. Assemble when keeping in the style which doesnt pass away as each
part, and putting and using sprayer oil and so on in the next time and

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