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CL665: Problem definition

Project Title:

Group number: (will be allotted soon)

Name and roll numbers of group members:

Background and motivation:

This section should provide a comprehensive background of the problem you want to work on and should provide
a motivation/justification for the work you are going to do. Your report should answer the following questions:

What is the general area of your proposed problem?

Why is it important to look into this area (problem relevance)?
What are the sustainability challenges encountered?
What has been done previously and what are the potential solutions? (literature review)
Description of any specific example that you are going to consider (e.g. biogas plant in IITB).

Specific objectives and expected outcomes:

This section should provide a concise list of the specific objectives of your project. An example could be
comparing the environmental impact in terms of global warming potential of conventional car of make xyz with
an electric hybrid of make abc. Note that I am expecting specific objectives, beyond what you have already
mentioned in your problem definition.

You should also list the expected outcomes of this project. Are you going to provide any recommendations? Are
you going to identify bottlenecks? Are you going to develop an optimal flowsheet? Are you going to develop a
new design?


This section should briefly explain the approach you will be implementing to complete the project. Examples
include life cycle impact assessment, exergy efficiency assessment, ecological footprint analysis and so on. This
may of course change later if needed. However, you need to put is some serious thought.


List the important references that you have used for problem formulation