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Choose the word or phrase that is incorrect.

1.Andi : What will you do after finish Vocational High School, Bim? Go back to Bandung?

Bima : No, I will stay here if I can.

a. Finishing

b. Went back

c. Be stayed

d. Could

Jawaban : A. Finishing

Penjelasan : Ini adalah soal mengenai materi Gerund (Verb ing), dalam soal diatas, pola yang
di gunakan adalah Gerund sebagai objek dari preposition (preposition: before, after, in, on, at,
by, for, with, etc), itulah sebabnya kata finish seharusnya dalam bentuk Verb + ing.

2. Ira : Have you ever been to Cibodas?

Lina : Never, what is it like?

Ira : Its a quite and nice place. Do you want to go there?

Lina : Yes of course.

a. Did

b. It is

c. Quiet

d. Going

Jawaban : C. Quiet
Penjelasan : Quite = Sangat, Quiet = Sepi, Soal ini menuntut teman-teman untuk teliti dan
memahami konteks. Dalam percakapan diatas, Ira ingin menggambarkan keadaan suatu tempat
yaitu Cibodas, kata yang tepat untuk melengkapi cerita ira adalah Quiet yang artinya sepi.

3. Dedi : I left some papers on the desk last night and I cant find them now.

Yoga : They might thrown away.

a. Leave

b. Every night

c. Cant finding

d. Might be thrown

Jawaban : D. Might be thrown

Penjelasan : Mungkin ada beberapa dari sobat ELs yang bingung ini materi apa, soal ini
termasuk kedalam materi Passive Voice, dan kalimat tersebut adalah bentuk kalimat pasif dari
Past Tense (rumusnya: Subject + to be + V3), keberadaan modal pada kalimat tersebut (might)
tidak merubah bahwa ini adalah bentuk pasif dari Past Tense.

4. Journalist : Were you there when the bomb blast happened?

Woman : Yes, I am having dinner with my family when it happened, I ran to the beach
after the first


a. Happen

b. Was having

c. While
d. Run

Jawaban : B. Was having

Penjelasan : Dalam soal diatas yang sedang dibicarakan adalah suatu kejadian yang telah terjadi
(Past event), maka tenses yang digunakan adalah past tense. Bagian yang salah adalah am
having karena mengandung to be present yaitu am.

5. Nita : Which food do you like best?

Ami : I have tried all the curry at food stall but this one is more delicious of all.

a. How

b. Better

c. Am trying

d. The most delicious

Jawaban : D. The most delicious

Penjelasan : Soal diatas mengenai Degrees of Comparison atau tingkatan perbandingan.

Seperti yang kita ketahui kita menggunakan kata more untuk tingkatan lebih dalam hal ini
penggunaan kata more akan selalu diikuti dengan kata than (daripada) untuk
membandingkan suatu objek dengan objek yang lain. Namun pada soal diatas, bentuk yang
seharusnya muncul adalah tingkatan Paling dan bukan tingkatan lebihnya.

Refer to the following Magazine article.

Gloria Diaz has worked in fashion industry as a stylist for ten years. Choosing the
clothing that models and movie stars wear for on camera appearances. Im the one who decides
how the actors look, She says I love it. Everyday is different.
Although Gloria routinely meets famous movie stars, there is a disadvantage to her job.
She often works 18 hour a day, and she has to accommodate everyones schedule. Its pretty
tiring, she admits But I wouldnt change careers for anything

6. What is indicated about Ms.Gloria Diazs job?

a. She has recently changed careers

b. She often works very long days

c. She gets tired of doing things

d. She recently received a promotion

Jawaban : B. She often works very long days

Penjelasan : Melihat dari pilihan yang disediakan, pilihan yang lain tidak sesuai dengan isi

7. What does Ms. Gloria Diaz do in her job?

a. Hires the models who appear in advertisements

b. Selects clothing for models and film stars

c. Organizes filming and television programs

d. Take picture for the fashion industry

Jawaban : B. Selects clothing for models and film stars

Penjelasan : Informasi ini tertera jelas pada kalimat kedua di paragraph pertama.

8. What could be considered as benefit of her position?

a. Meeting famous people

b. Being able to set her own work hours

c. Receiving free accommodation

d. Being in a management level position

Jawaban : A. Meeting famous people

Penjelasan : Pilihan lainnya tidak sesuai dengan isi artikel.

Refer to the following text.

Sales executives sell their companys goods and services. Customers may include business,
governmental and individuals, both the UK and abroad.

Sales executives approach potential customers with the aim of winning new business as well as
maintaining good relationships with clients.

They are also responsible for making report on sales to their employers existing customers.
Sales is target driven industry and the work can sometimes be demanding.

Within the sales department, a number of their job titles are also used to refer to a similar job
role. Including : sales representatives, sales consultant, territory manager, business development

9. What profession is being discussed?

a. Business representative

b. Territory manager

c. Sales executives

d. Executive client

Jawaban : C. Sales executives

Penjelasan : Informasi ini tertera jelas dan dapat dilihat pada setiap awal paragraph.

10. What is one of the responsibilities of sales executive mentioned above?

a. Losing report on dates in foreign country

b. Finding new business

c. Approaching same staffs to work in sales promotion

d. Keeping good relationship with customers

Jawaban : D. Keeping good relationship with customer.

Penjelasan : Informasi ini terdapat di paragraph kedua.

11. . . . . ., including: sales representatives, sales consultant, territory manager, business

development representative.

The underlined word has closest meaning to . . . . .

a. Managers

b. Assistants

c. Auction

d. Delegates

Jawaban : D. Delegates

Penjelasan : Kata representatives yang berarti wakil memiliki kesamaan makna dengan kata
delegates yang artinya utusan.

Refer to the following email.

To : Personnel on Oil Exploration Expedition

From : J.Banks, CEO

Subject : Policy Change

All personnel should be aware of the following policy changes which will take effect on the next
exploration trip. There are several environmental groups which oppose our drilling in the Pacific
and we have received threatening letters from them. The government of the involved countries
have confirmed their support of our projects, however safety is our first priority. Therefore, we
are tightening security at the time of pre-boarding and during the trip south.

All personnel should resubmit their paperwork by June 20 to the captain and arrive three hours
earlier than originally scheduled on the day of departure. This will allow us to thoroughly check
the ship and crew for anything unusual. We appreciate your help in this matter. You are highly
value crew and we want to make sure that this trip goes off without incident.

12. Who opposed the exploration?

a. The new crew

b. Environmentalist

c. The oil company

d. The host countries

Jawaban : B. Environmentalist

Penjelasan : Informasi ini dapat dilihat di kalimat ke dua paragraph pertama yaitu There are
several environmental groups which oppose our drilling . .

13. What is the oil company doing in response to the threat?

a. Canceling the trip

b. Tightening security
c. Ignoring the trip

d. Resubmitting the paperwork

Jawaban : B. Tightening security

Penjelasan : Informasi ini dapat dilihat di kalimat terakhir pada paragraph pertama yaitu
Therefore, we are tightening security . .

14. Why did the company give the notice?

a. To scare away the environmentalists

b. To change the ships personnel

c. To alert the crew of changes

d. To inform the government of their plans

Jawaban : C. To alert the crew of changes

Penjelasan : Tujuan dikeluarkannya email pemberitahuan ini adalah untuk memberitahukan

kepada semua kru akan adanya beberapa perubahan, ini juga terlihat jelas dari subject email di

Refer to the following instruction.

First of all join the whisks with the motor then plug in the cord. Press or push the power
switch once to turn the power on. Next push the power switch forward to increase the speed.
After that push the power switch backward to decrease the speed and to turn off the mixer.
Finally push the eject button to eject the whisks from the motor.

15. The instruction above are the steps to operate . . . . .

a. An electric hand mixer

b. An electric juicer

c. An electric blender

d. An electric coffee maker

Jawaban : A. An electric hand mixer

Penjelasan : Informasi ini terdapat pada kalimat keempat, yaitu saat menyebutkan . . to
decrease the speed and to turn off the mixer.

16. What should you do before you plug in the cord?

a. Push the power switch

b. Push the power backward

c. Join the whisks with the motor

d. Push the eject button

Jawaban : C. Join the whisks with the motor

Penjelasan : Informasi ini terdapat pada kalimat pertama First of all join the whisks with the
motor then plug in the cord.

17. How do you increase the speed?

a. Push the power switch on

b. Push the power off

c. Push the power switch forward

d. Push the power backward

Jawaban : C. Push the power speed forward

Penjelasan : Informasi ini dapat kita lihat di kalimat ketiga Next push the power switch forward
to increase the speed.

Prediksi Soal UN SMK Bahasa Inggris 2016 Bagian Incomplete Dialogues

Beserta Penjelasannya

Incomplete Dialogues (Percakapan tak lengkap)

18. Manda : I dont believe the word Impossibility

Tari : Me too, Everything will be possible . . . . . . .

Manda : Yes, I believe that God is always with people who work hard for their dream.

a. If we try to work hard

b. If we trying to work hard

c. If we tried to work hard

d. If we working hard

Jawaban : A. If we try to work hard

Penjelasan : Soal ini mengenai materi Conditional Sentence tipe 1 (Present vs Future) rumusnya
adalah If + Subject + V1 + Object/Complement

19. Budi : My father didnt allow me to watch the concert.

Gideon : You . . . . . to what he said.

a. Should listened

b. Had better listened

c. Had better listen

d. Had better to list

Jawaban : C. Had better listen

Penjelasan : Pola Had better yang artinya lebih baik/sebaiknya umumnya digunakan untuk
menunjukkan nasihat. Rumusnya adalah Had better + Bare Infinitive/V1

20. Budi : Tio, . . . . . ?

Tio : I like traveling, reading comics, and debating. What about you?

a. What are you doing

b. What do you like to read

c. What are your hobbies

d. What do you usually do

Jawaban : C. What are your hobbies

Penjelasan : Melihat jawaban yang diberikan Tio, maka opsi/pilihan C lah yang tepat.

21. Riki : We were very close, but we are just like stranger now

Eka : yes, I think so, You . . . . . . . . to her before.

Riki : Yes, I missed those days

a. Use to meet and talk

b. Used to meet and talk

c. Are used to meet and talk

d. Are use to meeting and talking

Jawaban : B. Used to meet and talk

Penjelasan : Pola Used to digunakan untuk mengungkapkan suatu kegiatan yang saat ini sudah
tidak pernah dilakukan lagi. Pola kalimatnya adalah : Subject + Used to + V1.

22. Nurul : Hurry up, everybody . . . . . for us.

The children :Lets go out, its time to go.

a. Wait

b. Waits

c. Is waiting

d. Are waiting

Jawaban : C. Is waiting

Penjelasan : Subject Everybody termasuk pada Indefinite Pronoun dan dikategorikan sebagai
Singular, itulah alas an to be yang muncul adalah Is.

23. Nisa : Do you have plan this weekend, Nurul?

Nurul : No, I dont, why?

Nisa : . . . . .

a. Im planning to have a vacation, would you like to go with me?

b. I will have a vacation

c. I was just asking, maybe you went somewhere

d. Im going to go to the beach

Jawaban : A. Im planning to have a vacation, would you like to go with me?

Penjelasan : Melihat konteks percakapan diatas, terlihat dengan jelas bahwa Nisa ingin mengajak
Nurul berlibur bersama. Jadi jawaban yang tepat adalah opsi A.

24. Waiter : . . . . .

Mr.Dodi : I like it smoked better than grilled.

a. Would you like tell to me your favorite dish sir?

b. Would you like your beef ribs smoked or grilled, sir?

c. How do you like your beef ribs cooked?

d. Do you want beef ribs?

Jawaban : B. Would you like your beef ribs smoked or grilled, sir?

Penjelasan : Opsi B sangat tepat karena mengandung pilihan akan bagaimana makanan tersebut
akan diolah.

25. Dimas : Have you seen pyramids?

Tio : Of course, Its one of the most interesting object in the world

Dimas : Yes, you are right, They . . . . . by the Egyptians many years ago.

a. Were constructed

b. Constructed

c. Were constructing

d. Was constructing

Jawaban : A. Were constructed

Penjelasan : Meteri pada soal ini adalah Passive Voice. Tenses yang digunakan adalah Past
tense, karena membicarakan kejadian dimasa lalu. Rumusnya adalah Subject + to be + V3

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