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Date: 17th November 2010

Reference: ZW/so

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Further strengthening of the Rosenheim location with a 500,000 euro investment

TruPunch 5000 increases sheet metal forming capacity

A new punching and nibbling machine at Plant III of KATHREIN-Werke KG in

Rosenheim goes to show that the company even makes investments during
economically turbulent times. The machine, a TruPunch 5000 of the Ditzingen
operation Trumpf, is the new addition to the punching machinery and helps to
substantially boost the capacity during three-shift operation.
Particular characteristics are the extremely dynamic axle drives, the very rapid
exchange of tools and the lowerable active matrices which fulfil the highest demands
on scratch-resistance at a very high level of quality, explained Franz Fenzl, production
supervisor for punching, soldering and plastics technology.
Dipl.-Ing. Johann Ettmller, head of parts production at Kathrein, added: The
implementation of new machining technology in the TruPunch 5000 will widen the
spectrum of processable sheet metal parts considerably. Now, new additional punching
and forming processes are possible, taking the freedom of design into the third
The new system makes it possible to react more quickly to the demands of the market.
Another advantage: now prototypes can be quickly assembled in co-operation with the
development departments. At the same time, the freedom of design for products will
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Anton Kathrein: With this approximately 500,000 euro investment we
have made another indispensable contribution to securing the economic future of our
area. In addition, our sheet metal part department has been built on a very solid and
extremely flexible base. When it came to choosing our supplier, we declined more
economical offers and clearly opted for a German product. Only a few weeks ago,

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Press release
Kathrein put a new measurement field into service on the Nicklheim Moor.

Caption 1:
A crane had to be used to unload the truck

Caption 2:
Safe on the ground: The TruPunch 5000 in front of the door of the production area at Plant III in

Caption 3 and 4:
and in full operation. Control panel operator: Marcel Gerstel.

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