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The movie has taught us so many factors about living an independent and practical life. It has
indeed a very significant message for all of the people who will going to watch it. At first, the movie was
quite brutal because they get to kill a deer for their dinner. But then, I have realized that their father, Ben
Cash, is just teaching them the right strategies on how to hunt an animal for food which was basically the
way of living ages ago. I was fascinated to their family because they are not the typical kind of family. They
are legitimate smart people and they have known the current issue that is happening with the world
especially on this present generation. Their youngest member, Zaja Cash, has made me dumbfounded
when she talks about the Bill of Rights asked by her father. She is very intelligent for her age and even all
Bens children. They are indeed, critical thinkers and see things in a deeper and more sensible way. One
of the reasons why they differ from other families is that, they do not want to go with the flow and be
taken away by the idea that is enshrouded in peoples mind brought by the kind of system, which is
fascism, that is ruling over America. Another thing is that, the Cash family are anti-capitalists and they live
in an isolated area in the forest where there are enough resources for survival.

Captain Fantastic has also discussed some enthralling terms that we have tackled in our subject,
Economics. Since they live in the forest, the children grow without using gadgets and other material things
that millennials are dying to buy and getting crazy about. I like what Ben said when he is asked why he has
a lot of money, they only buy what they need which are the things for survival. Like what we have
discussed in Economics, human wants only satisfy us. These are desires that are temporary and may
change through time. Being a successful economist, one should be practical in order to be efficient and
effective when it comes to allocating scarce resources. The Cash family has taught us their principles on
managing their resources efficiently. Next factor is the fascism and capitalism. It is said that America
practices fascist type of government system, which is not good one and often described as disgusting
because it is led by a dictator who has a complete power to implement a martial government and
emphasizes racism and nationalism. I have realized that their perspective towards the issue that their
country is currently facing actually makes sense. People do follow the orders of the capitalists who are
only like parasites of the world and take people mostly for granted. When they steal the food from a
supermarket, we can say that they get it for free which is related to the key concept of Economics, There
is no such thing as free lunch. Actually, they did not get the groceries for free because the supermarket
has already paid the costs of it from the suppliers and they just stole it. Lastly, the way that their family
lives, their way of thinking towards different things, and their decision of saving their deceased mother
from their grandparents all comprises a matter of choice. They have sacrificed so many things just to
attend the funeral and cremate their mother. They have gone through different situations and they did
their best to survive to the modern world.

The ending part of the movie brought me into tears where they have to fight for the will of their
mother. Since they are only the people who truly knows their mother and it is hard to fight against the
world using your little knowledge. The Cash family looked so innocent and crazy for the world but they
still stood strong and united as a family which is heart-touching for me. I admire the parents for teaching
their children those values especially the concept, that in the end, no one should be there to be with and
help you so, all you have to do is to stand on your own and survive. This concept practically describes the
reality. You are responsible for yourself and do not ever depend on others because they also have their
own problems. The main goal in life is to survive using your own knowledge and experiences. Since
everything has their own advantages and disadvantages, and I have explained the former part, the latter
one is that, being isolated in an area where you do not have any connection to anyone except your own
family will just make you naive about anything. Sometimes, we dont have to limit our knowledge to the
books and try to open up our mind and take the chance to learn about the general things that are
happening to the world. Curiosity will make us to dig more to the information in a given situation. In life,
all we need is right balance of all the things that we do in order to have a peaceful living. The movie has a
predictable ending, but it has utterly impressed me and is truly a great movie to recommend to other