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Socket Outlets Refer to the product packaging for the type of Logic Plus Products:- 1. To prevent the risk of electrocution it is
socket being installed. Flush Metal Surface Metal Boxes; Surface essential to turn off the mains electricity supply
2 amp, 5 amp, 13 amp All sockets should be mounted on boxes with a Boxes With Without Plastic before commencing work.
& 15 amp minimum internal depth as specified in Section B.
25mm 35mm* Knockouts Knockouts Boxes
2. Do not work on this product live.
1 Gang 861 866 K2213 K2211 K2140
Contents Certain sockets have a Non-Standard Earth socket K2181(PVC) 3. To ensure a safe installation;
arrangement (see Section D1).
A Product Features 2 2 Gang 862 886 K2214 K2212 K2142 - this product should be installed by a
Certain sockets have a Double Earth facility (see K2183(PVC)
B Recommended MK Boxes 3 competent person (e.g. a qualified electrician)
Section D2). 3 Gang K863 N o t A v a i l a b l e K2153
C Safety Instructions 4 in accordance with these instructions and the
Three Gang Switchsocket is supplied fitted with a K2185(PVC) appropriate clauses of the current edition of
D Installation 8 13A fuse (see Section E). 9mm Metal Frontplate Product Ranges:- the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671).
E Changing the Fuse 17 Flush Metal Surface Metal Boxes;
Metal Boxes With Without - it is essential that all connections are made as
F Cleaning 20 B. RECOMMENDED MK BOX LNs 25mm 35mm* Knockouts Knockouts instructed, that cables are not stressed and
G Disposal Instructions 20 1.5mm Metal Frontplate Product Ranges: 1 Gang 861 866 K899 ALM K829 ALM that terminal screws are fully tightened.
H Guarantee 21 Flush Metal Boxes: 35mm 47mm* 2 Gang 862 886 K897 ALM K830 ALM - all sockets must be earthed and the earth
1 Gang 866 877 * Boxes providing extra wiring space leads adequately sleeved.
Please leave this leaflet with the 2 Gang 886 878 Surface metal boxes are suitable for mounting Albany
end user for future reference * Boxes providing extra wiring space Plus (MCO finish), or as spares for Metalclad Plus.
43097PL Ed.1 2 3 4


4. Ensure that all electrical connections are correct Fig.1: Rear View of a 2 Gang 13A Inboard Switchsocket IMPORTANT: Refer to safety instructions before
and fully secured and that the product is Showing Typical Wiring Connections starting work (Section C).
screwed securely to its mounting box before 1. Remove frontplate fixing screws from their
turning the mains electricity supply on. location on the back of the product.
5. To prevent fire hazard do not exceed the 2. Ensure the mounting box is firmly secured to
maximum rated current of the socket. the wall. Flush mounted boxes should be
L N installed flush or sub-flush to the surface.
Green/yellow 3. Strip back outer cable sheath and trim wires to
the appropriate length to allow cable ends to
Black reach terminals.
Red L N 4. Carefully strip red and black insulation by 13mm
( 1 2 inch).
5. Slide a length of green/yellow insulating sleeve
Fig.1a: Rear View
of 2A Socket N Black Green/yellow Red on to bare earth wire.
showing Typical 2A UK
Base and Terminal Layout of the 6. You must connect the correct wire to the
Wiring Connections To Mounting Box Earth Terminal if appropriate 5 and 15 Amp Sockets correct terminal (refer to fig.1).

5 6 7 8

Note: Terminal screws are positioned ready Where a mounting box earth terminal is These switchsockets are for use on installations Restricted Use Installation
for installation and should not be unscrewed provided, connect a length of green/yellow where restricted access or a clean earth is required. Fig. 2: Rear view of a 2 gang non standard 13A switch-
further. sleeved wire between the terminal and the Non standard sockets will only accept MK LN 647 socket showing terminal markings and earth wire link.
The red wire must be connected to the terminal earth terminal on the socket. Tighten all 13A Non-Standard Plug, with T shaped earth pin.
marked L. terminal screws securely, ensuring all 1. For use as a Restricted-use socket (refer to
The black wire must be connected to the conductors are clamped. fig. 2), leave the earth wire-link in position and
terminal marked N. 7. Carefully push wired unit back into the mounting wire as instructed in Section D. Either or both
box, ensuring cables are not trapped or pinched. terminals can be used for the circuit protective
The bare wire (green/yellow sleeved) must be N L
conductor and the mounting box bonding earth.
connected to the terminal marked . 8. Locate and tighten frontplate fixing screws. Do
not overtighten screws, to do so may damage 2. For use on a Clean Earth installation (refer to
If product has TWO earth terminals - either or
frontplate or box threads. fig. 3 overleaf).
both can be used for normal installations.
- Remove earth wire link.
If you are connecting non standard socket The completed installation should be tested in
- Connect socket as instructed in Section D
outlets refer to Section D1. accordance with the current IEE Wiring except: connect the functional clean earth supply
Regulations by a qualified electrician. conductor to the terminal marked , connect
If you are connecting socket outlets using the Black Green/ Red
double earth facility, refer to Section D2. If in any doubt, contact MK Technical Sales the circuit protective conductor (CPC) and any yellow
Service Department. Telephone 01268 563720. mounting box earth to the terminal marked . Earth Wire Link
To Mounting Box Circuit Protective
Earth Terminal Conductor (CPC)
9 10 11 12
Clean Earth Installation One gang switchsockets, two gang outboard
Fig. 3: Rear view of a 1 gang non standard 13A switchsockets, two gang unswitched sockets and
switchsocket showing terminal markings and earth three gang switchsockets are fitted with two earth
wire link removed. terminals, (identified ), on a common
busbar to provide a double earth facililty for use
when installations require additional earthing
capacity and are to comply with Regulation 607 of
BS 7671 IEE Wiring Regulations. These should be
L N referred to for specialist installation guidelines.
For normal installations either or both earth
Fig. 4: Rear views of 1 & 2 gang 13A terminals may be used. See figure 4 for typical
switchsockets with double earth facility, terminal layout.
showing positions of earth terminals

CPC and to Mounting (Red) (Black) Functional

Box Earth Terminal Clean earth
(Green/yellow) (Green/yellow)
13 14 15 16


3 GANG SOCKETS ONLY In order to protect the quality surface of the front
1. Remove all plugs from socket outlet. plate periodic cleaning should only consist of
polishing with a dry lint free soft cloth. On no
2. Unscrew fuse carrier fixing screw to partially eject fuse account should abrasive or domestic cleaners be
carrier (see Fig. 5a). used.
Pull carrier out releasing fuse (see Fig. 5b). Note: fuse
carrier cannot be fully removed from the product.
Fit new fuse, push fuse carrier in and tighten screw until
carrier is fully home ie. flush with socket surface. Do not
3. Always fit a BS 1362 type 13A fuse (as used in 13A plugs). At the end of its useful life, product and packaging
4. Plug in appliances one by one and check operation. can be safely disposed of via standard refuse
If new fuse blows again, the last appliance connected facilities.
may be faulty or you have exceeded the maximum
total load of 13 Amp (3250 watts).
If in doubt consult a qualified electrician. Fig. 5a Fig. 5b

17 18 19 20

H. GUARANTEE MK Electric Limited wishes to make it clear that it

owns all the original designs of the products which
The Company undertakes to replace or repair, at it manufactures (whether or not listed in this Compliance with E.U. Directives
its discretion, this product should it become leaflet) and that it will take all Non-Standard socket outlets comply with the
defective within a period of 20 years after necessary legal action in any part of the world requirements of the Low Voltage Directive
delivery, solely as a result of faulty materials against any party found to be manufacturing, (72/23/EEC).
and/or workmanship. Understandably, if the distributing, selling or otherwise dealing with any
product has not been installed or maintained in Note: Standard sockets (BS 1363 and BS 546) do
article which infringes the companys intellectual
accordance with the Companys instructions, has not fall within the scope of this Directive.
property in its own products, or any other right of
not been used appropriately, or if any attempt the company therein. Its simply safer to say MK
has been made to rectify, dismantle or alter the
Intellectual Property Application MK Electric Limited
product in any way, the guarantee will be
Patent EP 00539093 The Arnold Centre, Paycocke Road, Basildon,
Patent 2261120 Essex SS14 3EA
This Guarantee states the Companys entire Patent 2266814 Telephone 01268 563000 (National)
liability. It does not extend to cover consequential Telephone +44 (0) 1268 563000 (International)
Registered Design 2025114 Facsimile 01268 563563 (UK Sales)
loss or damage or installation costs arising from Registered Design 2025115 Facsimile +44 (0) 1268 563360 (International)
the defective product. This Guarantee does not Registered Design 2025116 email:
restrict or infringe the normal statutory or other Registered Design 2031394 web site:
rights of the consumer. Registered Design 2031395 All marks in this document identified with a or symbol
Registered Design 2031396 adjacent to the mark are Trade Marks of MK Electric Limited

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