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Nicols Coprnico Johannes Kepler Isaac Newton

Heliocentric model of the universe Kepler's laws were enunciated by Shape of the Earth
Johannes Kepler to describe
The most recognized and His development of differential
revolutionary contribution of mathematically the movement of the calculus offered Newton the
Nicolaus Copernicus is undoubtedly planets in their orbits around the possibility of studying curved
the theory of heliocentrism. Until Sun. Although he did not enunciate surfaces and curvilinear motions. Of
that moment, Ptolemy's model had them in the same order, at present the many calculations that I realized
been followed, which proposed that the laws are numbered as follows: I would like to emphasize one that
the earth was the center of the throws for Earth the theses of
universe (geocentrism). First Law (1609): All the planets Galileo and Copernicus, scientists
move around the Sun describing who defended that the surface of
Copernicus proposed a model of a elliptical orbits, with the Sun located the Earth was a perfect sphere.
spherical universe, in which both in one of the foci. Newton calculated the distance to
the Earth and the planets and stars
the center of the Earth from several
revolved around the Sun. This Second Law (1609): The vector points of the Equator and also from
contribution of Copernicus to radius connecting a planet and the London and Paris. If the Earth were
science is perhaps the most Sun sweeps out equal areas in spherical all values should coincide,
revolutionary in the history of equal times. which did not happen, which led him
mankind, a paradigm shift for the
to conclude to Newton that the
sciences. law of areas is equivalent to the Earth is flattened by the poles.
And it is that from that moment, the constancy of angular momentum, ie
science began to be based on when the planet is farthest from the
observations and mathematical sun (aphelion) its velocity is less
measurements, and is not beliefs than when it is closest to the sun
and simple theoretical affirmations. (perihelion).