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ELEE 3180 Fall 2017 Assignment #2

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1. The amplifier should have an efficiency of 100%.

The system should be able to operate in below -273 oC
The system should be 100% reliable for 6 years

2. Validation is performed by a team of people. Their goal is to determine whether the correct product is
being developed. The team also needs to answer whether the new product. Is meeting the needs of the
users. All requirements, marketing and engineering should have their relationships identified.


The vehicle to resemble a sports utility vehicle

The vehicle to run for an unusually long time without recharging the battery

The vehicle to have enough torque to pull a toy trailer

The vehicle to have a top speed of more than a sprinting 12-year-old child

The vehicle to have a wholesale price of less than 40 dollars

a) Marketing requirements:

The vehicle will have a sporty look and preform like a model sports car. The battery will
give 1 hour of playtime on a single charge. The vehicle will come included with its own trailer
that can connect at the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle should cost less than 40$

Engineering requirements:

The vehicle should be able to reach a top speed of 27 km/h at full charge. The battery
should have a capacity of at least 7000mAh. There should be a connection at the back of the
vehicle for the included trailer. The vehicle should cost less than 40$


Engineering-Marketing Relationship Matrix

Top Speed 7000mAh Trailer Cost

27kmh Battery connection
+ + + -
Sporty +
1 hour play +
Trailer +
Cost -

Engineering Tradeoff Matrix

Top Speed 7000mAh Trailer Cost

27kmh Battery connection
+ + + -
Top Speed +
7000mAh +
Trailer +
Cost -