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13 facts about Venus

1. The length of the year is 225 days

Reference # 1
2. Length of day 5,832 hours # 2
#1 # 3
3. The max heat is about 864*F
4. The diameter is 7,521 miles botticelli_birth_venus_2.jpg # 4
5. If your weight is 100 lb. on Earth=91 lb. 115927481/venus_planet.jpg # 5

on Venus
planet_venus_climate_change.jpg # 6
6. The mass on Venus is Some info that I got from a book and websites
4,867,320,000,000,000,000,000,000 LIke Zoom Astronomy and National Geographic and for the
book I got 11 planets.

7. Venus was never dated when it was

discovered Brandi Snow Per-1

8. It was discovered by the Ancients

9. It is the second planet from sun

#5 Come see
10. Its nickname is the morning star and the
evening star
11. Venus has clouds for four earth days hottest
12.Venus has acid rain

13.Last but not least Venus has No moons planet in

our solar
Things that you
GETTING THERE. Things to see
need to bring!
We are taking a shuttle and then We are going to see some aliens
An acid repellant jacket
we are going to have to unload all that have a restaurant and a
An air tank
the stuff I told you to bring. And if museum of Venus. Then when we
A suit that can cool you down you have any problems please call enter the restaurant we will see
A telescope to see Earth far away 1800-venus. Then the shuttle will that they have built it in a lava
Some shoes that can cool down your feet take off and go to Mercury. Will volcano that wont explode at all
and so you can walk on lava
stay for at least for about a month. because it had been exploding in
Some water so that you wont get
We will call for the shuttle then will the 1950s a long time ago before
dehydrated to fast! A LOT!!!!!!!!
have to get some water while we come along so it is all safe. we
How much is it going to cost you loading up the shuttle. Well take off will get to try some lava rocks
well about 400,000,000,000,000 and have to pick up a least 30 more then if your not dead yet youll get
dollars for your family even your people then well take off and go to see the hottest spot on the
pets. For one person it will cost
about 300,000,000,000dollars. back home to Earth. sun. will also get to see the cruse
alines. then will set up camp and
enjoy the sun for the next month.
#2 hope you can have fun with me