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02/09/2017 451 - TJ

A. ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY: Use the most appropriate frequency adverb to complete the
1. I___________ early on 2. She ______late for work. 3. Rodrigo______ work so
Sundays. a) never is late.
a) Get up usually b) is never a) doesnt usually
b) usually Get up c) is last week b) usually doesnt
c) Get usually up c) doesnt never

4. _______for work? 5. When______ your homework?

a) often you travel a) usually you do

b) often do you travel b) usually do you
c) do you often travel c) do you usually do

B. COMPARATIVES & SUPERLATIVES: Complete the following sentences using

comparatives and superlatives.

1. She is________ in the 2. It was_____ than I was 3. The underground

class. expecting. is________ buses.
a) the best a) cheaper a) more expensive
b) best b) more cheaper b) most expensive
c) better than c) cheapest c) the most expensive
d) as good as d) cheaping d) more expensive

4. Its better____ I thought. 5. Brazil is_____ England.

a) as a) Biger than
b) then b) bigger as
c) than c) bigger than
d) like d) biger as

C. THERE IS OR THERE ARE: Complete the following statements to express existence.
a) How many states (1) _________
there are in the USA?
b) How many people (2) _________
there are in your house?
c) There (3) _________
are many errors on this page.
d) I`m Hungry. (4)_________
are there any apples in your backpack?
e) There (5) _________
is a person at the door

D. PRESENT CONTINUOUS: Complete the following sentences using the present
continuous form of the verb in brackets.

1. John ________________
reading (read) a book now.
you doing
2. What ________________ (you, do) tonight?

3. Jack and Peter ________________

working (work) late today.

4. Silvia ________________
not listening (Not, Listen) to music.

5. Maria ________________
siting (sit) next to Paul.

E. SIMPLE PAST: Complete the following sentences to make simple past statements.

1. Yesterday there_____ a 2. He really____ to watch 3. the dog ___ a bone

vase on the table the movie, but the tickets but he ate it last night
a) is were sold out a) has
b) were a) wants b) have
c) was b) wanted c) had
c) wantid

4. They went to the amusement 5. He____ to the hospital last night, he

park last night they really felt very sick.
_____ a) wanted
a) enjoyed b) went
b) enjoys c) gone
c) enjoied

F. SIMPLE PRESENT: Complete the following sentences to make simple present

1. She______ a 2. She__________. 3. Carol and my
brother. a) don`t know Father____ really good
a) don`t have b) doesn`t knows friends.
b) doesn`t has c) doesn`t know a) is
c) doesn`t have b) are
c) work

4. I always_____ the window at 5. George____ too much so he is
night because it is cold. getting fat.
a) close
b) closes a) eat
c) closing b) eating
c) eats

G. TELLING THE TIME: Match the times on the left with the written forms on the right.

1. 1:15 3 a quarter to four

2. 2:30 1 a quarter past one
3. 3:45 4 half past four
4. 4:30 5 a quarter to six
5. 5:45 half past six
6. 6:30 2 half past two

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